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My sister and I get sent to Underwear High School.
Fbailey story number 339

Underwear High School

Son of a bitch.

Fucking Underwear High School.

Damn the luck.

Brenda and I weren’t even doing anything wrong but somehow we got caught and tossed out of our regular school.

Dad had threatened us before with Military School, Shock Camp, and even the Stockade. As you can imagine, he used to be in the military.

Well that first Monday morning Mom and Dad delivered us to school at the designated time. They took us in to see the Principle. His secretary and he were fully dressed. However, Brenda and I were told to strip to our underwear and our parents went home with our clothes. Before they left they were given a time and door to pick us up after school and to drop us off each morning.

Underwear High School was not an ordinary high school by any means. Not only did all of the students run around in just their underwear but it was a full twelve hour day from eight to eight and six days a week. Oh, and the school didn’t close down for the summer either.

We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at school, we did all of our homework in class, and we had exercise classes too. The meals were not great but not bad either, they were healthy and good for us. Our classes were long enough to read a chapter out loud in class, to discuss it toughly, and to get tested on the mater as well. At the end of that twelve hours Brenda and I were both tired and just wanted to go home and go to bed.

Brenda noticed that half of us guys were sporting erections most of the day and she felt sorry for me. I certainly noticed that most of the girls were dressed to excite the hell out of us boys. Most of the girls wore string bikini panties and skimpy bras if they wore one at all. Bras were not mandatory as panties were. The girls that wore bras were again doing so just to get us boys excited. They wore half bras that just lifted their breasts, peek-a-boob bras with cutouts for their nipples, or sexy lacy transparent bras that left very little to the imagination.

As we waited to get picked up we all got to put on a parachute sack of sorts to go out in public. Mom picked us up and laughed at our attire. We begged and pleaded to go to some other high school, even Military School. She just laughed at us.

That night we were exhausted so Brenda and I went straight to bed after taking a shower. Mom woke us up early but there was no need. We had taken a shower the night before and we got breakfast in school, all that was necessary was for us to comb out hair, put on a clean pair of underwear, and that parachute thing so we could go back to school.

When Brenda and I entered the school that second day and took off our sacks I was amazed. Brenda had chosen not to wear a bra that day and her swelling fifteen-year-old knockers were outstanding to say the least. They were huge compared to the other girls, not in the fact that stood straight out, but in the fact that they were big and round. I had never seen my sister topless before and I was impressed to say the least. Her breasts looked almost the size of a volleyball cut in half and stuck on her chest. After I regained my composure I looked down. She had a pair of panties that were so small in the front that they tucked up into her pussy lips. There was a string around her waist and another string down her butt crack. That was it!

When I looked around everyone and I do mean everyone was looking her. The other girls were envious and the boys were lusting after her. I knew they were jealous because I was the one standing next to her and not them.

Brenda took my arm and we walked out of the entrance area and down a hallway leading to the cafeteria and breakfast.

Brenda took me over to her table. She introduced me as her brother and then introduced the other three brother and sister combinations to me. Apparently we were now officially a “table.” The other girls were all topless and they had nice tits too.

As we ate one of the girls asked, “Will you be joining us for sex?”

I just looked at Brenda and she replied, “Yes, we will. He was so hard yesterday that I though he was going to pass out. I felt sorry for him.”

Then Brenda explained to me that we could get half-hour passes to go to the sex room. She had not been there herself so she let one of the other girls tell me about it. It seems that there were two different sex rooms. One was for boyfriends and girlfriends while the other one was for brothers and sisters.

It finally dawned on me that those three guys were fucking their own sisters. Then like a stupid idiot I realized that Brenda was going to let me fuck her. Oh my God! It was like a dream come true. I had lusted after my own sister for a few years but when I saw her topless that very morning I was at a loss for words.

