The night is young and full wondrous fun. Yet for two people this night will prove to be more than what they expected.

Nikita, a young redhead who just turned 19, finds herself handcuffed to a rather old wooden table. This happens to be in the center of a dimly lit room, rousing from a drug slipped into her drink at a rave she went to with a couple friends. She takes a quick look around noticing all the items on the walls and tables around her. Chains, whips ball gags and a variety of sex toys.

Also in the room is a man whose back is facing her, from this image she can tell that he is rather muscular and can handle himself quite well. Unaware what he has planned she watches him closely, and as much as she would love to scream, she can’t due to the ball gag in her mouth.

Upon hearing her muffled cries and screams of protest of being in the room he turns to her with a warm smile on his lips. His eyes an icy blue with, sandy blonde hair. Her eyes wander over his figure, noting his clothing. Blue jeans, with a tight black T-shirt which, only help to make his muscular body, seem even more attractive.

“Hello my dear, I’m pleased to see that you are finally awake. I have a rather enjoyable evening planned for us, and I hope that you will be pleased with it. Fore I have had my eye on your for sometime and tonight was perfect timing.” He said with a mischievous smile. “I will remove that gag, but only if you promise not to scream.”

Not knowing his plans and wanting the gag out she slowly nods her head. Her eyes now fully adjusted to the lighting of the room. “Very well.” He said and made his way over to her, being very gentle as he took the gag out. and lightly stroked her cheek.

She stares at him in a glare, but is deeply afraid of his intensions. “Who are you and where the hell am I?!” she demands although she is in not position to demand anything from her captor.

“Relax Nikita, I will not harm you. It goes against my morals, as for your questions I can only give you small information. I’m Marcus, and you are in a secret room within my house which I discovered only recently.”

“Why the hell did you bring me hear?!” she screams at him struggling against her restraints. Marcus shakes his head as he lets out a sigh.

“I happened to keep you from being raped by an angry group from the local football team. Course if you like I can drive you back there if you would prefer a brutal gang bang.” He said placing one of the toys back on the shelf.

“I was going to be raped…. Oh god…” she muttered shaking her head. “Why did you put me on this thing?” she added before staring at a glass dildo he picked up. Her pussy instantly became wet at the sight.

“Well To be truthful, I didn’t think you would lay in my bed upstairs once you awoke. So I put you there, plus I don’t you would have sex with your rescuer so easily. So I though a little domination would help you get into the mood”

“And you think that I’m just going to let you fuck me? Not a chance pal.” Nikita said rolling her eyes and looking away from him.

Marcus smirked hoping that she would refuse. He then walked up to the end of the where her feet where, reached up between her legs flipped a switch. This turned on the small vibrator inside her pretty little Cunt.

She moaned softly, as it pleased her wanting pussy. “Oh… that feels so good…” She said then realized what she said a loud. “I mean, turn it off!”

“Sorry but I can’t do that. You just said that it felt good, and I don’t like to stop a young lady such as yourself from enjoying such pleasures.” Marcus said then went back to the table with the variety of toys. Wondering which one she would like more.

After several moments of listening to her muffled moans he decides on one of the toys. “Ah this one shall do perfectly. And these will be useful as well.” he said holding a vibrator that hand a thumb on it which would tease her clit. Then picking up two small bean shaped, vibrators which, would do good to tease her nipples.

“If you even think about using that on me I’ll kick your ass once I’m free from this.” Nikita stated as she stared at his choice of toys. “Oh…. That….” She stopped herself from saying words of enjoyment which the vibrator was doing a nice job of pleasing her.

“My sweet young Nikita, I’m afraid that you don’t have much of a say in this.” He said as her placed the vibrators on her nipples, and then pressed a button on the remote to turn them on. “Besides I have a feeling that you’re enjoying this.” he added as he looked at her dripping twat.

He then replaces the toy in her pussy with the one in his hand. Before moving away from her, he turns the toy on to the highest setting, and left the room. Saying that he would return in a few minutes, and that he would bring her a, special treat.

She lies on the table moaning nearly continuously, as her body shivers with pleasure. Her nipples standing hard, and erect her juices flowing endlessly. “Oh…. Fuck that’s… oh yeah…”

Marcus makes his way up to the kitchen to prepare her a tasty snack. He takes some fruit, chocolate syrup and of course a bowl and fork. So he could feed her this snack.

Little did Nikita know that Marcus had left a camcorder in the room which was placed so it got a perfect view of her whole body from the legs up to her lovely face. He did this so she could watch it later if he felt like showing it to her.

He quietly entered the room and listened to her moans and whines. Judging by the sounds he knew she was close to her orgasm. He watched her in silence and smiled. Nikita was in heaven from her pleasuring toys in and on her body, loving every second of it. Her breath was quick and heavy, her Cunt burning with pleasure and awaiting her much wanted orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy as she climaxed, her whole being wriggled as her orgasm shook her body.

After she settles down a bit her moans start up once again. And Marcus decides to make his presence known. “Hello my sweet, have you had your orgasm yet?” he asked although he had been watching her in the shadows. He came up to her head holding the bowl of chocolate covered fruit.

