Graveyard slut ... such a great fantasy.
She is a sweet little gothic girl, who is about to be reduced to a slut. She is short, thirteen years old, very large breasts (especially for a girl her age), has long black hair with a red bow in it, loves to wear black and red, has a cute round face, and she’s just broken into my cemetery again. You see, I own a large mansion that I inherited from granddad when he died. It has a private cemetery out the back of all my relatives are buried in. I’m the last in the blood-line and not married. I never really had many friends in real life and hadn’t made any when I moved here. I spend most of my time on the internet, watching TV or reading a book from the massive library I inherited. I don’t work because I inherited more than enough money live out the rest of my life without ever needing to work again. The only reason I have to leave the house is to shop for food in the nearest town. There is only one other house on this road and it’s closer to the main road but still within walking distance which is how this girl keeps getting to my place. I’ve caught her breaking into my graveyard four times since I moved here a couple of months ago. Each time I’ve dragged her back to her mother’s house and told her what she had done. But, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t keep her away from my graveyard. So this time I decided to do something else. I decided to give in to the perverted instincts that lurk deep inside me.

She was sitting on a head-stone, with her eyes closed. She was wearing a black and red striped dress with mesh sleeves, a mesh neck line and some mesh flowing out from underneath the fabric. Along with the dress, she is wearing thigh-high black leather boots. I wonder how her mother can let her leave the house dressed like this. I go to one of the storage rooms in the house and grab a coil of rope, a roll of electrical tape, a clean rag and a bottle of chloroform that just “happened” to be lying around. I put the bottle, rag, and knife in my pockets and put the coil of rope over my shoulder. I head towards the door to go outside my house. When I get to the door, I check to see if she is still in the same place as before, which she is. I sneak out and close the door quietly.

I walk towards her and she hears me step on a twig. She looks in my direction. I was towards her. She pleads with her eyes, thinking I’m going to send her back to her mother. I open my mouth but she speaks before I can say anything. She says “Please don’t make me leave again. I’m not hurting anybody; I’m just sitting out here.” She has such a sweet, childish voice. I ask her “Well what do you want me to do? I can’t have you breaking into my property any time you like.” She looks around as she thinks. I tell her “Time’s up.” She quickly says “Wait, wait, wait! I … err … um …” I have my hands behind my back and I take the bottle of chloroform out of my pocket. “I don’t know, just please don’t tell my bitchy mother what I’ve done. Last time she didn’t let me leave the house for a week!” I’ve got the rag out and am dampening it with the chloroform. I tell her “You won’t have to go back to your mother” and grab her head, pushing the rag against her mouth. She struggles and breathes it in. In seconds she is unconscious. I smile to myself.

She falls to the ground but I catch her before she hits. I look around and see an old grave stone that is a large cross, perfect. I drag her unconscious body over to it and lay her on the ground. I unbutton her dress, down to her waste and open it. She is wearing a black lacy bra which I cut off of her. I stare at her perfect breasts. So young, yet so beautiful. I take off her dress, leaving only her white panties and thigh-high black leather boots. I throw the dress to one side and stare at those white panties. I pull them down and off, looking at her precious pink pussy the whole time. So delicate, so ready for what I have planned. I lift her up and lean her against the stone cross. I use the rope to tie a harness around her torso and along her arms, so that she doesn’t fall down or escape. I tighten it around her breasts.

She’s starting to wake, so I grab her panties off the ground. I spread her legs and push them into her ass, twist them around a bit and pull them out. Her eyes are opening. I push her foul-smelling panties into her mouth. I grab the electrical tape and tape them in place, turning them into a make-shift gag. She looks around frantically. I smile at her. She tries to talk but all that comes out in muffles sounds. She tries screaming and the same thing happens. I tell her “The more you resist me, the worse your punishment will be.” She looks at me and makes puppy-dog-eyes. I ask “If you are quiet and only speak when I say you can speak, can I trust you not to scream and shout when I take off the gag?” She nods her head. I pull off the tape and pull out her panties. I tell her “I rubbed those in your ass before I put them in your mouth.” She smiles at me and says “So that’s why they taste so good?” in a seductive tone.