The other girls took Brenda up to a desk in the cafeteria where she had to sign us both in and then came back with two wrist bracelets snapping one to my wrist. I had seen some of the kids the day before with them but didn’t know why they were wearing them. Brenda told me that we could miss the last half-hour of our first, third, and fifth classes to have sex. Wow! All I had to do was look at the clock, raise my arm with the bracelet on it, and then leave the class after the teacher nodded to me. The other guys then told me where to go to fine the brother sister sex room. I could hardly believe it.

That first class was torture. The second hand on the clock hardly moved at all. It was excruciating. Finally the clock struck the correct time and my hand shot up like a bullet. The teacher smiled and nodded. When I got up three other guys got up too. Out in the hallway we all headed in the same direction. The hall was full of students walking all in the same direction. Then at the far end most of them went to the right while a few of us went to the left. Their door was clearly labeled “Boyfriend Girlfriend Sex Room” while my door was labeled “Brother Sister Sex Room.”

I felt someone grab my arm, it was Brenda and she was smiling. The other three couples were behind her but we let one of them go in first. There was a teacher or guard inside that checked our bracelets to see that we were matched sets and then she sent all eight of us down to a room at our request.

Once inside the room the girls removed their panties and hung them on the doorknob. There were four mattresses on the floor and there was a toilet, shower, and wash basin on one side. There was no privacy allowed. The girls lined up to pee and wash their hands. We guys were too hard to pee or at least I knew that I was.

Brenda then announced, “I’m a virgin and my brother will be my first.”

The others cheered for her.

Just to be funny I said, “I’m a virgin too and my sister will be my first.”

Again they cheered.

They were going to wait until I had stuck my cock into my sister’s pussy before they fucked their sisters. Brenda and I were the center of attention. Without any further ado she got on her back, lifted her knees, and beckoned me to her. I got between her legs and stopped not knowing exactly what to do. My cock was so hard that it was practically glued to my belly button. Brenda pulled me closer, pushed my cock down, and lined it up with her opening. When she said push, I did and I entered her pussy for the very first time. She was wet and I slipped right in. I asked her if I was hurting her and she smiled. Then she whispered in my ear, “Mom’s dildo is bigger than you and it fits in quite nicely.”

Soon Brenda and I got into a very nice rhythm together. I looked at the other guys and they just smiled and stuck their cocks into their sisters. Together we four guys fucked our four sisters until we came. Two of the girls cum too, but not Brenda. Then I watched as the other three girls kissed and licked Brenda’s pussy. She was no longer a virgin and she had joined the ‘Incest Sex Club.”

We washed up and put our underwear back on. The girls exchanged panties and put on someone else’s panties.

Sex was exactly what I had needed. My second class was very enlightening and I learned a lot. Even the third class was terrific and I almost missed the half-hour mark until someone tapped me and pointed to my wrist bracelet. When I looked at her she just smiled. She had her hand up too.

Out in the hallway she asked, “Girlfriend or sister?”

I replied, “Sister.”

She said, “Me too. Maybe we can share a room sometime.”

We walked to the main hallway and then turned into the one that led to the sex rooms. Brenda caught up with me and grabbed my arm.

The girl looked at Brenda and said, “You’re one lucky girl to have a brother like him. Will you join my brother and me sometime?”

Brenda smiled and said, “Certainly but not for a few days, okay. We just did it for the first time this morning and our friends are expecting us.”

She smiled and said, “I understand. I’m Rachael. Do you like girls too?”

To which Brenda replied, “I sure do.” Then Brenda kissed Rachael on the lips, held onto her breast while doing so, and then patted her panty covered pussy before saying, “I’ll be looking forward to it Rachael.”

We caught up with our group just as the last girl flushed the toilet. Brenda sat done and opened her legs wide. When she peed everyone turned to watch her. It was like Niagara Falls. Brenda peed a forceful stream directly into the water causing it to sound pretty loud.

Brenda looked at me and said, “You’re getting it wet and dirty. Hope you don’t mine.”

