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It may ramble, but it is true and fun.
I found out John not only fucked Rebecca, but Victoria came on to him and got him to have sex with her. I saw Victoria on the I-sight camera. She is sexy. I keep running into her. I saw her on a park bench. It seems she has been following John trying to get him to have sex with her. Victoria is 19 and hot. She has grown into one of the sexiest girls I know. We have known her since she was born.
John and I were driving to a restaurant and ran into Victoria. She leaned into the car to say hello. He sexy breasts almost popped out of her tight shirt. I met Ryan who is a student of mine and is sexy for a boy of 18. John and I were at Victoria’s pool and I had a sexy bathing suit on for Ryan to see me.
Victoria left the pool and followed John back to our house. He had work to do. I still had the camera set up. Victoria looks sexy. When I went home Victoria was on the couch with my gown on. I took Ryan home with me. I wanted to shock John as I let Ryan massage my breasts. Victoria wasn’t wearing panties and wrapped her legs around John. I held Ryan and pulled his face to mine. I gave him a long sexy French kiss.
As far as I know John and Victoria didn’t do anything involving sex today. I do know John will try to keep Victoria from making him have sex with her. I decided I want sex with Ryan. John and Victoria came out of the bedroom as I got on my knees in the hall. Ryan has an erection that I want in my mouth. While I groped for Ryan’s penis, Victoria groped for John’s. I’m determined to suck Ryan’s penis in front of John. John had sex many times with Rebecca. I’m sure he won’t be able to keep from having sex with Victoria. I know she is as determined to have John fuck her as I am to suck Ryan’s penis in front of John.
I said, “John you can have sex with Victoria, but I want sex with Ryan.” He said, “Cheryl I just want to feel her sexy body. She’s too young to fuck.” I still want to see if I can seduce Ryan to have sex with me. Victoria is on the couch with her legs spread. John reached over to rub her thighs and vagina. I pulled Ryan to my breast and said, “Ryan suck my breasts please.” Victoria showed John her panties. She said, “If you want I’ll keep them off for you.”
John and Victoria went to the back yard and she took John’s hand and put it in her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties as promised. I took Ryan’s pants down. I suggested we got to Victoria’s bedroom where it is safer. I didn’t want the neighbors seeing us. John kept finger-fucking Victoria as I try to get Ryan’s penis. John said, “Ok Cheryl if this is how it is to be. I can play your game. Victoria I want to feel those lovely breasts.” I pulled Ryan’s pants off and saw his penis.
Victoria said, “John I don’t want you to fuck me yet. This will be my first time and we should really think what this could lead to.” I didn’t think she could get John to fuck her. I didn’t think she would back out. I thought John wouldn’t want to fuck her in front of me. John was still naked and put his hand down her sweater to feel her young breasts. Victoria said, “John I want you to finger fuck me and suck my boobs.”
Ryan and I stayed in the bedroom. He is a virgin and I have to show him what to do. I said, “Ryan I want you to lick my vagina.” He said, “No way Cheryl!” Victoria took off her mini skirt and began to take off her blouse when John sat with her. She said, “John I don’t want you to fuck me. I want you to suck my boobs and my vagina.”
Ryan and I came to the living room where John was finger-fucking Victoria. I still had my bra on, but Ryan was naked supporting a gorgeous erection. Victoria sat on the couch totally naked. John kneeled by her naked as he kept finger fucking her. She said, “John that feels so good. Please don’t fuck me.” Victoria came to our house with a cute little mini skirt. She rode our exercise bike with the skirt pulled up so John could see her thighs and her vagina.
Ryan said, “Cheryl lets go to Victoria’s home and I want to fuck you.” I asked, “Ryan do you know I’m 60? I know you are only 18 and you are a virgin.” I wrapped my leg around Ryan’s waist and felt his erection. John massaged Victoria’s young breasts. She said, “John I think I want you to fuck me.” As John rubbed Victoria’s thighs I got on my knees and unfastened Ryan’s pants to get to his young penis. He pulled his penis and showed it to me.
