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A guard has his way with Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat)
She stood atop the giant skyscraper, gazing into the bright lights of the bustling city below. The cold air chilled her skin, sending a slight shiver down her spine. Dressed in her sleek black outfit that left little to the imagination, the Black Cat was on the prowl. While she may not have been equipped for the weather, she was definitely prepared for something more devious. Taking a quick glance at her digital watch, she noted that the green display read 7:29. Within the next minute, she loaded her harpoon gun with a grappling hook and had it aimed straight at the rooftop entrance of the adjacent building.

With an audible "swoosh", the compressed air from the gun sent the grapple slicing across through the night sky. It reached its target with precision accuracy, planting itself deep into the brick wall. She attached the other end to a pipe, checking that the rope was taut. The shadowy figure gracefully slid down the fibers, never losing her balance. Upon reaching the building, she quickly launched herself onto the roof of the entrance. Five seconds later, the door sprang open and an armed security guard dashed into action. He searched the rooftop, looking for the possible intruder that had set off the sensor.

The Black Cat remained perched above the entryway, smiling as the guard wandered in circles. With an insignificant flick of her wrist, she knocked the unsuspecting guard's hat off and sent him chasing after it. Now that guard was occupied, she dropped into the echoing stairwell. Prior to this little escapade, she had memorized the entire layout of the building from the architect's blueprints. She knew every hallway, office, and secret that the building hid---and she was about to unearth a few. On the twelfth floor, an old cleaning lady was pushing her squeaky cart down the abandoned hallway. The intruder heard the approaching cart making its way around the corner and went flat against the wall. Reacting instantly, she kicked a bucket of cleaning solution into the poor woman's face. The old woman screamed, instinctively rubbing her burning pupils and making it worse for herself.

Sprinting through the hallways, the Black Cat noticed a security camera directly under the office she needed to enter. She pulled a small bottle from her belt and coated the camera lens with black paint. Now she no longer had to fear being spotted. However, a new problem quickly arose. The lock to the door was encrypted with the latest security software. Lucky for her, she just happened to have the digital "skeleton key" for such a device. Detaching the small display device from her wrist, she slid it into the card access slot of the lock. Within seconds, the display flashed "approved" and the door clicked; she was in.

The old office was decorated with a modern motif. It was simple--not the place you would expect to find anything more valuable than a stapler or some file folders. Behind the desk hung a dreary looking picture of what the owner must have considered "art". It was such an obvious hiding place for what the infamous Black Cat was looking for. She inched up to the painting, assuming that it was probably surrounded by infrared trip wires. With a quick spray of some unknown solution, the laser lines became visible to her masked eyes. The only way she would be able to pull the picture off of the wall was to put her hand through the lasers. However, the cunning thief had a solution to this problem. She dug into the compartments of her belt, removing a shiny "L" shaped contraption. Moving ever so gently, she inserted the gadget between two of the lasers. They lasers instantly bounced off the mirrored surface, completely changing course and allowing the young woman access to the mounted frame. She removed the frame from the wall and was greeted to the sight of a steel plate.

Unsure of how to open the safe, she haphazardly touched everything on the desk. She dug through all of the drawers in hopes of finding some type of switch. There wasn't much to the room, so it had to be somewhere in plain sight. She decided to pry into the filing cabinet next, which was filled with several empty file folders. She flipped through the files and eventually struck gold. The young woman noticed that one of the files was attached to some sort of mechanical wire. When she pulled up on the file, it triggered a switch that opened the wall safe. Anxious to examine her loot, the thief grasped at the items with her clawed hands. What she pulled out, however, was not what she had expected. Wrapped in a shroud, she uncovered what appeared to be some kind of ancient tablet. Foreign writing was scrawled all over its rocky surface-- undecipherable by any human language. Without warning, she felt a stiff blow slam against the back of her head and everything went pitch black.

The Black Cat awoke in a daze with the back of her head pounding. The bright light in the center of the room made it difficult for her eyes to focus. She felt around, hoping to regain her bearings. All she could feel was the cold floor beneath her sprawled body and what she believed to be the leg of a metal table. The clanking sound of a chain echoed throughout the chamber as she tried to rise up.

