I just finished the last chapter of the story and I'm posing it before I head for bed. Next up is a parody of the Encyclopedia Brown stories I call Pornacopia Brown. After that I haven't decided if I'm gong to do Ben 10 and the Second Summer or Jason's Growing Family (ten years after Jason's Little Family) Until then enjoy the chapter.
Chapter 24

“Hey Nancy,” Karen cried as she opened the door to the bedroom she’d shared with her sister for the last two weeks since their father’s death. “Why don’t you come and join the party? It’s not every day a nine year old girl finds out she’s pregnant.”

“I know,” said the lump under the blanket, “but that just makes me feel even worse since my period started this morning.”

“Oh Nancy, I’m sorry,” Karen said, sitting down on the edge of the bed and patting the blankets where she thought her sister’s shoulder was. “I know how much you wanted another baby from daddy.”

“I did,” Nancy snuffled, “but not as much as you would think. I know I kept talking about the baby when daddy died, but in spite of what I said I cared more about daddy than the baby. I don’t know why I kept talking and thinking about the baby instead of daddy.”

Karen knew what her sister was trying to say in spite of the way her words wandered and she took a deep breath before she spoke. “Nancy I know. I knew you were in shock after dad’s death and you were babbling, but I figured things would be easier if you focused on the baby until you could deal with his death.”

“Well, no more baby to distract me now,” Nancy said, sitting up in bed and patting her flat belly sadly. “How do you deal with daddy’s death? It doesn’t even seem to phase you.”

“It does Nancy,” Karen said, trying to blink back the tears as she hugged her sister close. “I’ve cried myself to sleep every night since daddy died, but I always tried to hold back the tears until you were asleep.”

“Really?” Nancy asked as she put a hand up to catch the tears running down her sister’s wet cheeks.

“Really,” Karen said. “I miss him so much, but Ted and Janice have been so great that I didn’t want to worry them so I’ve been trying to hide things from them. But I don’t think they’ve been fooled.”

“I think you’re right,” Nancy said, “they watch both of us like hawks, ready to swoop in and comfort us whenever we show a sign of missing daddy.”

“Yeah,” Karen agreed, “it’s kind of stifling, but I kind of like it too.”

“So do I,” Nancy said with a wane smile, “but that doesn’t change the way I feel about dad, or about my babies.”

“What do you mean?” Karen asked, hiding the glimmer of hope that sparkled in her eyes.

“I always said that I wasn’t interested in having anyone else’s baby - or even fucking anyone else - unless it was a my brother or my son, and that’s still true. The thing is, living here with Ted and Janice and their kids I may be tempted to give in and let one of them knock me up. But right now the only cock I’m really interested in, is Jason’s.”

“Good,” Karen said with a sigh of relief that almost turned into a chuckle when Nancy looked at her. “I feel the same way about the situation as you do and even though Ted and Janice have suggested that we can consider them to be our parents and Mary, Henry and the others as our brothers and sisters, but the only cock I have any interest in is Jason’s.”

“But how are we going to hold out until Jason is old enough to fuck us and knock us up?” Nancy asked.

“I have a plan,” Karen said with a wide smile, “but I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure you and I felt the same way.”

“So what’s the plan?” Nancy asked with a grin even wider than her sister’s.

“Well,” Karen said, stretching the word out as long as she could while Nancy watched her in anticipation, “it starts with me becoming an emancipated minor once I turn sixteen - about the time that Beth will be born.”

“So you know it’s a girl this time?” Nancy asked, patting her sister’s swollen belly.

“Yeah,” Karen said with a sigh, “after daddy died I asked Doctor Cole to tell me if it was a boy or a girl. But that’s not really important for the plan. You see, once I have myself declared an emancipated minor I plan to move back home with Jason and Beth, and you and Liz if you’re interested. I mean if you don’t think it will be too much for you, moving back to the house after daddy’s death.”

“I have enough good memories about daddy and the house to get me through the bad one about daddy’s death.”

“If you’re sure,” Karen said hesitantly. “Anyway, the next part of the plan comes in a couple years, after I graduate from school. That’s when I’ll buy a house far away from here and change my name so no one can connect me with you or daddy. I’m thinking about using mom’s maiden name.”

“I can understand using mom’s maiden name,” Nancy said in a puzzled voice, “but why move away.”

