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As the scroll bar on the right shows, this is a long story. So if you don't like long stories, please don't read it and leave a comment saying it's to long It is all about sex and relationships, but does take some time for the physical side. If that's what you want scroll down about a third and find the section called "THE BUSINESS TRIP".
“Danny, I need you now, I want to feel you inside me.” Hayley's voice was urgent and pleading.
He looked her, her arms outstretched, her naked body with those tanned breasts, her legs apart and ready for him.
“At last,” he thought as he lowered himself and guided his erection towards her pussy.

Danny woke and was angry with himself. This dream had haunted him for almost two years, always ending just before he could consumate his fantasy, at least in a dream. He looked at the three photos of her on his bedside table. His hand moved to the only reality of his dream, his erection.


It had started a week after he graduated and joined Supreme Corp as a junior trainee manager. His first days were stressful and nervous as he met new people, tried to work out who was important and tried to understand what he was supposed to do.

He had parked in the company carpark, at the back, as was appropriate for a junior trainee manager and was walking to the office building, his mind focused on the tasks of the day ahead. His revery was interupted by the loud blast of a car horn. He stepped back as a red Porsche Boxter sped through at three times the carpark speed limit. He watched as the Porsche was parked next to the office entrance. The parks reserved for very important people.

His first sight of Hayley was a long, elegant leg extending from the Porsche. She stood up and looked around, her gaze stopping on him briefly. Her hair was blond, cut in a high fashion bob coming half way down her neck, her blue eyes were penetrating, her broad cheekbones and slim nose were aristocratic and her expression was haughty. Out of character, but really enhancing it, were her full red lips.

She was wearing a white full sleeved blouse which was close fitting showing off a tiny waist and prominent uplifted breasts. Her black business skirt clung tightly to her rounded backside. She bent over to pick something from the car giving Danny an even better opportunity to study the effects of her skirt.

Now holding her laptop computer in her hand, she glanced at him again. Danny was still staring, transfixed in awe.

“Why don't you watch where you are going. You'll cause an accident.” Her voice was strong and her gaze was domineering.
“I think you might have been going over the speed limit,” said Danny pointing at a sign. He was aware his voice was croaking.

She looked at him steadily for 10 seconds. “What did you say?”
Danny knew she had heard and didn't feel inclined to repeat it. With a swirl of her skirt Hayley marched through the entrance foyer. Danny looked at the wording on the sign of her carpark: “Executive Assistant to the CEO.” He didn't feel good as he walked to his office.

It took him an hour to regain his focus and start working.The legs, the body and the breasts. And her face; somehow her arrogant expression enhanced her beauty.
“I guess she's 10 years older than me, but I've never seen anything like her.”
Then he remembered her reaction to his comment and worried that there might be repercussions.

Two days later he noticed her going into his manager Jack's office.
“What does she do here?” he asked his supervisor.
“She's the untrained pit-bull terrier. Tony Jacobs is the CEO and she's his assistant. More than that, his right hand. She makes sure people get things done. Whatever you do, don't get on the wrong side of her.”

Danny felt something heavy in his stomach.

Five minutes later Jack and Hayley came out of his office. She stared around the room. Then she pointed at Danny and and spoke agitatedly to Jack. Whatever it was in Danny's stomach, it now felt heavier.

Later that day Jack called him into his office for a “friendly chat”.
“So you've met Hayley Stewart already Danny?”
He nodded.
“She says you almost caused an accident.”
“She was driving at 60 in a 20 zone.”
“She usually does.”
His manager smiled. “Danny, Hayley's title may only be “Assistant”, but she's a powerful woman. She has the ear of Tony Jacobs who trusts her completely. She likes her power and she likes new staff to know it.
“You are a trainee, she's a senior executive. It's not your job to tell her about her driving.
“But don't worry too much. She'll find someone else to bully before the week is finished. She doesn't usually bear a grudge, she just likes to throw her position around. Just don't disagree with her.

“And she is no go territory. She's married to a millionaire stockbroker. You'll be in trouble if you even think about trying anything.”

It was Friday night. On both the previous nights Danny had masturbated, images of Hayley's ass, her breasts and her lips in his mind. As he made love to his girlfriend Sophie he imagined he was between the legs which had emerged from the Porsche.

He found Hayley on the corporate staff site, copied her photo onto his computer and had managed to superimpose her head onto the body of a pornstar who was playing hostess to a very large penis.

Supreme Corp was a big company and often he would not see her weeks. Occasionally they would pass in a corridor. She didn't even acknowledge his existence. Once he had to take Jack's report to her in her office. She kept him waiting for half an hour as she spoke on the telephone.

“Why is this late?”
As he was the messenger, not the author, he didn't reply.
She stared at him for a few seconds then turned to her computer. He was dismissed.

At the Christmas function Hayley wore a low cut evening dress and looked even more stunning and sensuous. Geoff, her wealthy husband was there. He had movie star good looks, expensive clothes and a large gold Rolex. Hayley was always holding his hand. When they danced she rested her cheek on his shoulder and seemed to push her body into him.

“She's rubbing herself right up on his cock!” Danny thought and imagined that happening to him.

They danced close to his table, Hayley's eyes were closed in apparent bliss. She happened to open them to see Danny's gaze. Her face froze for a moment, then she made a big show of pushing herself even closer to Geoff and nuzzling his cheek.

Geoff and Danny met in the queue for the bar. Geoff was the opposite of his wife, friendly, unpretentious and a relaxed conversationalist. Danny's confidence was bolstered by drink and they spoke easily.

“I suppose you know my wife Hayley Stewart?”
Danny feigned bewilderment. “Hayley Stewart?”
“She's Tony's exec assistant. Works on the fifth floor.”
“Supreme Corp is a big company. No, I've never heard of her.”

Unfortunately Hayley chose that time to join her husband. She didn't acknowledge Danny.
“Darling, I'll introduce you to a colleague of yours, we've been having a good chat and somehow he has never met you. Danny, this is my wife Hayley.”

Danny extended his hand and was rewarded with a brief touch as they shook hands.
“Danny is it? Yes. I can't say I've ever noticed you.”
Geoff looked at Hayley in surprise at her rudeness, but she took his arm and led him away.

Danny was worried. He went over to Jack and told him what had happened.
“You idiot. I've told you not to be smart. She regards it as her job to put junior staff in their place. And the more men ogle her, the more she acts like that. Don't get me wrong, she's been turning heads since she was a teenager and loves it. She thinks that gives her power over men. So stop ogling her. Everytime I see you anywhere near her, your eyes are sticking out.”
“What will she do?”
“Nothing now, probably, but she'll remember.”

Sophie had also noticed.
“You spent all night staring at her,” she pouted.
She insisted on being dropped off at her home. Danny didn't mind as later that night the hand that had touched Hayley did its job.

The company magazine had many photos of the Christmas function. Danny found two more shots of Hayley and again superimposed her head on the bodies of uninhibited porn stars to help him with his solo sex.

Danny was bright and hard working and he was promoted to supervisor after a year. His contacts with Hayley had continued to be just passing in the corridor where each made obvious efforts not to notice each other.

As a superviser he was required to attend a meeting where Jack presented the departmental budget to Tony Jacobs.
“I want you here to dig out any supporting figures they ask me for. Don't say anything except to answer questions. Hayley will be there and she'll ask the tough questions. And don't stare at her”
There were four people there: Danny, Jack, Tony and Hayley. It was the first time Danny had met Tony except for saying “Good Morning” if they met in the corridors. However Tony made an effort to make him feel at home and congratulated him on his promotion.

During the pleasantries Hayley studied files except for one moment when she raised her head and briefly stared at him. Unfortunately Danny had been glancing at her tanned cleavage at exactly that moment. Hayley's expression wan't pleasant.

Tony conducted the review which went amicably and Jack answered all the questions easily.
“You've forecast Texas sales to go down. That can't be right, that's been a big growth state for us.” Her voice cut through the room.
Jack looked at Danny.
“Ah um, our biggest customer has sold out to his competitor who doesn't buy from us.”
“Show me.” She extended her arm. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and in that position Danny could see her armpit and a hint of breast.
He fumbled through his supporting notes and produced his detailed workings. Tony and Hayley looked at them briefly.
“Major variations in budgets should have supporting notes referenced.”
There was a silence. All eyes were on Danny.
“Didn't you read the memo I sent out on this? Do you think I send these out for fun?” Her voice was slow and measured.
Danny realized his mistake and started to apologise. His manager kicked him under the table.

Tony amicably changed to another topic, but he did ask Danny some questions directly. Danny was well prepared and answered easily although he was aware of Hayley's steely gaze.

Tony and Hayley reviewed the meeting.
“That Danny is bright. And he knew his stuff.”
“He should have referenced Texas.”
“Jack should have picked that up. No, I like him, I think he'll go places.”
“He's immature and a Smart Alec.”
“Hayley, I know how you treat trainees. I don't mind. They need to learn their place. But you were pretty tough on him there. Lay off him a bit. I don't want him to leave.”