The spots began to fade from her vision and the dull features of the room invaded her retina. All of the walls were a shade of grey, with an imposing steel door to her right. She noticed that it was without a handle, meaning that the door could only be opened from the outside. The woman rose to a crouching position and noticed that her left leg was chained to a table.

Her first thought was to lift the table, but she soon realized that it was bolted to the floor. Her next idea was to use the pocket torch in her belt, which she soon discovered had been removed. She grew nervous as she fiddled with the metal clasp that tightly secured her ankle. There had to be a way out.

Moments later, the metal door swung open and the Black Cat was able to see her captor.

"I doubt you'll be able to get that off," he said with a smirk. "It's magnetically sealed."

An overweight man stood before her, dressed in a security uniform that seemed a size too small. His gut spilled out over his pants and he looked to be incredibly out of shape. She noticed that he had on a belt with a holster, but she became disheartened when she realized that it was empty—that could have been her quick ticket out. The guard let the door slam behind him, keeping his distance from the prisoner.

"How are you kitten?" he asked, positioning himself as far from her as possible.

"You think you've caught me, but you haven't," she bellowed. "If you or any of your goons come close to me I will kill them. That's your only warning."

"Do you actually believe I haven't considered that?" said the guard wryly. "If I was concerned with you hurting me, I would have restrained your hands."

She thought it strange that her leg was the only restraint that had been put into place, but she chalked it up to the inexperience of the security team. After all, she was sure that none of the guards had ever dealt with an intruder of her prowess.

"Do you know who you're stealing from?" the guard asked, clearing the phlegm from his throat.

"Of course I do," she barked back. "Wilson Fisk, better known as the Kingpin. He owns every office in this part of the city."

"So you're acquainted with his power and you've heard the stories of what happens to those who try to take from him."

"I know more about the Kingpin than anyone else in this city," she exclaimed, drawing her hands into a tight fist. Just the thought of that fat bastard made her blood boil.

The guard continued, "Then you know that when we hand you over to him, you can expect a very long and painful death. With a body like that, you'll probably become his personal servant for several months. He'll have his way with you, and then pass you around to all his billionaire friends. When all is said and done, he'll torture you until death is what you crave."

She had been researching Wilson Fisk since the age of fifteen, and had discovered that he ran New York's largest crime syndicate and had his fingers dipped inside every racket the town had to offer. She knew that prostitution was a big part of Fisk's income and he wouldn't hesitate to use her as a sex slave.

"What do you want?" she asked while keeping a stern composure. She didn't want to appear afraid, but a meeting with the Kingpin would be her end.

"For starters, I want to know your name. I read all about you costumed freaks in the Bugle, but I've never been this close to one. What do they call you?"

"I'm known as the Black Cat," she answered with a grin.

"The Black Cat? There was an article about you in the paper last week. The curator at the Metro said the cameras caught a glimpse of a woman stealing some priceless piece of art; coined her as a cat burglar. Was that really you?"

"Do you think I'm going to admit to something like that?"

"Unless you'd rather tell it to Mr. Fisk," he harshly responded.

The Black Cat considered what her captor was saying and uttered a barely audible "yes".

"I am inches from New York's famous cat burglar," said the enthused guard. "Now what do we do?"

She stood in silence, crossing her arms and tapping her foot lightly against the slate floor. Her goal was to give the impression that she was in no way interested with what her captor had to say. After thirty seconds of listening to the hum of the ventilation system, she spoke up.

"Are you waiting for me?!"

"Answer my question. What do we do?"

"Why don't you unhook my leg, open that door, and let me go on my merry way you tub of lard?!"

"That's not how it's going to work," he snapped.

With that statement, the guard was sweating profusely and his face had turned a bright red—she was making him mad. "If you don't play along, I will have the entire security team drag your ass to Mr. Fisk and he will take care of you himself!"

The Black Cat was caught off guard by her captor's sudden change of demeanor. He was frustrated and put off by her complete rejection to be a part of his game.

