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Uh oh...
KVK’s back, my friends!
My sincerest apologies for taking so long. It’s getting harder and harder to find time to write these days, but I’ve got lots more stories to tell, and since I’ve met with such a positive reception here, I don’t see any reason to quit now!
Also – I double-checked to make sure all the italics code was entered properly; sorry about that in the last chapter; total accident.
As always, constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy.


There was a long, terrible silence.
Minda was huddled in the corner, covering herself with a pillow, her head bowed and her hair hanging over her face. At least she had thought to do so. I’d just frozen where I was like an idiot, on my hands and knees with my ass sticking straight up into the air. And taking all this in, standing in the doorway completely still, was my mother, home more than a day early from her business trip and the only one in the room with any clothes on.
She looked surprised. We all were, but she probably had a little more right to be. Here she was in her teenage daughter’s bedroom, who up until this point had displayed no acts or indications of wanton sexuality, and suddenly she catches me giving oral sex to my – female – best friend. This was probably pretty far down on the list of things she had expected to see today.
“Oh!” she finally said, blinking. “Oh my.”
I didn’t – couldn’t – move. I just stared and stammered something like, “Mom, I…”
“It’s okay,” she said, blinking again and averting her gaze. “It’s okay, just… put some clothes on and come downstairs and we’ll talk, okay?” She pulled the door shut.
More silence. Minda and I didn’t move. It was like, if we stood still long enough, maybe it would undo what had just happened.
“Shit,” I finally said.
“Oh, God…” Minda agreed.
She nodded, looking miserable.
“We are in so much trouble. We are so dead.”
“Well, go after her!” Minda urged, making little pushing motions towards the door. “Say it wasn’t what it looked like!”
“It was exactly what it looked like, Minda! Fuck!
She sighed. “I know.” Then she shook her head and moved off the bed, and began pulling clothes on.

When we’d dressed we headed downstairs to face the music. I couldn’t fucking believe it. How could I be having the best days of my whole friggin’ life, how could I have been feeling so good, and sharing that experience with my closest friend, and then suddenly have it explode like this? Fuck. Mom would send Minda home. I’d be grounded. More than grounded. She might not let me see her for a long time. Hell, she might not let me see her ever again. I wasn’t even embarrassed that Mom had caught us anymore; now I was just mad that, as soon as we had discovered each other this way, it was going to be taken from us.
I looked over at Minda as we reached the first floor. She had been looking at the ground the whole time. She looked so… sad. Guilty, too, but mostly just devastated. I felt some of my anger disappear, to be replaced with some of that sadness. I reached over for her hand. She grabbed it eagerly, our fingers twined together, and we squeezed, just once, before letting go again. She looked up at me finally with those big brown eyes of hers.
“It’s gonna be okay,” I said.
She almost looked like she believed it. I wished I did.
We found Mom seated at the kitchen table. We sat down across from her.
“I’m sorry, Mom,” I began.
Mom sort of gave me this funny look. “Sorry? For what?”
Minda and I glanced at each other.
Mom sort of smirked. “What, you two think you’re the only ones to have ever gotten caught having sex?”
Well that shocked the hell out of us.
“Look,” she said. “It’s really okay. You’re not in trouble. I didn’t even know you two were in this sort of relationship. I should have knocked first.”
Minda and I glanced at each other. “Well, this hasn’t really been going on that long,” I said.
“It hasn’t?”
“No, I… Um… Well, we just…” I got flustered, gave up, and started again. “This all just sort of happened,” I finally managed.
“Uh huh,” said Mom. She thought for a minute, and then said, “Why don’t you just start from the beginning.”
We told her. All of it. We explained how we’d been trying on clothes Friday night, and Minda’s simple question about having bigger boobs had turned into something much more. Mom nodded to herself when I told her that was why I’d been so out of breath on the phone. We then told her about our talk the next morning, and our agreement to “experiment” after we got home and we were supposed to be in the house anyway.
“One thing just sort of led to another,” I said, not wanting to divulge any more detail than that, “and we fell asleep, you know, afterwards, and then we kinda started again when we woke up.”
Mom nodded, understanding. “And that’s when I came in.”
And then – I swear – she started laughing.
“Oh, girls,” she said, “I’m so sorry, I had no idea…”
Minda and I glanced at each other again. “So you’re… not mad?” Minda hazarded.
