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It was during sex that Kylie realised she had made the biggest mistake of her life. Married for two years to a man that was "funny" and "sweet". Ask her and she would tell you - funny and sweet is not a quality to get a girl dripping. She was as dry as a bone.

Nearing her 30's, Kylie was at the peak of her attractiveness. Previously a model, she had been able to retire due to a few good investments her husband had made. Sat at home all day she grew lonely and gagging for pleasure. She stood in front of the mirror one day after a shower, staring at her glistening body. Her natural sized D breasts presented the perfect platform for her hard pointed nipples as water dripped from them, down her flat abs to her shaven pussy. She thought of herself and her husband together.
"I can do better than him." She said aloud to the mirror.

She grabbed her dildo. Perfect timing for the doorbell to go. Annoyed, she quickly wrapped a towel around herself. Her nipples poked tents through the cloth and her round butt made it tight around her waist and stomach. She walked downstairs and opened the door. She began to argue that no woman should have to be bothered after her mid-morning shower, but trailed off half way.

Before her stood Dan. Another model, an ex colleague of hers. They hadn't spoken in 3 years and she was delighted to see him. She jumped into his arms and kissed him softly on the cheek. She invited him in and they sat and chatted with coffee.

Kylie did most of the talking, even though she had no idea what she was saying. She was too busy looking at his body - the bulges of muscle and definition were seen easily through his tight t shirt. She revealed to him how she was bored at home and how she thought starting up her career again might be a good idea.
"Well, as it happens... I've moved into the adult film business now." He said coyly. "It's great money, and I know it'll stop you from being bored."

Kylie found herself unable to speak. She could feel herself getting wet under her miniskirt. Dan began to tell her more, and about how much he'd learned... how to please a woman, how to make her cum. She had never felt so sexually excited before. As a pseudo-joke, Kylie bet Dan that he couldn't get her cumming. Retaliating, he came and sat next to her, grazing her thigh with his palm.

She could contain herself no longer. She leapt on top of him and began kissing him. She took off his top and began kissing her way down, past his pecs and down the groove of his perfectly defined 6 pack. He unbuttoned her shirt and her breasts fell out onto his crotch. She unbuttoned his denims and thrust one hand down his boxers, and one hand down her thong.

She pulled out his cock and it sprang out as if an animal surprising its prey. 9 inches of meat had nearly hit her in the face, and she couldn't be happier. She put both hands around the shaft, vigorously rubbing up and down whilst sucking his head of all the precum he had produced while looking at this beautiful woman over coffee.

He lay her down on the couch and pulled off her thong.
"I want it all in me baby, I want to say I've been able to fit such a huge cock in my pussy."
Happy to oblige, he thrust himself hard into her. Surprisingly, she smiled. Happy to feel such sexual pain after such a long time, she asked Dan to push harder and faster. Glistening with sweat, the two moaned in eachother's company. Dan's hard cock slid in and out of her tight pussy, collecting more and more of her juices.

Kylie was amazed at his stamina. She would only be fucking pornstars from now on. She sat on top of his cock and bounced her huge booty up and down, slamming on his abs. She orgasmed and orgasm that she had never felt so strong before, shaking and screaming violently she had to stop.
"I'm so sorry honey, but I just can't go on anymore." Before Dan could say anything, she followed with, "But I never have tried anal before..."

Dan's face lit up. He bent her over and cautiously inserted his enormous, veiny, throbbing cock into her ass. She screamed. It was no surprise to Dan, no girl could hold back a scream at first. Fully lubed up from her cum, Dan was able to fuck her with great speed relatively easily.

She had no idea why she had never tried anal before, she found the tabboo and the pleasure it gave Dan a real rush. Nothing finished off the feeling than having Dan's hot load of thick cum stream into her ass, filling it to the brim and dripping out again almost instantly. She smiled and moaned at the same time, and Dan was left panting. She got off and began to suck the rest of his cum from his cock. She always had loved the taste... she was just not used to it in such huge quantities from such a long dispenser before.