“Where is it?”
Danny had sensed her presence before she spoke. He swivelled around in his seat. Hayley's blouse covered breasts were at exactly eye level. He looked up to be confronted by a withering gaze.
“Fuck she is so beautiful,” was all he could think.

“Where is it?” her voice was penetrating. Other staff in the office turned to watch.
The “it” was a report Jack was preparing for the Board of Directors. But he had become ill with a serious dose of influenza. Hayley had emailed Danny telling him he had to write it.
It had been a struggle. The report covered subjects Danny had no knowledge of and which he had to research. He had been working to midnight for the last three nights.
“I'll have it finished for tomorrow morning.”

Hayley's tone was measured. “Tony Jacobs, who is the CEO you might know, set a deadline for this afternoon.”
“I've had to do a lot of research on new subjects for me.”
“I can see that might be a problem. There'll be a lot of things you don't know much about. This report is for the Board of Directors. They don't expect reports to arrive late.”

She paused. “This won't look good for you, young man. Your first big project and you stuff up.” Her eyes seemed to pierce right though him. Danny thought she was even more beautiful.

“I'll have it finished by nine tomorrow morning.”
“I'll tell Tony. If it's later, I suggest you look for another job.”

By working through the night Danny finished his report. He took it to Hayley at nine.
“A lot is riding on this for you young man. I wonder if you'll cut the mustard.”

Tony read the report then discussed it with Hayley who had read a copy, looking for errors.
“Jack didn't write this. He's not up to this level.”
“Jack's been sick. Danny wrote it.”
“Danny! I thought he was good, but not this good.”
Hayley had already come to that conclusion. She also knew the hours he had put in.

“He worked all through last night and to midnight for the three nights before.”
“Hayley if I'd known about Jack being ill, I could have waited until he came back.”
“I wanted to see if he could cut the mustard.”
Tony looked at her. She was so smart and he was glad she was on his side.
“Well, you work in devious ways Hayley, but it has worked this time as it usually does. Young Danny has shown he has what it takes. Don't you agree?”
Hayley had to agree.

Tony came to Danny' desk four hours later.
“Hayley told me the hours you put in on the report. Thanks. But more than that, it was really top class work. Go home and have a sleep.”
Danny felt a glow of pride.
“And Hayley had put in a good word for me? Perhaps . . . No, don't be stupid thinking that. She was just doing her job.”

Three weeks later he again sensed Hayley beside him before she spoke.
“Danny, Tony has said that you will be able to give me the information for this.”
Danny swivelled in his seat. Her breasts were again at eye level but he didn't let his eyes stay there.

She showed him a printout of an email in front of him. He read it.
“OK. You'll find this in these files here.” His hands skimmed over his keyboard.

“Wait a minute.” She was writing furiously.
She pulled up a chair to sit beside him and grabbed the mouse to work back up through the files.
Their conversation was limited to her asking if she needed particular files and Danny making suggestions.

Danny was fighting an internal battle. She was sitting only a few inches away. She was wearing a short skirt and he could see a lot of tanned thigh when he glanced down.
She rose and thanked him.

“She called me 'Danny for the first time, she was polite, she even said thank you.” He tried to think what that meant. At first he dreamed that she might, just might be feeling something for him. Then he realized that she was just been professional with a fellow employee.

He was exactly right with the latter. Hayley had been married for 12 years and had no intention of changing that. She had been completely faithful for 12 years and had no intention of changing that. Danny had passed her test of professionalism and she was treating him as an equal. She did not feel the slightest attraction for him. She had sensed his infatuation with her, but she was used to that. She had noticed his glance at her thighs.
“Well, young Danny you'll grow out of it sometime. Look, but don't dare touch,” she said to herself.


Tony promoted Danny to work on special projects for him. Danny moved to the fifth floor to an office three along from Hayley's.

Her professional attitude towards him changed completely. He had passed her tests of competence and she respected him for that. He found that she had an encyclopedia like knowledge of Supreme Corp and just about all its staff and was happy to help him.
He also came to appreciate that although her title was “Assistant” that she was far more than that. The other senior executives all respected her. If she asked for something it didn't have to be as a mouthpiece for Tony. She had authority in her own right.

She also learned to appreciate his analytical skills and sometimes asked for help on her work. Sometimes they both worked late and would have a chat together over a coffee. Professional and innocent chats.

Because he was seeing her so often he became accustomed to her appearance and his ogling stopped. But his infatuation with her didn't. His appreciation of her as a person increased. He found she had a delightful sense of humour and was usually charming and considerate. Except to junior trainee managers..
He threw away those constructed photos of her with pornstars' bodies as that was insulting to her. He had no new girlfriend since Sophie, he just wasn't interested.
He worried whether he would get callouses on his right palm, so often was it used.

Geoff used to come in once a week to take her to lunch. He usually dropped into Danny's office to have a chat. He was friendly, congratulated Danny on his promotion. In all ways the perfect gentleman. Of course Danny hated his guts. Even more so as he saw them holding hands and her kissing him in welcome. They were obviously a devoted couple.

In just about every way their marriage was perfect. They were a devoted couple who adored each other. Hayley had a strong sex drive and was an unihibited and passionate and faithful lover. With Geoff's huge income their lifestyle was one of luxury houses, luxury cars and luxury holidays. Hayley never looked at the price of anything. If she liked something, she bought it.

The single blemish was Geoff's affair six months before. It had only lasted a week with an 18 year old research assistant in his office. He soon felt terrible about it. He had been unfaithful to Hayley and he had undermined their marriage. In a fit of guilt he had told her about it.

Hayley was distraught. She was humiliated that he gone with another woman and appalled that he would do anything to upset their perfect marriage. Her response was unrestrained fury.
“You fucking shithead. How could you do it? With an 18 year old slut.”
“I was stupid, I was pissed the first time.”
“The first time? How many times were there?”
“It only lasted a week.”
“You fucking ass-hole. You fucked your slut for a week. While your wife was doing the housework. You disgust me.”
The housework part wasn't strictly true as they had a full-time maid, but Geoff didn't think it was wise to debate the point.

Geoff started to feel worse. He truly loved Hayley and hated to see her so devastated. He hated himself for what he had done. And he hated the idea that their marriage might end. Tears came to his eyes.
“Hayley, darling. I was so stupid and so selfish. I swear on my mother's grave it won't happen ever again.”
The reference to his mother's grave made Hayley pause. She knew how sensitive he was about her recent death.
“Sack the slut.”
“She's not a slut, Hayley.”
“Any woman who fucks a married man is a slut. Sack her”
She stormed out to the guest bedroom.

The next day Geoff found a position with another firm for his research assistant and never saw her again. During the next week Hayley had stayed in the guest bedroom, and had hurled a torrent of abuse at him. There were tears: Geoff's in public, Hayley's in the guest bedroom. Finally she relented. She did love him and knew that despite this fling, he loved her. Their marriage had been perfect and she desperately wanted it to continue. She gave him another chance.

Over the ensuing months Geoff worked hard to make her happy. She overcame her misgivings and worked hard at it as well. They had a holiday at an exclusive resort which both agreed was a second honeymoon. After six months, apart from a few bitter memories, their marriage had fully recovered.

No-one else, apart from the research assistant knew about the matter. Tony Jacobs, who knew Hayley very well and was an asute observer of people had noticed a small change in her behaviour, but didn't know why.

A month after Danny's promotion it happened again. Another week's fling. This time Geoff decided not to confess. It made no difference.

“Marcie tells me she saw you taking a slut to Pierre's Restaurant last Thursday. You told me you had a client meeting.”
“We held the meeting at Pierre's. She was my client's lawyer”
“Marcie tells me you were holding hands.”
“She's mistaken. It was dark.”
“I've looked up your credit card on the computer. Your credit card tells me it was a meal for two.Is your credit card mistaken?”

That was the end of her restraint. She hurled abuse. He confessed, cursed himself, begged for forgiveness. She went to the guest bedroom. This time for two weeks. The same pressures forced her back, with some reluctance.

Danny noticed that she didn't smile or laugh quite as often and sometimes seemed to be staring vacantly at the wall. Tony noticed as well, but didn't ask questions.

The only person Hayley discussed it with was her mother who was also her best friend.
“That ass-hole Geoff's been punching outside the ring,” she sobbed and told her mother everything.
Her mother was sympathetic and hugged her. “What do you think you'll do?”
“I thought about leaving him, but apart from these two flings we are really happy together.”
Her mother nodded, letting her talk.

“I think it'll be fine now. He's so guilt ridden, he's promised and I know he really loves me.”
Her mother said nothing for quite some time. She braced herself before she spoke.
“Did you read about the lion at the zoo?”
“The one which attacked a keeper and was put down.”
“Yes. They said that once a lion gets a taste for human flesh, they'll crave it for the rest of their lives. Given the opportunity that lion would always attack again.”

