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They all liked the idea.

When Ronald visited Heidi's apartment that afternoon, the first thing he noticed as he walked in was the pair of knockers on Marta, the Mexican girl that his girlfriend Heidi worked with. He had never met her before, but he had been hearing about her from Heidi for months, and he knew that the two girls had gotten to be quite close.

His immediate thought was that he did not himself exactly want to be close to Marta, he wanted to be inside of her, deep in, and resting on those pneumatic cushions she was carrying around on her chest. God known he was getting all the action he could reasonably want from Heidi, but his impulses were not always reasonable. If he could keep Heidi from finding out about it, he would love to get alone with Marta, peel her, and then spread her and stuff her. He had heard that Latins developed early. Well, she was eighteen or nineteen, the same age as Heidi and he, but she had plainly had developed for a while, especially that crop of melons!

If Ronald had been hearing about Marta, then Marta had also been hearing a lot about him. She was close enough to Heidi that Heidi had been telling her about how great he was in the sack and how well equipped he was. That last part could be partly confirmed by looking at those tight pants he was wearing, and the bulge in them that she saw grow as he looked at her. But what Marta wanted was to confirm all of it from the inside out -- inside her, that was. She saw his growing interest in her, and she wondered how Heidi would feel about sharing her boyfriend, at least for a couple of hours. After all, they had gotten to be close friends.

But not as close as Heidi sometimes wished they were. Neither Ronald nor Marta knew that Heidi was actually bisexual. While Ronald was the only boy she had been sleeping with since he took up with her, he was not the only person. Other girls were only an occasional thing with her, but she was as interested in Marta's globes as Ronald was -- and she had actually seen them naked, which he hadn't, and she knew they were even better that way. She also thought about the possibility of sharing Ronald, but she wanted to introduce Marta to something new once Ronald had made her hot. And then maybe have both of them satisfy her, together or by turns, however she could.

When Ronald went into the kitchen to fix drinks for the two of them, Marta softly asked Heidi just how possessive she was about Ronald's body and if she would mind loaning it out for a while, especially since he seems to be interested in Marta's. Heidi grinned and said that, if Ronald would go along, they could make it a threesome for the afternoon and see how things worked out, or hopefully in.

The two girls waited until he had come back with the drinks, and all three of them had about finished the cocktails, and both the girls had watched him watching them surreptitiously and they had watched his erection grow to its fullest and stay hard from watching them -- before they told him what they had decided. And would he like the idea of making love to two beautiful women at once?

He did. He began with the more familiar territory, by putting his left arm around Heidi and reaching down to cup her left breast while raising her short skirt to touch the outside of her right thigh and move inward, all the while staring at the brown legs and half-covered breasts on Marta.

Then he stepped behind Heidi and he dropped both hands to raise her skirt to her waist and press himself to her behind, then raise his hands to open her blouse and hold both her breasts in the palms of his hands. She raised her head and lay it back and he entered her mouth with his tongue. Marta, eager not to be forgotten, stood up and suddenly shrugged the shoulders off her dress and was naked to the waist. Ronald saw the motion and broke the kiss to stare at those beautiful hanging globes.

Marta walked toward him, and Heidi, in a little fit of jealousy, pulled down his zipper and pulled out his erection to hold it as she stared into his face with an expression of lust for his body.

Heidi dropped to her knees to his left and took his penis to her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head and Marta squatted to his right. Soon Marta took possession of his meathook and took it into his mouth for an inch or so and began to suck, while Heidi raised his testicles in her hand and licked the base of his shaft.

Both girls stood up at once and cooperatively removed Robert's clothing, and Heidi discarded her skirt and panties at the same time. Then she insisted on being the first to have Robert, and she climbed on a chair and presented her love canal, wet and held wide open by her fingers. She threw her head back and gasped as he stuffed her with his sausage. After a minute she broke away and reversed her position, sitting on the chair and spreading her legs wide open and hooking her feet beneath the chair. As Robert entered her again, Marta stood by his side and their tongues wrestled and his fingers moved where her panties had just been removed.