Ryan’s friend Todd came in and they hugged me and rubbed my breasts. I think John will fuck Victoria as she came out of the bedroom naked. I stayed with the boys. John and Victoria went to her bedroom. John still had no pants on with his penis sticking out and hard as a rock. He wants to fuck her.
John and Victoria still haven’t had intercourse. They came to the living room. She is in her mini skirt. I have almost no clothes on with Ryan’s penis in my hand. Todd came back in. He and Ryan have an erection. I took their pants down and slipped a hand in each of their shorts to masturbate them together. John and Victoria watched me as I got Ryan’s penis out of his pants and into my mouth. His pre-cum tastes real good. I want to see if his sperm tastes as good as his pre-cum.
We all got a surprise when Todd and Ryan kissed as I sucked Ryan’s penis. Victoria said, “Wow I didn’t know you guys are bisexual because I am bisexual too.” Ryan and Todd took off all their clothes and I got in my knees in between them to masturbate them. I wonder if I can fit both their penises in my mouth. Their penises are about 4” and not very wide. I may be able to fulfill an ongoing fantasy. I fantasize two guys fucking me at the same time. I want to see if I can get their penises in my vagina together.
John took off his shorts and Victoria showed her bare vagina. Todd got on the floor and I sat on his face. He sucked my vagina and I had my first orgasm. Ryan pulled my panties all the way off and sucked my vagina. Victoria finger fucked her vagina. John said, “Victoria I have to fuck you tonight.” I want Ryan to fuck me, but I want to watch John and Victoria fuck. Ryan guided his little penis in my vagina from behind. He ejaculated in me right away.
I can tell John is getting frustrated as Victoria looks so hot, but still won’t let John fuck her. Ryan’s sperm is dripping down my thighs and it feels good. John said, “Victoria you told me you wanted me to fuck you. Now you won’t let me fuck you.” She said, “John I cannot let you with your wife watching us.” I left her room and went to turn on the camera to watch them. John’s erection stands straight out. Victoria sat naked on the bed and wants John to fuck her.
Victoria got on the bed and John guided his penis into her vagina. He pumped in and out of her. John said, “Victoria I hope you’re on the pill and won’t get pregnant.” She said, “John I want to feel your cum in my vagina. I’m not on the pill but this isn’t my time of the month and I won’t get pregnant. Just fuck me.” She sat on the edge of the bed and John pumped deeper in her vagina. John knows about the camera and he moved so I could see them fucking.
John and I talked about trying sex with the same sex. I wanted to try sex with a girl. Ryan’s girl friend is bisexual and I want to see if I can suck her vagina. John said, “Girls this is something I have to see.” I said, “John you have to promise if I have sex with Courtney then you will have sex with Ryan.” He said, “Cheryl if you really have sex with her then I guess I will have to try sex with Ryan.” I said, “John I want you to suck his penis and let him ejaculate in your mouth.”
Victoria said, “John I think Cheryl will have sex with Courtney and you will have to suck Ryan’s penis. He will like that and I hope you will like it too. I know I’m looking forward to it.” Courtney has a thong on and I helped her take it off. I am naked with John sitting masturbating in front of Victoria who is almost naked. I went to John and Victoria after I sucked Courtney’s breasts and I got up the nerve to suck her vagina. I loved the taste and I guess I can be a bisexual.
John finally got his penis into Victoria’s vagina. She guided his penis into her vagina from behind. I got naked and said, “Victoria I want to suck your vagina.” John kept pumping in and out of Victoria. She said, “Cheryl I have never had sex with a girl. I think I might like it. But after John ejaculates in my vagina.” John said, “Cheryl get ready. I’m about to ejaculate in Victoria’s vagina. This is something I have to see.” I said, “Remember you promised to suck Ryan’s penis.” John yelled, “Cheryl I’m cumming in Victoria now. Come and suck her vagina and lick my sperm out of her.” I said, “You promised to suck Ryan’s sperm.”
