Teen Boy needs a good blow job
I looked down as milk dripped from my spoon and landed on my lap. It was strange to see my cock and balls in plain view at the breakfast table, but my parents were away for three days and I didn't bother to put anything on this morning when I got out of bed. I scooped the milk and corn flake off my dick and then ate it. My shaft plumped slightly from the touch of the cold spoon, and then even more as I lifted my cock and cleaned my nut sack with the spoon. The spoon didn't really excite me, but the thought of that spoon having been on my nuts and then in my mouth excited me.

I couldn't help think how good it would feel to lick them clean and the thought caused even more blood to pump into my expanding rod. Because of my length and flexibility I had licked my cock head and even sucked the tip, but I wanted to suck the whole length of it. I wanted to feel it slide over my tongue and hit the back of my throat. I wanted to suck my ball bag in and out of my mouth and lick the soft skin between my nuts and asshole. I think I even would cum in my own mouth and swallow my load.

My erection was pounding by now at these thoughts, but I could never bend myself enough to really give myself a worthy blow job. Maybe if I could get a girl to do me good like I'd do myself then I wouldn't have these thoughts, or maybe if I could suck someone else off then I'd know how good it would feel on me? That thought scared me as I peeled a banana and wondered if I could take all of my hot flesh down my throat. I stroked my cock as I slid the banana in and out of my mouth. With ease the full length of the banana went in and out of my mouth as I stroked my cock.

I looked down just in time to see a huge blast of cum spread across the table, then a second splash into my corn flakes. Wow, what a massive load I spewed all over the table, I even think some had gone in my orange juice.

I hurried to finish my breakfast when I realized I was going to be late for school, and I didn't even think twice about eating my own seed, wherever is might have gone, I just wished I could have felt my dick pump my sperm deep in my throat.

As I cleaned off the table I wondered what my mother would think if she knew I had covered the table top with my steaming fluid. She'd be shocked I'm sure, but it's probably her fault I turned out like this. She probably thinks I don't even remember that day, but it's actually burned in my brain for life. Right over there in this very kitchen years earlier I came in the room to see my mother on her knees in front of my father. I stood in shock as her head, held on both sides by my dad's big hands, went forward to meet each thrust of my father's hips. They suddenly realized I was there and I gasped as inch after inch of red flesh slid out of her mouth. His cock shinned with her mouth juice as it hung out in front of his body. I was terrified at the sight of that huge one eyed monster and the orange sized nut sack dangling under it.

For months I looked at my tiny little stick and hardly noticeable balls wondering if they would ever grow. I got over it after a while, but I never forgot that I had seen my mother taking my dad's massive tool so far down her throat that it must have been in her stomach.

Later that day after football practice I was still thinking about possibly sucking someone else's cock so I could know what it felt like to have my own dick inside my mouth. I must be crazy to think I could go there, I'd never get a girl if that got out, but I couldn't forget that banana in my throat while my throbbing meat spewed sperm, I had to know what it was like.

During showers you were never supposed to look around, never or someone would get the wrong idea and you'd hear about it. I suddenly realized I was looking to my left, and right before my eyes was Mark's cock. It was like a third leg hanging down, swinging from leg to leg as he washed. I couldn't believe how dark it was, much darker than his skin tone and the head was so much fatter than the tube it hung from.

I didn't even know I was gawking at the swinging meat as it hypnotized me, but I woke up when I felt my cock twitch as it stiffened. Shit, that's all I need is to get caught with a boner in the showers. I hope Mark didn't see me looking and maybe I could get out of here before I got a full erection.

I dressed quickly fighting the thoughts of Mark's super sized penis being stuffed down my throat. I wondered if it would even fit, I wondered if I could take all of it and make it like I was sucking myself. I had a blazing hardon in my pants as I tried to make it to the bus so I could go home and beat off. I heard my name right before I made it to the bus and wanted to just keep going so no one would see my trouser tent.

It was Mark, what the fuck, did he catch me getting hard looking at his freakishly large tube stake? He wanted to come back to my house and go over some of the plays before Sunday's game, what should I do. I stumbled over my words at first, but then thought what does it matter, I'm moving this summer and next year it'll be a new school, so I wasn't going to worry about what might happen or not. Sure Mark, lets go.

I knew Mark pretty well from school and being on the team together this year. We were both freshmen so we spent plenty of time on the bench together, but we never hung after school. So we spent the first two hours getting to know each other better and then I told him he should stay over because my parents weren't going to be home. After some TV dinners and football talk we ended up where all boys end up when left to their own devices, we went online in search of the best tits and asses.

Mark said, let me show you this site I found last week and he types away, and then bam, right there in my face was this dude with a 15' cock, which he was ramming up this really smoke'n chicks asshole. Wow, I had seen porn before, but this was the mother load. I took the mouse and found the link to watch the clip of these two guys fucking this poor tight little girl. Her shit hole was being stretched at one end while her mouth was being packed with man meat at the other end. At that point I noticed Mark was rubbing the log in his pants through the material. I thought it might make it out the top of his waist band from the looks of it.

My cock was equally as strained from it's confinement and without thinking I said, you can take it out and jerk off it if you want. Mark looked a little uncomfortable for a second but I guess the matter of fact way I said it gave him confidence and he unzipped his pants. Without warning Mark's two pounds of cock meat flopped out of his zipper. I tried not to gasp, or stare, but I might have done both as I tried to concentrate on the inches of cock being shoved in both ends of that girl.

Out of the corner of my eye I was watching inch after inch of dark flesh slide through Mark's fist. He seemed to be getting more comfortable as he was going faster and faster without even thinking about me being right there looking at him. I don't think I had ever been so horny as I freed my own tool from my pants. It stood straight up in the air and throbbed like a thumb hit by a hammer.