“Mad? No!” Mom started laughing even harder. Minda and I sort of chuckled, but I think we were still too freaked out to really join in. Looking back on it, though, I guess it was sort of funny. In a horribly awkward sort of way.
Mom finally got control of herself and said, “No, no I’m not mad. For goodness’s sake you’re teenagers. Experimenting with sex is what you’re supposed to do at this age. It’s perfectly natural.” She suddenly adopted a stern look. “Now, it would be a little different if I’d caught you with another person who wasn’t supposed to be in this house. Especially if it had been a boy and you hadn’t been using protection.”
I blushed fiercely. “Mooooom,” I groaned.
Have you had other people in this house while I was gone?”
“No, Mom.”
Have you had unprotected sex with a boy?”
No, Mom!”
Mom nodded to herself. “Good. Not that I have any problems with you having sex with a boy, just… I don’t any of us want you pregnant at this age.” She looked at us, and smiled a little. “To be honest, you two have been so close for so many years I’m actually pretty surprised you haven’t done something like this before.”
“R-really?” Minda asked.
“Oh, sure,” said Mom. “I know I was having my own little ‘experiments’ when I was a couple of years younger than you two.”
Our eyebrows shot up. “You did?” we said in unison.
“Oh, yeah,” she said, waving a hand dismissively. “The stories I could tell you…”
Mom talked for hours. She revealed to us a side of herself I’d never seen or even suspected. As it turns out, Mom had been quite the nympho when she was younger! She’d started masturbating way earlier than I had, and told us about her many partners through high school and college, men and women alike, sometimes with two or even three other people at once! She told us about the G-spot, described techniques and toys, relayed roleplaying sessions and bondage anecdotes, all with a level of detail I’d have thought anyone would be embarrassed to say out loud – especially to her own daughter! But she said she’d always enjoyed sex, and didn’t feel the need to hide it or be ashamed by it.
I remember suddenly seeing my mother in a totally different way, then. She and I had always been close. I’d never known my father, and so she and I had always only had each other. We were able to share most of our lives very easily with each other… but she’d always been Mom. Now, suddenly, I could see her just as a woman. A woman who’d married young and had a kid at twenty, and who had been forced to drop out of college to take care of it. And then Dad had just up and left us, left her. Fortunately she was able to use what little college education she had, and had landed a decent job which had miraculously led to promotions and raises and a good house in a good neighborhood. But before that, she’d been young and wild, and had, apparently, developed quite the sex life. I could see it, now that I was able to look for it: my mom was actually quite attractive. She was a little taller than me, and had a very similar face. She dyed her hair blonde and kept it short, chin-length, in a sort of bob cut. And she had a killer body. She worked out hard and often to keep it. I was amazed that kind of figure could exist on someone who’d had a kid. She had wide hips that swayed when she walked, and her breasts – I’d never really just looked at them before – were enormous. Jesus, when did she get those? They had to be at least twice the size of mine. I could tell by the way they moved that they weren’t as firm as perhaps they once were, but they were still impressive. And what was more curious is that I realized that she never displayed them. Even today, she was wearing a red sweater over black slacks, in the summertime (although every plane I’d ever been on had been freezing, so maybe that had something to do with it). Conservative clothing, designed to conceal her form rather than accentuate it.
“So are you… you know… seeing anyone right now?” Minda asked at one point.
Mom shook her head. “No, I haven’t been with anyone since Amy’s father left.”
“That’s so sad,” I said. And then, once the thought had sunk in, “That must be really, um, frustrating for you. I mean, look at you, you could have anybody you wanted!”
Mom grinned. “Why thank you. But no, I’ve got a job and a house and a daughter to take care of, and I don’t really want anybody right now. But on a strictly physical level, I’ve got plenty of movies and toys, and they get me by just fine.” She winked.
“Really?” Minda and I looked at each other again; she had a gleam in her eye. “Can we see?”
Mom laughed a little. “Mmm, maybe some other time,” she said. “Right now, though, I need to go back up and pack.”
I frowned. “Pack? Why? Actually, now that I think about it, what are you doing home? I thought you weren’t supposed to be back until sometime tomorrow.”
“Bad shellfish, if you’ll believe that,” Mom huffed. “More than half the group got sick. They cancelled early and sent us home; said they’d reschedule.” That would explain it – Mom didn’t like seafood.
“So where are you going now?”
“Well,” she said, standing and stretching, “since I interrupted, I figure I should at least give you back the last night you thought you were going to have.” She winked at us again. “Didn’t mean to spoil your fun.”