Victoria said, “John don’t stop fucking me. I want you to give me an orgasm and then ejaculate in my vagina for Cheryl to suck it all out of me.” I sucked Victoria’s vagina. I didn’t like John’s sperm. I said, “John why don’t you suck her vagina and see if you can suck your own sperm before you suck Ryan’s penis.” John said, “Ok Cheryl I have to fuck Victoria again and ejaculate in her. I will try and see if I can suck my sperm out of her vagina.” John fucked ejaculated again.
Ryan came in and took his pants down. He had an erection. I asked John, “Are you ready to suck your first penis and eat sperm John?” John got on his knees and sucked Ryan’s penis. Ryan ejaculated in John’s mouth within minutes. John, Victoria and I went to the kitchen to wash the sperm out of our mouths. John said, “Cheryl I actually liked Ryan’s sperm and could try it again someday soon.”
“John you will have to wait to suck Ryan’s penis again. He went home to get Todd. Maybe you will be able to suck both penises.” I want to see that. Victoria said, “John I want to watch you have sex with your wife and suck her vagina again after you ejaculate in her.” I want John to fuck me. I want to see if he will suck my vagina when it is full of his sperm.
Todd came in and went right for my ass. He rubbed my ass and I could feel his erection. John went to Victoria and he has a thing about her vagina. He really loves to finger fuck her vagina. Todd and I joined John and Victoria in bed. John had ejaculated in Victoria and Todd and I sucked her vagina. John said, “I guess I have to suck Todd’s penis tonight.”
John stood over Victoria’s face on the bed and pumped his penis in and out of her face like it was a vagina. Victoria said, “John I want you to fuck me again. I love your penis in me and I want your sperm.” I planned to join them and suck Victoria’s vagina. I sat on the bed while John got on top of this gorgeous 19 year old girl we knew when she was first born. John was fucking her and enjoying her.
After they fucked for about 30 minutes John and Victoria took a shower together. Good thing the shower area is big because I joined them. When I got in the shower, Victoria said, Oh Cheryl I forgot that John has to suck the boys’ penises. This I have to see. Are you ready John?” John said, “I am as ready as I’ll ever be. Bring on the boys.” John, Victoria and I went to the bedroom and there were Ryan and Todd kissing and hugging. They had the smallest penises I’ve ever seen, not that I’ve seen a lot of boys’ penises. I still plan to get them both to fuck me at the same time.
John got in bed between the two boys and took both penises in his hand and masturbated them. After about 15 minutes Todd said, “John suck my prick now. I’m going to cum.” At that he shot a load of sperm into the air and it landed in John’s face, but not in time for John to get it into his mouth. Ryan said, “John try sucking my prick and I’ll make sure I cum in your mouth.” John and Ryan got in a 69 position and sucked each others penis. I can always tell when John is about to ejaculate. His body gets stiff and it pushes forward just before he ejaculates. He ejaculated in Ryan’s mouth. Just as he sucked John’s penis harder, he ejaculated a huge load of sperm into John’s mouth. There was so much sperm that a lot of it dripped out of the sides of John’s mouth. Todd joined John and licked the sperm off John’s lips and cheeks. I got it all on camera to show John later.
After the boys sucked John’s penis again we got in the shower. I said, “John I guess you like their sperm.” He said, “I like their penises to. I’m glad you made me try it. I like the feeling of their penises in my mouth and can see why you like to have them fuck you. I think I like their penis more than I like sucking your vagina. I loved the feeling of their sperm as it squirted in my mouth. Sperm comes out so warm and a little sweet.”
Victoria said, “Cheryl I think you and I should suck each other like the guys did.” We got into a 69 position and sucked each others vagina. I have to admit that I liked her vagina and am glad I found bisexuality. I want to see if I can have sex with some of Victoria’s girl friends. We invited Victoria and some of her friends on vacation with us. John made sure Ryan and some of his friends came to. He wants more sperm.
We went to the bedroom and John went right to Victoria to fuck her. She said, “John I love our penis deep in my vagina. I want Cheryl to suck my vagina while you fuck me.” I said, “John a guess you like boys and girls just as much.” He said, “Cheryl I like sex and it doesn’t matter who it is with. I love fucking girls and I love sucking the guys. I guess I might like penises more because I love their sperm as it shoots into my throat.”