Hayley immediately understood. “Don't say that Mum, I'm sure he will be faithful this time.”
“Your father wasn't.”
“What?” Hayley was horrified. “you mean Dad . . “
Her mother nodded. “Very similar to what Geoff's been doing. Occassional and short term flings. My reaction was exactly the same as yours. Humiliation, grief and fear. But I didn't leave because we still loved each other and we had you.”

“I can't believe it. Dad doing that.”
“Does he still do it? I just can't imagine it.”
“No. After the third time he stopped. Forever, I'm sure.”
“So Geoff will stop just like him.”
“Hayley dear, I made him stop.”
“Made him? How?”
“Well, I had tried abusing him, I had tried threatening him, I had tried in all the ways I could think to make our marriage succeed. Nothing worked. So, I decided to see how he would like it if the boot was on the other foot.”

Mum, you didn't.” gasped Hayley

“I had an affair and told him all about it when it was finished. He took that very badly. It had seemed OK for him to do it. But his wife doing the same? That was immoral. He told me he was humiliated so I asked him if he had considered that I might feel the same.
“He said the thought of me with another man was disgusting. I told him I felt the same about him with another woman. He cursed that I had foresaken my vows and I agreed but said that he set the standard there.
“I told him that he was welcome to have his affairs and each time he did, I'd have mine. To cut a long story short, we had a month with no sex, but have lived happily ever after.”

Hayley looked at her mother in astonishment. “Who did you do it with?”
“I just went to a bar. The first one who was good-looking, well spoken and could laugh. By good luck Jim was great in the sack.” She had a far away look in her eyes.

She looked at Hayley.
“There's another reason they put that lion down as well as its new craving for human flesh. There was a power balance change.”
Hayley didn't understand.
“Before the attack, the lion had accepted the authority of the keepers. Now it knew it could hurt them. His behaviour to them changed completely.”

“No Geoff would never be like that.”
“I did a lot of reading of reading about it. Your father, a lot of men and maybe Geoff get a lot of different thrills from a quick affair.
“The first is obvious, the taste of forbidden flesh, the thrill of the seduction.
“The second is a bit strange. But some people get a vicarious thrill from guilt and being found out.
“The last is the nastiest I think. It gives them power. Your father and Geoff treated us in about the worst possible way. The first two times I forgave your father, just have you have forgiven Geoff. This makes them think, subconsciously, that they can do what they like and get away with it. They know they can control us. They respect us less and the sexual flings aside, their behaviour changes.

She held Hayley's hand.
“Geoff's done it again even though he begged, even though he promised on his mother's grave. The reason he did it was because he knew he would get away with it. That you would forgive him.”

“It is high risk Hayley, but I thought that I couldn't put up with it forever. Think about it. But one thing, don't threaten him, don't warn him. The next time he strays, just do it. Your marriage will either die a quick death or start living again.”

The more she thought about the more Hayley liked the idea. She wasn't going to let Geoff have his little affairs for the rest of the marriage. Either they stop, or the marriage stops.

She knew exactly how to respond to another affair. Hopefully it wouldn't happen, but if it were to, she had a response. She would go to a bar and be picked up just as her mother had.

This inner confidence meant that the marriage actually recovered far more quickly. They went on another holiday.
“It was fabulous Danny, so exclusive. So romantic”

She showed him some snaps. Mainly of them in swimsuits. Hayley's was a very small bikini which was white and offset her perfect tan. Danny looked without much show of interest. But his eyes feasted on her body. Those, breasts just about completely revealed by her bikini, the tiny waist, the tiny briefs and those lovely long tanned legs.
“Here's a shot of Geoff and me together.”
Geoff had a gym sculptured perfect torso and a tan as perfect as Hayley's. Both looked vey happy and he had his arm around her waist and Hayley was cuddled in.”
Danny's hatred of Geoff intensified.

Tony recognised that Hayley and Danny worked well as a team and their individual skills combined well. He gave them joint assignments which were professionally completed. Each came to respect the other more and their business relationship was tension free.

On two occasions they went interstate on assignments. Hayley set the routine the first night when they returned to the hotel.
“I'm going to work in my room and have my meal there. Have a good night Danny.”
Their professional relationship, the age difference and the company wide knowledge that Hayley's marriage was perfect meant that no-one ever considered that there was anything between them.

A month after the second trip Hayley embraced Geoff when he returned home from work. She pulled back, her eyes blazing.
“You've been fucking another slut!””
Geoff couldn't work out how she knew.
“Hayley, don't be silly, of course I haven't.”
“I can smell the slut's perfume all over you.And now I can see it in your face. You fucking ass-hole.”

Geoff braced himself for more of her abusive rants, but she swirled around and went to the guest bedroom.

In her bed she went though her options. Number 1, she wasn't going to have a husband who kept on having affairs. That would end in murder. Number 2, she could never believe any of his promises again. But number 3, they had been so happy for the last three months, the holiday had been been so romantic and sex fuelled.

She made up her mind.
The next day she told Geoff that she would be working late with Danny and told Danny she was leaving early to go to a dinner with Geoff.

At an upmarket bar on the other side of the city she quickly attracted a group of admirers. Some were good looking, some were well spoken and some were humorous. Stephen was all three and the others drifted away as she concentrated on him. They had some drinks and he bought her a meal. He was good company.
As they finished their coffees Stephen took her hand and looked into her eyes. He knew he was onto a sure thing.
“Your place or mine?” he asked.
Hayley squeezed his hand. “Yours.”

But as he put his arm around her as they walked to his apartment she had a panic attack. She simply could not have sex with a stranger. She'd never done that in her life. Despite her high sex drive she was a moral sort of person.
“I'm sorry Stephen, I've just remembered, it's my sister's bithday party tonight.” She fled away.
“Fucking cock teaser,” Stephen muttered. That night Danny wasn't the only man masturbating with an image of Hayley in his mind.

Tears of frustration flowed down her cheeks as she drove home. She had made a huge emotional commitment to try and save her marriage this way. And she desperately needed sex. She thought of Geoff. No way. But she knew should just couldn't do it the way her mother had with a stranger.

Hayley thought of the men she knew. Most were from couples who were friends of Geoff as well. No way. She knew there were some there who would do it like a shot. And she'd prefer to be shot than do it with them.
She thought of the men at her bridge club. There was John who was very nice, but she knew he would get emotionally involved and that wasn't part of the deal.

She arrived home.
“Did you have a successful day darling?” Geoff asked from his bedroom as she walked past. She didn't reply.

Geoff was full of remorse from his own stupidity. But underneath he was confident. Hayley would never leave him and it would take only another week or so before her sex drive got the better of her.

In bed Hayley thought about her man problem. What about men at Supreme Corp? It came to her in an instant. Danny!

She thought. He's nice, she regarded him as a good friend in a professional way. He was reasonable looking. He had shown her photographs from his beach holiday, Certainly not Geoff's gym sculptured perfection, but lean and nicely muscled.

She had a moment of worry. No girlfriend for months. Was he gay? No way, she had seen the way he used to look at her and still did when he thought no-one was looking.

Would he boast about it all around Supreme Corp? No, he wasn't that sort.

Would he become too emotionally involved? He was her friend and she didn't want to hurt him. No, the age difference would sort that out. For goodness sake, she'd be 40 when he was 25. The thought of 40 didn't feel so good and she had another sob for herself.

Would he be any good in the sack? She started to have doubts. No girlfriends for all this time. He had talked about how he played sport all the time at college and never talked about parties.
Hmmm. Probably a fail mark here. But then he was sensitive, he was a quick learner and his adoration of her had been going on for almost two years.
“It'll be up to me to teach him. That'll be fun.”
She arrived at work feeling good. She had eaten breakfast with Geoff without abusing him. Her conversation had been brief and curt..

In the office she saw Danny. She felt even better. “He is a nice person, he's good looking enough. I like him. Right Hayley, let's get this going.”

The first stage was “innocent” touches. To gain his attention she tapped his shoulder. Danny was surprised the first time, but after two hours later the same thing happened. Later, when he passed her a file her hand brushed his. He wondered what this might mean. That, after more than two years, his fantasies were coming closer to reality?
He dismissed the thought, he didn't want to build up his hopes. Those two shoulder taps might just be a sign of workplace familiarity. But that hand? It had seemed to linger a little.
Should he respond? Dangerous, he might be totally misinterpreting. He didn't want make a fool of himself and upset a good working relationship.

Hayley came to his office. “Danny, where are the sales figures for car parts?”
He flicked his computer mouse a couple of times.
“Are you sure?” She came closer to look at the screen, leaning over from behind him. Her hand rested on his shoulder for at least 10 seconds. He could smell her perfume. He glanced at her profile only a few inches from his as she peered at the screen. Suddenly she turned to look at him, their faces were only 6 inches apart and they looked at each other.
Danny felt an urge to kiss her smiling lips but resisted.

After a few seconds, she said, “Yes, those are ones. Thanks Danny.” She gave his shoulder a squeeze and went to her office.

This took all the doubt from his mind. For reasons he couldn't compehend, after all these years, Hayley was interested. He felt excited, but then he felt anxious. He wasn't sexually accomplished at all. His experience had been limited and he always had a shyness with attractive girls. Ogling from a distance he could do, making an advance was just about impossible. Let alone with Hayley Stewart.