You want me to suck that for you? What the fuck did I just say, I thought in my head, wondering if I actually said it out loud. I looked at Mark and the question mark on his face answered my question. OK he said nervously as he stepped closer. As I got to my knees I warned him that I had never done this before, so I wasn't making any promises.

I was terrified as my lips made contact with the hot smooth skin of his plum sized dick crown. My tongue instinctively circled the head as it pushed through my lips. I turned off all thinking and imagined my own cock getting sucked by me, and I wanted it to be the best blow job I'd ever get.

Mark's dick was so long and heavy that it didn't stand straight up like might, it stuck straight out, twitching with my every touch. I grabbed hold of the shaft and pushed down towards his body as I moved my lips past the head and onto the shaft. I got it good and wet and plunged my face forward until my throat spasmed from it's first deep intruder. I waited a second and then relaxed and pushed a little harder, my throat opened a little more and cock sank a little deeper.

I imagined they were mine as I cupped Mark's balls and worked them around in my hand. Then I lifted his cock out of the way and took his balls into my mouth, I sucked hard until both nuts were trying to go down my throat. I sucked even harder as I pulled my head back and stretched his sperm sack, then quickly moved back up until they went even further down my throat. While his balls filled my mouth I stuck my tongue out and licked the flesh between the balls and asshole.

I wrapped my hand around his rod just below his dick head and then opened my mouth. When my lips met my hand I squeezed hard and lowered my hand, following with my face until his cock head was lodged deep in my throat. My gag reflexes were trying to reject it, but I moved my hand and crammed the remaining inches in, until my lips were at the base of the monstrous meat pole. Inch after inch slid from my mouth like my dad's coming from my mother's mouth. I wasted no time sending the glistening flesh back into my face and deep down my throat. In and out it went, each time it sinks deeper with less resistance. As I worked his balls in my hand and massaged his ass crack, I felt his rod swell and jam in my throat opening once again, but I still forced it down, knowing soon I'd be taking a load of sperm in my mouth.

Three quarters of the way down it swelled even fatter and stiffer and it wouldn't go anymore. I gulped and forced it harder and it snapped past the sticking point and plowed into the back of my throat, then turned the corner and headed down towards my stomach. With my face pressed against Mark's groin his balls pushed a stream of their juice straight into my stomach. I felt his flesh rod expand from the base and swell all the way to the end as sperm pumped down my throat. I sucked hard and pressed my tongue against the underside of the cum tunnel, working and huge glob into my mouth as the head slipped out of my lips. I swallowed hard and felt his slim slide down my throat, savoring the salty taste.

I felt really strange now that the fantasy of sucking my dick ended and I was faced with a classmate who had just been sucked off by me. Mark sat in the chair and clicked on a link which started another movie. I saw a guy ass fucking a girl, while another guy was ass fucking him, and then noticed Mark was working his cock up and down. It was getting hard again as the remaining sperm juice was spilling out onto the head.

My pants were down around my ankles as I got to my feet, weak at the knees. I stepped out of them as Mark took me by the hips and turned me around. I was facing the computer now in a trance as Mark lowered my ass towards his lap. I looked back to see his fat cock swollen again, wet with cum that he had squeezed out and let run down over it. I looked at the movie to see the three people fucking in rhythm, the guys asshole being pounded into, as he pounded into the girls ass.

I allowed Mark to slowly lower my virgin hole towards his ass wrecking tool. I wanted to object but when the slippery hot cock head touched my tender asshole flesh I took my cock in my hand and started jerking it as Mark's tool spread my hole. He spit on his cock and pulled me back a little more. I took a wider stance and lowered myself up and down the pole while jacking my cock like a mad man. I can't explain the feeling of having your bowels penetrated, while a load of cum is building in your balls.

I felt like I was getting close to blowing cum all over the room, when Mark grabbed me around the waist and stood up, forcing me to lean over on the desk. The double ass fucking movie was right in front of my face as Mark took me by the hips and started pounding my ass with full length strokes, slamming my prostrate. I yanked my dick in rhythm with his stead fucking and within no time I was spewing my massive load onto the floor. My cock seemed to be filled by the ass pounding I was taking and it stayed rock hard after the first load, so I kept stoking. My hot ball juice made my flesh slide with ease through my tight grip and within a few minutes a second load was emptying onto the floor, but this time my orgasm didn't stop and a third orgasm immediately followed and then a forth. I was beating my rod as fast as I could as Mark's groin slapped into my ass with equal speed and force. Finally Mark stuffed his swelling cock as deep as it would go and shot steaming hot cum deep in my ass. As the hot fluid filled my insides it sparked a fifth orgasm that left me shuddering and jerking all over, but my empty balls had nothing to send so the just pumped and sent nothing out the top of my dick tube.

I felt like Mark extracted my insides as he pulled his cum stained flesh from deep inside my bowels. We never talked about it after that night, and I never did that with him again, but I became obsessed with the images of my mom and dad. I wasn't sure which fantasy was more exciting, my mom taking my cock deep in her mouth or me trying to fit my father's gigantic cock all the way inside my face.

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2009-07-28 07:55:37
enjoyed the bi story and would like more. Good job.


2009-06-20 00:32:27
very good I will be reading more of your stories


2009-06-07 18:36:53
At last, here is a gay story, and a good one at that. I am Bisexual and I always look for Bisex stories, but they are difficult to find. Let's have more.


2009-06-04 12:57:36
I know you have stated this is a true/close to story and a one off experience at that, but I really enjoyed it and would love to see some more fiction from you on this.. well written minus a few typos here and there .. not bad at all. btw.. I have read all your stories and ty for posting them.. very exciting stuff

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2009-05-22 19:24:57
fuck me man - you're a bifter......dirty fucker

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