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Stacy realizes she has no choice but to give the frat guys what they want...
In this final installment, Stacy finally realizes that it's her duty to satisfy her new masters(for a picture of Stacy the Asian pharmacist, look for my forum posts)...

Getting double-teamed on the couch by two horny frat boys in an undisclosed location, Stacy the Asian pharmacist has finally surrendered to her treatment, no longer resisting as both guys shoot their load in her mouth and warm, wet pussy.

As their friends standing off to the side cheer and applaud, both guys slowly pull out. The one who fucked her mouth heads back to stand with the group. Stacy weakly licks some random sperm off her lips, even as semen and pussy juice slowly runs down her legs. "Come here, baby," the guy who had entered her from behind says playfully as he holds her waist and pulls her up on his lap. He turns her around to face him, placing her into a straddling position on his lap, his stiff prick poking out from under her tight little ass cheeks. As the other guys watch, enraptured at the sight, he places Stacy's head on his shoulder and gently rubs and pats her back...and after a moment, the guys can't help but laugh as Stacy burps like a baby that's just received a satisfying feeding!

Yet one more guy--the last in the group--walks forward, carrying a pillow. "Dude, she is so fucking prime," the one who has Stacy sitting on his lap tells him as they high-five each other. The new guy--Jake is his name--places the pillow at the head of the couch while the other places a quick kiss on Stacy's lips and gently lays her down. As the other guy gives up his seat, Jake takes it and places Stacy's face against the pillow. He lays a short, sharp smack on her ass and--like a well-trained pet--Stacy automatically hoists her tight little butt in the air, presenting. Jake has one foot on the floor as he half-kneels on the couch behind Stacy, jerking off behind her, even as he inserts three fingers into her pussy. She moans weakly, no longer fighting, knowing her fate's been sealed and she can't get away anyway. Jake uses the juices from Stacy's pussy, mixed in with his shooting sperm, to lubricate her anus.

Suddenly becoming more awake, Stacy's eyes widen as she realizes his intent--! She's never, ever allowed any guy to take her backdoor virginity--not even her own husband, who's all but begged for it in the past, even though secretly she's always been flattered at the number of men who've mentioned how much they'd like to pop her anal cherry. Stacy almost starts to protest, but knowing how she's been used tonight and that the guys wouldn't listen anyway, she can only silently cry fresh tears as she tries to brace for the worst...even as Jake's fingers now gently massage the outer walls of her anus.

Her breath comes in short, quick pants...then light moans, and finally a huge cry of pain, surprise and wonderment as Jake slowly plunges his 8-inch member inside her, inch by thickening inch! "AAAAHHHHHAAAAAA!!!" Stacy cries, as the other guys watching applaud and give props to Jake, who leans his body on hers, reaching around to hold onto and fondle her adorable B-cups as he slowly, luxuriously begins fucking her tight Vietnamese ass!

Jake's panting breath is hot in Stacy's ear, and it's not long before she unconsciously, obediently synchs her breathing to match his rhythm as his thick white cock completely spreads and fills her tight asshole...delivering a type of pleasure she could never have imagined she'd experience, and making her wonder why she had withheld herself from it for so long. As Jake continues to fuck Stacy's ass, Duke and two of the other guys come back to the couch. Duke lifts Stacy's face up by her chin--removing the pillow from beneath her and replacing it with his own lap as he sits before her, his dick staring her in the face. Stacy looks up at him with new longing, and although she'll never admit it, she's secretly grateful that he and his frat brothers took her from the store and introduced her to this new world of delight she would never have experienced in her staid family life. She opens her mouth wide, allowing him to place his cock in it, and she begins sucking needfully, now willing to swallow whatever treasure he gives her. One of the other guys kneels in front of the couch, reaching under between Stacy's legs and starts fingering her almost impossibly wet pussy while the last guy undoes the rope keeping her hands tied. As her arms finally are released, he takes one of Stacy's hands and, standing beside her, wraps her cool, slender fingers around his thick member, helping her to stroke him. It's not long before he's cumming on her back and in her dark hair, even as Jake releases his load into her ass while Duke nourishes her with his semen, which slips slowly and warmly down her throat. The sensation of pleasing so many men at once gives Stacy the most intense orgasm she's ever had, and her body is wracked with shudders from head to toe. The guys alternate their positions--Jake going to Stacy's mouth, Duke to her ass, and so forth, for what seems to Stacy like an eternity in heaven...

After at least three hours of getting her pussy, ass and mouth fucked by the college guys, they finally decide Stacy's "broken in" enough so they can keep her as their house girl. The guys exit the room as Duke lays down with Stacy on the couch, massaging her extremely wet, cum-soaked and somewhat sore pussy and anus with an ice cube while he holds her in his arms and explains what her new life is going to be...

As the house girl, it'll be Stacy's job to clean the frat house where the guys live, make their meals, provide blowjobs on demand and they'll also have a schedule chart up so that she'll know which guy she has to sleep with and pleasure each night. Silently, a part of her can't believe this is happening, and disagrees with it completely....yet the hours of hard, forced fucking she's endured has conditioned Stacy....brainwashed her to a point where she can't help but think of herself as property now. Their property.

After Duke finishes massaging Stacy's pussy, he allows her to get dressed. They walk hand-in-hand out to her van, which some of the frat boys have painted a new color and switched license plates on, so no one will know it was ever hers. They climb in, to find the majority of the guys waiting. They have Stacy drink some beers to keep her mellow, ditch her wedding ring out a window, and she's more or less sedated for the ride home, so she won't really know where they're headed.

Upon arriving at the frat house, Stacy finds there's a party in full swing. She's holding hands with Duke, who she's begun unintentionally starting to think of as her boyfriend, even though he lets a couple of the guys fondle her tits and ass a bit, before he takes her by the hand once more and leads her up to his room. Once there, Stacy obediently undresses for him. Then as she's ordered, she pulls his cock out of his pants, kneels down and wraps her thin, sensual lips around it, sucking her "boyfriend's" dick long and well. After Stacy's done swallowing, she lays down in bed like a good girl and lets him have his way, fucking her pussy gently, until their moans mix together and she willingly cums for him. Duke falls asleep first, but Stacy lies awake a bit longer, wondering if she'll be able to adjust to a life of just sucking, fucking and pleasing a bunch of horny frat guys.

The eager little tingle between her legs betrays the answer: she will. With a smile of contentment, Stacy drifts off to sleep, wondering which guy will be the first that she'll have to please in the morning...

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