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Nothing but rain for a week getting depressed neause I’m so fucking bored. Sitting at home wondering what the fuck is next when am i going to get laid again it's been like 2 weeks. I sit down on my bed again and continue kicking ass while I play street fighter committed to unlock all characters but not really caring at the same time. I decide to roll another joint and sit back and relax. I roll the best joints, crosses, tulips and so on pack of zig zags and a few grams of chron and i can make a peice of art that’s a shame to smoke. That’s how i got my name, Ziggy. I'm about 6 ft, 180 athletic build with a 7 in cut cock and thick. Brown hair blue eyes and give the best head I can whenever I can.

In the distance echo of my room I hear my cell phone ring and it's one of my many straight friends mike. Almost all my friends are straight or bi curious i don't have many gay friends that i hang out with often. I'm not embarrassed by them I love them, I just don't fit in with them, they’re so Femi allot of the time with elongated sentences and you can't have a good conversation with them. I'm gay because I like men real manly men who like cars and rock music and so on. Back to Mike; Mike is basically the definition of what I want in a man, he gets laid all the time, loves great cars and heavy rock music. He's about my height with black hair and brown eyes. Greater body build more muscle and a bit hairy chest which I hate. But he's a great friend. I invite him over to have a few drinks, when he shows up it stops raining and the sun comes out. It Gets hot fast and humid.

Mike shows up and we start drinking and playing video games and talking and hanging out. He's 17 and I’m 19 but he's a great friend like my little bro. after a few drinks of whisky and vodka mixed with juice we were hammered. He's so hot; I’ve wanted to fuck him for ages. He’s been my best friend for life, since kinder garden really, I’ve seen him nude several times. When we go swimming at the lake by my house, no one else around we just go skinny dipping. It’s so much better but I always get so hard, swimming around in the lake nude with a friend I've always wanted to fuck so fucking hard. Taking any chance to get a glance at his big 8 inch cock that just screams SUCK IT! I can't take this anymore I needed to fuck him.

After a few more drinks it begins to get hot and we take off our shirts and pants so we don't have to sweat our asses of in them. I look over at his ass while he takes him pants off. He’s wearing designer boxer briefs, a sexy red with white trim outlining his hot ass and big friend. I roll another joint and we sit back on my bed and get baked. The playlist on my computer is on shuffle, Champaign Supernova comes on by Oasis. We sit back and relax, start talking about sex. Best sex, worst sex, hottest girls, greatest blow job and so on.

I reach over to my remote and turn on my TV. Not realising I left it on playboy, oops. I’m about to change it and mike tells me not to. Baked as fuck and watching weird positions hardcore porn. Sitting in my boxer briefs with this massive budge and getting bigger, I just say fuck it and just start rubbing my dick threw my underwear. I look over at him he he's rubbing his but shyly. I look to him and just say: "just go for it man we're both men don't be afraid whip it out and jack off I don't care"

Mike: I don't know man it just feels kind of weird, (SIGH) I really want to get laid right now.

Me: Ya man two nights in a row you could of almost but the one girl was taken and Kristen had to go home last night.

Mike: I know man it's killing me, fucking cock tease weekend

Me: well I don't care about you I'm horny as hell and this is good porn I can't pass up.

I pull out my cock and start jacking off holding my thick heavy dick trying to enjoy every moment of it but it got odd fast because he stopped. I knew he was staring at me. , staring at my dick as I jack off not to the movie any more but him watching me jack off. I look over at him again, I reach over and start rubbing his thigh getting closer and closer to his crotch. I just look at him

Mike: OK just this one time but we never mention this ever again to anyone

Me: Dude it's alright this isn't gay at all, it's completely asexual it's just one person helping a friend relief some tension.

It worked as I reach over and rub his massive cock threw his tight boxer briefs. I slowly slide my hand down beneath the elastic band, right down to the bottom of his balls. His cock was like half the size of my arm. I pull off his boxers and his cock Springs right out. It’s bigger than I thought I and he had massive balls. I start to rub it's slowly, giving him the best hand job I have ever gone.

Mike: Suck it man I don't care just suck it.

Me: ok man I’m going to give you the best head I've ever given, enjoy it.

I lower my mouth over the head and slowly suck the tip teasing him a little. I take my tongue and lick it up the back of the prick from the base to the tip. I take it all in my mouth and start going down further and further deep throating my best friend. He put his hand on my head as I go down again and all I hear is him moan and groan in satisfaction. I knew I'm doing great; I've wanted to suck this dick for so long. All those long sweaty summer days down by the lake and now I'm finally getting my wish.

Mike: omg man this is so good I never knew a guy can give head like this.

Me: Ready for the next part man, like we've already gone this far might as well get the whole experience.

Mike: damn man like head was one thing but fucking?

Me: well why not man have you ever been fucked or been fucked up the ass?

Mike: No man, never crossed my mind.

Me: Honestly man might as well try it, you’re already getting your dick sucked by a dude, and plus you never know you might like it.

Mike: fuck it, already this far.

Me: Lay down on your back

As he lay down I suck his cock a little more get him back in the mood. The porn still playing in the back and we're both still fucking, fried from the weed.

Mike: omg man you are so good at this.