The next time John had sex with Victoria was about a month later. I got home and found Victoria in a shirt and panties with John hugging her. I nearly had an orgasm just seeing her sexy young body again. I forgot to mention that Victoria has the cutest body I’ve ever wanted to suck. Her breasts are about a 32AA. She is about 5’4” tall and maybe weighs 110 pounds. I am 5’7” tall with 34B breasts and weigh about 135 pounds. John is 6’1” and his penis is about 6” long when erect. I already told you the boys’ penises are small. I still want them in my vagina together.
John picked up Victoria and sat her on the edge of the hot tub. He had her spread her legs and yes he fucked her right there on the hot tub. I said, “John I hope you will fuck me as good when we are together. We rarely have sex now that you have sex with the boys and with Victoria and her girl friends. I know you have been fucking Rebecca, Sarah, Amy and several other of their friends.” He said, “You haven’t missed out on having sex. I know you have had sex with at least 9 teenage boys.”
Victoria said, “Cheryl John is so much better than the boys. He makes love to me and doesn’t just fuck me. The boys should watch him to learn to make love to a girl, not just fuck us.” I said, “I guess I should teach then how to make love. Ryan come here and rub by breasts gently. After that I want you to kiss me all over my body. Then you can fuck me, but fuck me gently.” Ryan and I kissed while John had Victoria get on her knees. He guided his penis into her vagina from behind and pumped and pumped in her. Victoria said, “John I want you to fuck me in the ass. I heard that is the best feeling ever.”
John and Victoria had been sleeping together and A week later Ryan and I had sex in the same room. Today they were sleeping as Ryan and I had sex. We weren’t quiet as we made love all over the bed with Victoria and John sleeping. They never woke up as Ryan and I fucked and fucked. I bent over John and sucked his penis while he slept. Ryan guided his penis in me from behind and fucked me while I masturbated John. He stayed asleep and Ryan asked, “Cheryl can I finish him and see if I can make him cum in my mouth?” I answered, “Ok, but I want you to spit his sperm into his mouth.” I want John to taste his own sperm to see if he thinks it tastes as good as all the boys he had been sucking.
After Ryan spit John’s sperm in his mouth John ad Victoria woke up and I went to her and sucked her little boobs. I want her to suck my breasts. John masturbated as I went to Victoria’s vagina and sucked her to an orgasm. I can see why John likes to suck my vagina. Hers tastes great. I think John is addicted to sex. Maybe I’m addicted to sex to as it seems whenever I find John with a girl having sex, I have to join them and have sex with both of them. I got home and there he was again with Victoria in the bedroom. I said, “Victoria I hope you don’t get pregnant.”
If I got home and John and Victoria were sleeping I would suck either John’s penis or I would suck Victoria’s vagina. I love sucking them. I guess I am a sex addict. I can make John ejaculate in his sleep. I know he doesn’t wake up when I suck his penis. He tells me later that he doesn’t remember any of it.
I masturbate when I have the camera on and John is with Victoria. Today I watch as John is on his knees sucking Victoria’s vagina. I always have an orgasm when I’m watching. I guess this story should end for now. Be sure to watch for the next part. In the next part I write about John’s sex with the boys. This is the most erotic sex I’ve ever seen.
So long for now and be sure to comment.

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How about you just stop letting your bonerifyd do things he should not be doing , Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins , to come into your heart , ask him to help you to be the Young Lady that you were created to be . Don't be with another person that will disrespect you . Tell him you have accepted Jesus into your heart , and you will not be doing those things any more , then if someone says something to you about your past , you just say , that person died , I am a new creature in Christ Jesus , God says he will not even remember your sins , so no reason for you to remember , God will forgive you if you ask , he will help you to have the life that is good . He will help you to meet the Right people . Read your Bible everyday talk to God everyday , Talk to him about anything , he knows all about it , he will help you to know the answers if you will listen , pray , then sit quietly with a pen paper listen , the answers will come , write them down so years from now you can


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I love all your stories. You sound like a fun couple to be with.

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The zillionth author with no clue about presenting a story despite the literally hundreds of complaints about "walls of words"

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