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hey iam a new writher to this game so dont be madd at me thank
Today i just moved in to my new house. My name is Myers. And i am14. I was so sad the day my mom told me that we was moving. I did not have a girl friend so that was okay but i did have a lot of friends. I miss all of them. I never rally had a girl friend because i never could hold on. I could say with them two days then fuck them. All of the girls back home was so easy that how long it toke just to fuck them a leave.

First day i am hear and girls are already checking me out. I wounder if it going to be just like that last town. My dad left when i was like 12. My dad kept hiting my mom and one day she just got feed up and moved. Ive been got over it do but i stell missed him. I have not seen him in like 2 years. Hes the one that bought me all my pron and told me about sex.

Today is my first day of school and like every body else i do not want to go to school. Not that i know i am going to make friends that's no problem.

"Myers is time to go to school."

"i do not want to go i don't fell well."

"honey are u scared, do u think we would not feat in."

Oh ya my mom does not know about my sex life yet. Let me just get dress i cant be late for the bus. Look at all these fly honeys in this school this is going to be so fun. Hey baby what up let eat that pussy. Shut up u pig. Forget u then bitch. Let me try this join. Hey what up shawty. Don't talk to me like that or i am going to tell my brother to came and beat your azz u ugly pussy azz what dint u suck my dick. Dam get your brother then i well beat his azz. This is not going to be so easy.

"hey man what up my name is John."

"hey what is up with theses girls?"

"not all of them is such as easy as u think."

"i see that now."
Well i better go to class or iam going to be late. My first class waz okay but then when i entered my second calss i saw the most beautiful women. Her name was miss Rachael. Oh my good she had the biggest tits i have every seen so big it just wants to pop right put of her chest!! Then her thighs where so lust-sh that i wanted to like them up and down.

"hi iam miss Rachael."

"hey my name is Myers."

"so where is the rest of the?"

"there all at a assemble."

Then we should go.No just stay hear and talk. I like to get to know my student it little more then the rest. Let me just lock the door right quick, so we don't have any body bother us. Okay. Do u mind if i get undressed. Right than and then when i saw her start to take off her close i just got a big one and it was hard as it ever been.are u a virgin? No. That's good so u know what u are doing. So pull it out, u don't think some body is going to catch us. So i took it out and she came over and held on like it was a hot dog. She liked her lips and started to suck. Oh my god it felt so good. I start to mon softly. She said are u close to coming i said yes. Then she toke it out of her mouth. Then we got on the table and then we was in a 69 possion. I felt all that wet sent on that pussy was grate. then she took me off and she told me to stick it in. So and i did it to my surprise it was so tight. That was not problem i stell drelled .

Fater fater. So i went. Her pussy was so wet that it started to make sounds. The felling was so grate i just had to keep it coming. Pounding. I am going to cum. I am not i want this to keep going. So i did and she cum-ed like three times. I stell did not i kept going and going. She said Myers stop just cum in me. I've cu-med like 20 times i never thought i could cum like that. Well i know how to control my cum and keep it in me and stell be hard. But its almost time for class okay. Then i burts right in the pussy of her it was grate and i let out like 5 lodes. The bell rang already hurry and get on to your next class. Okay let me hurry than.

Hi mom i am home. how was your dad son. it is okay the best the of my life. I told you it was going to be fun, thank for making me go. No problem. let me go up to my room. I go and take a shower. Oh and your teacher called she wants you to go in early tomorrow. Okay mom thank. That night i lay in my bed think and masterbating i cum all in my bed that night. I was feeling so.I went oline to go and chat with my fuck buddy on the web cam. she is always online so i can count on her. hey baby what you doing i was just think about you. oh you was thats good. so wants up well i need to see u finger your self so i can get off at it okay any thing for i always call her because she had the best pussy ever tell today. Get to it then. Okay dont ruch me it takes some time.
Well then she start to call out my name it did start me up so i waked off. Tt was not like the really thing but it was okay.then we just talked. then i got off i talked whith my best freind which is a girl. hey. how was your day the best. hey is your boy frind there. yes. can you gus have sex right know.

thank you for reading. leave comments if i should keep going. like i said it was my first time so plase don't be mad. if u like it tell your friends.

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2012-10-16 02:17:18
you have to be ignorant i cant see any schooled person with spelling that bad


2012-05-31 22:58:59
You need to learn how to spell!!! IT SUCKED!!!!! I could not finish reading it sucked so bad.

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2012-02-23 22:47:12
can not tell if the story sucked couldn't finish reading it . It sucked go back to school, and learn how to write

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2011-05-12 00:51:24
THX that's a great anwesr!

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2010-11-30 17:58:56
it was so bad i couldn't even finish the story stop writing and go back to school you idiot

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