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A meeting with an old friend leads to nasty sex!!!

a story about
Sweet Mindy
(My Blonde MILF Hottie)
Part 1

She was standing in line at the Deli, the cutest blonde hardbody I'd seen in a while, with

an ass made for fucking and big nippled ripe titties, she was a horny studs's wet and sticky dream.

She was dressed in a long wrap around skirt, slit down the side to show some skin and a tight pink

sweater. "Way to classy a chick to try to bag with a little conversasion and some dope," I thought

to myself while imagining what her tight little snatch would taste like. "You don't remember me do

you," I heard a soft female voice say. My eyes rose from the girls pussy and past her tits before

my eyes met hers. "No I don't," I replied, wondering if I had bagged this bitch at some past

fuckfest and couldn't remember. "I think I would remember a fine woman like you," I said curiously.

"I'm Mindy, Carlos's wife, remember?" Fuck Yeah I thought as my cock started to stiffen. "How have

you been, how's Carlos and the kid's?", I said hoping she hadn't seen me staring at her pussy or my

semi-hard cock outlined in my pants. "Not so good", she said as her eyes scanned me up and down,

stopping at my swelling crotch. "We seperated about two months ago, when I caught him fucking

some slut," she said matter of factly. "I took Carlos Jr., our son and my new born baby and left."

I smiled at the hot looking bitch, knowing that she would be craving some dick after two

months of no fucking. Being a tit man, I was suprised I hadn't ever noticed her titties big fat

nipples. Then it dawned on me... she said she had a new baby which meant one thing, I smiled to

myself...fresh milk. This was an exciting XXX bonus my perverted mind wasn't expecting! I loved

to milk a new horny Mom's squirting tits on my face, on my prick, and in my sucking mouth. I knew I

had to have some of Mindy's hot pussy and I wasn't going to let her hot ass get away. To my suprise

she smiled sweetly at me and asked in a soft sexy voice, "If your not busy Saturday, I'd love to

have you over for a visit to talk about old times." "And talk about Carlos?" I said. "No, I have

other things I want to show and tell you," she teased while looking into my horny brown eyes.

"I'll be there," I said, "How about around eight." As we talked I started to recall how hot and

sexy this little nymph could look and how I had thought about fucking her while jacking off many

times, long ago. I remembered Carlos saying she hadn't fucked before Carlos, so her pussy was sure

to be a tight little fuck hole. "Eight sounds great," she said "Here's the address." She scribbled

the info on a napkin and gave it to me, "Bye, I can't wait!" she said, and with that she gave me a

sexy smile, and a quick hug before leaving.

I thought that Saturday would never arrive, the anticipation of using sweet assed Mindy as

my personal fuck toy made the wait unbearable. Finally the time arrived and I was ready to go see

my MILF with the lactating tits. I was clean shaven on my face and my big balls, and I decided not

to wear underwear under my tight fitting Levi's. I wore a tight tee shirt and finished it off with

a little bling just to show off and add a little sex appeal and help seal the deal of getting in

this hot little sluts panties. I arrived at Mindy's place a little after eight and knocked on the

little bitches door. Nothing could have prepared me for what answered the door, or for the events

that were about to take place. Mindy stood in the doorway in a thin white lace see-thru blouse that

clearly showed off her milk engorged tits and fat pink nipples, along with a super short black mini

skirt that was way to small by any standard. After a quick glance over from her long smooth legs up

to her silky long blonde hair, I managed to pull my eyes to her's.

I greeted the ready to fuck slut with a warm smile, a cheerful hello and a throbbing cock

pulsating under the tight denim jeans I had worn. It was obvious this cunt needed some dick, and

that she had dressed to please and arouse me into wanting to fuck her hot little pussy. It had

worked... and I began to follow her inside, checking out her ass and imagining what it would feel

like with my fat cock buried deep in her tight pink asshole. Her ass moved side to side with every

step she took in her high heels, the tiny skirt exposing the bottom of her round ass cheeks with

every sexy step. While leading me towards the couch, Mindy asked me if I wanted something to drink

and went to the kitchen to get a couple of beers. "Where's the baby?" I asked, to which the horny

little MILF replied, "I just got done giving him his breast feeding, and putting him to bed." With

that she handed me a beer and sat down right next to me, making her skirt rise up to show off her

sexy g-string. Her legs were long and tan all the way up to her recently exposed tiny panties, her

crotch shamelessly on display. When I looked at the fine piece of ass next to me, she was smiling

at me like a horny bitch in heat.