Kylie wanted to feel guilty. She wanted to feel sorry for her husband who she knew that she would eventually have to leave. She knew it was wrong of her to fuck her ex colleague Dan in her husband's home. As much as she wanted to feel guilty, nothing could bring it upon her. Just picturing Dan, his smell, his voice, was enough to get her to feel the violent orgasms that he was able to give to her.

It was Saturday. That meant she had to go to the golf club with her husband. She lay in bed with him, trying to keep as much distance as possible, gently touching herself. In the back of her head she knew that as hot as some of the guys in the world were, it was tough for them to come close to the simple touch of a woman's slender fingers caressing her clit. It felt as if her fingers had only just delved deep into her pussy when her husband's alarm went off.

They drove to the club in almost silence. She kept telling herself that it was only 4 hours she had to bare in there, but it was the most dull part of her week. She stood uncomfortably for a few minutes whilst her husband started mingling with all of the other bores in the room.

She turned towards the bar. Perhaps a few glasses of gin could speed things up. But before she started walking, someone caught her eye. He didn't fit in with the rest of the crowd. Wearing 3/4 length pants and a tight shirt, showing off his perfectly defined muscular body, he looked like a god compared to the old men in tweed jackets surrounding him. He looked back at her, and they started into eachothers eyes for what seemed like minutes.

She walked over and pretended to ignore him, knowing the effect it would have on such a young man. He must have been no older than 20, 21. He took the bait, and bought her first drink. They got to talking, and Jerome was working there part time, gaining him free entry into the club. She couldn't keep her eyes off him. It was unbelievable how sexy he was. Mixed-race African-American, J was 6 foot tall, and in Kylie's Mind's Eye, had a dick the length of his legs.

Kylie pointed out her husband in the crowd to Jerome, and he, sensing the disgust in her voice, knew that he was now definitely in there for some hard fucking. The cleavage of her summer dress got J very aroused, her enormous tits brushing against him as she laughed at his charm and wit. Unable to wait any longer, he shifted conversation into first gear.
"I'd really like to show you a good time. You won't have fucked anyone like me before."
Astounded at his confidence, Kylie blushed bright red and became even more sexually attracted to J. She smiled and touched his hand, before tugging him towards the bathroom.

He knew he had done it, and he knew he was in for an amazing time. As they walked he watched her perfectly spherical butt move from side to side, and he couldn't wait to get inside her.

In the cubicles, she got him to sit on the toilet before undoing his pants with her mouth. She noticed his cock was still soft. Amazingly well hug, but still soft. Slightly offended at first, she realised how difficult it must be for someone of such length to get it hard right away. Intending to help him along, she stuffed it all in her mouth. She felt the veins fill as she did so, and she loved the feeling of them rubbing against her lips. J's cock hardened itself and slid down her throat. She pulled out to get a good breath of air before ramming it back down her neck.

Her pussy was beginning to make her dress wet, so she pulled it off before getting right back onto his horse-length cock. Her tits bounced on his knees, and he began to rub her nipples. She moaned in pleasure and rubbed her clit - finally able to finish what she had started in the morning. Jerome didn't want her to be the one to finish it. He stood her up, facing away from him, and tenderly placed the head of his incredible cock into the lips of her pussy. The moistness got him even harder, and her tight cunt hugged the shaft of his cock as he inserted it, deeper and deeper until nearly all the way in. Kylie felt as if she were in heaven.

Jerome began ramming himself hard into her pussy, his firm abs slapping against her ass. He reached around and grabbed both of her tits, playing with her nipples. She pushed against the cubicle wall so as to get Jerome to sit, before turning around, facing him, and bouncing up and down his long dick. The feeling of the bulging veins tickled her pussy and clit, giving her yet another violent orgasm. She rubbed her clit as fast as she could until she let out a huge amount of cum, covering Jerome. He loved it. He smiled and began thrusting upwards, her titties bouncing up and down, almost hitting her in the face.