"I'm tired of trying to reason with you, so I'll just tell you what I want. Take off your clothes!" he demanded.

"Hell no," she yelled. "If you want them off, come get them yourself."

"Fine!" The guard eased into a metal folding chair, his emotions obviously affecting his health. His breathing was short as he pushed the button on his two-way communicator. A voice crackled over the static.

"This is central. Go ahead."

"Wait!" the Black Cat screamed. The guard let go of the button and the static resumed.

"Having second thoughts?" he asked.

"I'll do what you say, but you have to agree to let me go."

"How do I know you're not bluffing?"

The Black Cat clutched a small zipper that was hidden in the seam of her leather outfit and slid it down to her waist. The guard watched in awe as his captive's large breasts peered out from their leathery prison. She peeled back the sides of her top, completely exposing her chest to the drooling guard. He sat in a daze for several seconds, admiring the young woman's curves.

The sound of the communicator brought him back to reality.

"This is central. Respond."

The guard retrieved his communicator, never letting his eyes wander from his newfound prize.

"Everything's alright. I accidentally pushed the button."

"Quit being a dumbass. We're still in search of the rooftop intruder, so keep patrolling twelve."

"Will do. Out," the guard responded as he threw the communicator against the wall.

"Now back to you," he said, focusing his attention on every inch of the woman standing in front of him.

The Black Cat felt extremely awkward. The hundreds of burglaries she had committed in the past had never led to a situation like the one she was in now. She had used her feminine wiles to escape a tight spot before, but never to this extent.

"Take the rest of it off," the guard commanded.

She noticed that he was rubbing himself under the table, a slight bulge protruding from his pants. It disgusted her to know that this pig was getting off.

She began with the gloves, yanking off the claws and dropping them to the floor. The suit was all one piece, so she had to do a little dance in order to pull her arms through. As she did, her breasts bounced up and down, which gave the guard a nice show. With her costume now bunched around her waist, she pulled the tight fabric down the length of her legs until it reached her knees. There was now a noticeable problem.

Unsure of what to do about the metal clasp, she just stood there and waited for the guard to say something. He stared at her bikini cut thong, engaged with what lay beneath.

"That's beautiful," he complimented. "You have a terrific body."

"Are we done now?" she asked, hoping it was all over.

"Not by a long shot," he retorted. "What's under there?"

"Have you ever seen one before?" she sarcastically asked. "Most real men know what they'd find down there."

The guard grew angry once more, unimpressed with her witty response.

"Show me your pussy!" he demanded, beginning to undo his belt. The Black Cat was indecisive, but quickly chose to play along. She gripped the sides of her thong and lowered it to join the rest of the clothing at her knees. She immediately covered herself with her hands.

"Why are you hiding it?" he asked with curiosity. "You weren't shy when it came to showing me those huge tits. Move your hand."

The Black Cat did as he commanded, revealing a small tuft of brown pubic hair.

"So white is not your natural color?" he asked with a snort. "I guess you really have to hide your identity."

The Black Cat grew flush with embarrassment. She always wore a white wig to hide her secret identity, but she was hoping that her captor would leave it on. If the Kingpin found out who she was and what she actually looked like, he could easily hunt her down and have her killed.

"Turn around," the guard said, twirling his finger. "I want to see your ass."

Leather squeaked as she spun around to please her captor. He took a long look at her firm cheeks, then motioned for her to look at him.

"You look like a cat and you're sleek like a cat, but I want you on all fours like a cat." The Black Cat closed her eyes and thought about the demeaning act the guard was demanding. She wasn't na? and knew that if she got on all fours, the guard would expect more. Was this really worth it? Would she be better off trying to fight off the Kingpin and his goons? Was there another way out?

"Make up your mind!" the guard shouted. "I don't have all night."

She sank to the floor, bending her knees to lower herself. The guard gazed at his toy's slender body while touching himself under his pants.

"Now come to me," he signaled with his free hand. The Black Cat extended her arms, crawling in shame to the feet of her sitting captor. She waited there, trying to hide her emotions from the malevolent guard.

"Don't just sit there. Unzip my pants!"