"So, how have you been?" I asked, while looking at her hot milk filled tits, begging from

under her see thru top to be fucked and sucked by some big cock. "I've been so lonely," the blonde

replied rubbing up against me, "That's why I'm so glad to see you." She started to rub my leg and

layed her head on my shoulder, playfully letting her long blonde hair fall across me as her low cut

top gave me a great shot of the big titted cunts deep cleavage. "I always thought you were such a

cool person, and how if I wasn't with Carlos, we might have hooked up," Mindy said in almost a

whisper. "I thought about how hot you looked, and how lucky he was to be fucking you," I said while

moving her hand from my thigh to my pulsating rock hard cock. She lifted her head and smiled at me,

then looked down at my big dick trying to break out of my tight pants. "I'm so glad you came over,"

she cooed as the cock lover started to stroke my hard-on. "Yeah me too, you know when I wanted

something to drink, I didn't mean beer," I said. "What did you want, you fuckn' stud?" the big

titted bitch asked, rubbing my fat dick faster. I grabbed the bottom of her thin little top and

lifted it up over the cum sluts milk filled tits, and started tweaking her fat pink nipples. "I

want some of that sweet milk from your big fat titties...fuck yeah, I bet you like it when guys

suck milk from your big hard nipples, don't you?" I teased. "Fuck you got nice tits baby," I

said cupping a tit in each hand while admiring their size and weight. "You like it when guys do

nasty things to your big fuckn' tits, don't you, you fuckn' hot little thing," I said roughly

while continuing to amuse myself with Mindy's more than ample chest.

Without waiting for an answer, I began sucking on her nipples while I moved my hand to

her pantied crotch, bringing a moan from the hot to fuck slut. The little blondes snatch was red

hot and ready for dick, making her tiny g-string panties wet to my touch. As my fat fingers moved

the thin crotch of Mindy's g-string aside and began rubbing her erect clit and fingering her pussy,

I continued sucking the blonde cunts fat nipples. To my pleasure, a thin warm stream of her sweet

delicious breast milk began to fill my mouth, making Mindy moan with pleasure. "Oh yeah," the hot

little cunt said, "Play with my pussy and suck my milk filled tits!" Not wanting to dissapoint I

finger fucked her hard while tweaking her swollen nips, making them squirt a thin milk all over my

face, all over our clothes and on Mindy's exposed chest and tanned long legs.

The air was heavy with the smell of pussy, making us both ready, and desperate to fuck. I

grabbed her skimpy panties and pulled them down as Mindy lifted her sweet ass to assist me with

their removel. Now the hot bitch was bottomless, with her see thru top pulled up, exposing her DD

titties to me. She smiled sweetly at me and unzipped my fly, then expertly fished my throbbing

cock from my pants. My hard dick pulsated obscenely in her hand as she held it firmly, commenting

on how big it was compared to her Ex's cock and how bad she had been needing a fat cock like mine

to suck and fuck. With that she knelt between my legs and pulled my pants down to my ankles while

smiling into my eyes, and jacking my rod slowly. I reached down and started to run my fingers

through the hot sluts soft blonde hair while watching her eagerly stroking my hardon and playing

with my cum filled nuts. Then the hottie looked directly into my eyes and smiled at me like a

cock craving bitch in heat before she opened her sweet mouth and began sucking on one ball and then

the other while continuing to jack me off.

"Damn, girl," I said, as Mindy licked my shaft and worked the head of my cock into her

hot little mouth. "You really know how to suck cock, Baby," I complimented the whore, "Did Carlos

teach you that?" The hot cunt smiled and said, "No, I learned this from watching porn," before

stuffing my rod half way down her throat with a sigh. "Well your good enough to be in porn, your

a hot, sexy, girl," I said, "Have you ever been in an Adult film?" Mindy pulled her sucking lips

from my dick, "No, but I'd love to make an amateur XXX movie, just for fun," and with that went

back to giving me a blow job. "I think that we would make great co-stars, so later on we'll make

your first fuck flick," I laughed. She played with my cum filled balls while fucking my cock deep

down her throat, her fingers rubbing my nuts between her thumb and index finger, first one then the

other. Holding her head by her long blonde hair, I began to fuck her mouth hard like it was a

pussy, causing the nasty bitch to start rubbing her clit before shoving one of her fingers up my

"Do you fuck as good as you suck cock?" I asked, as I watched Mindy's glossed lips stretch

around my fat dick as she eagerly stuffed it down her throat. The hot bitch pulled her mouth off my

swollen cock,looked me in the eye and said matter of factly, "Why don't you decide for yourself?"

