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When two teenagers have missing pieces int heir lives, it just might be eachother that will complete them. Part one, not to much of the "good stuff" just yet. It gets MUCH better, more exciting, more fast praced. Comment on this one if you want the next part.
I’d been talking to this girl on the internet for about 5 or 6 months now, and I felt like I really knew her. She had the same problems as me: she was doing poorly in school, her family didn’t care about her, and her friends were all lying backstabbers. I’ve never felt like I’ve ever connected with someone so much before her. But of course, there’s only so much you can believe about someone when you’ve only talked with them on the internet. Her username was Angela204, but she’d told me that her real name was Violet. False names: the first in what I was sure would be a long string of untruths. But still, even if it was only on the internet, we connected.
But when she asked to meet me, I wasn’t sure. For all I knew, she was really a 300 pound dude. I told her that I wanted to see a picture of her before we met up. The reason I gave her, as not to sound like a shallow pervert, was that I needed to be able to recognize her if we did end up meeting. All uncertainty was flushed from my mind, however, when I opened the attachment on the email she’d sent me. Even though it was only a picture of her face, I instantly fell in love. Staring at me from the monitor was a pair of bright green eyes on a flawless, slightly freckled face. Her sunny blond hair continued on farther than the photograph allowed me to see, but it’s sleek, wavy texture made me want to run my hands through it. She had the cutest pair of full, pouty lips, which were painted a bright red. I could feel my stomach (and other parts of me) beginning to get excited. My attempt to relieve my excitement was interrupted, however, by an IM from Angela204.

Angela204: Did u get the pic?
J_dodge: Ya
Angela204: And?
j_dodge: And, wow. You’re really... wow.
Angela204: Thnks. Can u send me 1 of u? Please!
j_dodge: Ya,k, 1sec.

I went to my photo library to find a good picture to send. I’m not a bad looking guy, but I wanted to send her one that might make her even half as happy as I was with hers. I’m 17 years old, about 5”10 and 160lbs. I work out when I can, but I’m not weight-lifter size. I looked for a picture that would show off my arm muscles, and one where my dark brown hair looked neat instead of its usual mess. My eyes are green, but in no way comparable to Violet’s. I selected a picture, and sent it to her. A few seconds later, she responded in the IM.

Angela204: you’re pretty wow yourself Dodge.

I hadn’t had the sense that she had in making a fake name. My name is Justin Dodge, but people just call me Dodge for short. I was glad that she found me attractive. Now I knew I couldn’t disappoint her when we met. Our relationship was pretty platonic. She was someone that I could tell everything to, and I was the same for her. We knew each other inside and out.

Angela204: So, when should we meet?
j_dodge : Soon.
Angela : Would you think I was crazy if I asked you to meet me in 20 minutes?

I was surprised by this. It was late, practically 11:30 PM, and I’d expected to have some time to prepare to meet her, not just to get up and go. Besides, after seeing her picture, I had wanted some time to relieve the pressure that was pushing at the front of my pants. But still, I really wanted to see her. I agreed to her strange meeting time, and asked her where she wanted to meet.

Angela204 : I don’t have a car, so I was hoping you could pick me up from my house.

I agreed, eager at the idea of being alone with her in the tight space of my car. Within 15 minutes, I was showered, shaved, and out the door. I guess my “little pants friend” would have to wait.

Luckily she lived fairly close. I arrived at the house within 10 minutes. It was a fair size, but I couldn’t really pay attention to the house. Walking across the driveway, towards me, was the hottest girl I have ever seen. Even though she told me that she was only 16, her body had clearly done a good job developing in the little time that it had. She was slim, with was I would estimate to be C size boobs. Not too big, but nowhere near small. I tried hard to keep my eyes from staring at them, which wasn’t hard, because I got caught in her eyes. Her face was smiling, and her green eyes sparkled and shone in the moonlight. She opened the door, and got in. I noticed that she had a perfect ass. Like literally perfect, no celebrity with any amount of plastic surgery could compare to the body that she had. She turned her head towards me, and I smelled the send that wafted towards me. It was delicious, although it didn’t smell sickeningly sweet, like perfume.

“Hi Dodge.” She said, as if I picked her up every day, rather than this being the first time that we were meeting. And I felt as though it wasn’t the first time, and as if I’d known her forever.

