A true story (mostly)
I was heading home from work last spring when I noticed a young lady women standing at a bus stop along the stroll. Even with the growth of internet prostitution, most towns have a stroll, someplace where the local working girls hang-out looking for dates. I was familiar with many of the local girls, at least recognizing them by sight, if not having taken advantage of the goods they offer. I didn’t recognize this gal, but she had many of the characteristics that I look for when picking up a girl. She has dressed in a pair of white jean shorts that were a bit too tight, a bit too short, and probably a bit too cold for the spring weather and the time of night. She was also wearing a rather tight pink tank top which displayed a very nice set of breasts, 38D, maybe DD. She had long blonde hair, nearly down to her waist and an ass that was the epitome of peach shaped. I watched her through my review mirror until the light changed and never quite decided whether or not she was working or just waiting on the bus.

The next night I went out to play poker at the casino and won some good money from tourists who think they know all about Texas Hold’em from watching it on ESPN. I was headed home, and what to my wonder, she was right back at the same bus stop wearing the nearly same clothing, her shorts had been replaced by a pair of skin tight jeans, but her rack was fully on display for every male that passed to appreciate. Never a man to avoid fate when it jumps right up in front of me, I circled the block and pulled into the restaurant parking lot behind the bus stop. Two toots of my horn and a wave were enough to get her sauntering over to my truck. “Looking for a date,” she questioned.

“Sure, jump in and we can talk.”

“You’re not a cop are you? I have never been busted,” she inquired.

I shook my head no, and popped the door locks. She climbed in, looked me over, and asked, “Hi, I’m Sara. Show me your cock so I know you’re not a cop.”

I was amazed, never been asked to show my goods before, but what the heck a good looking women wanted to see my meat. I unzipped my pants and fished out a half-hard cock out for her. “That’s a nice looking cock,” she said, “So, what are you looking for tonight?”

Normally all I ever get from a street walker is a quick blow job. The very thought of putting my cock into most of them scares the erection right out of me, but this gal was different. She was good looking, even in the dark I could see that, not some skinny crack ho with 3 teeth missing, she was dressed well, a nice cross between sexy and slutty, and she smelled good. “Haven’t seen you out here before,” I replied.

“I don’t do this very often. Usually only if the alimony money runs out before the next check arrives or sometimes when I am feeling horny.”

“Saw you out last night,”

“No one wanted to pick me up,” she replied, “The two guys that did stop only wanted blowjobs, and $20 or $30 blowjobs aren’t even worth the risk of being out here!”

My lucky night, I thought to myself, a good looking woman, poker winnings in my pocket that might rent her pussy and mouth for a while, and a stiffening cock ready for some fucking. “If you have a place, I would love to give you a good fuck. One hour of your time, full service, and GFE.”

Sara looked me over one more time, reached over and stroked my slowly growing cock, and quoted me a price. It was very reasonable, especially considering I would pay her with tourist dollars, so I quickly agreed. We made small talk as she directed me over to a sleazy little local residential motel and we went upstairs together. While unlocking the door she told me, “Go straight into the bathroom, while I wake my daughter and send her down to do some laundry.”

I wandered in, looked around to make sure it was safe, and headed for the bath. As I was walking, I noticed what looked to be about a 16 year-old blonde girl sound asleep in one of the two queen-sized beds. Her sheet had ridden up over her hips and a pair of sexy black lace panties that barely covered her butt were clearly visible. Nice tush I thought to myself. Sara saw my gaze and quickly pulled the sheet down over the exposed bottom, while shushing me towards the bathroom. She followed me in, pushed me down onto the stool, and gave me a very passionate kiss. We broke and she said “Just give me a few minutes to get her moving and then we can take care of business.”

As she turned to leave I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me. Standing as we moved closer together I maneuvered her towards the wall and ran a hand up under her top, getting a good feel of those tits for the first time. They were smooth and firm, covered with a lace bra, but with nipples that were getting hard even from this small amount of foreplay. She moaned lightly, caught her breath, and said, “Five minutes is all I need.”

“You don’t need to wake her,” I said, “If she is like most teenagers, she wouldn’t wake if you jumped on her bed, and do you really think it’s safe for her to be wandering around a place like this at 2 AM in the morning?”

“It’s not the first time she has had to do a middle of the night laundry run.”

“And to you think she doesn’t know why? Mommy is getting laid. She’s 16 I would guess, not 8, she knows what the middle of the night laundry visits are all about,” I replied.

She thought it over and finally consented. “You will have to keep it down though. If she wakes it would be really embarrassing.”

“I can keep it down, can you?” I asked as I pulled my shirt up over my head.

She ran her fingers through the hair on my chest. “I will have to try,” she sighed.

