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A young couple move to a new street and find the welcoming comittee very........welcoming.
This story is pretty long, but I enjoyed writing it, PLEASE rate it, and leave any comment, advice is very welcome, I'm open to any suggestions you may have, consider this a pilot, ill continue it if the ratings are good. Enjoy!

Hello. My name is Carol Lewis, I'm 5'6 curvy, green eyes, black wavy hair, tanned skin, size C bust, full lips.
I live in a small city in California on a wonderful Cul-de-sac with wonderful secrets. We all know each other and we're all close. All of my neighbors have been to my wedding, birthday parties, holiday parties, and most importantly.....the gatherings.

It started a few years ago when my husband David was only my fianc?and we had first moved here.
I was unpacking and David was at work. Someone knocked on the door and I hurried up to answer it. I open it to see a tall very handsome man with short wavy brown hair, green eyes, short facial hair, and the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. I didn't even notice I was staring until he said "Hello my name is Marcus, and you must be the new couple." I closed my mouth and shook my head, then asked if he wanted to come in he said "sure" with a smile on one corner of his mouth. I couldn't believe how nervous he made me. I was tripping over my words as I asked if he wanted anything to drink. He said no thank you. We were still at the front door but it was one of the chillier days in fall so I closed the door. I was getting uncomfortable during the silence, so I said "Um...Marcus, is it?" he nodded "I don't mean to be rude but are you here for any particular reason.....I-I'm just asking becu-" he placed a finger on my lips and gently backed me against the wall while lifting my chin with the knuckle of his index finger. I normally would have pushed him off and bitched a fit but he looked me so deeply in the eyes that the only thing I could do was lean on the wall for support and wait for him to do something next.

He closed his eyes and I did the same, then he barley touched his lips against was more like caressing them with his own. Then he let go of my chin and I opened my eyes and he placed both of his hands on each side of my hips then ran them up along my waist, to my ribs, lifting my arms above my head, and telling me to let them rest there. He looked me in the eyes the whole time as he started to unzip my jacket. It was intense so I tried to look away, but he just gently turned my chin and had me looking back at him. "Its ok" he softly said to me so I trusted him. He got to his knees and kissed my stomach and licked the lining above my shorts I dropped my hands and took my jacket off and ran his hands under my tank top. He unbuttoned the shorts and kissed the top of my panties which were extremely wet. I was getting nervous, because I had never received oral sex before and I think he knew. He pulled the shorts down and let me step out of them which left me in socks, panties, a bra, and a tank top....I was taking that off at the time too though.

He stood up and looked me back in the eyes and smiled while he began to unbutton his shirt. Each button was putting me over the edge so I went to rip the shirt off and he held up a finger and pushed me back. Then finally he got to the last button. He was incredibly built. Then he undid his belt biting his lip, I had to cross my legs. He let out a laugh and I gave a sad look, then he sped up and finally took off his jeans. He was in boxers. He pulled me closer like he was hugging me and began to kiss my neck as he unhooked my bra. When he tried to pull it off I didn't let him go, he knew I was getting scared, "Relax Carol" he whispered in my ear. I never told him my name, but I did relax and let him pull it off. He got to his knees again this time slowly pulling my panties off with his teeth and still looking at me. When they were off he put one of my legs over his shoulder and dove right in. He licked up any wetness at first, and made the lips tingle. I ran my fingers through his hair and pushed my lips apart with his tongue and gently touched my clit, it made me gasp....I didn’t even know I could feel that. Then he began to lick more and more of my clit, my eyes were closed by then and my head was leaning up against the wall. Then he slid a finger between my legs and right inside me, I moaned. He slowly began to finger fuck me while licking my clit faster by the second. He was licking in circles and left and right. Then he started sucking and made my back arch and he slipped another finger inside me, I could tell he was touching my g spot, I had never felt pleasure from inside before then. I was moaning louder this time and he began to rub harder, and was sucking then licking switching back and fourth changing speeds I felt my body tense up and completely released. My body throbbed like crazy. I couldn’t even scream, I just froze and let go of his hair.

He stood up licking his fingers and winked at me. I was still leaning against the wall unsure of what to do, and noticed he had a huge hard on. His dick was way bigger than David’s. He wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and kissed me intensely, sliding his tongue inside my mouth as if he was purposely trying to tell me to taste myself. It was an amazing taste and I made a mental not to try it again some time. Then he slid his other hand on top of mine and placed it right on top of his dick. I froze, he was letting me touch it! I pulled it from his boxers and it sprang up making me giggle a little bit. I thought about what David likes and stood behind him and began to kiss his shoulder while softly rubbing the tip. He quietly moaned. I pulled my hand all the way down then all the way back up and bit his shoulder and started jacking him off faster.