“Are you hungry? I have made you a tasty snack.” He said as he turned off all of the vibrators, so she could rest. “I hope you will allow me to feed you, I would hate to have to release your arms, only to be hit in anger.” He added softly.

Nikita turned her head away from him, and then shrugged. “I don’t care, just don’t expect a thank you.” She said then turned to look at him with a blank expression.

“I won’t, if you want a drink you merely need to ask.” He said before feeding her a lightly coated strawberry. Nikita ate it with a quick little sound of enjoyment. Chocolate covered strawberries were her favourite snack.

When she wanted another piece of fruit Nikita would open her mouth a bit, and Marcus would happily give her a fruit. He fed her half the bowl before she licked her lips and laid her head to the side. “Do you not want anymore? If not then I shall put this away for another time.” He said and placed the bowl on the table with the toys.

Even though she didn’t want to say anything of thanks she couldn’t help but be a little grateful for the snack he made and then fed her. So she sighed and looked up at him. “That was very good, Marcus.”

He smirked hearing her words of satisfaction; next he took the vibrators off her nipples and lightly pinched and pulled them. She let out a sigh of pleasure and let him do as he wanted, since she had no choice but to do so.

“You have a very lovely body, and I do hope that you will allow my to pleasure you the way my items have done.” He said as his right hand moved down to her shaven pubic region, pulled out the vibrator and started to tease her clit.

Nikita moaned a little more, letting the pleasure he gave her take over her mind. Although she enjoyed his teasing hands, she would not fully submit to him, or his toys.
Well that’s how she was thinking anyway. But would she continue to refuse him or submit like a good girl would? She would soon find out which was stronger, her will to refuse, or the will of her body which desires pleasure.

Nikita wriggles on the table as Marcus twirls his fingers inside her burning twat. She tries so hard not to moan, but the way his hands tease her body feels so good to her. Its then that he starts to massage her body, kneading the soft flesh under his hand just like a master would.

Her body instantly goes into a relaxed state, and she slowly stops trying to get away from his touch. Although her breathing his quick and shallow her mind is in a state of relaxation, which makes her lose sense of what’s going on. She moans loudly as Marcus replaces his fingers with the vibrator that was previously inside her. He puts the setting on medium, so she doesn’t climax too quickly.

All the while he continues to massage her luscious body, with the utmost care. Every now and then he light presses sensitive points that make her moan rather pleasantly. Nikita closes her eyes, giving in to the pleasure being bestowed upon her.

Marcus moves down her legs, ever so slowly. Kneading, her thighs, calves and her feet. Being very careful not to let her know what he’s doing he removes the restraints on her ankles.

Once both of her legs are free, he makes his way back up her left side. Doing everything he did on her right side. Marcus pays great attention to her luscious breasts, circling the pink flesh around her hard nipples.

She sighs softly, enjoying his touch. Her remains open as she moans with delight. She lusts for more pleasure, wanting more. No needing more. Nikita opens her eyes to have her gaze met by Marcus. He leans close to her, lightly kissing her lips at first. Then, he adds more passion into it.

Surprising even to herself. Nikita Kisses him back. After what feels like hours their lips break apart and they smile at each other. “If you promise not to run or do anything to attack me, I’ll release your arms from their restraints.

She nods in agreement to his terms and lays her head down. “Good girl.” He whispers as he goes to the head of the table, and releases her wrists. Once her arms are free Nikita sits up, jumps off the table, and takes a step toward the door. But quickly stops to take the vibrator out of her soaked pussy.

Marcus watches her, his eyes wondering over body. Struck with a desire to hold her close to his being, He moves close to her. Nikita turns to face him, quickly looking over him from head to toe. She wraps her arms around his neck, and then kisses him deeply.

With smirk he lifts her up to his waist, walks her over to the table, and then lightly sets her down. Breaking the kiss, she starts to remove his shirt. Slowly she slides hands up his sides and over his chest feeling every muscle with great interest. Once his shirt is off, her hands quickly go to his belt, and his zipper.

Pressing her palm against the bulge in his boxers she shivers at the thought of having such a nice cock inside her dripping hole. Slowly she pulls down his boxers, eyeing his thick hard prick. She licks her lips, her eyes showing her lust for him.

Taking note of this, Marcus is more than willing to let her do as she pleases with his member. “Why are you so hesitant my dear? If you wish to do anything you want with my hard prick then by all means go ahead.”

With that said Nikita pushes him back a few feet, drops to her knees in front of him and quickly takes him in her hot mouth. She sucks furiously, running her tongue along the underside of his prick. Flicking the small slit at the tip quickly then she takes him back in to the hilt.

Marcus groans with delight, his hand resting on the top of her head. Urging her on, with words of how great of a job she’s doing. She smiles to herself and starts to fondle his balls.

Due to her wonderful mouth it’s not long until he shoots his load of hot sperm into her mouth and down her throat. She greedily swallows every drop he has, and continues to suck his cock to milk all of the sperm he has in his prick.

Once she is satisfied with milking his prick she stands up and licks her lips. “Well that was the best head I’ve had in years.” Marcus said as he took hold of her hips and pulled her into him, where they enjoyed a deep passionate kiss.