She knew she wanted his cum on her. All over her. She told him, and there was no way he would let that offer down. He stood up, knowing he was close to cumming. He jerked the upper end of his shaft with both hands. His neck arched and his face curled, as he drenched her face in his thick cum. She was completely painted, with cum running down her hair and onto her ass.

It took a long time for them to clean and dry up using just the 2 sinks in the bathroom, and Kylie was worried her husband may suspect something.
She could always think of an excuse later, but for now, she was still sailing on cloud 9.

Kylie and Jerome walked out of the bathroom within 2 minutes of eachother, looking incredibly flustered. The went their separate ways without looking back at eachother, although both of them could hardly resist. Kylie was still wet just thinking about him and J was trying to think of an excuse to see her again.

Kylie tried to keep her distance from him. She didn't love her husband anymore, but she didn't want to hurt him. Not yet anyway. She went to the bar. Within 30 seconds Jerome had steered himself towards her and they had begun talking again. There was no awkwardness. It was as if they had been friends for a long time.
"Earlier, you told me you had a husband... and I wasn't totally honest with you either. I have a girlfriend." Admitted Jerome. "But don't worry, it's a good thing if you will let it be! She's been begging me to find a pair for us to have sex with together... she's kinky like that, anything taboo will get her hot. Is there any way you could convince your husband to come along for a ride with the three of us?"

Kylie thought for a moment. There was no way she would even suggest it to her husband. Not for the fact that he would decline, but for the fact that he may actually say yes. She didn't want to think about having sex with him again.
"I have someone in mind." She said, smiling. She knew Dan didn't work on Sundays. "I'll call you tomorrow?"
"That sounds great, I'll tell Sarah that we should expect your call!"

That evening, she called Dan in secret from the front garden. He sounded extatic. Kylie put her hand down her shorts and began rubbing in anticipation of the next day. In the morning, she waited for her husband to leave the house. Dan arrived at 1 in the afternoon, eager to arrive. She called Jerome and told them that now would be a perfect time to come over. Kylie played with her long blonde hair whilst on the phone. She looked at Dan and gazed into his eyes, before putting her hand on her clit again - teasing him. She wanted him ready.

She ran upstairs and put on her sexiest underwear. The doorbell went and she ran down to answer it. J and Sarah stood there. Sarah was gorgeous. She must have been nearly 6 foot tall, with proportions to match. Slim and athletic looking, her body was the perfect plateau for her C sized tits. She wore a miniskirt and a small tank top - showing off her flat stomach. The thought of having a girl on girl with such a fine Latina specimen had Kylie biting her lip.

They exchanged a few words before Kylie led the 3 into the master bedroom. Sarah looked at Kylie, and they knew they could give their two men the best time of their lives. The kissed passionately and Jerome and Dan both grinned at eachother. Kylie looked to her side and Dan and J stood naked, both holding their cocks. Although Jerome's was a lot bigger than Dan's, Dan's was very appetizing. Perfect in shape, Kylie couldn't wait to have it in her again. She stopped kissing Sarah and moved to dan. She pushed him onto the bed and sat on his cock. She felt his amazing bell-end brush through her juicy cunt and slide deep inside her. She moaned.

Jerome liked to take control. He picked up Sarah and pushed her hard down onto his throbbing dick. She slid down it with relative ease considering her petite stature and the size of his rod. He bounced her up and down until her pussy juices were dripping from his balls. This continued for a few minutes until Sarah could take no more. Her stamina was nothing next to Kylie's. She sat in the corner lightly rubbing her clit, watching Kylie and Dan still going at it hard.