Then Brenda came over to me, pushed me onto a mattress, and sat down on my cock. Again all eyes were on her as she fucked me. I watched as her big round breasts shook like a bowl of Jell-O. Her nipples were totally excited and her areolas were crinkled. I had not noticed anything like that earlier however I was not in a position to look at her breasts while I had my chest on them. I liked having her on top. When I looked over the other three couples had changed into the girl on top too, only their breasts jiggled around a lot more than Brenda’s did.

We finished first. Brenda took me over to the toilet, shoved a hose into her pussy, and then turned on the water. She gave herself a douche and then we took a shower together. By the time we were done the rest were ready to leave. There was one pair of panties left on the doorknob for her to put on.

I was good for the forth period and for the fifth period. Before I knew it, it was time to meet Brenda again for sex. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t completely hard. I must have had enough sex to satisfy myself. I wasn’t going to refuse it though. Brenda was pleased to see me only half-hard.

She said, “Wow big brother, I never though that thing would ever go down.”

With her staring at my crotch and the way she was talking I could feel it getting harder by the moment.

Brenda said, “So you really are glad to see me. I’m glad to see you too. I may have to visit your bed tonight and again in the morning. What do you say to that?”

My cock twitched giving her my answer. We got in the brother sister sex room and then rushed to our assigned room. We were ahead of the others and started without them. That time Brenda didn’t want to pee first, she wanted a full bladder, and she wanted to do it doggy style. That was fine with me. I was pounding her pretty good when the others came in and started going to the bathroom while we fucked. Before they got started we had both cum already.

Brenda douched and came back to me. She introduced me to sixty-nine and she wanted my cock dirty. I was glad that she had cleaned herself out because that first taste of pussy was great. From then on I knew that I would love oral sex. Maybe some day I might even eat the girl after I had sex with her…maybe.

By the time the others were cumming so was I again but that time it was in my sister’s mouth. It was my first blowjob and hers too but she was a natural at it and swallowed every drop of cum. She could hardly help it since she was on the bottom and it was trying to flow down her throat anyway.

After sex we all went to dinner and were we ever hungry. We had a great meal and finished off the rest of the day.

Mom noticed a difference in us but figured that we were just getting used to the long day. We were not as tired as we had been but Brenda told Mom that we really were just as tried that we just had a spurt of energy. What Brenda was doing was getting us to bed earlier so that we could do it in my bed before we fell asleep.

My bed springs squeaked, so we wound up doing it on the floor with me on top. The next morning we did it in the shower with the bathroom door locked. Mom was suspicious but Brenda simple told her that we had nothing to hide from each other now. Brenda opened the clothes hamper and reached in to pull out her panties from the day before. She said, “This is what I wore to school yesterday.” Mom smiled at Brenda, looked at my erection standing up and said, “Okay young man put something on that thing.” Brenda then hung her used panties on it like she had on the doorknob in our sex room. Mom laughed, shook her head, and walked out of the bathroom with us right behind her.

Then Mom followed me into my bedroom, took out a very skimpy pair of underpants from my drawer, and said, “I bought you some new undies to wear to Underwear High School.”

Brenda popped her head in my door and said, “Thanks Mom, I love them.”

I looked over and Brenda was wearing a pair of panties like she had worn the day before but they were pink and see through. They were also mostly up into her pussy too. Mom had bought two dozen pair, all the same, but in different colors.

Mom looked down and the head of my cock was peeking out. She said, “Brenda, I think you need to take care of him again before school.”

Brenda blushed and asked, “How did you know?”

Mom said, “I get a daily report on you two and yesterday you both signed into the Brother Sister Sex Room three times. Also you both did better in your classes. I do believe that Underwear High School is just what you two needed all along. Just don’t let your father catch you two having sex together. He wouldn’t understand. By the way my brother and I graduated from Underwear High School too. I spent my time going from my boyfriend to my brother having sex throughout the day.”

Brenda just smiled and gave Mom a kiss.

The End
Underwear High School
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