He stopped me and quickly spun me around. I was back against the wall but before I knew what was going on he was holding my thighs and my legs were around his waist. I almost stopped him but I knew I wanted it so bad, so all I did was wrap my arm around his neck and got ready for him to slide inside me. I tightly shut my eyes trying to adjust to the size of his tip, he was very gentle and he said "Ready?" I pulled him close and put my forehead on his shoulder then said "go ahead" and in one long stroke he went all the way in. "ahhhhhhh" was the only thing I could let out. He pulled back and put it all in fast. I lifted my head up and he caught my face and bit my lip. I never felt so much attention during sex. Then he got faster and groaned in my mouth, I loved that. He gripped my thighs tighter and his pelvis touched my clit every time he got all the way in. And I was I kissing him harder then he let go of my first thigh, then the other and pulled out. He told me to lean on the table by the door and I did. He grabbed my hips and entered from behind and reached forward and rubbed my clit while still fucking me. We stayed this way for about five minutes, he'd occasionally kiss my back and change up then speed of his rubbing, then he stood up, still pumping and placed my own hand on my clit then said "where do you want me to cum" I said "you can cum's okay, I’m on the pill", and with that he grabbed my hips and fucked me harder and faster until I felt him shoot four times inside me and loudly say "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmnnnnn" then he stood me up and kissed me while fingering me until I came. After that, he put on his clothes and I did the same he still looked me directly in the eyes, then he kissed me on the lips one last time and said "See you later Carol, and welcome to the Neighborhood." I said nothing, because I couldn’t, I just closed the door.

I remember the rest of that day I felt so guilty and waited for David to come home. He called and said not to wait up because he was going out to drink. I fell asleep and woke up next to him. The whole morning was awkward. We couldn’t look at each other. He was avoiding me and I was avoiding him. I was going to make breakfast but noticed that we didn’t have much in the fridge yet to I told him that we needed to go grocery shopping. He agreed.

We walked around the store for about twenty minutes picking up things like eggs, butter, bread, orange juice, snacks, and other things, and then I froze dead in my tracks when I saw Marcus behind some giggling blonde woman with his hands around her waist playfully kissing her on her neck. He looked up at me and smiled then said “Carol! I’m glad to see you here, this is my wife, Linda.” That’s the most I’d heard him speak at one time. I still couldn’t move, but I did, however look over at David, who for some reason was also frozen. Then out of no where Linda says “David!.....this is Marcus, my husband.” Marcus walked over to David and Linda walked over to me. They shook hands and Linda gave me a hug. It took me a second to piece it together but I already knew something had happened between Linda and David. Marcus came and stood by me and Linda stood by David, then I went to speak but Marcus said “We’re throwing a welcome to the cul-de-sac party for you two tonight, we would’ve came by and told you, but we might as well tell you now. Its at 9:00 and the house is directly across the street. We live two houses down from you on the left side if you were wondering.” My mind was going 1,000 miles a minute but I couldn’t speak, I didn’t even move when I saw Linda put her hand on David’s shoulder, and David didn’t seem to mind when Marcus put his on my back.

Then Marcus leaned into my ear and whispered “when you get home, find a box with your name on it, follow the instructions step-by-step and we’ll take you to the party.” I’m assuming Linda was saying the same thing to David because when I looked over she had moved away from his ear. Then Linda said “Well we need to get going, there’s a few things we still need to pick up for the party, but we’ll see you there.” I just paid for the groceries and David followed closely behind me, then we drove home.

When we got home we didn’t say a word to each other but we both knew what we were looking for. He opened the coat closet, and I went upstairs and checked all of the rooms. Then I checked the bedroom. I walked downstairs with both of our boxes and found him looking in the kitchen. I sat his box on the counter and he opened it, I opened mine,

We must have read it at the same time because, just then we picked up our boxes and headed for separate rooms.
1) Do not speak to your partner.
2) Don’t open the black bag.
3) Shower
4) Put on the clothes given to you. (Do not worry, They are your size)
5) At 8:45 go to Marcus and Linda’s house
6) Give Marcus the black bag.
7) Follow every instruction given to you.
8) Enjoy your night.

All day we unpacked and still avoided eachother. I tried to imagine what would happen at the party, and why they were so weird. In fact, They were very weird. But I was so attracted to it all, the mystery of it I guess.

I must be a fool to do this……But I did it any way. At about 7:00 I showered, looked in the box to find a black satin thong, a short black cocktail dress, size 8 black pumps, red lipstick, and black eyeliner. I saw the black bag also but put it aside and got dressed. I felt weird not wearing a bra but I wore exactly what was given, and I applied the lipstick and eyeliner, then put on the shoes. I let my hair down and checked my self in the mirror and then looked at the clock. It was 8:42. I grabbed the black bag and hurried downstairs. I saw David sitting on the couch wearing a black button up shirt, black denim jeans, and black shoes. He looked so cute but I couldn't even look at him, it was too awkward. He checked his watch and stood up. He had a black bag also we stepped outside and locked the door. Then we walked to Marcus and Linda's house. Before we could knock they greeted us at the door in all white. Marcus held out his hand for me and Linda did the same for David. We looked at eachother and took their hands.