Hayley thought it through.
“Why didn't he kiss me then? Is he gay? No, I'm sure of that. Perhaps he doesn't fancy me. No, I'm pretty sure on that one. Perhaps he has some scruples about married women. I can't answer that. God, I hope not. I really did want him to kiss me.”
She remembered the expression on his face. At first he had his adoring look. But then it had changed and he had averted his eyes.
“I know, he's just nervous.”


They met at the airport the next morning for their two day trip. Danny had purchased a new suit.
“That's a nice suit. You do look so handsome. But your tie is crooked.”

She put down her suitcase and moved close to him. He felt her fingers against his throat, her breath on his face and he could smell her perfume.
“That's better,” she looked up and smiled at him and patted his shoulder. But she noticed that he responded to her smile and then his face seemed to freeze for a moment.
“By the way Danny, I've asked their corporate lawyer to join us for dinner tonight at the hotel. Is that OK?”

The local manager picked them up at the airport. There was no physical contact at all during their workday. In fact Danny thought that Hayley had been a bit aggressive and rude towards him a couple of times.

“I've arranged for that lawyer to meet us in the bar at seven,” said Hayley after they had checked in to the hotel. As usual, their rooms were on different floors.

Danny was waiting when she came down. She approached from across the bar wearing what appeared to be a demure loose fitting dress, but Danny noticed that it clung to all the right places. She had an open, friendly smile as she came.
His mind was in conflict, Here she was coming to him in a bar smiling at him. What he had been dreaming about. But she was so sophisticated, so beautiful, so confident. So much out of his league.

They chatted business for a few minutes.
“What time is that lawyer coming?”
“Oh, he phoned to say he couldn't make it. So it's just you and me tonight Danny. Will you be able to put up with that?”

He smiled in an embarrassed way and then his face seemed to freeze again. Hayley realized that it was going to be all up to her.They talked some more business, then there was a gap in the conversation.

“I saw you looking at my legs today.”
An embarrassed blush.
“Do you like them?”
A nod.
She took his hand and put it half way up her thigh and held it there. She saw an excited grin come to his face.
“Let's go,” Hayley whispered.
She held his hand in the lift but they didn't speak. Once in the bedroom she stood in front of him and put her arms around his neck.
“Hello Danny.”
She moved closer and pulled his head down to kiss him. Her lips were soft and parted and Danny tentatively nudged his tongue between them. She sucked it in deeper and pushed her body against him. He felt her breasts against his chest and her belly pushed hard against his erection.

Excitement overcome anxiety. He moved his hand to her left breast and groped inexpertly. Hayley decided that she needed to get the first time out of the way quickly to build his confidence. She briefly rubbed his erection with her hand then stood back and took off her dress. Danny gawped at her tanned body with her matching pink bra and knickers. Looking him straight in the eye she undid her bra and flicked off her knickers and lay on the bed.

Danny was in awe. Forget the porn stars, forget the images from his dreams, forget her holiday snaps of her in a bikini, nothing could prepare him for this. Her lovely inviting smile. Her firm breasts with big brown aureoles., her flat stomach and tiny waist, the feminine shape of hips and those lovely long legs. She had an all over tan. Her breasts and pussy were brown. Her pussy! She had a Brazilian, the first live one he had seen.

“Hurry up Danny. I need you now,” she held out her arms. Later she reflected it had been a poor choice of words.
Danny did hurry. He threw off his clothes. Within 20 seconds he had firmly, but not roughly parted her legs, within another 20 seconds his erection was deep in her vagina and it only took 20 seconds thrusting before he came.

“Definitely a little tuition needed here,” thought Hayley stroking his hair. “Perhaps even more than a little.”
She wasn't upset. She had cleansed her mind of her marriage vows. She hadn't thought about Geoff since she had asked Danny if he liked her legs. She was pleased with her choice of Danny. Teaching him would be fun.

He opened his eyes feeling sexually fulfilled. He had gone to bed with Hayley Stewart. He had planted his cock deep inside Hayley Stewart and had come inside Hayley Stewart. He had come so quickly because he was so excited and also because he didn't know any better.

Then a chill seemed to run down his spine. Had he shaped up?

Sensing his anxiety she held him in her arms. “Danny that was lovely,” she lied. “You were so strong.”

He looked at her perfect left breast which two inches from nose. Despite having made love to her, it still took a moment of courage for him to put his hand on it. He was rewarded by her placing her hand on top. She traced over his back with her other hand.

They lay like that for some minutes. Danny massaged that breast and enjoyed her touch. He noticed that sometimes she just used her fingertips, sometimes the palm of her hand, always moving, often slowly, sometimes faster, often gently, sometimes a little firmer.

Subconsciously he took her lead and varied his touch and speed and pressure on that perfect mamary. Hayley smiled to herself.
“I knew he was smart, but I didn't know he was that smart,” she thought as she enjoyed his touch more.
“Sometimes it likes to be kissed too,” she whispered.
Danny needed no second invitation.
After a minute another whisper, “Your tongue feels lovely.”
He tried a variety of licks and flicks, some firm, some light, some slow, some faster.
“Somtimes it likes to be sucked.” Her voice was slightly strained.
Sometimes he sucked just her nipple, sometimes her large aureole was between his lips.

Hayley lay back and felt her pleasure as Danny used his new found repetoire of touches. He was in heaven. Kissing beautiful Hayley Stewart's beautiful nipple and her asking him to do more. He loved its firmness and softness, the contrasting textures of her nipple and other skin. He explored all over with his lips and tongue and, without her prompting, gentle nibbles.
Her heard her sigh, felt her stroke the back of his head and knew she was liking it. This realization made him feel even better. He was shaping up.

Hayley was becoming more aroused and decided to move things forward.
“Come up here and kiss me Danny.”
With a little regret he moved up the bed. He looked down at her wonderful face. Her blue eyes were glowing, her lips were parted and smiling. She returned his gaze then pulled his head towards her. It was a religeous experience for Danny. Her felt her lips and slowly ran his over them. He felt her lips part and her tongue trace over his lips. He opened his mouth a little as the tips of their tongues touched then danced, He pushed his tongue into her mouth and felt her suck it. The kisses became more ardent and passionate.

In this position Hayley was able to traverse his body with her skilled fingers. Down his neck, across his chest, playing with his nipples, exploring all his abs and finally to his now recovered erection. It was still lubricated with his semen and she was able to rub his shaft, to squeeze his knob, to cup his testicles. She explored the crevice between his thighs and his torso and stroked the inside of his thighs.

He stopped kissing her. He had never felt anything so erotically exciting in his life. She returned her fingers to his shaft and brought him to the brink. She didn't take him further. She had other plans.
“Does it like that?”
Danny could only groan in reply.
She took that for a “Yes”.
“Would you like to do that to me?” Hayley wasn't confident making this request after that first fuck.
Her fears were justified as two fingers were abruptly inserted deep into her vagina and crudely explored.

“I often like it nice and gentle.”
Danny took the hint. Hayley returned her fingers to the top of thigh and that crevice. Danny felt the pleasure and again took the hint and explored her as she explored him. She ran her hand all around his genitals, his knob, his shaft, his balls, his perineum, his thighs. He copied her and explored her from her pubic mound to her thighs. Hayley withdrew her hand and put it behind his head and spread her legs wide, opening herself for him.

Danny found that so exciting. Beautiful Hayley Stewart spreading her legs and offerring herself to him. Carefully he explored the mysterious and intimate folds. He had learnt his lesson about thrusting hard and deep. He sensed her pleasure as she started to groan and move her hips.

As Hayley had expected he didn't know anything about female anatomy. Her hand returned to guide his.
“Can you feel this Danny? It's small and a bit harder. His fingers felt something like a small lubricated pea.
“Gently. It's very sensitive.”
Taking infinite care he explored. He repeated the way he had pleasured her nipple with his fingers and was rewarded by her groans and sighs becoming louder. Her hips started to move. For a moment he lost her divine bud, but urgently Hayley guided him back.

She came with a groan and a shudder. He watched her face as it changed from an expression close to agony to a broad satisfied smile. It was the first time a woman had orgasmed with him. He thought it was wonderful and felt proud. So proud that he had given beautiful Hayley Stewart an orgasm. He knew he had shaped up.

After a minute she opened her eyes, stroked his face and kissed his nose. “That was a lovely orgasm. Thank you so much Danny.”
“Now it's your turn.”
He expected a return of her hand but she moved between his knees and bent over and licked his cock. Two of his girlfriends had given him oral sex but with no great enthusiasm. Hayley pushed her head down so far her nose touched his pubic hair and his knob seemed half way down his throat he knew he was in a different world, a different universe, a different galaxy.

She alternated between swallowing and sucking and licking and nibbling. His knob, his shaft, his balls and his perineum were all treated. Her head moved faster and her lips clasped him tighter. In his ecstasy he was vaguely aware of her fingers before he felt himself coming. His knob was returned to her mouth as his jism charged through his cock.

