More of what happens to the graveyard slut ... in my mind.
Graveyard Slut 2

I woke up, lying in my bed all alone. I sighed, wishing I had someone to share it with. Then I remembered the thirteen year old gothic slut tied up to the stone cross in my graveyard. I smiled. I’m going to have a lot of fun with her. I throw my sheets and blankets to one side of my bed and get up. I stand naked, looking for my robe. I see it on a chair and grab it. After putting it on, I realize that I need to use the toilet. I think of something better than a toilet.

I stroll through my mansion and then outside. I love living out in the country, no one is ever around. I walk around the back, to the family cemetery. The slut is still tied up, just as I left her. She is covered in the morning dew. I notice that her breasts are purple from being ties up for so long. It’s time to untie those perfect breasts of hers. She seams to be asleep, as her eyes are closed. As I stand right in front of her, I decide how to wake her up. I have the perfect way.

I reach down to her pussy and spread her open. I reach out and pinch her clit. Her eyes open. I twist her clit painfully. She moans through the underwear-gag. I let go of her clit and she stops moaning. I take the end of the electrical tape holding in the underwear and pull it off. I take my underwear and then her panties out of her mouth. I grope her breasts as I tell her “You are a good slut for staying. I am going to have some fun with you today.” To which she replies “You bastard. You tied me up and left me here all night long. I love you.” I laugh at her and start to untie the rope. Once I untie her breasts she tells me “it hurts as the blood flows through them again” as she rubs them to make them feel better.

I throw the rope over my shoulder and pinch her nipple. I pull her along, out into the woods a little. She tells me “I need to use a toilet before we do anything else.” I twist her nipple and reply saying “Didn’t I tell you yesterday that you will only speak when spoken to? For not following the rules, your punishment will be that you don’t get to pee until later.” She opens her mouth to complain but decides otherwise. I say to her “Kneel down now.” And she does. I open my robe and put my semi-hard cock in front of her face, telling her “Open your mouth.” She opens wide and closes her eyes like the good little slut she is. I let loose, pissing all over her face and through her hair. As my pee starts to slow down, I put my cock into her mouth and she swallows the last of it. I grab her breasts and lift her to her feet with them. I take her back towards the mansion, pulling her by her left nipple.

I take her inside and go to my closest storage room. She waits just inside the door, watching me with her beautiful green eyes. I rummage around through boxes of crap before I find what I’m looking for; all my equipment for my dog that died years ago. I take out a collar and a leash. I go over to her smiling. She smiles right back at me as I put the collar around her neck and clip on the leash. I drop the leash and search around in the boxes some more, looking for anything that could be useful. I find a box of pegs and slip one on each nipple and one on her tongue. With further searching, I find a funnel, which I hand to my slut. After taking an empty wine bottle from one of the boxes, I turn to the slut and smile.

I grab her leash and take her out into the hallway. I tell her “Now, slut, it is time for you to pee, since you so desperately need to.” She asks “Where is the toilet?” I laugh at her and say “You’re not going to use a toilet; you are going to pee in this bottle through the funnel. Squat down now.” She crouches and I put the funnel under her pussy. I open the empty wine bottle and put the funnel in the opening of it. I tell her “now you can pee” and she does. Her yellow piss flows out of her pussy and into the funnel. A look of relief shows on her face as she empties the last drop from her pussy. I tell her “Get up.” Which she does. I put the cork in the half-full bottle and grab her leash, taking her with me. I notice that some of her pee went down her leg, along her tight-high leather boots.

I take her with me to my dining room for some breakfast. It’s a large room with a long table lined with chairs. I take her up to the end, where I usually sit and tie her leash to the table. I take a candle off of the table and push it up her ass very quickly. She screams and it makes my cock twitch. I Say to her “Sit down while I get us some breakfast. You must be so hungry after being tied up all night.” She smiles at me and says “Thank you.” I go off to the kitchen.

