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Rose changes my life forever with her Mountain Adventure Park.
Fbailey story number 337

Rose Mountain Adventure Park

Mom has a friend named Rose, she is a year or two younger than my mother is, and she is the most sex woman that I know. At thirty-three she is in her sexual peak, as she keeps telling my mother. I’m fourteen and apparently I’m fast approaching my sexual peak.

They often get together to sun bathe in our backyard. I get to watch from my bedroom window or from the backyard if I wish to join them. Lately Rose has gotten more and more sexual around me. I see her adjusting her bikini a lot giving me peeks inside as she moves her tiny top off the end of her breast, pulls her bottom down low on her ass crack, or lifts the front out away from her pussy. She is always trying to get me to slip my hand into her bottoms to see if she needs to shave her pussy. She is always offering me a hand job, a blowjob, or just a plain ordinary fuck. Mom just ignores her.

One day when I was out there Rose removed her bikini all together for an all over tan. Mom looked at me and then at my boner. She said, “You better rub some sunscreen on those tits before they burn.”

I thought that she was kidding but apparently not because she then tossed me the tube of sun block. So I walked ver to Rose lying there on her back in what I liked to call her ‘sunny side up’ position because her breasts reminded me of two eggs at breakfast…two really big and tall eggs I might add. At fourteen, I felt like I knew it all but in reality I knew nothing at all. I put way too much lotion on my hand, got way too much lotion on her bare breasts, and spent an incredible amount of time rubbing it in. I massaged Rose’s wonderful breasts for an eternity, using both hands to cup one breast, and using my fingers to pull up on her hardened nipples. It was my first feel of boob and I liked it. Rose must have liked it too because she smiled all the while, moaned out her pleasure, and breathed deeply causing those babies to stand up even prouder than they normally did.

Just as I finally finished my mission Mom said, “Be an angle and do her pussy too. I can see it turning pink already.”

Mom was right, it was turning pink. That time I put a whole lot less lotion on my hand, Rose opened her legs for me and I got my first feel of pussy. I could not feel any razor stubble, which was what Rose always wanted me to check for down there. It was just as smooth as her breasts. It was much softer than her breasts too and the lips soon parted with my fingers slipping inside. When I looked over Mom was smiling and then I heard Rose moan louder than I had before. She whispered things like, “Oh that’s it.” “Touch me there.” “Oh yes, just like that.”

I found myself rubbing her love button, poking around in her love hole, and enjoying it immensely. So much so that I cum in my underwear…twice. I think Rose cum twice too from her ‘Oh God’ series of remarks as I stroked her love button.

Finally done I started to get up. Rose rolled over and asked me to do her buns too. I smiled at Mom as I applied too much lotion to my hand again. Rose spread her feet out wide so that I could kneel between her knees and apply the lotion to her smooth butt. I could see the backside of her pussy and even her asshole. I rubbed the lotion into her ass crack and across her asshole to hear more of that, “Oh that’s it.” “Touch me there.” “Oh yes, just like that.”

I started dipping my fingers in her pussy and running them up her crack to her waist and back down again. As I crossed over her asshole Rose let me know that I could go further as I had done in her pussy. I put a finger in her butt and she liked it, I put two fingers in her but and she liked that too, but when I tried to get three fingers in her butt she told me to go slower, be more gently, and to use more lotion. I did as she suggested and after about ten minutes I had three of my fingers on one hand in her rectum and all four on my other hand in her pussy. It was certainly a tight fit and my hands were cramping; however I didn’t want to stop what I was doing.

For half of that summer Rose had teased me and there I was practically have sex with her while she lay there completely naked. I think I would have had sex if it weren’t for Mom supervising my action.

Rose had one last orgasm and relaxed in a deep state. I looked over at Mom, held up my fingers, and asked, “Next?”

Mom laughed and told me to go wash my hands. I took that as a good sign. I ran into the house and washed them off real well in the sink. As I was drying them Mom and Rose walked into the kitchen. My plans to finger fuck my own mother were dashed to pieces.