I led her into the main room, dropped my pants, and sat in the room’s only chair. She started with a slow sensual strip for me as she hummed to herself. Her hand s must have touched every part of her body as she slowly disrobed. First, off came her top, yeah at least a DD cup, just perfect for her build. I was busy checking out the goods when I noticed that she was wearing a pink bra that must have cost at least $300. This girl had lived a high maintenance lifestyle before this cheap motel, I thought to myself. The off slid her jeans and underneath them was the matching pair of panties.

I leaned back into the chair and she knelt in front of me and began kissing my now stiff cock. I turned on the chair side light to watch my favorite show. This being the first time I was really seeing her in the light, I looked her over, as she slowly ran her lips up and down my shaft. Sara was a little older than I would of thought at first glance, and definitely older than her well-toned body would have led you to believe. She had the telling signs of age around her eyes. I looked over at the beds; she was the mother of a teenager, so I guessed she was at least 35 or so.

She continued her ministrations to my cock, giving what was an unusual, but very good blow job. She ran her lips up and down the shaft as if she could kiss my cock to orgasm. Occasionally she would take the head into her mouth and suck on it, but for the most part she just used her lips to make love to the shaft. She looked up and said, “I love the taste of cum in my mouth, but with a small mouth like mine, I find this works out better, for both me and my friends”

She was obviously very engrossed in what she was doing and never looked up from her work, As much as I like watching my cock slide in and out of a wet mouth, I found that watching her was totally unnecessary, I was in blowjob heaven without the visual stimulus. She was going to make me cum in very short order if I didn’t get back in charge. I grabbed the sides of her head and pulled her back from my cock as I stood. Taking hold of her hair, I started stroking myself in and out of her tight lips. She looked up at me, and with a mouthful of cock mumbled, “Easy we have plenty of time.”

I released my grip and she continued doing what she was born to do. Over on the bed there was a slight rustling of sheets as the girl turned over. Sara stopped for a second, and when there was no more sound she started back to work on my cock. I was watching mom sucking my cock with one eye and the daughter sleeping under her sheets with the other, when I noticed a smile form on the face in the bed. She was awake, but was faking sleep.

What a dilemma, pretty mom sucking cock, pretty daughter watching, but pretending to be asleep, and horny man wondering what to do next. I saw her eyes open slightly as she was trying to get a clearer view of the action. Well if she wants to watch a blowjob, let me give her a good show. I slowly slid myself around so that, she could see all the action without her mother’s head being in the way. I am not sure if it was the first time she had seen a cock, the first time she had seen a real cock, or the first time she had seen a blow job, but her eyes opened wide and she ran her tongue across her lips. I held a finger up to my lips and shh’d her. Her mom looked around to see what was going on just as the teen girl’s eyes closed.

To close of a call, I took the sides of her mom’s head once again and started mouth fucking her. She looked up at me and tried to say something, but I just kept pumping away. I was near cumming, so I pulled the cock from her mouth and told her to keep it open. I beat off for about 10 seconds, while watching the bed. Just as the teen opened her eyes once again, I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life. 6 or 7 solid ropes of jism floated through the air and into her mom’s mouth, onto her face, and dribbled down her chin onto her titties.

“I guess you liked that,” Sara said.

“Go clean up and then it’s your turn,” I whispered.

I sat down as I heard the water running and my cock started to droop. I looked right at the teen and she stared right back at my cock. Obviously she was intrigued and wanted to see more. I mouthed to her, “She’ll be right back and then I am going to fuck her in the pussy and ass. Be careful watching, because if she catches you it’s all over for both off us.”

She nodded her understanding and I watched her hands slide down under the sheets to her crotch. It seems hard cock, blow jobs, and voyeurism made the little one horny. I just had to figure out the best angles and to give her the show of her young life.

Sara returned nice and clean. She had shed her bra and panties and I got my first look of her totally naked. A nice little blonde landing strip covered her mound and those great tits were just waiting for my mouth. I waved her over to where I was sitting and patted my lap for her to sit down on. She sat down on my lap and reached down between my legs to start playing with my now soft cock. “Your turn,” I told her as I took one of her half-dollar sized nipples into my mouth. It immediately became hard and she once again moaned lightly. Having also been a tit man, I appreciated that she liked having them nibbled on as much as I like doing it. I turned her towards me and we necked like to teenagers at the drive-in. I played with her tits and fingered her mound as we kissed and stroked each other.

Quickly she became very wet and I started to harden. I picked her up and lay her down on the bed. I carefully arranged her and the pillows so that she was looking towards the bathroom and not towards the voyeur teen on the next bed over. I looked over and as the teen looked on, I lowered my face to her waiting cunt and did what I do best; I made her moan.

She had a perfect little pussy, shaved clean except for the landing strip. Her outer lips were small, but at this point in the evening quiet inflamed. She smelled great and I slowly circled her clitoris with my tongue, teasing the sensitive area without ever actually touching the little bud. I used my whole mouth, lips and tongue to devour her. From the noises I was hearing, she was lost in the passion of her first orgasm of the night. Her thighs rubbed my ears raw and then I went in for the kill. I slowly sucked her clit between my lips and circled it with my tongue. Her hips bucked and she was loud enough that even I looked around. On the next bed, the sheet was moving as the teen voyeur was quickly rubbing her on pussy and soon reached orgasm all by herself.

