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This story was inspired by a real life phone sex girl named Piper
It was late and my beautiful wife was still not home yet she went out drinking after work with some of her co-workers. I decided to go ahead and go to bed figuring she would be home soon.

Then the phone rang I looked at the caller ID and it was my wifes phone number. I answered hi honey when are you coming home? The voice on the other end was not my wife it was a very sexy sounding woman.

She said hello my name is Piper, in the sexiest way I can't even describe.

I said, okay hello Piper are you with my wife? she said, oh yes infact I have been with her for the last few hours and she is really hot.

I was puzzled at this point, okay well can I talk to her please?

Well you see she can't talk right now she has this thing, in her mouth!

I was not understanding what was going on but my world was about to change.

Listen up Mr., Piper proceeded, I will honest with you, you do want me to be honest don't you? I have your wife, she is my captive and I have some guys here that really want to fuck her. I am telling you this not to freak you out or anything but I want to include you in my fun.

You see I am going to tell you what these guys are doing to your wife and you will stroke your cock at my command while I tell you about your wife getting raped, I will even let you listen in a little bit too. Now doesn't that sound like fun? Ahh before you answer if you choose not to play along your wife will suffer so much worse I promise you that.

I didn't know what to say I couldn't refuse I didn't want my wife to suffer I felt helpless I told her, okay but only to spare my wife from any pain.

Piper's voice was very mysterious sounding with a little bit of evil laughter now understand I didn't say she wouldn't feel any pain just not nearly as much do you understand me?

My only response could be, yes.

No listen up honey she called me, Keyshawn he is a rather large black man a football player type very strong and very large if you know what I mean he has your wife tied up with duct tape aroung her arms and leggs and a big dildo shoved in her mouth down her throat so she would get use to gagging on a big cock.

Your wife is still wearing her clothes but look Keyshawn is getting ready to remove them.

I was stunned, I thought oh my god I can't believe this is happening to my wonderful wife, I am so helpless right now, I asked Piper how is he removing her clothes?

She said with a nice little sexy evil laugh, well you see he has this knife, oh don't worry he won't cut her unless she moves but I am sure he told her to be still, wait a minute, Keyshawn she yelled, don't cut her, her loving husband is going to play along with us.

Oh look Keyshawn is sticking the knife to her side of her red shirt how sexy is that he is cutting it from the bottom left side to the top middle where you see her cleavage.

Oh she is wearing a red bra to match, I bet she has on red panties, do you know if she is wearing red panties?

I scrambbled to try and remember what panties she put on this morning I always like to watch my wife get dressed in the morning she looks so hot. Oh yes she is wearing red panties.

Great, hey Keyshawn check and see if she is wearing red panties for her husband will you, he wants to know.

The thoughts going through my wifes head must have been crazy she knew she was about to be raped and that I was on the phone with Piper for her evil games.

Piper continued: Keyshawn is taking the knife he is placing it on her upper thigh and look the blade is going inside of her jeans, yep Keyshawn is cutting her jeans, I guess he could have unbuttoned them but this seems so much more fun.

O Look she is wearing red panties how sweet just for us, hey Keyshawn rip those red panties off right now! Pipper yelled at Keyshawn to do it.

No listen she said in a whisper to me, his big black hands are at the top of your wifes panties, remember I told you he was strong, well he is taking them and ripping them right off, she is screaming even with the dildo in her mouth can you hear her, listen, just listen to her screams, wow she is hot! Oh my her pussy is exposed and Keyshawn didn't even wait for me to tell him to touch her, he has his hands all over you wife, the other 2 guys are joining in. James and Marcus, oh did I mention they are big men as well AND yep you guessed it they are black too.

James just pulled your wifes bra off and he is now sucking her tits, oh nice I really like to see that, now this is where you cum in. I want you to take your pants completely off and your shirt, get naked. Then I want you to find some lotion and lay down on your bed, tell me when you have done it!

I responded back okay hold on, and I went ahead and pulled down my pants and took my shirt off. There was some lotion on the bed stand which I grabbed. I told Piper I had done as she had instructed me.