That made us start giggling. She knew exactly what we were going to be doing tonight and she didn’t care. I have the coolest mom in the world.
“So… are you two dating, now, or…?” Mom trailed off, I guess leaving us to fill in the blank.
Once again, Minda and I looked at each other, but this time, we held each other’s gazes. I hadn’t even thought beyond this weekend, beyond the hot, sweaty, wonderful sex. But I sort of liked the idea, and I could tell by the way Minda’s face began to glow that she did, too.
“I’m not sure,” I said, still looking at Minda. “But I think I’d like to try it.”
Minda beamed, and swallowed and said, “I would, too.” She leaned forward and we kissed, gently.
“Well why don’t you get out of the house, then? Go on a date? I’ve got packing to do, and…” She trailed off again.
“And what?” I asked.
For the first time, Mom’s cheeks colored a little. “To be honest, all this talk has sort of gotten me worked up and I could use some… relief.”
I shook my head in amazement. My mother was standing here, after my best friend and I had kissed and decided to go out on a date, talking openly about going to masturbate.
I could tell life was going to be a little different from here on.
I looked back at Minda, grinning. “Well, I guess we’d better hurry, then,” I said, and we rushed upstairs. We started scrambling around, looking for clothes to wear, deciding which of us would get the shower first, comparing accessories… preparing.
Preparing for our date.

Not really having the money or desire to try a really fancy place (and not having all that many formal clothes anyway) we decided on a sort of middle-nice chain restaurant. We made no effort to conceal our relationship. We held hands. We kissed, once or twice; not sloppily making out, of course, but little pecks on the cheeks and lips. We got a couple speculative looks and odd glances.
It didn’t bother us in the least.
I wore pants that nicely showed off my ass, boots, and a tight matching top with a small gold necklace. Minda decked herself out in a black skirt and sleeveless top with strappy, heeled sandals. She even did her hair up in a tight coil, and wore silver bracelets and earrings. She looked absolutely beautiful. She blushed when I told her so.
Dinner was… dinner. I don’t really remember the food. I just remember looking over at Minda, once my closest friend and now that plus so much more. I couldn’t stop staring at her. I couldn’t stop feeling so incredibly happy, like fortune had smiled upon me and granted me a wonderful gift.
We talked about us. Neither of us had really been prepared for this kind of relationship, especially not with another girl, but here we were nonetheless. Our friends from school came up, of course, and what they’d all think. I’d been sort of worried about that, but Minda made me relax, saying that if they didn’t like it and support it, they could all go to hell. Most of them, I knew, would probably be surprised (I sure was!) but accepting; a few might have issues, but I resolved not to let them bother me. Such is life.
Minda’s family was another concern. She came from a Catholic household, with pretty conservative parents and three brothers (two older, and one, Victor, who I knew from school, was the youngest). She said she honestly didn’t know how they would react. I told her that if she wanted me to, I would come with her when she told them. She said she’d break the news when it felt right to do so, but warned me that, yes, she might want me there by her side.
Our waiter must have been both insightful and openminded, because he treated us like any other couple out on a date, seemingly totally unconcerned that a pair of high-school-age girls were sitting rather close to one another and occasionally smooching. His smiles weren’t lecherous, but warm, like he was genuinely happy for us. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t; either way he got a real healthy tip.
He didn’t even stare at Minda’s tits, like I did.
The plates came and went. Did we care for some dessert? No, we were both too full. The check arrived, the meal was paid for, and we went home.

The house was dark when we got back, and there was no sign of Mom. There was, however, a note taped to my bedroom door:
You can use my bed tonight, girls. I also saw how interested you were in my little collection, so, if you want to, you can partake in that, too. I’ve unlocked the drawer under the TV, where I keep my movies, and beside it I’ve put a box of some of my toys that I don’t use anymore. You’re welcome to use or keep any that you like. Don’t worry, I washed them well, and I’ll expect you to do the same! I’ll be back about noon tomorrow. Have fun, girls! Love, Mom.
Minda and I read the note, cast a shocked glance at each other, and then dashed down the hall.
Mom’s bedroom is quite a bit bigger than mine, and cleaner, too. Her gigantic four-poster bed dominated the room, gauzy white curtains tied to the posts. The frame was made of a very dark, almost black, wood, and the chest of drawers and the nightstand matched. The stand at the foot of the bed, where she kept her TV, was clearly from a different set, but it didn’t look too out-of-place. She really liked white: white carpet, white bedspread, white curtains. There were doors leading to her bathroom and her walk-in closet, which was huge and I was highly jealous of.