Me: Thanks man

I Pull his legs up and lube up his hot ass, I take a little on my hand and push my finger up his tight hole. Mike groans in a little pain while I stick my second finger up his hole and finger fuck it a little I tell him to completely I relax his muscles as hand him a joint for a second. He takes a huge haul and passes it back to me. I take a haul and put it down while I lube up my hard already dripping cum cock. I slowly push my massive rod up his ass and get about half way stop and let him take a breather. He Tenses up so much around my cock its feels fantastic. I've never fucked a guy with this tight a hole.

Mike: Oh my god man that is so fucking intense I don't know how you can deal with this. Oh my god it feels so fucking good though, holly shit!

Me: just relax man it gets better.

He calms down for a second and the fucking ram my dick up his ass as far as I can get it. He screams in pain, screams of XTC. I fuck in again harder and harder never taking it out for an instant. Our sweaty bodies rubbing up against each other, I fuck him harder and harder. I take it out just for a second give him a chance to breath. I flip him over and pull his ass up into the air and I go at it again harder, fucking him doggy style. I was lost in my dream come true, finally fucking him I lost control and fuck him harder and harder, again and again. I stop, I'm about to cum and don't want to in his ass. I want him to taste his first man cock, and enjoy it. I rip off the condom and stand on the bed.

Mike: What are you doing man?

Me: Sit up man

Mike: omg man that was fucking epic awesome, awe shit it hurts so much but it's so good.

He turns around and see's me standing on the bed, my dick at eye level with his face.

Mike: I guise it's my turn isn't it?

Me: it's only fair man, like I already sucked your cock.

Mike: alright man sorry if I'm not great it's my first time. Oh my god man your cock is so big I don't know if I can take it all. I'll try my best.

Me: Omg man that feels so great, suck it. Mmmmmmm
It honestly felt like heaven, for this being the first dick he's ever sucked, it was one of my top 5 blowjobs in my life.

Me: omg man, suck it, take it all. Awe ya

I grab his hair and thrust my cock down his throat, face fucking him harder and harder.

Mike: How’s that Ziggy? You like that don’t you?

Me: My God man you suck cock like a pro. Fuck man suck it, take it all I’m going to cum. YES that feels fucking awesome man.

In an instant I lost myself again as pure desire takes over my mind. Losing all control of rational thoughts, a sense of pure Ecstasy possesses me. My heart beating faster and faster and my dick throbbing in delight as mike delicious moist mouth massages it with his tongue. I take it out again and he kisses and licks the head. With his tongue he slowly licks the shaft from the balls to the tip, sending bolts of electricity up my spine. I take his head one more time and ram my cock down his throat chocking him a little.

Me: Holly fucks man I can’t hold it anymore. I’m going to cum...

He sucks my dick more viciously taking it deeper and deeper without gagging. I hold is head on my cock as far down as it can go. Deep into his throat.

Me: I’m Cumming be rea... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Awe awe yes suck it.
Fuck man huff huff Mmmmmm. Swallow it or you get it in the eye (Golden rule of blowjobs)

I get down on the bed and grab is head again and start kissing him. Full fledge make out getting a bit of taste of my own cum at the same time. I didn’t care, I love this guy. Mike flips me on my knees and spits on my ass to lube it up. He takes his huge 8 inch cock and shoves it up my ass. I scream in pain as he rams his huge rod in me.

Mike: My turn now bitch!

Me: Fuck me! Fuck me hard than anything ever!

He didn’t hold back, fucking me harder than I’ve ever been fucked in my life. I’ve had thicker cocks but this was different, it was amazing nothing like I’ve ever had in my life. I tense up to make it tight around his cock. It felt fantastic for both of us.

Me: holy shit man, huff huff this is fucking amazing. Fuck man harder.

Mike: ya you like that bitch, lol, oh god man this is so tight.
He fucked me harder and hard, faster and faster with his monster cock. It’s hurt so much but felt so damn good at the same time.

Mike: oh god man I’m going to cum
He screamed as he pulled his cock out of my ass. His huge muscles he flipped me on my back and sat on my chest, slapping my face with his cock.

Me: cum on my face man, paint me with your dick.

Mike: oh fuck man I can’t hold it in anymore... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck yaaaaa, Mmmmmmmm fuck aaah huff huff. Fucking like that bitch. Like it all over your face.

He must have shot the biggest load of white gold I’ve ever seen all over my face. I like my lips and taste all the cum he shot. It was so good, nice and warm, tasted well than anything I’ve ever tasted in my life. I wanted more so bad. I get up and take his cock in my mouth and suck out anything extra. Anything that got left behind in that monster cock.

Mike: Ha ha ha ha man that was awesome thanks again i needed that bad.

Me: fuck man that weed was crazy.

Mike: ya man we have to hang out again soon. What are you doing Saturday night I get off at 4?

Since then we’ve been the closer friends than ever before.

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2009-04-24 17:20:42
I love that song

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2009-04-19 21:23:49
omfg i gotta try doing this gay stuff... that was a great story

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2009-04-18 12:41:27
this was ok but did u read over this b/c it almost sounded as if english wasnt your first language. it was a good story very hot but do u really say "man" that many times?

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