Her head fell in disgrace. Here she was, one of New York's most expert thieves, kneeling at the foot of a bloated minimum wage security guard who was demanding her obedience. The only bit of hope she had was that the guard twitched as she approached, which meant there was still a bit of apprehension concerning the whole ordeal. If he wasn't holding the Kingpin scenario over her head, she could easily just kill him where he sat.

She reached for her captor's crotch and found the tight zipper. Pulling down on the sliver of metal, she yanked down his fly and unbuttoned his pants. There was a bulge that she tried to avoid, but her hands accidentally brushed against it.

"That's better," he squealed, watching in amusement as his pet did as she was told.

The Black Cat knew what he wanted next and didn't wait for him to bark out an order. She searched out the elastic of the guard's briefs, digging under a roll of fat to reach what she was looking for. She tugged on the fabric while the guard helped her ease his pants and underwear down his fat legs.

She now knelt inches from his hard cock, which was nothing special. He was obviously erect, since his dick stood straight up from a jungle of black pubic hair.

"Don't you like my cock?" he asked in vein. "I want you to please this with your mouth." She wasn't thrown off by the demand, because she knew it was coming. She always prided herself on her full and supple lips, which she had used on men many times before. Thinking back to the other guys she had been with made her want to return to that time. Perhaps she could take herself to another place in her mind, so that this experience wouldn't be as grueling as she knew it was going to be.

She remembered back a couple of years, when she and James Lanston were in the backseat of his car. At that moment in time, she hadn't had a lot of experience sexually, but she thought James was the love of her life and she couldn't resist. His lips touched every part of her body, caressing and licking her skin. They made out for almost an hour, when James finally placed her hand on his throbbing cock. Instinctually, she knew what to do. Ripping off his pants, she engulfed his cock with her wet lips. She remembered the sweet taste and how satisfying it felt to have him spew every last bit of his seed down her throat.

She took herself there for a moment, but was immediately brought back to the present when she felt hard flesh strike her cheek.

"Let's go!" the guard yelled. His cock was dangling in front of her lips, waiting to be pleased. He had moved forward, so that he was now sitting on the edge of the chair. In this position, the Black Cat could see his sac and balls hanging freely. She wanted desperately to tear at them with her claws.

Gripping his cock in her hands, she could feel the clammy warmth of his body. She opened her lips and allowed her captor access to the enticing hole of her mouth. Pulling the length forward, she held his cock at the base and swirled her tongue along the bulbous head. He wailed with each lashing of her tongue against the soft tissue of his cock head, forcing him to grip on to the locks of her white mane. As he held her skull, she could feel him pressuring her head to go further onto his cock. She began to bob back and forth, practically taking in the entire length of his small manhood. The stale smell of sweat was absolutely nauseating. It made her gag several times when he pushed so far that her nose was buried in his mass of pubic hair. Her forehead was also being mashed into the layer of fat around his torso, which only added to the disgusting experience. "I bet you're liking this," he yelled. "You love sucking my cock!"

The Black Cat tried to breathe, but the air was burning the inside of her nose. She used a great deal of strength to pry herself from the force of the guard's grip. When she finally managed to pull away from his stiff cock, she gasped for breath and noticed something was missing.

The guard was holding her white wig in his hands, shocked at what had just happened. He looked at the brunette prisoner with fleeting eyes, then back at the wig.

"I get the best of both worlds with you!" he hooted. "You look fuckable with both looks."

"Give me back my hair!" she demanded crossly.

"No," he replied. "You'll get it back in due time. I like you this way for now."

"When will this be over?!" she shouted, still kneeling at her captor's feet.

"When I say it's over. First, I need that mask off. It's really hard to keep it up when I can't see your whole face."

"But you'll know who I am," she replied. "I can't take off my mask."

"You've come this far. Are you really going to start acting this way again?" the guard said as he reached for the communicator on the floor.

"Damn you," she yelled, unclasping the band that kept her mask in place. It dropped to the floor and revealed her sparkling blue eyes that were previously hidden behind the golden tint of her mask. The guard now knew that the Black Cat and Felicia Hardy were one and the same. He had taken a white haired vixen and turned her into a short haired college girl.