“Hey Violet”. It was weird, actually saying her name, rather than just typing and reading it. I liked the way it sounded on my tongue. “Was there any specific place that you wanted to go?”

“No, as long as it’s far away from here.” She said. Violet didn’t get along well with her family. Half the time they treated her poorly, and the other half they ignored her completely.

I began to drive, in the general direction of a nearby coffee shop. Taking her to coffee seemed pretty lame, but I hadn’t had much time to plan where I wanted to take her. All the while, she asked me questions, about my day, about my life, and just about me. I tried to keep up with her, but I kept getting distracted by the beautiful sound of her voice, which sounded like an angel singing. Suddenly, the questions stopped, and she told me that my seatbelt was not done up. I quickly told her that as a new driver, I was pretty paranoid about taking my hands off the wheel, and that I’d do up my seatbelt at the next red light.

“I’ll do it.” She said cheerfully, and she reached over my lap, over my chest, and over my shoulder to grab my seatbelt. I instantly felt the sexual charge that was between us. The only thing that stopped me from grabbing her right there was the fact that I was driving. She pulled the belt back across my lap, maybe lingering over my crotch a little bit too long, and then bucked it in. “You’re much a nervous driver. Relax a bit. You’re not going to crash,” she said. I knew I was a nervous driver, but I didn’t want her to know that. “Nervous? Me? Never! Look ma, no hands.” I took my hands off the wheel, ignoring the blinding panic that washed over me, and put them on my lap. All of a sudden, her hand was in mine, still on my lap. Not having had the opportunity to relieve myself earlier, I began to get hard. Her hand was in mine, dangerously close to my crotch. When I tried to shift in my seat to relieve the pressure, I heard her let out a small giggle.
Just as I was beginning to enjoy having her hand so close, she removed it from my lap, and from inside my hand. She leaned over to give me a sort of one-armed hug.

“You really are a horrible driver.” She said, in a tone so light that I could never mistake it for an insult. That was one of the amazing things that I had noticed about her, not only in the half hour that we’d been driving, but over the internet as well. She was always truthful, and she could point out your flaws in a way that would make you feel like she was congratulating you on being unique and special.

“Can I drive?” She asked, her eyes open wide, making me notice how young she really was, even if it was only one year younger than me.
“Not without a licence you can’t.” I responded. I was pleased that I knew so much about her, like the fact that she didn’t have her licence yet, because her birthday had only been 6 months ago, and she hadn’t gotten far in her lessons yet. I was also excited at the prospect of learning more about this fascinating, beautiful girl.

“I know how to drive. I’ve been learning. PLEEEEASE! No one is going to stop us on this road; no one even drives in this part of town this late at night. Besides, I want to take you somewhere,” she pleaded.

“Just tell me where you want to go and I’ll take us there” I said.
“But then it would be a surprise, would it.” She grumbled. I made the mistake of looking down in her big, green, pleading eyes, and I pulled over, and slowed the car to a stop. How could someone I’d just met in real life have this sort of power over me?

When we got back in, having switched seats, she started the car. First, I du g my nails into my armrests, nervous having an inexperienced driver behind the wheel. But I soon realised that she was as skilled, if not more so, than I was. After about five minutes filled with more inquiring chatter, she reached out, without looking down, and grabbed my hand. We sat there, holding hands and talking as if we’d known each other forever until she pulled into an empty parking lot.

“Ok.” She said. “Now you’re going to have to close your eyes.”
I did as she asked me to, reluctantly, and still surprised at how much I trusted this sexy girl who I’d just met.

She led me, with my eyes shut, out of the car, and across the parking lot. Then I heard her fumbling with a key, and a door opened. She led me though the door, and I just kept on walking behind her, her pulling my hand through some sort of room. Then, she carefully made me climb up a bunch of steps, and then she let go of my hand.

“You can open your eyes now” she said.
I opened them to find myself standing in a room full of technology, like monitors, and a giant projector pointing out the window. I walked to the window to see where the projector was pointing. Below us, were a bunch of velvet chairs, which were a long way down from the booth that we were standing in. In from on the chairs was a giant white screen.
“Are we in a movie theatre?” I asked in a mix of curiosity and bewilderment.
“Yes. I’ve always wanted to come up here, ever since I was a kid. But I’ve never had anyone who would go with me. It’s cool, isn’t it? We can watch a movie, if you’d like. I think there are some old film roles somewhere back here.” She said, as she went to the back of the room to find the roles.