Piper was laughing and having a great time, she asked me to guess what was happening now? But before I could answer she said, I will give you a little hint, Keyshawn has his face between your wifes leggs.

Oh my god he is eatting her pussy? I said in a panic.

Piper laughing again, thats right he is eating her pussy, does that turn you on to know your wife is being taken right now?

No! I said, loudly.

Piper said, we will see, take that lotion and squeeze some in you hand after that I want you to start stroking your cock, I will know if you are lying to me so you better do it. Also remember if you lie your wife will suffer so much more, test me and find out if you want to. He He He, evil laughter again.

No No I said I will do as I am told I have already got the lotion in my hand and I am spreading it all over my cock, I really am stroking it.

Piper asked is it getting hard?

No its not, I said.

Well guess what your wife's gag has been taken out and Marcuss is putting his dick in your wifes mouth, he is forcing her to suck his cock hes got her long dark hair in his hand and pulling her head back and fourth on his big black cock. And look Keyshawn has the head of his cock in his hand and he is rubbing it against yours wife's pussy hole, while James is still sucking on her tits. This is a real sight is your cock getting hard now she asked?

Oddly enough hearing that last little bit did make it hard I couldn't believe it my cock was hard as a rock and I am actually anticipating hearing about Keyshawn's cock going into my wifes pussy, I feel so bad right now.

Its like Piper has this power over me I can't explain.

keyshawn already cut the duct tape off if her leggs and he is in mounting position, I can see the tip of his black cock going into your wife's pussy lips he is actually doing it, he is raping your wife now his cock is sliding inside of that pussy, his cock is so big it doesn't all fit in there does it?

I don't know I can't see it, turst me Piper said, its a really big cock but he is shoving it in your wife as fast and as hard as he can, are you stroking your cock hard now?

Yes, yes I am I responded somewhat out of breath, as it felt so good to stroke my hard cock, while listening to Piper's voice she sounded so hot. My thoughts of my wife being raped by 3 black men were mixed up with the thought of fucking Piper while watching my wife get raped. I must be lossing my mind.

Oh look Piper said, I think Keyshawn is getting ready to cum in your wife's pussy, and I also think Marcus is going to cum down your wife's throat. Wow that's so fucking hot, listen she said in her most sexy voice, I want your cock to cum when they do, got it?

I said, okay.

Look she screamed and I could hear my wife screaming in the background Keyshawn is cumming inside your wife, he is pumping her so full of cum and Marcus he is cumming in your wife's mouth she is gagging but I have to hand it to her she isn't spilling a drop. Are you cumming now she yelled at me, you better cum now or your wife will feel so much pain, I swear!!!

I yelled back at her, yes! Yes I am cumming now, my cum is shooting out of my cock.

Piper trying to egg me on told me that my wife was so full of black cum it was ozzing out of her pussy by the loads, and it looked so good. There is so much cum in there that means James will not be able to fuck her in her pussy he will have to take her other whole.

Hearing that made my last blast of cum shoot out of my cock I was empty.

My inspiration for this story is a phone sex girl actually named Piper, she is truely the best phone sex girl ever!

Well let me know your thoughts I could continue this or leave it at that?

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2013-05-17 03:05:30
sick sick story............... if this was m y wife I'd hunt down this piper
and kick he shit out of her so she could fell what pain is, then I'd go after the fucing , niggers shoot them, cut their cocks off and make piper edat them........... fucking niggers think they are so great by torturing while women, trhey should all be tortured themselves

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2012-08-14 15:50:35
why does it have to be a black cock. i am curious ,are you infatuated withblack cocksor is a black fucking someone in your familywive, daughter, maybe your mother. yea bet that it. that it,maybe a black lover??

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2012-05-17 02:58:38
this is shit please don't write any more


2009-05-17 02:08:15
For me a hot story is one that makes my cock hard. This one is definitely a scorcher - precisely the sort of fantasy that I need to jack off to whenever the wife & me are on the "outs" -- which lately has been most of the time. Keep the story rolling!

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2009-05-05 08:19:31
stupid assed story. don't write anymore.

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