"You look so good," the guard said as he played with himself to the visage of the naked young woman kneeling before him. "Why don't you lie down and let me ride those giant tits of yours?"

Felicia leaned back onto the cold floor, watching her captor undress. He looked even worse with his shirt off, the fat jiggling with each clumsy movement of his body. Hovering over the helpless woman, he stroked his meat while gazing into her bright eyes. There were at least thirty different ways she could take him down in this position, but none of those would be helpful to her now. Still chained to the table and without a way of unlocking the door, she surely would suffer a fate much worse than this if she decided to incapacitate the guard.

She braced herself for what was to come next, knowing that it was not going to be enjoyable. The weight of her assailant would be unbearable if he didn't distribute his girth properly. She took a deep breath as the guard lowered himself onto her tone midriff. Her stomach muscles were strong, but they were not used to supporting an obese man.

The guard sat still on her stomach, fondling her fleshy mounds with his calloused hands. The Black Cat was able to keep up a shallow breath, which the guard mistook as a sign that the woman was turned on—she wasn't. Thumbing her hard nipples, the guard rubbed the sensitive nubs between his greasy digits. He was playing rough, slapping her breasts back and forth. When he grew tired of beating her breasts, he circled her large aureoles with his index finger, paying careful attention to the tiny chill bumps forming on the pink flesh.

When the guard was done mauling her tits, he inched forward and slid his cock between her swollen globes. With a quick spat, he lubricated his cock enough to glide it in and out of her abundant cleavage. Writhing on her chest, he kneaded her breasts with his rough hands and dug his fingers deep into her reddened flesh. The feeling of his hard cock between here tits was not comforting. There was a burning sensation building between her cleavage and Felicia could feel his hairy sac rubbing into her breastbone. At one point, the guard's cock tapped her chin and she wished she could just bite it off. When would this end?

"I think you need to be fucked!" he hollered, panting hard for breath. "Get up!"

The guard rose off of Felicia and regained his balance on the interrogation table. Felicia pulled herself up, observing the red streak between her breasts. It was painful to the touch. Without wavering, the guard grabbed the young woman by her hips and positioned her in front of the table. Pushing on her lower back, the Black Cat leaned into the table and felt the steel surface greet her already tender breasts. The only way she could remain poise was to spread her legs, opening her pussy for the guard to see.

"I guess you're ready," he attempted to say, still catching his breath from the assault on his captive's tits. Felicia gripped the edge of the table, hoping that it would provide her some relief for what was about to happen.

At first, she didn't feel much of anything. The guard was stroking his cock against the tight skin of her ass. She found this strange, because it felt as if he was spanking her with his dick. She could hear the audible smack and the laughter bellow from within his massive gut. Closing her eyes, she awaited his cock to enter.

He began by examining her tiny hole with his cock, pressing against the lips of her slit. She was a little wet from him fondling her breasts, but that was no indication that she was enjoying anything this man had to offer. He dabbed the head of his member in her juices, smiling at the sight of the cunt he was about to conquer. Felicia assumed that he must have been a virgin, because he didn't seem to have a clue as to where his cock needed to go.

After poking around for a few minutes, he slammed his cock into her pussy without even the slightest bit of warning. She writhed in pain, feeling the walls of her pussy expand to fit his dick. He must have been enjoying the involuntary contractions of her sex, because he paused and let it remain inside of her after entering. He then pulled all the way out and observed the way his cock gleamed in the light. It must have been fascinating to see an actual woman's juices sparkling along the veins of his erect member. Felicia lowered her head-- shocked that she was being taken this way. The guard entered her again, this time pushing in as deep as he could go. His cock was not very big, but it still hurt Felicia due to the lack of stimulation. She tried not to scream in pain, but the rigid feeling of his cock was causing her to thrash about.

Thankfully, the guard started pumping in and out of her—something he likely learned from watching millions of hours of porn films. Once he started building up a rhythm, the friction became less and she could feel her body respond to the pounding she was receiving. It wasn't pleasurable by any means of the word, but it did stop her from wanting to scream in agony.