Hayley swallowed then came up beside him. “I'm starting to like your cock.” She paused. “Dinner time.”

As he showered he relived the previous hour in his mind. He couldn't believe that it was with Hayley Stewart. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was and how sexy he was .
“God, taking my cock right down her throat like that. And swallowing.” He remembered the exquisite touch of her fingers and those passionate, unrestrained kisses.

Then he remembered her orgasm and the way she had smiled at him afterwards. That was his favourite memory of all.

He tried to take her hand in the corridor but she pulled it away and put on her aloof expression. They found a secluded table.

“Danny we need to understand some things.”
He knew that meant “I'm going to tell you what to do and you are going to do it.”
“Number one. We have one relationship in the bedroom and another outside. Not the slightest sign or word or gesture of what we do in private.”
He nodded. “Fair enough,” he thought. And he caught the underlying meaning that this was going to continue.

“Number two. Please, never talk about this to anyone. Ever”
“Of course I won't Hayley. You know you can trust me.”
Her look softened for a moment. “Yes, I'm sure of that.”

“Number three. I don't want to talk about my marriage or my husband. Ever.”
Another nod. The last thing he wanted to do was to talk about Geoff.

“Number four. I have been married for 12 years. This is absolutely the first time I have done this.”
He believed her absolutely.

“Number five. I don't want us to ever talk about why it's you.”
He nodded.

Hayley's face softened. “But I can say I'm very happy that it is you.”
Danny paused for half a minute. “And I can say that I'm very happy it is me as well.”

Hayley laughed so much that she spilt her wine. Then she pulled some files from her briefcase and they discussed work for an hour over their first course.

“Do you want some desert?” she asked.
“I'm not sure,” he said, picking up the menu.
“Danny, sometimes you can be so, so dumb,” she said as she stood up and gave her come hither look.

Back in her room Hayley transformed from business professional to a sexual siren. She happily let Danny take off her dress and then her underwear. She seemed even more beautiful and alluring than before. Her breasts were firm and capped by large aureoles, her waist tiny and her legs so long and slim and shapely. And her smile so warm and mischievous.

Danny had been thinking about her orgasm, how excited she had been and how tender she had been afterwards. Hayley was happy to let him take control as his fingers pleasured her breasts, then her labia and then her clitoris.
Again she had that lovely contented smile after she came and again she kissed his nose.

She went between his legs and again his knob felt the exquite pressure of the back of her throat. But she didn't make him come and moved back to snuggle into his arms.

She had sensed that there might be a problem with the next stage. She noticed how his eyes wandered all over her body, except for her pussy.

“Danny, do you like it when I do that to you?”
“God Hayley, I'm in another world.”
“I'd like it if you did that for me.”

She was correct in her premonition. He had two problems. The first was that his mother had been fixated with personal hygene and always told him it was “dirty down there.” When he had finally given in to the pleas of a girlfriend, unfortunately, and unbeknown to her or him, she had a mild vaginal infection. It had been a very unpleasant experience.

He was in a quandary. His mind and body rebelling against the whole idea. But he knew Hayley wanted him to, he knew what she did with her mouth on him and how she had swallowed his semen. And he had the feeling that if he didn't satisfy her in this way, it might be his last time in her bed.

He was exactly right. Although she was smiling, Hayley was watching him closely. She loved oral sex and had made up her mind that if he didn't at least make an effort, that would be that, young Danny.

She put two pillows under her backside, she spread her legs and raised her knees. David glanced at her face. Her smile seemed more than slightly forced. He looked at her now fully exposed pussy. He hadn't really seen one before. Partly because he hadn't felt the inclination to look, partly because his girlfriends' had all been hidden by pubic hair and certainly because none of his girlfriends had ever posed as openly as Hayley was now.

It only took a moment to see the unfamilar sight of her outer labia, her pink inner labia and her clitoral hood although he didn't know these anatomical terms. He thought it looked an untidy jumble. He thought the slit of her vagina was a bit intimidating. He noticed that there was a lot of glistening flesh; glistening from the juices of her last orgasm. He knew what that meant: taste and smells.

He quickly ran through the alternatives.
“If I don't try it, it will be an early shower for me. Literally and metaphorically. If I try it and pull out – same shower. If somehow it works, perhaps she'll do that with her mouth again. No brainer.
“Duty calls,” he said to himself and lay down his face between her thighs.

He had thought her thighs were beautiful so it was no problem to lick the silken smooth skin. Hayley thought he deserved some encouragement.
“Danny that's lovely, you do that so well,” she lied and put her hand gently on the back of his head.
Surprised, but also encouraged by this, he put his tongue to the line between her thigh and her vulva. It was moist but with no unpleasant taste. He did the same to the other side. Was she sighing just a little?

Now for the big moment. He plunged his tongue into her outer vagina. He paused to consider the taste, a little like a wine tester. Not anything like that other time. A bit like oyster sauce with a touch of asparagus maybe.
Then the aromas. He suddenly warmed to the idea. Hayley's Stewart's femininity was so musky, erotic, feminine and intimate and so Hayley Stewart.
His mind clicked. Here he was with Hayley Stewart offerring her most private intimacies to him. Hayley Stewart who who had never been unfaithful in 12 years was doing this with him. Sexual desire and pride surged through him. He tried all the techniques she had liked with his mouth on her breasts, he explored from her navel to her perineum and into her vagina as far as his tongue would go. His face was smeared with her juices.

Hayley was pleased. She knew that for some reason it had been an effort for Danny at first but now he was loving it there. And his enthusiastic, if unskilled, mouth was arousing her. She lowered her hand and lifted her clitoral hood.
“Can you see it Danny. A little pink pea? Please don't bite it.”
He loved the way he could feel her becoming more excited. He experimented to learn what stimulated her the most and when he sucked harder her sighs became more intense, her hips started to writhe, then bounce as she shrieked with her orgasm.

“Oh Danny that was gorgeous.” No lying this time.
She wrapped her thighs against the side of his head, trapping him. Danny didn't mind. He casually explored with his mouth and fingers.
“Danny, see if you can find my G Spot. Put you fingers inside my vagina, just a little bit, and see if you can find some spongier skin on the top.”
Eagerly he did as ordered. It took some time but she didn't mind as his touch was sensitive and gentle. Eventually he found it, he could tell by the texture and her little yelp of pleasure.
“Now, please, do what you did before but keep your lovely fingers there.”
He needed no more bidding and soon her hips bounced as she shrieked again.

He came up beside her.
She kissed his nose twice then licked his face.
“Did you like the taste of me Danny?”
“Everything about you is wonderful Hayley, including the taste.”
“You seemed to take a long time to get started.”
“A good man is never in a hurry,” he said solemnly.

They didn't talk as they cuddled.Danny remembered a conversation with Tony about the time Hayley had forced him to work so hard to write that report.
“She wanted to see if you could cut the mustard.”
He thought, “She's been doing the same thing here.”

Hayley lifted his face to kiss him. As they kissed passionately he thought she was the perfect woman, so sexy, so determined to give him pleasure, so responsive to what he did for her, so intimate, but also so tender.

After a few minutes she pulled back.
“Do you remember how I've asked you to be gentle sometimes?”
He nodded.
“Well, forget all about that for this.”

She knelt on the bed. Her shoulders flat on the sheets, her backside pointed high. From hehind he could see her vagina seeming to wink at him from between her thighs.

“Now fuck my cunt as hard as you can.”
She loved this position. She was usually a power freak but she was always excited by the sexual submissiveness of this position. And it was the one most likely to give her an orgasm.

He obeyed and she thrust her buttocks back to take him deeper. He followed his most basic physical instincts, grabbing her hips and pounding, completely unihibitedly.
“Harder please Danny” Hayley almost shouted.
So he did. Because he already come twice he had no problem with premature ejaculation. She grunted with pleasure as his loins slapped against her buttocks plunging his cock deep into her. Hayley came first with another of his shrieks. He held he up by her hips as he continued pounding until he came with a loud groan.

They collapsed in a tangle of sweating limbs. She kissed his nose then guided his head to her breast. Danny gently sucked and licked and tickled, not trying to arouse her, just adoring her. She stroked hair looked at her bedside clock. She stroked his face and kissed him tenderly.
“It's time for my beauty sleep. I'll see you tomorrow Danny.”

He was disappointed with this dismissal. He liked the idea of going to sleep in her arms

As she showered Hayley was proud of herself. She congratulated herself on her choice. She congratulated herself on her coaching.”God that first fuck was terrible. And when he stuck his gingers in there like that.” She rolled her eyes.
Then she appreciated that he really hadn't needed all that much instruction and that he loved giving her orgasms. She counted.
“Five for me and three for him. That's not bad at all.”
She thought about Geoff without emotion. “You set the rules, I'm just following them.”

“Five for her and three for me. I think I might have shaped up.”
His mind ran through all the events of that wonderful evening. He recalled every inch of her beautiful body. He recalled that as he had pounded her from behind he had seen the small brown rosette of her anus.