Mom said, “Rose wants to take you to a Mountain Adventure Park tomorrow. You know the kind where you go down mountains, through valleys, and explore caves. She wants to get an early start so you will be spending the night at her house.”

I said ‘okay’ and went up to my room to put some stuff in my backpack. When I returned Mom handed me twenty dollars for the price of admission. Then I was off.

I had never heard of that Mountain Adventure Park from any of my friends and was very curious. However, Rose didn’t tell me much except that it would make a man out of me.

Once we were at her house and we were inside she locked the door and closed all of the curtains and drapes. Then she turned to me, stuck out her hand, and demanded the twenty dollars. I handed it over and she smiled. She then said, “Now you can ride Rose Mountain Adventure Park all weekend for one low admission price.”

Rose then undressed as before but that time it was more sensual than just removing her bikini. She left the pile of clothes right on the floor and led me back to her bedroom. Rose got on her back and said, “Now do what you wanted to do earlier. Stick that thing in me.”

I was shocked and excited at the same time. I tore off my clothes and jumped on the bed with her. I was a bull in a china shop but I was going to loose my virginity. Rose was perfect for my first woman, I knew her body quite well by then. My hard cock slipped right into her pussy that still contained lotion. In less than a minute I was cumming in her. She held me close, rubbed my back, and said, “Like I said, you can ride Rose Mountain Adventure Park all weekend.” Then she took my hand and ran it across her breasts as she said, “Where you go up and down the mountains.” She pushed my hand down between her breasts and then down between her legs as she said, “Through the valleys.” Then she lifted her knees up to her breasts placing my hands on her pussy and said, “And explore the caves all that you want too for one low price of admission.”

I had to smile as I thought about riding her all weekend. I smiled even more when I realized that it was only Wednesday.

By Monday morning when Rose was going to take me home I had ridden her twenty times in all three of her holes. I had enjoyed her mountains, her valleys, and her caves and I didn’t want to leave.

So I asked, “Rose, can first time customers get two weekends for the price of one?”

Rose smiled at me and called my mother to say that I was staying for another weekend, then another, and another.

By the time school started I had spent six weeks with Rose. We had sex everywhere in her house and most places outside the house. I had mastered every position that Rose knew. I could please her every time and in every way.

When I entered the eighth grade that year those girls didn’t stand a chance. I was smooth talking, I had roaming hands, and I could get away with anything. My very first day at school I managed to get my finger on my teacher’s clit and drive her crazy with an Earth shattering orgasm that rocked her world. Of course it was Rose but after that I felt up a dozen other girls my age. I felt bare titties under their blouses, I got my hands in their panties, and I didn’t get one single complaint.

That very first day of school I took a girl home to my bedroom. Mom just smiled and told us to have fun. That girl was the first of many to enjoy the “Master of Mountain Adventure Parks.” I took her virginity and she gave it up willing after I finger her to an orgasm, ate her out to another orgasm, and then slipped my cock into her. Afterwards Mom fed us homemade cookies and milk in the kitchen as Rose stopped in for a visit.

Surprisingly Rose said, “Was he as gentle as I told you?”

The girl said, “Yes he was. He was everything that you said that he would be. I’ll get all of the other girls in your class to give him their virginities too.”

Rose said, “Good. Do you want one more ride before I take you home?”

The girl smiled and took me back to my bedroom. She loved the way I massaged her naked body, sucked her nipples, and licked her pussy. She even liked it when I fucked her gently. She told me that Rose was her Aunt and that she had told her how wonderful I was in bed.

As I pumped my second load into her tight little pussy I smiled and kissed her, thanking her for giving me her body.

While we lay there recovering Rose came in and sat on the edge of the bed. She asked, “Would you two like to spend the weekend at my house?”

We both quickly said, “Yes.”

The End
Rose Mountain Adventure Park
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