"Your pussy is tight," the guard said with a huff. "How many men have fucked this shit?"

Felicia did not answer, trying to avoid saying anything to her captor while he violated her. That's when she felt his hands rip at her brown hair.

"Ahh!" she screamed, feeling her short locks being torn from her skull.

"Answer me!" he demanded, still grinding against her ass. Felicia gave in and lied.

"Five," she said, trying to think of a reasonable lie.

"Well now you've been with six," he yelled, slapping hard against her left ass cheek. "Who's the best?"

Felicia didn't answer and received the same treatment as before. He pulled her hair and she let out a shriek.

"You're the best!" she unwillingly answered.

"That's a good girl," he said. "Now put this back on. I want to go back to fucking the Black Cat."

He handed her the wig and she subserviently put it back on her head. It probably didn't look right, but she didn't care. All she knew was that he could pull this hair all he wanted and he wouldn't get the same response.

"I like getting you from behind, but I want to see your face as you're getting the fuck of your life."

"How the hell are you going to do that?" Black Cat protested. "You won't unclasp my leg." The guard lifted the chained woman onto the table and proceeded to tug off her left boot. He threw the fur coated boot against the door, then guided her silky leg out of her pants. Her entire costume now rested at her right ankle.

"Do you know how stupid this looks?" she exclaimed.

"I don't give a damn how it looks. I just want to watch you while I fuck that hot cunt of yours."

He pushed her against the table, spreading her legs in front of his face. This was the first time he had actually looked at her pussy, which is why a sudden silence filled the room. He stared at it in a childlike awe, perplexed at what he was before his eyes. Felicia prayed that he didn't start touching her.

Her prayers were answered when the guard mounted her instead of toying with things he knew nothing about. She felt his cock penetrate her lips and could see nothing but the eyes of her captor fixated on her own. He was so unattractive, gyrating his large hips back and forth inside her wet pussy. She showed no resistance or emotion, letting him do what he pleased. He grabbed at her breasts and rubbed his oily hands on her face, reminding her that he was in control.

After several minutes of stabbing her cunt, the guard let off and motioned for Felicia to get back on her knees. She attempted to gracefully get off the table, but the awkwardness of her clothing made her lose her balance and fall to the floor. She knelt on all fours, her captor instantly taking advantage. He knelt down and his cock was back inside, pummeling away.

"Now you're more like a cat," he said in an obnoxious voice. "Put your cat ears back on and meow for me."

The guard slapped the ear shaped mask onto her head and gave her bare ass a hefty spank.

"Meow for me bitch!" he demanded as his grip grew tighter on her hips.

Felicia took a deep breath and made a muffled cat sound under her breath.

"Louder slut!" he yelled.

Tears were swelling in her eyes, because she knew she was broken.

"Meow," she purred, trying not to let her captor see her pain. The guard's cock was beginning to throb inside and she knew what was about to happen. No way was she letting this bastard finish inside of her, but she got the impression he was thinking the same thing.

"On your knees," the guard commanded, bringing his cock eye level with the young woman's face. He noticed her tear stained cheeks and couldn't help but comment.

"You've got nothing to cry about!" he explained. "You're not going to be killed and you've received the best fucking you're ever going to get. Now open your mouth." Felicia was compliant, opening her mouth and allowing the guard to shove his cock far into the back of her throat. She could taste herself on his pulsating member, her sweet juices mixed with the animal sweat of her captor.

"I bet you know how to suck some balls," he commented. "Why don't you get down there?"

Her pride completely shattered, she led her tongue down the length of the guard's shaft and began to flick at the repulsive mass of hair and sweat that was his testicles.

"Don't just lick them!" he yelled.

Trying to avoid more torment, she opened wide and let one of his swollen orbs fall into her mouth. She nestled it between her lips, accidentally making a loud suckling sound.

"You're enjoying that," he said, stroking his manhood inches from her face.

She let the thin skin roll along her tongue, bouncing his ball against the roof of her palette. She made an attempt to inhale his other testicle, but was quickly pulled away when her captor's entire body became tense.