The next morning Hayley was at the branch office before him but hardly acknowledged him as he arrived. They had a long meeting with the local management. Her attitude in the meeting reminded him of the atmosphere in his first year.
She interruted him with trivial interjections and twice she made bitingly sarcastic comments which caused some of the others to look up in surprise. Danny didn't show any reaction.

“What's up Hayley? Have you gone off the whole idea?” he asked on the flight home.
“Of course not. What are you talking about?”
He talked about the meeting.
“No, I'm just making sure that no-one thinks there is anything between us.”
“There's such a thing as over-acting.”

Hayley looked around the cabin. It was 75% empty. She pulled out her tray and held his hand on her lap for the rest of the flight.
They went to an airport hotel for two hours. Danny had worked out the benefits of slowing things down and they lay in the 69 position idly exploring the other's genitals. He thought about how, even less than a day before, he was scared of her vulva and that within a few hours he loved it.
His fingers “accidentally” slipped as he explored and touched her anus. Hayley immediately, but gently moved him away.
“I've never done anal Danny and I never will. But everything else is just fine.” She giggled and there was no tension.

They made love in the missionary position. Danny loved to be able to look at her face and feel all her body against him and her legs wrapped around him.

They had a debriefing session with Tony and told how well they thought the visit had gone. Afterwards Tony phoned the branch office manager to see how she felt.

“Just great thanks Tony. They really sorted out our problems. But . . “
“But what?”
“I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but, well, they don't seem to like each other very much. She gave him a bit of a hard time.”

“That's strange. They seemed to work very well together over the last months,” Tony thought. He wasn't a man to jump to any conclusions but stored that comment in his memory.

Apart from a brief hello and one of her dazzling smiles in the corridor they didn't meet the next morning. After that smile Danny had to pinch himself.
“This must be a dream. Hayley Stewart, sophisticated Hayley Stewart, sometimes arrogant Hayley Stewart, always beautiful Hayley Stewart being like that in bed with me,” he paused. “And also the married Hayley Stewart. Why?”
He thought for a while but came up with no answers. “Don't wonder why, just appreciate that is with me.”

She came into his office at 12.30.
“Do you know the Bridal Path in the forest in the park?
He nodded.
“I'll meet you at the bottom of the loop at one o'clock. I'm leaving now, You leave in a quarter of an hour.”

She took his hand and guided him deep into the forest. She found the trunk of a fallen tree lying on the ground. She took off her knickers, lifted her skirt and bent over the tree trunk Danny was so excited that he pounded to hard too quickly and came before she could orgasm. No kiss on the nose.
“I'm sorry I came too soon.”
She hugged him and kissed him.
“Danny, sex is about giving orgasms as well as having them. If you want to count, I've had far more than you. It was lovely feeling you deep inside me, getting excited and coming. And you love giving me orgasms, I can tell”
“You really are an extraordinary woman.”

He went back to work. She went to her gym and showered. Tony noticed her damp hair when he came into her office.
“Good workout Hayley?”
“Great thanks Tony.”

The next day was Saturday. Hayley spent the weekend giving Geoff the cold shoulder. No abuse, polite but totally unaffectionate and short conversations. She continued to sleep in the guestroom. Geoff was puzzled. He had been expecting to be abused all weekend. Not a word of it. Just short and emotionless conversations.

Danny played a game of basketball, spent a lot of time on the internet, went to a bookstore and bought “A Woman Comes First” and “The Art of Oriental Massage.”

On Monday Geoff came to take Hayley to lunch. Hayley wanted this as she wanted to maintain the public appearance of a perfect marriage. Danny saw her warm embrace and her happy smile. Now he didn't hate Geoff. He felt nothing.

He and Hayley met at a small hotel after work that day and the next.

On Wednesday they went on a one day business trip. They stopped at an airport hotel for an hour on their return. Tony was surprised at the late time they came into the office. He checked their flight arrival time on his computer.

“Geoff is playing golf on Saturday. That'll take five hours and then he'll spend three hours in the bar. Add a couple of hours travelling and we'll have all day,'' said Hayley on Thursday in the cheap hotel. But I don't want to spend all in place like this.”

Danny planned it carefully and on Friday he gave Hayley a map. “I'll meet you here at 11 o'clock.”

As she drove along a remote road she was puzzled, then irritated. “This driving is taking up so much of our time.”
After 45 minutes the road deteriorated. The asphalt had stopped 5 minutes before and the Porsche's suspension wasn't designed for the rough shingle road. Danny was standing beside a farm gate. She drove through then stopped as he locked the gate with a heavy chain and a large padlock.

“Why did bring us out so far? This is taking up a lot of our time.”
“I wanted a big bedroom.”
She couldn't understand that. They drove in convoy for five minutes before pulling up at a small cabin at the top of a hill. She looked around. They had a world to themselves. On three sides tree covered hills extended into the distance. On the fourth side she could see the sea below.

“That road is the only access. We've got all this to ourselves.”
Now she understood. This would be far nicer than being stuck in a hotel all day.
“Aren't you clever. Come here and get your reward.”
Danny was also rewarded with a kiss on the nose half an hour later.

They walked outside and he liked being able to put his arm around her shoulder and feel hers around his waist. They looked down the cliff to the rocky cove below.
“It's very steep.”
“Let's try.”
After a lot of scrambling they reached the beach.
“I didn't bring my bikini.”

It was a difficult and hot climb back up and both were sweating so they showered together. When Hayley came into the bedroom after drying her hair, the curtains were drawn making the room a little dark, an incense stick was burning and music was playing.
“This is nice, what's it for?”
“I've been reading about oriental massage. Can I practice on you?”

Danny started on her face, first kissing her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, her nose her lips and her chin. Then his fingers followed with perfumed massage oil, following every feature of the face he had worshipped for more than two years.

Hayley listened to the music, smelled the incense, felt his delicate touch and felt her skin singing.
“If this is practice, I wonder what the real thing will be like?” Then she forgot those flippant thoughts as her body was taken to heaven.
He moved down with lingering kisses on her throat and shoulders and nipples followed by those incredible hands. To her stomach, her navel and pubic bone. Oriental massage didn't miss anywhere as her clitoris was kissed then massaged. Not quite to orgasm.
“Oh Danny,” she sighed.
Down her long legs and even between her toes.

She rolled over. His soothing fingers on her neck and shoulders made her more relaxed. Across her back and down her spine. Her buttocks as well. She wasn't concentrating on any detail, just totally enveloped as all her senses were carressed.

His fingers traced down to the end of her spine and then gently played on her anus.Before she could complain they had moved to her legs.
Hayley thought. She had told Danny about anal sex. Did she have to repeat it? But then she rationalised that this wasn't sex, it was oriental massage. For all she knew, no oriental massage was complete without that.
As his hands pleasured her thighs she relaxed again. She remembered the sensation she had felt before she had realized exactly what was happening. She was surprised. It was nice.

By the time he finished she had dismissed any thoughts of talking about it. The massage had been an experience of total delight. She appreciated that all his efforts and skills and imagination over that wonderful hour had been to give her pleasure.

To respond she spent half an hour licking and sucking his genitals, taking him to the brink then pulling back until he quietly groaned and came in her mouth.
Danny lifted her backside, put two pillows under her, lay between her legs and took her slowly to her climax. As her excitement mounted and as just as she was about to come, she felt his finger there just before she exploded in a shattering climax.
Hayley loved her climaxes considered herself an expert on the subject.
“Wow,” she said as her loins quivered. “That was incredible Danny. I felt that all the way from my navel to my backside. What did you do?”
Then she registered the finger inserted three knuckles deep in her ass. She couldn't be angry after all he had done, so she gently pulled him away.
“Danny, that was mind blowing, but we agreed no anal.”

He said nothing but kissed her briefly. Hayley didn't want to make a big deal. She didn't want to spoil what was already a wonderful day. She lay back and stroked his hair.

Her mind drifted back to that shattering orgasm. “Incredible” and “Mind blowing” had been her words. They were appropriate. She remembered the nice feeling from the massage.
“Could you touch me again like you did in the massage?”
“I touched you everywhere.”
“You know what I'm talking about.”

He put some more oil on his fingers and titillated her anus. She felt the same nice sensations, heightened by a feeling of forbidden excitement.
“See if you can put it inside.”
She was surprised how easily it slid in and the pleasure it gave her.
“And again.”
She concentrated on the sensations. She looked at his loving face. She pulled his hand away.
“OK,” she said. “One finger only. And you must stop if I say. And don't even dream about putting your cock in there.”

Danny barbequed a crayfish and Hayley made a salad from the ingredients he had brought. Hayley watched him. He had grown from a youth to a man in the time she had known him. He had changed from a hopeless lover to this gorgeous man. However, despite his business achievements and despite his sexual prowess there was still an endearing naivety about him.
She felt a wave of tenderness wash over her.
“Stop that,” she said to herself. “That isn't part of the game plan.”