“Fuck me please,” Sara moaned.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I stood and pulled her to me; standing her up, I lead her over the chair and bent her over it. She placed her hands upon the armrests and spread her legs apart to give me quick access. The angle was just perfect. She was facing the wall, completely oblivious to what was going on behind her. But she was wide open for her daughter to watch her getting fucked.

With her mom no longer a threat of seeing her, the teen had pulled a rather large breast out of her bra and was suckling herself. She held her breast to her mouth with one hand while the other continued its furious rubbing on her on lace covered pussy. I watch her for about 10 seconds as her mother’s waiting ass wiggled back and forth at me. Slowly a slid up to her, grabbed her hips and entered her waiting love hole. She moaned, and pushed herself back upon my waiting member, impaling herself all the way to my ball sack. Needing no more distraction, I turned from the voyeur and started fucking her with every ounce of energy in my body. It was no longer about making her feel good, no longer about her teen daughter watching, it was about me emptying myself into her.

Slowly what had been a nice tight pussy loosened as he had 3 or 4 orgasms in a 5 minute period. She was really getting off on my cock. Now it was my turn. As yet another orgasm faded, I pulled myself from her pussy and placed the head of my cock against the little brown eye that had been staring up at me. Suddenly her inner whore kicked in and she said, “Greek is extra.”

“I paid for full service,” I stated.

“Greek is never covered by full service. I might not do this much, but I know how things run.”

Damn, I thought to myself. It wasn’t about the money; to me anal sex was about pleasure. Then I came had a brilliant idea. “Do you like to gamble,” I asked.

“Sure, nearly everyone in this town does.”

“In my pants pocket on the floor right below you is a wad of bills. There are hundreds, fifties, twenties, even some fives and ones, in no particular order. Let’s make a deal, you get to reach into that pocket when we get done and take out any single bill you want without looking, you might make an extra $100 or you might make almost nothing. Willing to take a chance? “I asked her.

She reached back through her legs and while grabbing the shaft my still very hard cock said, “Lube that big boy back up in my pussy, before putting in my ass.”

It had started drying up as we haggled over price. Into her pussy I slid my manhood 3, 4, 5 strokes. Nice and wet. I pulled out and slipped a couple of fingers into her, spreading her own plentiful juices from her pussy to her asshole. I was paying extra for this, I was damned if I wasn’t going to be gentle with her like I had been planning. Holding my turgid member in one hand and one ass check with the other, I placed it against her sphincter and started pushing inward. As soon as the head had opened her up, I grabbed both hips and slowly sank the entire length into her without so much as a sound coming from her. Damn this was tight. I slowly started fucking her once again, and she started moaning. She reached back between her legs and started fingering herself as I fucked her shitter. This girl was one hot piece of ass. She came one more time and then reach back and grabbed my nut sack that had been beating on her pussy. Squeezing slightly she said out loud, “Cum in my ass you motherfucker.”

“That I am,” I said out loud and spewed what felt like a pint of cum into her waiting anus. We both collapsed and slowly I shrunk up and pulled myself from her. “You are one great piece of tail,” I told her.

“I haven’t cum like that I ages,” she said, “So much for the life of the randy divorcee, huh.”

She reached down into my pants pocket on the floor withdrew a bill and smiled without even looking at it. She went to the bath room and brought out a warm cloth to clean me up. “We can’t have you going home to your wife smelling like another pussy. She might not let you come visit me again.” she said.

“No wife at home,” I clarified. “You know you have a hot body for someone with a teenage kid on her.”

“Yeah, a real MILF,” she said sarcastically.

“Take my card and call me if you want to make some real money. I have a friend that I am betting would love to film you. It’s strictly amateur porn, but he would pay enough that you no longer have to walk streets."

“I’ll think about it,” she said as I was leaving.

“I hope you enjoyed the show young lady!” I heard her say as the door closed.



Three days later, my phone rang from an unlisted number. I answered and heard a sweet voice say, “I stole your business card from my mom, You remember Sara, don’t you. “

“How could I forget her?”

“Is it true you paid to fuck her?”


“And extra to fuck her in the ass,” she queried.

Not knowing where this was going admitted to the facts she had witnessed.

“Would you pay the same to fuck me? I know you liked watching me playing with myself.”

Shit, I thought. I am going to get into trouble. “You’re only 16 girlie. I am not going to jail for a piece of ass. No matter how good it might be. “

“I am 18 and have the ID to prove it. My mom tells folks I am 16 so that she can stay younger. I might also be interested a movie gig like you offered mom, if they will pay her to fuck on film, I know they will pay me twice as much”

True, I thought. “Call me again next week and we can set up an "audition".”

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