Mindy stood up between my legs and finished removing her top, I could see her hard nipples were

leaking an almost clear liquid and needed to be milked. The little hottie turned around so that her

tight ass was right in my face, the musky smell of the cock lovers ass and pussy made me want to

bury my whole head between her shapely legs and eat that horny cunt's dick loving, cock pleasing

fuck holes. The little slut then bent over, exposing her pink puckered asshole and her completely

shaved pussy for my pleasure, complete with a very erect and swollen clit.

I held the hot blonde bitch by her hips and pulled the ass I planned to soon be buried

balls deep in to my tongue. I licked and kissed the sweet ass and pussy that Mindy offered me,

stopping only to play with her unusually long clit, the unique length making me want to do nasty

things to this hot blonde cock fucker. Mindy told me to sit back so she could try out some of my

cock and with that she backed up to me, straddling my legs and reaching down to grab my throbbing

dick. As Mindy sat her perfectly shaped ass on my lap facing away, she firmly guided my fat cock

up her tight cunt hole until I was balls deep in the slut. "Oh, fuck yeah," Mindy groaned as she

began to slowly grind her ass, my big cock stretching her pussy lips to accomidate it's girth.

"Fuck you fill me up so good... Fuck... I've never had anything this big and fat before...ohhh fuck

yeah, Fuck me," she babbled. I reached around her and grabbed a fat tit in each hand, still awed by

their impressive weight, then I began tweaking her leaking nipples. I was soon rewarded with a fine

spray of mothers milk squirting across the room and all over the fuck toys 'built for fucking'


Pulling the hot fuck bunny back against me, I sawed my thick fuck stick in and out of

Mindy's needy cunt at a steady pace. The nympho leaned all the way back against the couch so she

could rest her head next to mine. She turned to me and cooed ,"Please don't stop fucking me...

your cock feels so fuckn' good deep up in me." I smiled at the pretty blonde as I continued to

drill her unexplored depths. She looked into my eyes, our faces only inches away, and gave me a

deep kiss, shoving her tongue down my throat. We locked into a deep tongue kiss while I continued

playing with the big titted Milf's nipples, causing Mindy to bounce up and down on my big hard dick

with a renewed vigor.

"Fuck baby, you got a nice tight pussy," I said as she let out a little moan of pleasure

before she sat up and pounded her hot pussy up and down on my throbbing dick. My cock was so hard

it was numb as I watched Mindy get up and turn around to face me before grabbing my hardon and

guiding it into her hot twat while straddling my waist. With this hot bitch now sitting on my lap

I was able to suck on her fat titties while guiding her up and down fucking motion with a hand on

each of the sweet bitch's firm ass cheeks. "Oh fuck, yeah!" Mindy growled, "Your such a good

fuck...Such a fuckn' nasty fucker...Are you a nasty boy?" she asked and smiled at me like a slut

in heat. "Would you like to fuck me in the ass?" Mindy said in a sexy voice, "You wanna' stick

that big ol' hard dick in my tight little asshole, Baby?"

"Oh yeah, sweetheart," I answered, "I'd love to shove my cock up your hot little ass and

feel how tight you are!" I began to finger her butt hole as I continued to fuck the blonde hottie,

inserting three fingers deep in her sphincter with ease. "I knew you seemed like a girl that would

love a good ass fucking," I said while fucking her two holes with my fat dick and fingers. Damn

this bitch knows how to fuck, I thought to myself as I watched her ride my pole, her eyes closed

and the once blonde hair framing her face now a dark brown from her sweat. "Damn it! Fuck me in

the ass now!" Mindy demanded as she slowly let my cock slip out of her well used slut pussy. I

pulled my fingers out of her ass and held her ass cheeks apart while she gripped my hardon firmly

and began rubbing the head all around the winking entrance to her anal tube.

My little whore firmly shoved my huge cock up her asshole inch by tight inch, 'till I was

balls deep in Mindy's stretched butthole. The Vixen let out a lusty moan and began to ride the

rod buried in her bowells slowly at first, until lust drove the ass fucker to a rapid pace. She

was tight and her little asshole felt so good as she rode my throbbing dick, her fat DD titties

bouncing up and down in my face. "Oh yeah, lover...Suck my tits while you fuck my ass with your

big dick," the anal loving whore commanded, "I love getting my butt screwed by your big prick, you

fucking stud!" I held her ass cheeks wide apart with a hand on each of Mindy's firm buns while I

sucked on one pink swollen nipple, then the other, giving the nasty MILF what she was begging for.