Kylie saw J standing alone, and beckoned him over. This would be her chance to show the two men what a real woman could do. She sat doggy-style on her bed and started sucking Dan's cock. The taste of his precum was nearly enough to satisfy her needs on its own. J instinctively pushed his cock into her pussy, and both he and Dan started ramming her from both ends. She moaned and screamed for them both to go harder. She put one hand in her pussy and vibrated it violently until she squirted all over her bed. Both guys were satisfied with what they had achieved. Kylie wasn't done yet, she was determined to outlast everyone in the room. Dan could take no more. They had been fucking for about 20 minutes, and Kylie was no easy taskmaster. He closed his eyes and grabbed Kylie's hair before shooting his load deep inside her mouth. She attempted a smile, but didn't want any of the sweet cum to drip out. He felt like he'd never cum so much before, slightly disappointed that Kylie may have to spit. But she'd never do that to him. She swallowed down his enormous load in one go.

Sarah stood up, wanting to get in on some of the action. Dan took her place on the floor, rubbing his balls and watching the amazing act before him. Kylie began sucking on J's dick. It was better than the last time. He was rock solid and he even felt a little bit bigger. She put his cock deep in her mouth and swirled her tongue around its head. Sensing that Sarah was unsure where to go, she sat on all fours again to keep sucking him off, and gestured to Sarah for her to go to the other end. Sarah lay on her back, underneath Kylie. Kylie lowered herself, and Sarah began licking her clit. She loved the taste, she always had done. She kissed her pussy and sucked her clit, twirling it in her mouth just the right amount. Kylie felt another squirt coming on but managed to keep it in. Sarah began missing her man's cock. She joined Kylie in sucking. Kylie continued sucking the head and half way down the shaft, whilst Jerome's girlfriend sucked and licked it from the side. Dan was wishing he could have lasted longer. Jerome pulled out and started jerking his cock hard. Both Kylie and Sarah smiled, before kissing eachother again right under Jerome's nose. Kylie kissed her way down Sarah's neck before sucking on her amazing tits, her dark nipples begging for attention.

Jerome's groan let them know he was ready. He began to scream through gritted teeth, before pouring his amazing facial all over both of them. Both had their faces covered in his creamy white load, and they were happy to receive it. Dan was ready for round two, and their cycle of wild sex continued through the afternoon.

Kylie was sure she was still feeling weak in the knees over the next few days. She'd had group sex before, but that was something else. She was surprised how much she was turned on by Sarah, even though she had such amazing specimens as Dan and J at her disposal. She began touching herself in bed. Once again she thought to herself that her slender fingers rubbing her plump, warm clit almost felt better than any sex she had ever had. Still, this was nothing to deter her from having a little more on the side... it had been days now - something Kylie was not used to.

It was hot and sunny outside, and Kylie decided she would actually, for once, enjoy doing some errands. She slipped on her nicest summer dress, which hugged her curved body tightly. With no underwear on, she felt free and as if she were on vacation. She slipped on her sandals and her expensive sunglasses, establishing herself as the epitome of a MILF. She got into her husband's Jag, and drove into the town centre. She realised that, as nice as the day may be, errands were not her thing. Getting in a more and more worse mood as she couldn't find the items on her shopping list, Kylie just wanted to get home, browse through one of her husband's dirty magazines, and stick her biggest vibrating dildo into her pussy and cum the day away.

She left the supermarket with just one bag of shopping. In no more than two steps, she was hurled to the ground.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry Ma'am, I just didn't see you."
Kylie, in a silent rage, stood up and took off her shades. The strapping man who collided with her instinctively at this point said
"Hey, I'm Will." With a large smile on his face, perhaps forgetting that he had virtually run over this fine piece of work. He was horny just thinking about how he had touched her breasts on the way down. She looked unbelievably slutty, nearly falling out of her dress, he wondered how much more tit she could show off if she tried.

Kylie began to get all condescending on him, before she actually properly had a look at him. His broad shoulders drew her attention to his astounding physique. Perhaps not as toned as some of the other men she had been with, but there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. He looked solid. They got to chatting and he explained how he was captain of his school football team and had cut class to go and watch the game... but all of a sudden he wasn't that interested in it anymore.