"You are going to take every bit of this," he bawled. "Open that pretty hole of yours."

She opened her mouth and closed her eyes, waiting for what was to come. The guard moved in tight against her face, resting the very tip of his cockhead on end of her tongue. He jerked himself, intentionally banging his fist into Felicia's chin. She obediently knelt there and submitted.

With a roar from the guard, cum spewed out of his cock and shot right into Felicia Hardy's waiting mouth. It landed on her tongue, a large amount of it rushing to the back of her throat. The Black Cat gagged, spitting out the messy concoction and causing it to drip from her lips to her large breasts. A second load blasted her face, the sticky fluid dangling from her chin. She was covered in her captor's cum.

"That's picture perfect," said the guard, catching his breath. He sat back in the folding chair and let out a sigh of relief. "I can't believe I just fucked the Black Cat."

Mesmerized by what had just happened, Felicia remained on her knees and didn't say a word. She could feel the cum trickling down her skin, but was unsure of how to react or what to do.

"A deal is a deal," the guard said wholeheartedly. "I guess I have to let you go."

Felicia was still stunned. Was this really over? Did he have other plans?

"I hope it was as good for you as it was for me," the guard said as he retrieved his clothing. He got dressed and continued to stare at his overwhelmed captive.

After several minutes, Felicia regained her composure and stood up. She immediately felt the soreness of her sex. The guard had done a number on her pussy and she would be feeling it for the next couple of hours. The guard handed her a tissue, which she used to wipe herself off. Once clean, she pulled up her costume and checked to make sure everything was where it needed to be.

"Where's my belt?" she asked insincerely.

"It's in my locker," he replied. "When I leave the room, I'll undo the clasp around your leg and get your belt. You'll hear a loud click when the door is unlocked, which means you are free to go. Your belt will be waiting in the hall."

"What's to stop me from kicking your ass once you've unhooked me?" she asked in an unyielding tone.

"This whole thing was videotaped. You see that wall?"

Felicia nodded.

"That wall is a lot like a two-way mirror.

There's a tape running on the other side for when we have to contain unruly business partners and the like. If you so much as lay a finger on me or anyone else, that tape will be everywhere."

Felicia's heart raced, thinking about all of the information contained on that tape. If it made its way to the wrong person's hands, they would know that the Black Cat and Felicia Hardy are one and the same.

"So now do you understand why you can't kill me?"

"Yes," she uttered. The guard took a small device from his belt and the clasp around Felicia's leg fell to the floor. Within seconds, he unlocked the door with another device and sealed it closed.

He was still in fear. After all he had done to her, he was still afraid.

A few minutes later, she heard the door click and that's when she made her escape. The belt was waiting in the hall, along with the tablet Felicia had stolen earlier. How strange she thought to herself, but then she realized it was just a way for the guard to cover his own ass. After all, if he found the tablet but no culprit, they would probably accuse him of stealing it himself.

Felicia crept along the hallway, hoping to find a door to the other side of that wall. Unfortunately for her, there wasn't one. Without hope, she stole away into the early morning.


"Sam, where have you been?" Daniel said as a uniformed guard approached the security hub on floor twelve.

"You wouldn't believe what I've been up to. You know that security breach earlier tonight?"

"Yeah. We never found the guy."

"It wasn't a guy. It was that cat burglar everyone's been talking about in the paper."

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious. I caught her peeping around office 1204."

"There's nothing in there."

"I know. She was holding some piece of rock, so I knocked her out and took her down to the interrogation room."

"This is already getting good."

"It gets better. So I tell her that Mr. Fisk, you know, that fat ass that owns this building.

"Yeah. I've heard of Fisk."

"Well, anyway, I tell her that Fisk will force her into sexual slavery for stealing his things."

"You're kidding me."

"Nah man. I tell her that Fisk will dominate her for months, then pass her off to his friends if she doesn't do what I tell her."

"Well what happened?"

"We fucked."

"No way."

"And the great part is, she actually believed every bit of what I said."
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