Letting her nipple drop from my sucking mouth, I started talking dirty to the cock loving

slut as she continued to pump my dick hard. "Tell me how much you like getting your ass fuckin'

crammed by hard cock," I teased, "I bet you let all the guy's play with your asshole before you

beg them to fuck your shitter, don't you baby?" Mindy babbled about how much she loved cock while

she continued to fuck her ass on my cock. "Do you think you could handle more than just one hard

cock at a time, you hot fuck," I said, "I bet your enough women for two or three studs at a time,

aren't you." Mindy began to rub her extended clit, causing the bitch to cum hard, her thin watery

pussy cum spraying from her cunt. "I'll do anything you want, you big pricked stud," the blonde

hottie cooed, "I'll fuck whoever you want me to lover, I'll dress to tease so you can show me off,

then I'll fuck your big dicked friends real good, I'll be a sex slave-fuck toy just for you."

"Yeah, I think you need to get DP'ed by some big dicks, that's what you want, isn't it

babe?" I said, while the slut continued playing with her excited clit. "I'd love to try out a big

fat cock in every one of my holes," Mindy replied, "You want to watch other studs fuck and suck me

don't you, you nasty fucker?" I confirmed it would really turn me on to watch her give XXX pleasure

to other well hung men while they used her hot body to get themselves off. The hot talk was getting

to me, along with her squeezing ass, so I slowed down the pace to keep from cumming in this sweet

thing. Sensing that I was close, Mindy slowed her pumping motion and said sweetly, "Don't shoot cum

in my ass lover, I want you to cum in my mouth and squirt your hot load down my throat!"

With that she rose up off of my prick, letting it fall out of her now loose asshole with

an audible pop. She turned around and knelt between my legs before grasping my pulsating rod with

both hands and shoving it into her hot cock sucking mouth. I watched as her red lips stretched

around my fat cock, taking it deep down her throat while playing with my huge cum filled balls. I

ran my fingers through the sluts silky blonde hair as she licked up and down my cock, licking the

piss slit before taking the entire dick deep in her mouth. "That feels so good baby...Fuck, you

really know how to suck cock," I moaned, "Shove your finger up my ass, you nasty slut." Mindy

moaned and obediantly stuck a finger up my ass while I fucked her mouth like it was a whore's hot


"I want to lick your asshole you fuckn' stud...Please... Let me give you a rim job, then

you can do whatever you want to me," the fuck bunny begged, "PLEASE!" Damn, I couldn't believe

how nasty this hottie was as she spread my ass cheeks and replaced the finger up my butt with her

probing tongue causing me to moan with pleasure. "You ever been pissed on, baby?" I asked as Mindy

began to fuck my asshole with her wet tongue. Mindy pulled away and said, "I said whatever you want

lover, you can be the first to give me a golden shower...But first I want you to sit on my face

while you fuck my big titties." With that she smiled and layed down on her back while squeezing her

tits together and sticking her tongue out while I straddled her face, facing her feet.

I felt the cum hungry sex toy firmly spread my ass cheeks wide as she began her oral attack

on my puckered butthole, rimming my ass before shoving her tongue deep into my shitter. I gyrated

my hips forcing her tongue deeper in my ass while I began squeezing her tits around my dripping

12" inch cock. While Mindy eagerly ate my ass, I began to slide my prick back and forth between

the MILF's enormous DD tits while squeezing the extended nipples, causing them to spray a fine

mist of mother's milk all over my tit fucking cock and on Mindy's huge XXX chest and flat belly.

The combination of her fresh milk and soft tits, along with the rim job this bitch was giving me,

was starting to get to my tit fucking cock. We performed our lewd sex act a while longer, until

I felt the cum begin to rise in my bloated balls.

"Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum...Fuck yeah, your tits feel so good around my cock!" I groaned,

"Fuckn' lick that asshole you hot bitch!" With that I lifted off Mindy's sucking mouth and shoved

my hard dick deep in the little cunts cock loving mouth. The horny slut gladly took my tool deep

in her throat, using her hands on my ass to force me deeper. I fell forward and started sucking her

long swollen clit as we settled into a nasty reverse 69 with me on top fucking Mindy's hot mouth.