“Violet,” I asked, and she turned towards me, “How did you get us in here? Don’t they lock these places up at night?”
“Yes, but that’s not to say that they lock them well.” She pulled a key out of her sweater pocket. I hadn’t noticed until then what she was wearing. She wore a tight, low-cut white shirt, and a dark denim miniskirt. Although I was sure any outfit would look good on her sexy body, these fit her exceptionally well.
She handed me the key. It was filled into 5 little points.
“It’s called a bump key. I made it. You put it in a lock, give it a tap, and it can open almost any lock.”
I stared at the beautiful, innocent looking girl in front of me. Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as she looked.
She started at me, guessing the assumption that I had just made about her, and let out a cute little chuckle, that had a bit of sexy mischief in it. Then she exited the booth, and walked down the stairs until she got to the movie theatre seating, where she sat down. She looked up and saw me through the window, and motioned me to come down and join her. Of course I did. Whenever I was near her, I felt happier than I’d felt in all the rest of my life. I took a seat beside her. She began to question me, animatedly about my favourite movies, and actors. Eventually, I looked down at my watch, and saw that it was already 3:30 in the morning. Being with her seemed to make time stand still. Every hour that I had spent with her didn’t seem enough; it seemed like only seconds.

I looked up to see her smiling face and asked the question that I didn’t want to hear the answer to.
“Do I have to get you home any time soon, Violet?”
Her face fell immediately, and I worried that I had upset her. She seemed to be conflicting over something in her mind. She turned her face up to look at me. “Sometimes life can be hard. I wish it were always easy the way it is when I’m with you.” I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but I didn’t have time to think on it because before I knew it, her face was so close to mine that they were practically touching. First our noses brushed, and then her lips were on mine. I moved my hands to her back, and she moved her to my head. She kissed me passionately, and I kissed her back. My hands moved up to her face, wove in her beautiful silky hair, and pulled her in closer. To avoid the obstacle of the stiff armrests, I lifted her slender frame off her seat, and placed her in my lap. My lips moved down from her lips onto her beautiful neck, and I kissed every part of her skin that was exposed. She grinded in my lap, as my lips once again met hers. After what seemed like forever, yet not long enough, she stopped kissing me, and nuzzled her head on my chest. I rested my chin in her hair, and felt for once like everything in the world was right.

I didn’t remember falling asleep, but the next thing I knew, I was waking up. My back was stiff from sleeping in an upright position. But the pain dissolved when I lifted my head to see Violets body still in my arms, still asleep. Although I didn’t want to wake her, I gave her form a squeeze. She began to stir, and she lifted her head, squinting and looking dazed. When her eyes met mine, a smile lit up her face, and I hugged her tighter in response. Suddenly she looked up at me, conflict evident in her eyes.
“Justin,” She asked, me, using my first name, “Do you think I’m crazy?”
“I think you’re completely insane Violet. I also think you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I also think-“ I cut off my sentence. I was about to tell her that I also think that I’m in love with her, but I decided to keep it to myself at least for the time being. “But crazy? No, I don’t think you’re crazy.”

She looked up at me, with those wide, sparkling eyes again.
“Justin, there’s nothing for me at home. I have no friends at school, I’m practically failing all of my courses, and my parents don’t give a fuck about me. I’m running away.”

I stared at here, wide eyed, panic evident all over my face.
“I know you think it’s crazy, but this isn’t just some spur of the moment thing. I’ve had my mind made up for a while. I’m sorry I’m telling you this now, but I love you. I was looking for a friend to talked to, but got blessed, and I got you. You’re so much more than I could ever have hoped for. I just wanted to have one friend in the whole world, someone that cares about me, before I leave. One piece of hope to hold on to while I’m going wherever it is that I decide to go. SO thank you Justin Dodge. Thank you so much. You mean more to me than anything else in the world. But please don’t try to stop me from leaving.”

I stared at her, blank faced. I knew there was really only one thing to do.

“I’m not going to try and stop you. I’m coming with you."

The good stuff will come in the next part, if you want another part.

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