My eyes widen as she tells me this. I drop the panties on the ground. She continues on “You tied me up so well, are you going to sacrifice me? Are you going to sacrifice a virgin?” I stare into her eyes and put my finger on her pussy. It’s wet, she’s enjoying it. I push my finger further into her pussy and find that she was telling the truth, she is a virgin. I ask her “You really liked the taste of your panties after they have been in your ass?” She replies saying “Yes, I love my ass. I play with it more much than I play with my pussy.” I pull my finger out of her pussy and put it in her mouth. A moan escaped her lips as I pulled it out. She cleans it off as if knowing exactly what I want her to do (not that she needed much direction). I pull my finger out of her mouth and ask her “Why have you been trespassing on my graveyard so much?” to which she replies “Because it was the only way to get you to notice me and I love the peacefulness of a graveyard.” I tell her that “If you wish, I can get rid of your virginity.” She smiles, nods her head and says in a childish tone “Yes please” as if she is accepting candy or something.

I kiss her passionately, pushing my tongue into her mouth, exploring it. I can taste the taste that’s left over from her dirty panties being in her mouth. It actually tastes quite good. Our tongues move around each others mouths, as if searching for something. I break the kiss. I bend down and take her dirty panties off of the ground, which now are wet from the grass. I put them back in her mouth and tape them in, so she can’t scream and so that she gets a better taste of her ass. She doesn’t resist it this time. I move my hands down to her breasts, confined in rope. I squeeze them and she moans through the panty-gag. I lean over and start sucking on her left nipple. I put my lips to it and suck, flicking my tongue on its pointy tip. I can hear her moaning and it’s giving me a huge hard on. I switch to her right nipple and give it the same treatment, making her moan even more.

I move back and take my shirt off, showing her my muscles. I throw my shirt to the ground and start taking off my pants. I drop them to the ground and she can see the huge bulge in my underwear. I take off my shoes and socks, leaving them on the ground next to my pants. I take off my underwear and rub it slightly into my ass. My cock is pointing forward, wanting to enter her tight little virgin pussy. I take my underwear over to her and pull the tape half way off of her mouth. I put my underwear in her mouth and tape it shut again. Her mouth is now full of dirty underwear and she loves it.

I lift her legs off the ground and put them around me which causes her body to sag slightly, her breasts taking most of the weight because of the way I tied the harness. She wraps her legs around my, in those thigh-high boots of hers. She is at the prefect height for me to take her virginity. My cock is sandwiched between me and her so I move back and it falls free. Her legs clamp me back to her and I position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I’m bent down slightly so I stand up, pushing my cock into her, breaking her virginity. She almost screams as I do this, which turns me on so much. I move out and push back in again. I work myself into a steady rhythm as she closes her eyes and moans loudly. I grab only her breasts and squeeze them. She moans louder. I continue holding onto them as I pull out and push back in faster and faster, harder and harder. Her moaning becomes louder. Her tight pussy feels like heaven on my cock, but I know I’m going straight to hell for this! I thrust faster and faster into her, harder and harder. She moans louder and louder. In almost no time she is about to have an orgasm. I thrust faster and harder and I feel her have an orgasm. This pushes me over the edge and I come without even expecting it. I continue to thrust into her until every drop of come is out of my cock and deep in her pussy.

She’s breathing heavily though her nose into my ear as I rest against her. After I regain my breath, I pull my now soft cock out of her come-soaked pussy. I move back and her legs fall back to the ground. She stands up on them, taking the pressure off of her breasts. I tell her “This has been so much fun for me. I hope it’s been as much fun for you. You can come around to my graveyard any time you like, now. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mum. Now, your clothing is lying on the ground over there. If you want to leave, just tell me now. If not, you can stay tied up like that until tomorrow. It’s getting kind of late.” She tries to talk but the dirty underwear in her mouth stops her from saying anything intelligible. “Well, seeing as you haven’t said otherwise, I’m going to leave you tied up here until morning. I hope you have a fun night.” I gather up my clothing, put it all on and go into my house. I make myself a nice cup of hot coco, have some dinner and go to sleep, knowing that I have a helpless, little, thirteen year old, gothic slut tied to a gravestone in my backyard. I’m going to have a fun day tomorrow.

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Honestly, not that great.

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Honestly, not that great.

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Keep this story going

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omg i absolutely loved it!!! bein a goth myself it rlly turned me bad it wont happen n real life :( i cummed sooo hard!!

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Im a writter here not gonna say my name but this was an awesome story.

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