After a few minutes of this I was ready and I began to cum deep in the bitch's cock loving throat

as I continued to suck her engorged clit. Pulling my spewing prick from her lips, Mindy managed an,

"Oh, fuck yeah," before taking a cum shot across her nose and forehead and taking my shooting cock

back into her sweet, warm cum craving mouth.

After taking a few more shots of jism down her throat, Mindy released my dripping cock from

her mouth and announced she was cumming as a gush of pussy cum flooded my mouth and face. She

kept yelling and screaming about how much she loved cock as she rubbed my still hard dick all over her

face, smearing it with trails of jizz while her pussy drenched my face with girl cum. After the

cunt's orgasm's subsided, she took my still hard cock in her mouth and began kissing and licking

my rod clean of any leftover cum before asking, "Are you ready to piss all over me... piss all over

your little cum loving fuck slut you hot fuckn' big dicked stud?"

"Fuck yeah you hot little tease, you know I'm ready," I growled, "I'm gonna shower your

nasty cock loving body with my hot steamy piss." Mindy just looked at me with a wicked smile before

grabbing my semi-hard cock and leading me to an indoor-outdoor patio before sitting me down.

She grabbed a bar stool and sat it in front of me while she stood facing me, then Mindy lifted one

long leg to the top of the stool, making her pouting pussy lips protrude eroticly as they spread

widely apart. "Play with my pussy, lover, I want you to see me pee!" the nasty nymph squeeled. I

knelt in front of the blonde slut and started playing with her swollen cunt lips as she began to

pee on my face and body. It felt good and hot, and just the thought of how taboo watersports are

added to the excitement. As the pissing whore continued to relieve herself, I stood up and began

kissing Mindy deep, our tongues entwined while Mindy's piss sprayed onto my waist, soaking my cock

and balls, as I continued rubbing her engorged pussy lips.

As the warm golden stream slowed, Mindy broke the embrace and pushed the stool out of

the way before dropping to her knees, cupping her oversize tits, opening her slut mouth and sticking

out her dick lickin' tongue. "I want your hot piss all over my face and tits, and my big fat nasty

milking nipples!" my hot MILF spat, "I'm a nasty slut...YOUR nasty slut!" I aimed my prick at the

piss lovers face and let loose a warm stream of my golden liquid that splashed of her tongue and

ran down her chin, covering the bitches DD titties. "Oh fuck, that feels so good baby," I groaned,

"You really love it when studs with big cocks fill you up with piss, don't you?" As I continued

to shower Mindy's sexy body, I began to aim at her tits and pussy, causing the blonde skank to

reach down and open her cunt hole wide to allow the hot liquid inside. "Piss inside my worn out

slut pussy, God Damn it!" the sex crazed MILF screamed, "I'm gonna cum...watching your hot piss

shooting out of your big cocks piss slit...Oh fuck...Oh My GOD...AAAAHHHMMMmmmmmm!"

I flooded the bitches agape pussy with my piss till it overflowed and Mindy came again,

spraying her thin girl cum in all directions. As my bladder neared empty, I put my arms around

the hot little blonde and pulled her towards me as we began deeply tongue kissing each other.

Mindy suggested a swim in her pool to clean off and soon we were skinny dipping and talking about

how hot the nights activities had been. "You still think you would like to make a movie?" I asked,

"That would be such a turn on to see you on screen fucking and sucking!" "Who would run the camara

and things like that?" Mindy asked innocently, "Wouldn't we need to get some help?" I guess I

didn't have to worry about this hot and horny amateur porn star being shy, "I Know a guy who does

great camara work, but he'll probably want you to suck him or something for doing it...actually

he'll probably want to fuck you when he sees your sweet ass!"

"Really! I know a girl who's boyfriend has done some amateur porn, and she's really cute!"

the hot blonde giggled. "I bet he's packin some meat too, huh babe," I said knowingly, "So I guess

we'll just use them then, if you can set it up." "Oh, I can set it up, shes bi and he always is

making passes at me," Mindy replied, "But bring your friend along anyway, We might need some extra

cocks to get nasty with, and I don't mind giving him what he wants, as long as he's good!" "Good at

what? you naughty unsatiable girl!" I laughed, and with that we began to plan a scheme to make a

porn video and include our hot friends in our sexually perverse fantasy.

part 2
Mindy Makes A Porn

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