“Oh my God,” said Minda. “Amy, come here and look at these.” She was leaning over the small, unassuming cardboard box beside the TV stand and staring into it with fascinated, horrified amusement.
I peeked over her shoulder, and, yes, as the note said, it was filled with sex toys. I’d never seen any before, but that’s what they had to be – most were round and long, in various sizes and in all kinds of colors. Some seemed to be made of hard plastic, others rubber. Some were smooth, some had knobs or ridges or little bumps. A couple, towards the bottom, seemed to be much smaller but had little boxes with buttons and dials attached with wires – vibrators, I was sure, and a quick press of an “on” button confirmed it – and a tube of lubricant, and then there was some enormously complicated thing with buckles and straps, and we couldn’t even come close to figuring out what it was or how you used it. There was even a little silk rope, which put all sorts of naughty ideas in my head.
“What on Earth do you do with all this?” I asked incredulously.
Minda turned to me with a wicked smile. “Let’s watch some of your mom’s videos and see if we can find out!”
She pulled me into a kiss, and I could tell from the intensity that she was pretty turned on already. To tell the truth, it didn’t take much attention from her tongue to put me in the same state.
She sat down on the edge of the bed to undo her sandals (which took a while, the straps were complex) while I scanned the movie selection. There was a bit more here than I had guessed, and there was a quite a range, too – men and women, just women, and a few with just men! Most were straightforward enough, sounding like they had just enough plot to give these people reasons to have sex, but some were laughably improbable or just downright stupid. I selected one that didn’t sound too bad, advertising “All Lesbian Action.” I figured we might as well watch the sort of thing we were about to participate in!
Minda stretched herself out on the bed, propped up by pillows, and patted the space next to her when I got the DVD started. I noticed that she had moved the box closer to the bed, within easy reach. I kicked off my shoes and laid down next to her.
I admit it. The porn was silly, but at the same time it was pretty exciting to watch. I mean, sure, the actresses all spoke their lines stiffly and the characters they played idiotic… but they were getting naked, and they were having sex, and it didn’t take them very long to do it. In fact, within just a few minutes, they were doing things to each other that Minda and I had taken a whole evening to work up to!
Minda had snuggled up to me during the movie, one arm across my stomach, one leg over mine. I could feel her breasts rise and fall with every breath, and could feel those breaths on my neck. Between her closeness and the porn, I was starting to feel hot – and not a little tingly in certain places!
One girl onscreen sat at the edge of a couch, spreading her legs wide so that the other one could lick her pussy. Minda planted a slow, wet kiss on my neck, making me shiver. “Remember when I did that to you last night?” she whispered in my ear before she licked it. “That was so hot. I can’t wait to do it again.”
I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back. “I’m not stopping you,” I declared with a smile.
She shook her head. “Not yet. I want to see some more of this.”
I giggled. “This is really turning you on, isn’t it?”
“Oh God yes,” she breathed. Her thighs tightened around mine and she ground her hip into me, just once. “But it’s also giving me some… ideas. Plus I want to see if any of them use anything like what your mom gave us.”
I almost told her that we could probably figure it out, but I’ll admit, I was kinda curious myself. We kept watching, but our hands were growing bolder, and ran up and down our bodies and snuck quick touches of flesh.
The actresses had moved more fully onto the couch. The one who had been giving the oral sex turned around, so that she now knelt on her hands and knees above the other’s body. The one on bottom grabbed the one on top and guided her down, so that they were both eating each other out!
“Ooo, now that looks like a good idea!” Minda said. “We’ll have to try that one out!”
I tried to suggest that we could try that one out right now, but Minda still wanted to watch the movie. I decided that I’d had enough; I was getting really horny, and I was going to start with or without her.
I pulled off my shirt and bra, and it was a wonderful feeling all on its own to feel the cool, open air on my hot, sweaty breasts. The flesh around my areolae puckered at the sudden temperature change, but my nipples were already as stiff as they were going to get.
“No fair,” Minda protested, her breath hot against my neck. “You’re supposed to wait for me.”
I rolled on top of her and gently bit her neck. “You’re too slow,” I told her. “I want you now.”
She sighed, but she was grinning as she did it. “Oh, fine,” she huffed in mock surrender.