I was led to an area that looked like a living room and it had a chair in the middle of it. He asked me to sit. He hungrily looked me up and down for a few seconds then I nervously handed him the bag. He opened it and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and some keys. My heart dropped to my stomach then to my toes. He dangled them on one finger in front of my face then dropped them in my lap, which made me jump. Then he pulled out another pair, and two long thick black ribbons. The last thing was a black silk blindfold. Everything was in my lap and once again I couldn't move. He must've sensed how nervous I was because he walked behind me and moved all of my hair to one side of my neck and kissed the naked skin. I immediately melted under his touch. His lips touched my ear and he said "Trust me, your safe, infact...after tonight- If you accept -you'll be apart of a huge family who will do nothing but protect you, and make you feel loved and safe." He hit a nerve, family was important to me. Then he put both of his hands on his stomach and softly rubbed and asked "Do you trust me?" I placed my hands on top of his and nodded "Tell me, I need to hear it" then he kissed my jaw and began to softly suck, I had to tighten my thighs. "Mmmmm ......ok.....I-I trust you.....completely."

He leaned forward and grabbed the blindfold and asked if could put it on me, I said yes, he did. Then he asked if he could put on the hand cuffs. I nodded, completely blind. He placed one cuff around my wrist and closed it, and let the other one hang. Then he grabbed the second pair and did the same. My wrists weren't cuffed together. Then he told me to stand and he wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed me softly, then guided me to what I assumed was the front door. I was walking for about a minute or two and heard another pair of heels, I was sure they were Linda's.

In unison I heard the word "Stop" from Linda and Marcus. So I stopped walking. Then I heard the faint sound of people talking and one of them knocked on the door, and all of the talking stopped. The door opened and I heard this womanly voice say "welcome" and we were walked inside and sat down. I was still blindfolded but I felt someone chain the open sides of my handcuffs to my chair, and my heart began to race again. Then I felt cloth being tied around my ankles and strapped to the legs of the chair, that must've been the ribbons from the bag.

Then I felt someone start to pull the blindfold off and I was trying to adjust to the light, although there wasn't much. David was right infront of me and he was looking around too. All over this room was a bunch of young people no older than 30, in all white, they all looked like models, and they were smiling at us. Not a scary Im-going-to-kill-you smile, but a really welcoming smile. It was quiet untill I heard a woman's voice behind me "Welcome Caroline and David, we are the family of Cedar Street." I looked at David who was staring directly above my head, then I saw the crowd behind David begin to part and heard "You're new here, and we think it'd be unfair to leave you out of all of the fun" Then the the man who was talking walked behind David, He was also in all white and was gorgeous. He had jet black hair, very tall, muscular, a goatee, ice blue eyes, and light skin. He looked me in the eyes and I almost came in my panties. Then people started pairing off and walking away or into corner and sitting down, while two chairs were brought over for the man and woman. He sat next to me and she sat next to him. She was in a white teddy and white thong, she had long brown curly hair, pouty lips, a round ass, average tits, probably a B, and dark eyes.

The man leaned over and looked at me "By the way, it's very nice to meet you Carol, Im Anthony." Before I could say anything, he placed a hand on my thigh and kissed my lips. I didn't accept it at first...for God's sake, David was watching. But then he licked my bottom lip and ran his hand along the side of my thigh and I closed my eyes. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth and teased the tip of mine. Then he slowly moved his hand between my legs but I shut them, he continued kissing me and someone came out of nowhere and pulled my knees apart. I couldn't do anything, so I just kissed him back. And felt him begin to rub me through my panties and I tried my hardest not to like it, I swear I did, because I could feel David and that woman watching me.....that whole room was watching me. I could hear people kissing behind me and he slid the thong to the side, and I knew I would loose that fight. He ran his middle finger over my slit and parted my lips. I was super wet and he broke the kiss. "She certainly doesn't feel like she doesn't want it." I heard laughing. The person pushing my legs apart let go and walked away.

He looked me in the eyes and rubbed my clit in slow circles, I bit my lip trying my hardest not to moan. Then he slid two fingers deep inside and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I threw my head back and let out an extremely loud moan, he rubbed harder and pumped his fingers in me faster. I was tugging so hard on the hand cuffs that my wrists began to hurt. I spread my legs wider and gasped "Fuck!" as he licked and sucked on my neck and quickly brought me close to erupting. He then quickly pumped in and out of me then pulled out and used both of his wet fingers to rub my clit, he rubbed as fast as he could and I screamed as the pressure of his fingers made me cum so hard that I was sweating. Then he gently rubbed me until I calmed down and kissed me then placed his fingers in my mouth. I licked all of my juices off of his hand and closed my legs. Then he leaned back in his chair and looked at the woman who was sitting next to David, and I looked at him expecting him to look angry, but he looked more confused than anything, then I looked around the room and saw the couples making out and giving eachother hand jobs.