I come back with two bowls of cereal, one spoon and wine glasses. I set down a bowl in front of the slut and one in front of me. I put a glass in front of her too and full it up with her pee from the wine bottle. I full up my glass with her pee too. I raise my glass and toast “To sex, and all the fun we will have.” She raised her glass and says “To sex.” Then we clink our glasses together and take a sip of her pee. It tastes quite good. She asks “Where is my spoon?” to which I reply “You don’t get one. You don’t use your hands either. You ear from the bowl like a dog.” She smiles at me. She puts her face in the bowl and eats her cereal like a dog. I eat mine as well, except I use a spoon.

Once we finish, I put our bowls to one side and untie her leash from the table. I pull her to me and tell her “Get on the table. Legs spread. I want something else to eat.” She does as I tell her too, smiling at what I said. I see the candle is still in her so I lean her back a little and pull it out. I tell her “Lick this clean” and hand it to her. I lick the droplet of pee that is still on her leg. I look up and see her licking the candle stick. I lick along her thighs. She puts the candle stick in her mouth and sucks on it like a cock. I lick her slit, up and down. She moans into the dirty candle stick. I push my tongue deep into her pussy and move it around. She moans louder, while she is still sucking on the candle stick. My lips press against her pussy lips and I move my tongue around as if I was French kissing her mouth. I move my mouth away and look up at the slut, sucking on the candle stick. I take it from her mouth and put it deep in her pussy. She moans loudly. I pull it almost all the way out and push it in again. I move my tongue to her clit and circle it. I move the candle in and out again, getting faster and faster. Her moans are getting louder and louder. As she starts to orgasm I pull out the candle and press my lips to her pussy lips. She comes hard in my mouth, not all of it going in. She’s almost screaming in pleasure. I lick her pussy as the last of her come flows out. It tastes good. I lick up every last drop before telling her “Get up, time for us to do something a little different.” She hops off the table and stands in front of me. I straiten the red bow in her hair before moving on.

I grab her leash and walk out the door, with her following behind. I take her down the hallway, down the stairs and along a short hallway to a large door. I open the door and walk in, with the sluts leash in hand she follows behind. It’s a large, underground dungeon. Well, not exactly. It was made to look like a medieval dungeon by my granddad who designed the place. Although, it turned into an exercise room more than a dungeon since I moved in. It’s full of gym equipment that I am now going to turn into bondage equipment.

I take her over to a bench and lay her face-down on it. I tie her leash to the bench. I go off and grab some rope. I take off my robe and put it on the ground. When I come back to my slut, I tie her arms and legs to the bench. I tie her body to the bench as well, so that she can’t move much. I take the funnel and put it in her ass. She squirms a little. I take the cork out of the wine bottle and tip her pee into the funnel, making it go in her ass. I pull out the funnel after all her pee drains into her ass and push the skinny end of the wine bottle in. She moans. I push it in further.

I position myself behind her and line up my cock, so that the head goes in her pussy. I push it in hard and she moans. It goes right to the hilt. The wine bottle is in an uncomfortable position so I push it up her ass even further, so it doesn’t get in my way. This makes her moan loudly. I pull my hard cock almost all of the way out and push it all the way in again. She moans again. I do this again, picking up the pace. This makes her moan louder. I thrust harder and faster into the slut and she responds with moaning louder. I slam the bottle in her ass further and listen to her howl. I slam my cock in her hard and slap her ass. She keeps moaning louder and louder. I love it. I thrust harder and harder. My cock starts to throb. She’s moaning loudly. I loose it and empty myself in her. This pushes her over the edge and she comes too.

I rest on top of her as I catch my breath. After I do, I pull my softening cock out of her pussy and move around to her front. I order her “Clean it” as I put my cock in her face. She licks my shaft and then sucks the head into her mouth. She cleans it good with her tongue. I pull it out. I tell her “I’m going to go write a story about this. Please, don’t go anywhere.” With that, I leave my graveyard slut tied to a bench in my basement with a wine bottle wedged in her piss-filled ass. I go off and leave my slut, like I did before. She will still be there when I come back and when I come back, it will be with more toys to play with. Stay tuned.

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