She started returning my kisses and raking her fingernails up and down my back just hard enough to feel it. I groaned when her lips traveled around the curve of my jaw, down my neck, and onto my chest. The tip of her tongue was doing truly wonderful things to my left nipple when she suddenly said, “Oh, Amy, look!”
For fuck’s sake, I thought. I wasn’t interested in the damn porno anymore. I growled, but I swiveled my head around to look anyway. The woman who had been on top a few minutes ago was now sitting on the couch with her legs open wide, playing idly with her shaved pussy, as she watched the other woman strap on some sort of device to her waist. Standing up from the front of it was a big, thick, black dildo. She climbed on top of the other woman, pushed the thing into her (making her give the fakest cry of pleasure I’d ever heard!) and started industriously grinding her hips into her.
“That’s like that thing in your mom’s box,” Minda said, her eyes bright.
I remembered the complicated-looking bundle of straps we’d found, and the lightbulb flicked on in my head. “So that’s what that thing was.”
Minda grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my mouth to hers. The kiss was hard, desperate; her tongue flicked urgently against mine. “Please, Amy,” she begged between gasps for air, “please let me do that to you.”
I pulled away a little. “You want to do that?” I tried to find a polite way to say no. “I… don’t know, Minda…”
“Oh, please.” It was almost a whine. She continued running her mouth and tongue around my breasts. “I want to so bad. I want to push my body into yours; I want to feel it inside you.”
I was still reluctant. “I’m not so sure, Minda.” I reminded her that I didn’t even like to put my fingers inside my vagina when I masturbated.
She pulled away and looked me straight in the eye. “How do you know you won’t like it until you try it?” she asked.
I opened my mouth, closed it. She had a point, damn it.
“I guess,” I said. Then I smiled, and slid my arms under her body, holding her close. “Either way, I think you and I are wearing entirely too much clothing.”
Minda grinned wickedly. “I agree.”
We attacked each other, rolling back and forth on top of one another, each of us trying to strip off a different piece of the other’s clothes. After a few moments, when both of us were on our sides, my hand found one of her knees, and I slid my hand up the outside of her thigh, around back to grip the curve of her ass, and then continued further up under her skirt.
I froze. I felt around a little, and then looked, wide-eyed, at Minda, who just smiled.
My mouth dropped open. “You’re not wearing any underwear!” I cried.
She giggled, and slid her leg up along mine, which opened her legs a little wider and allowed me easier access to her exposed – and extremely wet – pussy. “Nope,” she declared. “I haven’t all night.”
I started breathing faster. I had been plenty turned on already, but this pushed me over some sort of edge. I could actually hear my own heartbeat. I wanted to… I don’t know what I wanted to do. It was almost like being angry, like I wanted to rip her body apart – only sexually. I was quite beyond just wanting to fuck her; I wanted to do things to her so fast and so hard she’d scream. I wanted to feel her body thrash and writhe beneath me. I wanted to hear her beg me to stop, and then beg me not to.
I pushed her back onto the bed, hard, and wriggled my body between her legs, forcing them apart. I jerked her skirt apart and up her waist – I think I heard it tear a little, but I really did not care.
And there it was – Minda’s pussy, naked before my eyes. Between her hot, smooth, caramel thighs, Minda’s labia lay open and glistening with arousal, inviting me, begging me in.
Well, who was I to argue?
I dove in. I twisted my tongue into her, pressed it against and flicked it across her fully-erect clit, and pulled on the lips with my teeth. I kissed it like it was another pair of lips and I spread her open wide and lapped at her clit like a cat drinking water.
It drove Minda crazy. She arched her back. She twisted her shoulders and rolled her head. She moaned. She gasped. She cried out. She gripped the headboard for dear life and she pounded her fists onto the bed.
Didn’t take long for her to start getting close. I could feel it. Her legs constricted around my head, tighter and tighter, and her gasps rose in pitch, higher, and higher, and…
She grabbed the sides of my face with her hands and pushed me away. I tried to catch my breath, feeling the air cooling the wetness all over my mouth and chin, as Minda lay on her side, shaking.
I leaned forward again, planting a gentle kiss on her hip. “Why’d you make me stop?” I asked.
She smiled, then slid off the edge of the bed and onto her feet. As she crossed her arms before her to strip off her shirt, she looked back at me. “I want to watch you come first,” she said, and with a significant nod in my direction, added, “Now get out of those pants.”