After lunch they strolled into the woods. Danny laid down a blanket and Hayley passed him the massage oil. This time, with his penis inside her she guided his hand between her buttocks. If anything her orgasm was even more mind blowing than the previous one. She said nothing as they walked back, but held his hand tightly.

Danny made some coffee.
“Have you ever had anal sex?”
“No, I'm an anal virgin,” he laughed.
“You seem to know a bit about it.”
“You can find just about anything on the internet.”
“Show me.”

He got his laptop. She thought the site was quite tasteful given its subject matter. Hayley read in silence for some time.
“Did you bring any gel?”
He produced a large tube.
She held his hand as she studied the different positions closely. She certainly wouldn't do it doggy style the first time and she didn't want to sit on him. She wanted to be able to kiss and hug him
“What about this? The old missionary postion.”
“That's the one I would have chosen.” His voice was a croak.
“I'll have to pull my knees back at bit more.”
“Just a bit.”

She applied a liberal coating of gel to his erection.
“Now you will stop if I ask you to.” She had an imploring look on her face.
“Yes I will Hayley.”
“And please go slowly.”
“I'll be slow.”
“I'm not sure I'm going to like this.”
“I'll stop the moment you say.”
“Should I be giving my anal virginity to you?”
“Should I be giving my anal virginity to you?”
That brought a laugh which eased the tension. She applied another liberal coating to him, then rubbed some gel beween her buttocks. They did have some foreplay while Danny used his finger to prepare her. Hayley was too nervous to get carried away.

“Is this the right position?”
“I think you need to pull your knees back a little bit more.”
She wrapped her arms around him, but couldn't bring herself to start kissing.

There was some initial pressure but her sphyncter was partly relaxed and his knob easily nudged its way in.
“Are you all right?”
He withdrew then re-entered. Each time was easier than the previous and each time he went half an inch deeper.
“Do you want to stop?”
“I'll say if I want that. Just go slowly.”

He pulled out and put on some more gel. Hayley felt that her body was adjusting, but each time it went deeper it hurt.
“Shit!” Then she laughed at the wrong choice of word. “How far are you in now?”
“A bit over half.”
“I think that's about far enough for this time.”
In the outer inches she didn't feel any pain. She felt slightly full, but now she was more relaxed. She moved her face to kiss him and Danny started a gentle rhythm. He relished the tightness and smoothness of her rectum walls. Her anal muscles were more relaxed and she squeezed them and moved her hips a little.

The excitement of the new experience, her tightness and squeezing made him come. Hayley wrapped her legs tightly around him and hugged him as hard as she could. They lay like that for some time.

“Why the glum look?”
“You didn't come.”
“Danny!” her voice was exasperated. “You gave me that lovely massage, you've given me I don't know how many orgasms. I loved it after I got used to it. And I'm sure practice will make us perfect.”

“Where has that shy young man gone,” she asked herself as she drove home. “Geoff has been trying to do that for 12 years and it only took Danny three hours. I don't think that Geoff will be over the moon if he ever found out about that.”

“Hi Hayley, how was your day,” said Geoff
“I went shopping.”
“Can I see what you got.”
“I didn't see anything I liked.” She went to the guest room.

Geoff was becoming increasingly worried. He could have coped if she had yelled abuse at him but this cold indifference was different and unsettling. And she had been sleeping in the guest room for longer than the previous two times. He was very concerned about their marriage. He knocked on her door.
“Hayley darling, we need to talk.”
“What about?”
“What about us?”
“Well, I've been thinking about us.”
“You should have thought about us before.”

He retreated. It never occured to him that she might be having an affair. Hayley would never do anything like that. She was a moral person in her own way. She would never treat him like that.

As Hayley had predicted about their anal sex, practice did make perfect. Over the next week she grew to love it. They tried different postions, doggy, her sitting on Danny, him lying behind her. Her favourite position was her lying on her back on the bed, with him kneeling on the floor. With her knees almost to her arm pits,she loved the expression as he looked at openly exposed body.
She loved the feeling as his knob nudged easily into her rectum, she loved the sensations from the smooth walls of her bowel and the pressure stimulating her vagina. She loved it when he stimulated her clitoris with his fingers and she came to those shattering orgasms.
And afterwards, she loved to pull him down and hug him and kiss his nose.

Geoff's firm had a weekend conference and partners were invited. Hayley couldn't get out of it and anyway she wanted to maintain a public appearance of the perfect marriage. It was the worst weekend in Geoff's life.

In company Hayley held his hand, laughed with him, kissed him on the cheek and spoke affectionately to him. In private she was even more abrupt and always kept her distance. They had a double bed, but she set the pattern on the first night by going far to one side and turning her back.

There was a dinner and dancing on the Saturday night. She danced closely in his arms, resting her cheek on his shoulder and sometimes nuzzling his ear. He could feel her breasts against his chest and her body against his erection. Geoff thought that at last he had been forgiven, but as soon as they were in the bedroom she looked at him with hostility.
“Don't you dare touch me.”

When Geoff had come to pick her up from the office on the Friday afternoon before. Danny had seen her welcoming hug and how she took his arm and leaned into Geoff as they walked away. He had a lonely and troubled weekend. He always loved the times he and Hayley shared, but he was disconcerted by her open affection for Geoff every time he saw them together.

He went through a range of different scenarios as to what was really happening between him and Hayley and between Geoff and Hayley. He couldn't work it out but he didn't like any of them.

Tony Jacobs the CEO was becoming increasingly concerned. He came to his office on the Saturday to catch up on some business.
His mind had dwelt on the branch manager's comment about Hayley's aggression towards Danny. He had noticed traces of it since and had thought it was out of character. He recollected how they had arrived back late after their last two trips.
He looked up the carpark security records and saw how many times Hayley's and Danny's lunch breaks had overlapped over the last three weeks. Prior to that Danny had always eaten lunch at the staff cafeteria. Tony passed the Empire Hotel on his way home and he recalled that he had twice he had seen Danny's car in its carpark and he knew that Danny wasn't the type to drink in hotel bars.

He came to his conclusion.
“Well it's none of my business what staff get up to in their private lives.” Then he thought some more. “They are two senior executives, they report directly to me and one of them is married. If this gets out it won't do my authority any good. Especially if they do it on company time.” He recalled their late returns from the airport and occasional extended lunch time. This hadn't concerned him as they worked long hours of unpaid overtime. Now it did. He picked up his telephone.

Hayley, like Danny and Tony had also been doing a lot of thinking. When she had first danced closely with Geoff it had been for public display. But the more she danced, the more her feelings for her husband of 12 years returned and she enjoyed holding him tightly and feeling his erection as they danced. It had been hard to tell him to stay away in the bedroom.

“It's been more than three weeks. That's the time I set.”
She thought about Danny. She loved their sex and she was very fond of him. Would he be hurt? Almost definitely. Would he end up despising her? Almost definitely.
“But perhaps when he thinks it over he'll realise that he didn't really want a permanent relationship with a woman 15 years older. He's got a lot of women to meet. Will he start to feel fond memories of our times together? Maybe.”

“Well he should be grateful for all I've taught him and all I've given him.”

They didn't see each other all Monday morning until Danny came to her office.
“Empire Hotel. One o'clock?”
She noticed he didn't smile, but she nodded in agreement. This would have to be the time.
“God, I hope he doesn't get too hurt. I hope I don't feel too hurt. How are we going cope when we work together so much?”

Danny was already in the room when she arrived. He hugged her and whispered in her ear.
“Hayley, You are the most beautiful wonderful woman and you have given me so much.”
She returned his hug and kissed him briefly.
“What are you trying to say Danny?”
“Well it's a taboo subject for discussion. But listen to the first lines of this.”
He switched tracks on the CD player. It was Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton singing “We've Got Tonight”.

She heard Kenny sing, with heartbreak in his voice. “I know your plans don't include me.”

He turned to her, his eyes brimming with tears. “You're never going to leave him are you?”
She put her arms around him and shook her head.
“Oh Danny, I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt me.” She burst into tears.
“So I'm just your bit on the side. The toyboy.”
Hayley thought for sometime. “Here's the whole story Danny. I know you well enough that you will never tell anyone.”

She related the whole story.
His face was indignant. “So you've just done this with me to get back at Geoff and try to save your marriage. You've just used me.”
“I understand how you could think that. But think about this. I don't think I'm flattering myself by saying I could have almost any man I wanted.”
He nodded.
“But I chose you. Because I liked you. Because I respected you. I enjoyed the times we worked together so much.
“And I've known how you had felt about me for two years. And everyday over these weeks I've become fonder of you Danny.

“Probably I was selfish, but I thought, whatever happens, perhaps you'll think it was worthwhile.”
“Has it been worthwhile Danny?”
He grinned.
“And two other points. When you really think about it sometimetime, you'll think that you have a lot of the world to see and a women to meet.
“Danny, I never thought we had such a lovely time together. I never thought I would feel like I do about you. I never thought that you would be the one who I had my first anal sex with. And I'm so glad you were.”

“I'll remember and treasure these times for the rest of my life.”