“Because people already suspect that something is going on in our family,” Karen pointed out, “and when things start happening again in ten or eleven years they could figure out what’s really happening. That’s why we’re going to cut our ties with our current lives as soon as we’re old enough to pass ourselves off as older than we really are.”

“Both of us?” Nancy asked, shaking her head in confusion.

“That’s right,” Karen told her younger sister. “When you turn eighteen - a couple years after I do - you’ll change your name and move in next door to me. Well, it won’t actually be next door because we’ll live far enough out from town that we won’t have any close neighbors, but since we’re the closest thing there is to neighbors Jason, Beth, and Liz will grow up as best friends.”

“Are you sure your plan will work?” Nancy asked her sister with a tight little grin. “It already sounds like a pretty complicated plan, what if things don’t work out the way you want?”

“The plan is a work in progress,” Karen said with a weak grin of her own, “but it’s really just an outline of how I want things to happen. We do have a good ten years or more to adjust the finer points of the plan so they work out the way we want. The way I see it we keep our real relationship a secret from everyone but Liz and Beth, and we keep them in the loop so they can help us seduce Jason when he’s old enough.”

“Why not tell Jason the truth?” Nancy asked with a puzzled frown.

“We can if you want,” Karen said with a shrug, “but I thought it would be more fun to seduce Jason the way we did daddy. I also thought it would be easier if Jason didn’t realize that the first girl to seduce him was related.”

“I remember how hard it was for us to seduce daddy because he didn’t want to fuck his own daughters,” Nancy said with a frown. “As a teenager I guess it would be even harder for Jason to accept the idea of fucking his own relatives.”

“That’s why I think Liz will be the first one of us to fuck Jason,” Karen said with a sigh, “as much as I’d love to be Jason’s first I don’t want to scare him off by trying to seduce him. But I figure it would only be natural for Jason to be seduced by his best friend and neighbor.”

“I can certainly see things happening that way,” Nancy said with a grin as she looked at the crib where Jason and her daughter were both taking their afternoon naps, oblivious to what their mothers and sisters were talking about. “So, if Liz is Jason’s first, who gets him next?”

“You of course,” Karen said with a wry grin. “As much as I’m looking forward to fucking my own son and having his baby I don’t him to be scared off by his horny mother, but if you walk in on him and Liz having sex, since he doesn’t realize that you’re related to him he’ll think it’s only natural if a horny older woman like you joins in and fucks him silly.”

“I guess it would seem natural at that,” Nancy said with a chuckle. “On top of that I could probably get him started on the idea of fucking his own mother by telling him about daddy and me and how Liz is my sister as well as my daughter.”

“That might make things easier,” Karen agreed, “but I think we’ll have to trick him into fucking me and Beth.”

“It sounds like you already have something in mind,” Nancy said with a smile.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Karen said with a suppressed grin, “I was thinking we might try something like the game we played with daddy a while back. You and Liz blindfold Jason and tell him he has to guess which one of you he’s fucking, and then Beth and I will take your places so he doesn’t realize it until it’s too late.”

“And once he gets his cock in your pussies he’ll never get enough,” Nancy said with a sight of contentment at the thought of getting Jason’s cock in her own cunt. “The whole thing just might work. Of course it’s still a pretty broad plan, but we have a decade or more to work out the details.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Karen chuckled, “especially since you’re such a large part of the plan. But if you’re feeling better now why don’t we go join the party? I know neither one of us wants to fuck Ted, Henry, or John, but we can still give them blowjobs and I’m sure they’ll be happy to eat us out too.”

“That does sound like fun,” Nancy said with a shy grin as she pushed herself up out of the bed. “I could use a few orgasms to take my mind off daddy, let’s do it.”

It was obvious the party was in full swing by the time the two sisters entered the living room. Gayle was stretched out on the couch while John fucked her bald pussy with quick hard thrusts and Henry slid his cock deep in his pregnant sister’s mouth.

“I wondered when the two of you were going to join us,” Janice said from the lounge chair, running her hair along Cheryl’s hair as her oldest daughter ate her pussy and the girl’s father fucked her from behind.”

“Sorry about that,” Nancy said with an embarrassed grin, “I was feeling down when I realized I wasn’t going to have another baby and it wasn’t until Karen told me her plans for Jason that I was able to snap out of my depression.”