She wraps her arms around his neck once again, rubbing her pelvis against him to get him hard again. Which works very well, she feels his prick start to come back to life. “That was faster than I expected.” She said after breaking the kiss. “I never thought you’d be ready again so soon.” She cooed rubbing her wet snatch over his hardening prick.

“Well that’s because you are so fucking hot that I can’t help but get hard so quickly.” Marcus informed her. “Now then my dear, where would you like my hard dick this time?” he asked lifting her on to his waist, her ass barely touching the tip of his prick.

Nikita gently bites his ear, holding onto him tightly. “You really want to know?” she asked with a mischievous smirk crossing her red lips. Already knowing where she wants his hard shaft. “In both my Cunt, and my ass.” She whispers in a seductive voice.

“B-both…? Well if that is what you want, then I’m happy to give it to you.” He said softly. Though wondering why she likes it in the ass. He set her on the ground and watched as she turned so her breasts rested on the table.
She looked back at him, with a coy smile. She sways her ass at him, to get him to fuck her. “Master, your pet is in need of a punishment.” She cooed softly.

“And what has my pet done to deserve a punishment?” He asked as the tip of his prick slid across her dripping slit. While his hands, gently gripped her nicely curved hips.

“I disobeyed my master, now I need a punishment to make me learn my place.” She answered sweetly and as innocently as possible.

Marcus smirked at her answer. He repositioned himself so his prick was just touching the opening to her waiting pussy. Then quickly he thrust his shaft into her Cunt, burying himself to the hilt. Nikita moaned with delight from the sudden thrust. “Punish me master… please punish me…. I need it…” she cooed pushing her ass into him.

He started thrusting, somewhat harder than she expected but was still enjoying her “Punishment” Her moans grew louder with each thrust. He Grabs her shoulder, pulls her chest off the tabled enough so he can reach around and fondle her breast. Pinching, her hard erect nipples.

“Oh! Good god! You feel so fucking…. Great… Harder! Please harder…” She whines as they thrust into each other in perfect sync. “I don’t think my naughty pet is learning her lesson they way she is supposed to.” Marcus stated letting go of her nipple, and reaching between her legs to tease her clit. While, force of his thrusts increase.

“Uh…. Master… Forgive me… I can’t help …but love your hard shaft sliding in and out of my hot hole…” She whines as she looks back at him with a pouting face. “I need to take my punishment in another way…. Oh!”

“Another way, or in another hole my pet?” He asks though knowing full well of the answer. He pulls out of her soaked twat, he steps back a bit and aims her prick at her tight little ass. Gently and slowly he pushes the head in.

Nikita sighs as she relaxes her body, ready to take him in. Inch by inch he slides his shaft into her anal cannel. Once he’s buried to the hilt he lets her adjust to his size. After a few minutes he starts to thrust. “My you are so fucking tight!”

“Master…. Oh god…. I can feel every inch of you!” She whines rather loudly. “Don’t stop, punish me… Punish me good!” He enjoys her whines of pleasure, so he thrusts a little faster to loosen her up a bit more.

“I have no intension of stopping until I cum.” Marcus states as his thrusting increases. Impaling her ass, with his hard cock, makes her go nearly insane. Along with the thought, of her ass being filled with his hot cum.

“Oh! Fuck…me!” She cries out as she starts to thrust her ass back into him. Loving every second of her ass being fucked by such a big dick. She suddenly enjoys a long and pleasuring orgasm that lasts for about a minute.

After she calmed down from her orgasm, Marcus stopped playing with her clit. He then inserted two fingers into her soaked pussy, and began to finger fuck her in time with his thrusting which had slowed.

Nikita’s moaning once again picked up, and since she had two strong fingers sliding in and out of her pussy she didn’t feel the need to thrust back into his body. “Master… Oh… I love your torturing….”

“Do you know? Well that’s good, fore I have many more things planned for this week.” Marcus said with a smile. Then he quickly added. “That is if you want to stay with me for the week.”

“Yes… I’d love to… I need to…” She answered between moans of delight. It wasn’t long until she was hit with another long orgasm. Her cries echoed in the room, which made Marcus all the more eager to cum in her tight young ass.

It was then that Nikita did something unexpected. She lifted her body off the table and began to play with her lovely breast. Watching her do this while enjoying her tight ass aroused Marcus then he thought possible.

“I’m going to cum.” He announced as his thrusting increased. Nikita moaned very loud at that. “Yes… Cum in my ass! Please, I want it so much!”

Now hearing that blew Marcus’ mind. He continued his rough assault on her ass while his fingers did the same to her Cunt. They both cry out in pleasure as they climaxed at the same time. His hot seed shooting up tight her rectum, while her hot juices poured down onto his hand. As their orgasms subside they collapse onto the table. Slowly their breathing returns to normal.

They stay together for a few moments before Marcus pulls out and pulls her into warm hug. Lightly kissing her neck, he whispers. “Just wait for what I have in mind for our next session. But for now let’s go take a hot shower.” He said while rubbing her hips.

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