“I will too. I'll never meet another woman who is so beautiful, so tender, so sexy. So perfect.”

He looked at her. “So that's it?”
“Listen to that track a bit more.”
Kenny and Sheena sang “We've Got Tonight”.
“Well, not the night, but the afternoon.”
“What about Tony?”
“He doesn't ask us to tell him what we are doing from day to day. He doesn't suspect anything.”

Their last afternoon was poignant, and tender and intimate. They talked about the times they had shared, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing. Hayley gave him a kiss on the nose before she left..

But Tony had suspected. He drove to the Empire Hotel and saw their cars. His face hardened. This was going to stop.

Danny arrived early the next morning. He received a call from Tony telling him to come to his office immediately.
“Hell, he has worked it out. I'm going to be fired.”

Tony's face was grim.
“What do you know about Australia?”
“Not too much. It's the other side of the world, it's hot and we have a big subsidiary there.”
“Supreme Corp has needs a marketing manager there. It'll be a great step forward for you. Here's the job spec."

The position was perfect for him the salary was excellent. He had met the Australian CEO when she had visited and they had got on well.

“It's a tremedous job. Are you sure I'll be up to it?”
“I wouldn't be putting you forward if I wasn't.”
“Can I have some time to think about it? It's a big move emigrating to another country.”

“I've already sent your CV. Sarah Jackson. She's read it and she was impressed by you when she visited us. We've agreed that you'll fly out in seven days.”

“That's a bit tough. I need to consider my alternatives.”
“Consider this alternative. I've decided to make your position here redundant. As of seven days time.”
He had never seen Tony angry like this.

Tony's face softened into a smile. “Seven days will give you time to say your goodbyes.”
He looked directly towards Hayley's office.

“It's already over.”
“Good. This will make certain it stays over. And there's no need to tell Hayley that I worked it out.”

Hayley was thrilled.
“It's the perfect job for you Danny. Tony must think a great deal of you.”
“Will you miss me?”
“Of course I will. But this makes everything easier for both of us. And I've heard that there are a lot of beautiful women in Sydney.”

On his last day Tony organised a farwell function and there a lot of fond farewells. Hayley gave him a particularly long hug, but everyone knew they had worked together and thought it was understandable.

The next evening Hayley came downstairs wearing one of her low cut dresses.
“Geoff,” she pouted. “You never take me out anymore.”
During the meal she was her bubbly old self, often holding his hand. Afterwards they went dancing and she rested her head on his shoulder and thrust her body against his.
After an hour she looked at him, “That's a very big and very hard cock you have there mister.”

Their love making was passionate and uninhibited. Geoff was overjoyed. It was all back to its best. During the night he was woken by Hayley. She seemed to be writhing around in a dream. He could hear her mumbling.

“Danny. . Danny . . I need your cock inside me again. Please Danny . . Ah yes that feels so good.”
Geoff's first reaction was to wake her, but he composed himself, went downstairs and made himself endless cups of coffee as he waited. Hayley had watched as he had left the bedroom. She let him stew for two hours, then prepared herself for what was going to come.

She came down, smiling innocently. “Why didn't you stay in bed darling? I wanted a repeat.”

“You've been having an affair!”
“So what?”
“What do you mean 'So what?' We're married, doesn't that mean anything to you.”
“It didn't mean much to you.”
“That was different. They were just silly flings.”
Hayley's face hardened. “You had three 'silly flings'. After you promised on your mother's grave.”

“I hate the idea of you fucking with another man.”
“I know how you feel.”
“I feel humiliated.”
“I know how you feel.”
“Didn't you even consider our marriage.”
:As a matter of fact I did. I did it for our marriage”
Geoff didn't register this. He had his own agenda

“It was that miserable little shit-head Danny, wasn't it?”
“I'll ring his neck with my bare hands.”
“You'll need long arms. He's gone to Australia.”
“Does that mean it's over?”
“It's been over for a week.”
“How long did it last?”
“Three weeks.”
“How many times did you do it?”
“So many times I've lost count.”

Geoff took a break to walk around the garden then returned.
“I can't believe you'd do that Hayley. Do that to me.”

“Stop being so thick. Everything you can say about what I did, I can say the same thing three times over to you. And don't say that yours were different. You were the first. You promised me you wouldn't do it again. On your mother's grave,” she added because she knew how that hurt him.

He took another walk.
“He's just a kid.”
“He's five years older than your girls.” Strangley she didn't want to use “slut” anymore.
“Did you like it?”
“I loved it.”
She saw the pain in his face.

“How could you do this? I just don't understand.”
Hayley went over and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek and then returned to her seat.

“Now Geoff. Please listen carefully. I'm going to explain and I'm laying down some rules. If you don't follow them it'll be the end of this conversation and probably of our marriage”

“Rule number one. Don't act with bewilderment and shock about what I've done. You did it first and you did it three times. For you to say that what I did was worse is double standards. Just understand that what you are going through now, I've been through three times.”

“Do you think I'm attractive?”
“Of course you are, your the most beautiful women I've seen”
“Well here's rule number two, The next time you have one of your little flings, rest assured that I'll pick up a man and we'll fuck ourselves silly.”

“Hayley, I promise . . “
“It will be a very long time before I take any notice of your promises on this subject. But here's my promise to you. You stray. I'll stray. You fuck someone else, I'll fuck someone else. When you start chatting someone up, think of me having an orgasm with someone else's cock in me. Because I've done that now and I'll do it again, And I'll tell you all about it again.”

She saw the pain on his face but continued.

“I planned this after your fling number two. We were going through a little charade. You'd have your little fling. You'd burst into tears of guilt. I'd yell and scream for a week. You'd promise on your mother's grave. We'd get back together.” She sobbed once then brought herself under control.

“Then you'd go out and do it again!” There was steel in her voice.

“I decided then that I wasn't going to stay with this. I didn't want to stay being humiliated. Or have my confidence in my sexuality and desirabilty shattered. Or feeling that you could manipulate me into forgiving you. Or being terrified every day about when the next time would be. Or being terrified every day about whether we have a marriage

“This was the only way I could think of to stop all that.” There were tears in her eyes. “You see my darling Geoff, you fucking shit-head bastard, I love you. I want you to be my life partner.

“Here's something that may help you. I never called him 'darling or said that I loved him.”

Tears flowed down his cheeks. He came to Hayley and hugged her. “My darling Hayley, what have I done?”

She hugged him in return.

“Please go outside for an hour and think through all of this. See if you can understand what I've been saying. I'll answer any questions you have about anything.”

Geoff sat in a deck chair. For some time he went through self hatred. How could he have been like that to Hayley? He thought about the words of her humiliation, her shattered confidence in her sexuality, her being manipulated and her daily fears. He contemplated the rope in the garden shed and a branch of the oak tree.

But he gathered strength from her words about partner for life and never calling Danny darling. He knew that all he wanted to be was with Hayley for the rest of his life. Geoff was stupid in some ways, but bright in others. He knew he had to lay the bogeyman of Danny to rest.

He sat opposite her at the table. “You're the most wonderful person in the world. I understood everything.”

He was rewarded with a quick smile.

“I only want to talk about one thing. Danny.”
“Geoff, Danny and I had lovely times together. I'm not going to lie. You'll get hurt with what I say.”
“I deserve to be hurt and I want to see if I can learn to cope. Why him.”

She talked through how she didn't want a stranger, thought through all the men she knew and Danny seemed right.

“That was pretty cold blooded.”

“Yes, but I became very fond of him.”

Geoff stammered. “Was he better than me?”
“At the start he was terrible,” she giggled then looked carefully at Geoff. “But he was a quick learner and soon he was wonderful.”
“Better than me?”

Hayley sighed,. She had been waiting for this. “He was wonderful, but you know how wonderful our sex has been. I can't do a comparison. I didn't grade the two of you on 20 key performance indicators.”

“You are different. Both lovely.”

She took his hand. “But I do know there's only one cock I need for the rest of my life.
“It is worth making the effort, isn't it Geoff?

They both did make the effort. Over time the pain slipped into the recesses of their minds. They went on a fourth honeymoon and their sex life was fully resurrected.

Just as a man-eating lion never loses it's craving, so Hayley never lost her craving. She waited for a year so that Geoff wouldn't suspect. When he tried once again for anal sex she handed him a big tube of gel.
“I read on the internet that you'll need lot's of this.”

Afterwards he asked how it was for her.
“Not too bad. A bit sore. But I read on the internet that it gets better after the first time.”
He never strayed again.

For three months Danny stayed away from women. His new position was demanding and he needed time to get over Hayley. It wasn't a longing to get together, he knew that wasn't what he wanted. It was more from the sadness of knowing that he would never be able to repeat the excitement, the eroticism and the tenderness of those three weeks.
He knew he would never find another woman as tender, as beautiful as charming and as sexy.

However, Sydney is rightly famous for its beautiful women and some of them are also tender and charming. Sexiness?. He had learned well from Hayley and soon discovered that the more he gave the more he received in return.

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