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A young waiter catches the eye of a patron
Damien watched from behind the bar as the young family walked in. The mother was demurely clad in a floral dress, the baby clutched in her arms. Her husband stood beside her in a black suit, white shirt and startlingly blue tie. He wasn't particularly tall, but wasn't too short either. Though his jacket largely concealed his build, Damien guessed that he spent not an insignificant time exercising. Wiping the glass with the dishcloth despite it already being dry, Damien looked a bit closer. Sandy blonde hair was cut short in an almost military style and his face was unlined, unblemished and looked to be about 23 or 24 maybe. Bright blue eyes looked out from a face that could well have been chiselled from marble. They settled at table number sixteen and Damien saw Julie, a fellow waitress go over to them. He put the glass down and picked up another dry one, still swiping it ineffectually with the cloth. The family chattered quietly amongst themselves as they looked at the menu. The man's back was turned to Damien. As Damien walked over to the sink for a better view, he saw the man's right hand in a dark blue cast while the other flicked through the pages of the menu with long slender fingers. He made an inaudible remark and his wife chuckled. The baby began to scream and her entire attention to fixed on the wailing infant. The man took the opportunity to look around the cafe. His gaze rested for a millisecond on Damien's face before returning to the menu. At seventeen, Damien really didn't carry much weight in the cafe's pecking order...but he just HAD to get out from behind the consignment of the bar. He looked back down at his work, surprised to find his ears burning for some reason.
"Hi - a beer please," the voice had a certain edge to it that made Damien immediately looked up and found himself face to face with a pair of very blue eyes. The man was resting his hand on the bar counter and there was a playful smile on his face. Damien spluttered and then grabbed a glass, filled it and set it on the bar, splashing more than half of it on the way. A hand gripped his wrist.
"Hey mate, take a breather there," the man had a slight Australian accent and Damien was all too conscious of his touch like fire on his wrist. He apologised in a mumble and refilled the glass before handing it to the man. The baby was still screeching.
"Could you please bring some water over to the table as well? My hand..." the man raised his cast clad hand and flashed another grin. Damien nodded, not trusting himself to speak. He grabbed a bottle of water and some glasses and escaped his confinement. Walking over, feeling his face burn hotter with every step, he finally arrived at table sixteen and placed his load down without spilling anything. Twisting around, he began to walk away.
"Are you new here?" the man asked, leaning over his seat to look at Damien who promptly turned around. He nodded and then walked away, wondering what the heck the matter with him was. Julie served them for the rest of their meal, Damien asked to help out in the kitchens. Finally escaping, he saw that they had their desert menus in front of them. The man stood and said something to his wife who was still busily trying to keep her child occupied. The man seemed to look around for a moment before making his way to the bar. Damien swallowed and looked at his stained apron, feeling awfully inadequate. The man leaned on the bar once again, his tongue quickly flickering over his lips.
"That steak was delicious," the last word seemed to linger on his mouth before he finished the sound.
"Can you show me where the restrooms are?" the man asked, twisting his wedding ring around his fourth finger. Damien jerked back to reality.
"Umm - they're just around the corner, gents to the left," Damien replied and then realised that the man hadn't looked in the direction just given.
"I'd feel much more comfortable if you actually showed me," the man twisted the ring off his finger and put it in his top pocket. Damien looked back to see the boss busy with another client and then nodded. He took off his apron, hung it over the counter and walked out from behind the bar, wiping sweaty palms on his trousers.
"I'm Brad, by the way," the man said on the way over. They walked in silence to the restrooms and Damien stopped just outside, holding the door open for Brad. The older man looked inside, saw no one and then before Damien could react, he felt a hand grab his white shirt and yank him into the restrooms. Damien was too stunned to react. The door to the cubicle snapped shut behind them and he found himself squashed into the tiny space with Brad...who he noticed was both bigger and quite possibly stronger than him. Brad's smooth face broke into a smile.
"'ll take my little one at least twenty minutes to finish her icecream, so..." Brad leaned forward and pressed his body up against Damien's, pushing him into the cubicle wall. Before Damien could utter a word of protest, a hot sweetness enveloped his mouth and he felt Brad's tongue on his lips. Brad's hand without a cast was trailing down his buttons, untucking Damien's shirt and finally finding its way underneath. As he stroked Damien's midsection, the waiter felt a thrill of excitement course up his spine and he leaned into the passionate kissing. Brad groaned ground his hips against Damien's. Damien let his lips slide until they sat at the crook of Brad's neck, gently kissing the sweet spot that lay there. Without warning, Brad's body tensed and he tore away the waiter's shirt, buttons and all falling to the ground. His hand was a trail of fire on Damien's chest. Damien gasped as he felt the hand fall and grab on to the erection that he was having through the fabric of his trousers. With a single swift swipe, the belt was off and his fly was undone by skilful fingers. And then he felt the fingers on his cock, stroking and coaxing the sensitive skin. They grabbed his balls and he winced, but it was a pain of pleasure that ran up his body. Brad knelt down slowly and, eyes all the time on Damien's, gently folded his mouth around Damien's penis. Damien almost screamed with pleasure as he felt his entire rod being taken down the older man's throat. He grabbed the back of Brad's head and pushed deep into the other man's mouth, gasping in ecstasy. Again and again Brad moved up and down until Damien felt as if he would cum any moment...and then Brad was off and fumbling with his own trousers. Damien leaned in to help and Brad's erect member popped out of the fly though the belt was still on. Damien leaned down, ready to taste the sweetness that looked so enticing but was held up by Brad's hand pushing him back up.
"Nah uh..." Brad murmured, pushing Damien around until he faced the white wall of the cubicle. Damien realised what was going to happen a split second before it did. And then he did scream. It felt like he was being torn apart as Brad sank deep into his anus, pressing his body right up against Damien's back. He withdrew and then plunged in again, accompanied by Damien's scream. Brad's grunts grew until he was openly gasping in pleasure. Then he pulled away and screamed for Damien to suck him. Damien complied only too readily, still hazy from the pleasurable pain in his rear. In a matter of seconds, Brad stiffened and gave a roar as thick white cum sprayed into Damien's mouth. Just as Damien was about to swallow, he felt Brad lift him up and press his mouth to his, cum dribbling down both their chins. All the while, Brad's good hand was pumping Damien's cock, driving him on until that final release...

As the family left the cafe, Brad put his arm around his wife and kissed her on the cheek, meanwhile looking over her shoulder at the bar where Damien was trying desperately to hide the fact that his shirt was missing some buttons. Noticing that Julie was busy, Damien walked out and began to clear the table. As he picked up the now empty glass of beer, he felt a slip of paper underneath it and took it out, holding it to the light. A mobile phone number was written there and on top of it had been written the name Brad Smith.


2009-04-20 14:37:53
Very very well written! i liked your deiveness and use of metaphor, made it twice as sexxy


2009-04-20 00:11:58
good chapter please!!!!!

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