They talked the afternoon away. Will saw Kylie struggling not to look at him. He had always had it easy with the ladies and he didn't see why this opportunity should be any different just because she was older and perhaps the hottest woman he had ever laid eyes on. Kylie's mind was working differently. She was almost intimidated by him, she had never been with someone this much younger before... She felt it may be wrong to have her way with him on the same day of meeting.

They walked down to the beach, and sat down on a rock for a while. There was no one around for miles, and Kylie noticed how she hadn't seen another person for at least half an hour.. perhaps it was a sign. That's what she wanted to believe, anyway.
"How about we go for a dip, Kylie? I haven't gone swimming in a while."
Kylie held back a smile as she dropped the line, "But... I don't have anything to swim in."
"Neither do I." Said Will, sensing the tone. "I'll go in first, follow me when you're ready."

Will pulled off his t shirt and the sun bounced off his manly physique. He blushed slightly and pulled down his Jeans and CK's at the same time. His cock swung like a pendula as he turned and jogged into the ocean. It was a good job Kylie had put on her sunglasses, she would have been embarassed if Will had seen her eyes pop out of her head at the size of his dick. She wanted to play it cool, but couldn't. She threw off her dress and snuck up behind Will while he was in the ocean. She pressed herself against his back, her erect nipples poking his shoulder-blades.
"Hey you." She said, before putting her arm around his abdomen and getting his meat in her hand. It was so thick, she had to check. She put her other hand on it, and there was space for more even though he wasn't hard in the slightest.

He turned around and kissed her. Typical, she thought, he went in straight with the tongue. Not her favourite, but at least it showed he was eager. She tugged on his hand, pulling him back towards the beach. She lay down on his jacket, not fond of sand sticking to her wet body. He stood back and gazed at her, the sun bouncing from her body and into his eyes. She pulled her knees back, and parted her amazingly plump pussy lips. Will didn't want to disappoint. He put his head between her legs and ate that pussy like never before. When he saw she was squirming, his animal urges told him he could take no more .. She had gotten hers, now it was his turn.

He moved away, and grabbed his cock at the base. Kylie smiled at the purple-headed beast he presented her with, and wrapped her hand around it, making a circle with her thumb and index finger at the base. She squeezed hard and Will let out a grunt, but it was worth it.. It was veinier than anything she had seen on a man. She knelt while he stood, and sucked the head, swirling her tongue around and lapping up the deliciously salty precum, while she maintained perfect eye contact. Will ran his hand through her hair as she tried desperately to fit more in her mouth, but she could barely get past the head.
"It's just too big, I'm sorry Will... It's amazing for someone your age, I wouldn't have expected it."
"It's OK, I'm sure I can fit it somewhere else."

She lept back onto his jacket, front first, her tits pressing down onto it. She looked back at him with her arched back, her large round ass beckoning him to enter. He slid his cock half way into her pussy, very slowly, just how she liked it. He pulled out again and his head stretched her labia, she loved the feeling. She wanted him to enjoy it, so she reached back and guided the full length of his cock into her pussy. She yelped, but at the same time nodding encouragingly. Will picked up speed until he was pounding her with the full force of his body behind it. He looked angry as he felt his body slapping against her ass cheeks, and she loved it, he was so manly. She pulled away, and pushed him down onto the jacket. She slowly sat herself down onto his shaft, before bouncing gently on it, getting the feel. She lent forwards and kissed his chest, before playing with his chest-hair. She loved it, everything about him was so masculine that she simply couldn't take it anymore. She pushed her body up and down on his shaft, feeling herself dripping onto him. He grabbed her waist and aided her movement, until he nodded at her that he was ready to cum. She didn't want babies, so she hopped off and lay her back on the sand. He pulled his cock out and with both hands started jerking it violently. She looked down her body as his amazing rod stared at her. He grunted quickly before letting off a big shout as his thick white load shot itself all the way from Kylie's abs and landed on and between her tits. She giggled, and rubbed the cum with her fingers before using it to help play with her nipples. The both laughed in pleasure and exhaustion, before Will managed to put himself back in her again.
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