This position, low enough to ball Heidi but high enough to french-kiss and fondle Marta, was not comfortable for Robert, and soon Marta abandoned him. But Heidi beckoned and grabbed her and bent her head enough for the two girls to kiss. Caught up in the heat, so to speak, of the moment, Marta cooperated but soon also pulled away from this. But the sensations she had received shook Marta's ideas about herself.

That double action, from two directions and two genders at once, made Heidi come very quickly. She had never had the chance at such a thing before. Ronald now moved to a little thick rug and lay on it on his back. Marta walked over, spread her legs, and came down on his thick stalk. She was very wet and the penetration was easy, but she was also hot and tight, the way Ronald liked. Marta's face was showing all the reaction one would expect after a half-dozen climaxes, but she was just beginning with Ronald. She was plainly being stretched inside more than she was used to, but loving it.

She came down on him only a few times before she got up and rolled onto her back. Ronald re-entered her, but at first put only the head of his erection inside and moved it in and out, spreading his knees, lifting Marta's hips, and keeping his upper body upright. Heidi took the opportunity to put her head between the lovers, licking Ronald's shaft but concentrating on Marta's clitoris and labia. Marta did not like having this happen to her in her mind, did not feel that she should like having Heidi's tongue giving her pleasure, but her body accepted it and was eager for more.

Then Ronald moved forward, raised Marta's legs to his shoulders, rested on his hands and arms, and began to give Marta long slow strokes, all the way down and in. All that surface action, from the head of his penis as well as Heidi giving her head, made Marta eager for deeper penetration, and now she was getting it -- deeper than she thought she could take, but she did.

Heidi lay beside them now, reaching her hand to fondle Ronald's testicles and grasp his shaft, squeezing it as it went in and out, but also rubbing the stretched skin on the outside of Marta's vagina. This had Marta drifting on a cloud of sensation, and her hand drifted almost unconsciously to the triangle of hair between Heidi's legs. Then her fingers found and entered the lower lips at the point of the triangle and Heidi gasped and began to shake and jerk.

Becoming bolder, Marta turned her head and urged Heidi's hips towards her. Heidi eagerly complied, and soon Marta's tongue was moving rapidly where her fingers had been, all the while that Ronald was plunging between her legs. Those legs were now off his shoulders and wrapped around his hips; he now rested on his knees and elbows, and was fulfilling his fantasy of putting his weight on her large chest-pillows.

They shifted again, with Marta now on top, straddling Ronald's pelvis and having him fill her upwards while Heidi waited on the side for a while. Marta was becoming anxious to reach an orgasm, but did not want to take the chance of losing Ronald's huge erection by having him come in her -- he might be good for another orgasm for each of the girls!

So she began to play with her little turn-on button, with Heidi's hands plunging in to help. Soon she reached a powerful climax, with her mouth open and her head thrown back, and her internal muscles clamping down in such a way that it took all of Ronald's self-control not to flood her with his sperm after all.

Ronald raised his hand to call for a rest of a moment while his testicles subsided, and then Heidi went to the same chair she had used before, put her hips on it facing forward, and asked Ronald to do it to her doggy-style.

He did. He pushed her walls apart with his manhood and shoved it way into her. Heidi was still in a state of high excitement, and it got worse when Marta appeared on the other side of the chair and began to tongue-kiss her, then reach beneath her body to raise her hips enough from the chair to slip a hand down and caress Heidi where Ronald was filling her.

Heidi came very quickly and very violently. As she stood up, she turned to the other two and said: "Maybe we should think about making this arrangement permanent. We work well together," and turning to Marta, "much better and more easily than I would ever have dreamed."

"Well, maybe," said Ronald. "But I really don't know. It seems to be that there is a little something lacking so far. I don't want to seem selfish, but..."

The two girls giggled and agreed. So they ended as they had started this session of sexual congress, Heidi on his left side and Marta on his right, taking turns taking him into their mouths (Marta taking all of him at times) and then licking him up and down from opposite sides until he shot out all the semen he had been holding back, and they continued to lick until it was gone.
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