“So Karen told you her plans did she?” Janice asked with a grin, “and what do you think of them?”

“I think they’ll work,” Nancy said, “I also think dad and mom would have approved. I know daddy had plans for us to fuck Jason when he was old enough.”

“I think you’re right,” Janice agreed. “By the way, I learned something while we were at Doctor Cole’s for Gayle’s pregnancy test. It turns out that Doctor Cole’s oldest son is going to marry one of his sisters and set up his own practice out west, somewhere where no one knows that they’re related.”

“That’s great,” Karen said excitedly, “if no one knows who they are then no one will know who we are either. And we won’t have to hunt up a new doctor and take a chance that they’ll learn our secret.”

“It almost sounds too good to be true,” Nancy said with a frown. “But I think it sounds great. So can anyone join the party? Or is it family only?”

“You can join in, but if both of you are planning to wait for Jason then I’m guessing that you don’t want to fuck any of the available cocks.”

“Not today,” Karen said with a quick smile, “but we’re looking forward to some pussy eating and cock sucking.”

“That sounds good to me,” Henry said, pulling his cock out of his sister’s mouth and walking over to join the two sisters. “Who’s interested in a sixty-nine?”

“I am,” Karen and Nancy both said at the same time.

The sisters glared at each other for several seconds before Nancy said, “You go ahead Karen, with that belly you won’t be able to do a sixty-nine with anyone pretty soon.

“Thanks sis,” Karen said with a weak grin as she patted her swelling belly. But what are you going to do?”

“I’ll find something,” Nancy said with a shrug.

“I don’t have a cock, but I can eat pussy with the best of them,” Janice offered, pushing her daughter out of her crotch so she could get up from her chair and join Nancy. Cheryl started to complain as her mother moved but her words were replaced with a groan of pleasure as her father started fucking her with enough force to push her face into the chair’s cushion.

By the time Janice stood next to Nancy Karen was already on top of Henry as he lay on the carpeted floor. As she licked the younger boy’s hard cock she wondered how long it would be before she was eating her son’s cock. Henry’s teenage cock was smaller than her father’s but she thought it was larger then most boys his age and she hoped Jason would have a cock just as large by the time he was old enough to start fucking. As Henry licked her slit with obvious experience Karen wondered how she would ever make it without a cock in her pussy until her son was old enough, but she was determined to hold out until Jason was able to knock her up with his own baby.

“What a beautiful little pussy,” Janice murmured as she looked at Nancy’s bald slit, “it’s almost as pretty as Cheryl’s cunt. Are you sure you don’t want to fill such a pretty cunt with a nice hard cock?”

“I’m sure,” Nancy said with a moan of pleasure as Janice slipped her finger between her wet pussy lips. “I know it won’t be easy to go without a cock after fucking daddy for almost two years, but if I can’t have daddy’s cock then I’ll just have to wait until Jason’s old enough to knock me up with my next baby.”

“If you can actually hold out that long you have more will power than I do,” Janice hissed as Nancy ran her tongue along her sensitive pussy lips and licked her already erect clit. “I don’t think I could go ten or more years without a cock in my cunt.”

“I’ll do it,” Nancy said, “somehow. Even if it means wearing out one dildo after another the next cock in my pussy is going to be Jason’s.”

“In that case I hope Jason develops an early interest in sex so you don’t have to wait too long to get his cock in your pussy,” Janice said as she spread Nancy’s cunt lips and worked the tip of her tongue between them.

“Me too,” Nancy said with a quick grin before she placed her lips over Janice’s cunt and sucked hard enough to get another groan of pleasure from the older woman. For the next several minutes Nancy forgot all about waiting for Jason or missing her father, or anything else except the pleasure running through her body as Janice ate her to one orgasm after another. By the time she and Cheryl’s mother were too tired to even think of giving each other another orgasm Nancy had stopped worrying about how long it would be before she had another cock in her pussy. She could see Karen stretched out on the floor next to Henry, both of them just as satisfied as she and Janice were. Nancy turned to look at the bedroom where she could hear Liz and Jason waking up from their naps and grinned as she thought, “Grow up fast little Jason, and you too Liz, I want you to seduce our brother as soon as possible so I can fuck him too.”

- The End -

To find out what happens in twelve years check out my short story Jason’s Little Family.

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