I stood up on the other side of the bed, unfastened the button and pulled down the zipper, and shifted my hips back and forth, working my pants and panties off my hips and down my legs, noticing the damp spot on the latter – I was just a little excited, in case you couldn’t tell. Naked, I crossed the room to turn off the TV (we weren’t paying any attention to it anymore) and then laid back down, turning onto my side to watch my lover.
My lover. It made me smile.
Minda was naked now, too, and had already gotten the strap-on mostly on. She had her back to me, so I got to admire the way the straps framed her cute little ass as she tightened and adjusted it. Then, she reached back into the box for the tube of lube, and poured a little into her hand. She turned and knelt onto the bed – the strap-on had a flesh-colored dildo – much lighter than her own skin tone – affixed to it, smaller than the one we’d seen in the porno but still sizable, with a head. The hand with the lube in it reached down and gripped it, spreading it all along its length, stroking it as if it were her actual cock. I stared at it with no small amount of trepidation.
She walked on her knees over to me, leaned over so that her hair spilled over my face, and kissed me – softly, but urgently. With her eyes closed, she whispered, “Are you ready?”
I said nothing. I still wasn’t sure about this… but she wanted it, and so I, at the very least, would try it. I rolled onto my back, and drew her close. I felt the hard, rubbery thing lay against my sex, and Minda rocked it gently up and down, letting it slide along the length of my labia, parting them and teasing my clit. Okay, I thought as Minda gave my tits wet, sucking kisses, this isn’t so bad so far.
After a minute Minda drew her knees under her, and slipping an arm between us guided the tip of the strap-on just inside my outer labia. She then grabbed my hips, and slowly began to push it in.
It was not comfortable. My vagina stretched to accommodate this thing; it was almost painful. I was pretty wet down there, but even so, the lube made it easier. Minda went slowly, very slowly, but steadily, not stopping or drawing it back out.
Soon I felt her hips press up against mine. “Okay, it’s all the way in,” she said. “Are you okay?”
One of her hands found mine and I gripped it. “Just give me a minute,” I gasped. I felt like my whole abdomen, my whole body, was adjusting itself around this thing. I didn’t have a hymen anymore – I’d lost that years ago riding my bike – but my vaginal walls were not used to this.
“Are you sure? We can stop if you want to.”
I smiled, shook my head, and reached out to lay my hands on her hips. “It’s just different,” I said, “I’m getting used to it. Besides,” I smirked, “how could I deny you something you want so badly?”
She laughed a little, and ran her hands up and down my sides and legs. “True. You haven’t been very good at saying ‘no’ to me lately.”
I grinned, and then nodded. “Okay.”
She pulled it mostly out, eliciting a sigh – about half of it relief – from me. When she pushed it back in, it wasn’t nearly so uncomfortable. We soon got into a slow, steady rhythm.
“How is it?” she asked.
“Well,” I said, considering, “you’re still doing it, aren’t you?”
She grinned, and started going a little faster.
I was actually beginning to enjoy it, a little. I surprised myself by spreading my legs a little wider, trying to get it deeper in.
Minda seemed to like doing it, too. I could feel her nipples drag up and down my chest as she pushed her body against me, and her kisses were hot and wet.
Still, I wanted to hear her say it. “How do you like it?” I asked her, a little breathlessly.
“It’s nice,” she said, “but I’d rather know you liked it, too.”
I quirked an eyebrow, an idea popping into my head. “I think I can arrange that,” I said.
Quickly, before she knew what was going on, I wrapped my arms around her neck, pressed my legs alongside her body, and jerked hard to one side. She gave a surprised yelp, and we rolled over. Now on top, I covered her neck and breasts with kisses before pushing myself up into a kneeling position, the strap-on still inside me, and, using her body for leverage, started thrusting my hips up and down.
“Oh, Amy,” Minda breathed. Her hands rested against my hips, fingers spread wide, and she helped guide me.
I have to admit, being on top was a lot better. I felt like I had better control this way, and I felt like Minda could see me better, too. I realized I liked it when she watched me like this – she was doing it now, devouring me with her eyes. I reached down for her hands, and pulled them up to my breasts. She eagerly gripped them, started flicking and pulling and pinching the nipples. She got into a more comfortable position, spreading her legs a bit and pulling her knees up into the air, which spread my legs a little wider in the process. I moaned deeply in the back of my throat, closed my eyes, and rolled my head back.