The woman looked at David and said "David, I'm Carmen, that's my husband" he looked at me I just raised an eyebrow and shrugged. She touched his cheek and kissed him. Then rubbed his thigh. He was trying to break the kiss but she just turned his head back to hers and kissed him again.....he Was still resisting, and for some reason, I don't know why, I mumbled "under his chin." Anthony looked at me curiously and asked "what was that?" I looked at him then back at Carmen and said louder "under his chin.....and the back of his neck". He looked at me in disbelief and I smiled, then winked at him and crossed my legs. Carmen stood up and walked behind him, then she ran her hands along his chest and began to place soft kisses along the back of his neck. He was still staring at me, but he licked his lips and his eyes began to close. Then she walked in front of him and straddled his lap. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and kissed his chin, then underneath it, and down his neck. The he lifted his head had kissed her back and I saw her begin to grind into his lap. Then she stood back up and sat back in her chair next to him and rubbed him through his pants, he was kissing her harder. She lifted her hand and motioned for someone to come over, then I saw a very pretty woman who looked to be about 20 kneel between his legs and unbutton his pants while Carmen caressed his cheek. Then the girl pulled his dick from his boxers and gently stroked him until he got hard, then she walked away, and sat down with who ever she was with. Then Carmen began to stroke him and spread his precum down his shaft, he moaned. Then she gripped the bottom and jerked it from bottom to top, still while kissing him, but he stopped and leaned his head back and let out a long sigh. She began to stroke him faster and then just the tip, then slowly up and down, then quickly up and down. She did this for about 10 minutes and I was SO turned on, and then he said "Fuck, I'm gunna cum" and another girl who looked like she was 20, kneeled between his legs and quickly rubbed him while the head of his dick rested in her mouth, his body hunched over when he started to cum, but Carmen pushed him back, and kissed him again, and he moaned deeper each time he came, and the girl rubbed him until he was soft, and swallowed each drop. She put his dick back in his pants and walked away. I noticed the moaning all around the room.

Then Carmen looked over to me and said "Here, we pleasure eachother, not force you, although you did need a little push, every one does, you do what you want, and were very protective of you, were your best friends, we like you, and already know a lot about you, we wouldn't have sold you the house if we didn't." I nodded. "There are rules, that'll all be explained later, but for now, you do receive benefits, every one in this room is already your friend, we shop with you, help you, talk to you, and yes.....fuck you, well....make love." Then I felt the handcuffs being removed. "No one here has favorites, but you may feel a certain closeness to your 'first' were all together, its not cheating unless your secretive." I nodded again. The first younger woman who unbuttoned David's pants came over to me and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm Dawn, It's wonderful to meet you and welcome to the Cul-De-Sac." then the girl who finished the "job" was right behind her hugged me and said "I'm Kimberly, and it's really great to meet you, welcome to the Cul-De-sac." then she kissed me on the cheek.

David loosened up and was hugging every girl in the room, and talking to each guy, he even made out with me in the middle of a conversation.

We stayed for an hour, only talking, and and meeting every one who lived on the Cul-De-Sac of Cedar Street, then left the "welcoming party" holding hands. That night we had the best sex we'd ever had in our relationship.

The next morning while David was at work I was unpacking boxes trying to figure out if last night was real and the door bell rang. I almost tripped and broke my neck trying to answer it. It was our next door neighbors The Wrights. A married couple about 22-25 years in age. Vanessa and Scott. Vanessa was short, about 5'3 or 5'4 and had huge natural boobs, tan skin, hazel eyes, red hair that hung in the middle of her back and full peachy lips. Scott was about 5'7, had spikey brown hair, dark brown eyes, a goatee that connected to his sideburns, and they were both slim with some muscle.

They told me they came over to help me unpack but, lord have mercy that wasn't the only thing they helped my take care of that day.

Hope you liked it!!!!!!!

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2009-04-21 14:19:14
Great story, keep it comming.


2009-04-16 14:46:23
Thankyou, yea i re-read it today and noticed a few things i got mixed up. If i post the second story, ill make sure to reread before i post. keep the comments coming!

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2009-04-16 13:16:49
i loved this story, but a little constructive criticism try to reread your work to make sure all the sentences make sense.

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2009-04-16 04:48:51
Good start. Keep going.

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2009-04-15 22:45:49
Excellent story.

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