I soon discovered I could get much the same result by rolling my hips back and forth, rather than trying to lift my body up and down, and with far less effort. I started getting really into it, playing with the strength of my thrusts and the timing, trying to find a good combination of hard versus fast. It was good, but I realized I wasn’t going to get off this way. I arched my back, kept one hand on Minda’s breast, and tried to slide the other down between our bodies. It didn’t really work, until Minda, seeing what I was trying to do, took my other hand and placed it on her own knee. Using it for support, I was able to lean back much farther, and left my clit much more accessible. I diddled it with abandon.
“Oh, Amy, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Minda said. She sounded far away. “That’s it, baby, fuck me, oh, I want to see you come.” She started lifting her hips up into me, matching my pace.
“Aaa!” I cried. “Mmm, uh, yeh, yeah! Mmmm!” My finger went faster and faster; the orgasm was building and it couldn’t come fast enough for me. “Oh… oh yes… Mmm, fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!
I gave one last long, high-pitched squeal and then the orgasm hit me. Oh, God, it hit me hard. I think I screamed; I know my back arched and I sat there stiff as a board for a second, and then all my strength left me and I collapsed forward onto my lover, gasping for air.
We lay like that for a long time, panting and sweating. We kissed a few times, but mostly we just recovered.
“I take it you liked it?” Minda asked, laughing quietly and kissing my ear.
I panted. “I think I could get used to it,” I said, smiling into the pillow.
After a time, I got up and told her to take the strap-on off. “You sure?” she asked teasingly, undoing the buckles.
“Oh yes,” I said, digging through the box. “It’s definitely your turn, now.” I found what I wanted and sat back on top of her. I grabbed her hands by the wrists, and began tying them together with the silk rope.
“Amy!” she cried in mock horror. “What are you doing?”
“Getting back at you for stopping me earlier,” I declared, and tied her bound wrists to the headboard. Satisfied she couldn’t interfere again, I picked up the biggest, most wicked-looking vibrator I could find, a bright pink one with knobs all up and down its length.
I held it before her face, and turned it on, watching her eyes widen. I then placed it against her throat, dragged it down her chest – making lengthy stops at each breast and nipple – across her belly, and up and down each leg, and all around her pussy opening. She squirmed under its touch, crying out and trying to twist her body away, but between the rope and my own body, she wasn’t able to go very far, but I don’t think she minded.
I teased her mercilessly until she was sweating and bucking her hips up to try and meet the vibrator. Eventually took pity on her and decided to give her what she wanted. I poised the thing just outside her and turned the dial to ‘high.’
I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “Ready?”

Let’s just say that it was a long night. We did not sleep, instead trying almost every toy in the box and watching a number of Mom’s videos. We tried all sorts of positions – including that 69! – with toys and without, pleasuring one another individually, each other, and sometimes ourselves so that the other could watch.
By morning, both of us were sticky with sweat, saliva, and pussy juice, sore beyond belief, and the room was an absolute mess. We rested a little while, and then cleaned up, claiming a number of our favorite toys from the box, reorganizing the DVD collection, picking up our clothes and stripping the bedsheets to put them in the wash.
Minda gathered her things and we held each other for a long, long time, tearfully saying goodbyes. Yes, we’d probably see each other in no more than a few days, but this wonderful, wonderful weekend was over. This magical time of discovery that we’d had all to ourselves – mostly – was gone, and even though it was the start of another level of our relationship, we couldn’t help but mourn the passing.
True to her word Mom came home about noon, but by then Minda had left. We talked a little, but seeing my depressed mood she largely left me alone.

Days later, Mom came home with a smile on her face.
“Hey, Amy, guess what?” she asked, poking her head into my room (but not without knocking first).
“They sent out a memo today. The business trip has been rescheduled for the weekend after next. Think you and Minda could handle watching the house for a couple of days again by yourselves?”
My mind shot to my closet, to the little box in the corner, where Minda and I had stored our toy selection – in particular, to the long, translucent purple double-ended dildo we’d never gotten around to trying out.
I grinned. “I think we might be able to manage that.”

Thus concludes The Four Day Weekend.
I’ll admit – part of the delay was caused because, originally, Mom was supposed to join in. But I got so many requests not to do that, I decided to rewrite it. I hope it turned out okay anyway.
For those of you who did want the incestuous action, try my Unusual series, which I’ll be adding another part to soon.
Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you enjoyed it.

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