Amanda Looks For Someone To Help Her Scratch That Itch...
Amanda left work at around three....extremely glad her day was over. Amanda got into her car and stretched her tired back muscles, her skirt rising up exposing her thighs. That's when Amanda felt the urge to run her hands up and down her legs, sliding them between her legs, feeling the heat emanating from her sex. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, Amanda started squeezing her mound, sending glorious, erotic feelings surging through her body. Amanda decided then and there she needed some release, maybe even some fun.

Remembering she needed a new shower massage, Amanda decided to go to one of the home centers in town. There would be men there, strong men that worked with their hands, men that smelled like men, not perfumed little boys like the men at work. By the time Amanda pulled into the parking lot she was eager to scratch that erotic itch between her legs. Amanda raised her hips and pulled her skirt up as far as she could hooking the waistband of her pantyhose in her thumbs, pulling them down over her hips, and off. Amanda left the pantyhose on the floor of the car and ran her hands up her to her inner thighs, up to her black lace panties.

Amanda ran her fingers along the front of her panties, feeling her pussy getting warmer. Then Amanda removed her panties and slipped them into her purse. Once again she ran her hand over her thighs, and over her pussy. She placed her middle finger between her lips....she was wet. Looking around again, Amanda slid her finger between her lips, letting it slid into her pussy till the base of her finger touched her clit. Her clit twitched, sending an erotic tingle through her body. Amanda removed her finger thinking that was enough for now. After all, she had to save the best for inside the store with any luck at all.

Amanda opened the car door, her skirt still hiked up, her bare thighs still exposed. Amanda slid her left leg out of the car, exposing herself to anyone that might have been passing by. Unfortunately there was no one about. In fact, it looked like a slow day at the home center. Undaunted, Amanda got out of her car and went inside the store. Amanda found the plumbing on aisle ten, where she made her way down to the bathroom and shower supplies. Amanda looked up to see an array of different shower heads and shower massagers.

She also looked at the men in the store, hoping to find one that fit her need. Unfortunately all she saw her pot bellied old men, more interested in plumbing supplies than her. There wasn't one hard working, good looking guy in the store. Amanda was getting a little disappointed, it looked like she might have to go home and pleasure herself, with the help of a new shower massage. As she perused her choices she heard a voice behind her ask,

"Hello....can I help you with your selection?"

Amanda turned around and there was a young man, tall, athletic looking and a good second choice since there didn't seem to be any of the men she'd been looking for around. He had to be a college student, probably around 22. Amanda fluttered her baby blue eyes saying,

"Possibly....what's your name?"


"Well Tim....I need to replace my shower massage."

Tim showed Amanda an assortment of shower heads that she could use to replace her existing shower head.

"No don't understand."

"You see, women like to shave their legs in the shower, and with the shower massage, we can pull it down, and wash the hair off with a nice stream of water."

"Plus I want the variable pulse head, one that puts out a nice spray, but also one that has a nice strong pulsating spray, which I use for other things...if you know what I mean."

Poor Tim, he wasn't getting her little sexual innuendo. Amanda looked at a tub and shower stall on display and got an idea.

"Tim, let me show you what I mean Hon, is there anyone else in the aisle?"

"No, just you and me, it's unusually slow today."

"Good, now come over here while I step inside here and I'll show you how we woman use the shower massage."

Tim held Amanda's hand as she stepped into the tub enclosure.

"Now Tim, let me show you what I mean."

Amanda pulled her skirt up stopping just short of exposing her feminine charms. Watching Tim's eyes widen, she placed her left leg on the side of the tub.

"Now Tim, some women like to lift their leg and rest it on the tub while shaving their legs."

Amanda used her hands, starting at her ankles and running them up her leg as if she were shaving. As she reached her upper thigh, she allowed Tim to catch just a glimpse of her pussy.

"See Tim, that's one way."

"Now I prefer laying down in the tub to shave my legs, that way I won't lose my balance and accidentally fall, which is what could happen shaving the other way."

"Watch now...I'll demonstrate."

Amanda laid down, looking up at Tim's crotch, seeing he had a very large bulge in his jeans.

"Are we still safe Tim?"


"Any people coming down the aisle Tim?"

"Ah no, like I said, it's really slow tonight."

"Good Tim, now watch closely."

Amanda's heart was racing in her chest as she continued her seduction of Tim. He was so sweet, wanting to help her and all. Amanda pulled her skirt up, fully exposing her pussy to Tim. His eyes were like a deer staring into on coming head was hard for Amanda to keep a straight face. Amanda spread her legs wide, exposing her pinkness to Tim while she demonstrated her shaving technique while laying down.

"See Tim...this is much more relaxing, don't you think Tim....Tim?"

"Um yes...I can see that."

Amanda smiled as she ran her hands up her thigh again, this time running her fingers over her mound, so perfectly smooth from having just shaven her pubes that very morning. Amanda slipped a finger into her pussy working it around as Tim watched. Then she slid in another finger working herself into a frenzy. Amanda looked at Tim, smiling asking him to take his cock out.

"Ahhh, I don't know...we might get caught."

"True, but then don't tell me a good looking young man like you is afraid...come me that cock, you know you want to."

She was right, Tim's cock was about to explode. Slowly he pulled his zipper down, checking the isles as he reached in and freed his cock. Tim was at least eight inches as he held it in his fingers.

"Mmmmm Tim, you do have a nice big cock....why don't you stoke it for me."

As Amanda watched Tim started stroking his cock, his balls bouncing as he jacked off. Amanda in the meantime, slid a finger into her pussy, followed by another as she pleasured herself watching Tim jack off. Just the thought of someone catching them was a real turn on. Amanda continued fingering her pussy, and rubbing her clit as she watched Tim. Suddenly her body started to quake as a strong orgasm washed over her.

Amanda told Tim to stop and kneel down next to the tub. As he did she started cumming again, Amanda pulled her fingers from her pussy and placing them in her mouth, licking her juices as Tim watched. He had a smile from ear to ear as he watched. In a breathy, sultry voice Amanda asked Tim to give her his hand.

"Sometimes Tim I like to shave my pussy, like I did this morning."

"Here...I'll show you how I do it."

Amanda took Tim's hand and started running his hand over her pussy as Tim looked on in utter lust.

"See...see how I do it now?"

"Yes...I see."

"And then when I'm all finished shaving my pussy you feel how smooth it is."

Again Amanda ran Tim's hand over her pussy, only this time she applied a little pressure to his middle finger....Tim's finger slid into her depths quite nicely. Tim got the idea this time...working his finger around, even adding another one while Amanda rubbed her clit with her thumb. Amanda started cumming from Tim's attention, shuddering as the orgasms pulsed through her body.

Amanda smiled at Tim,

"And THIS is how I used the pulse action of the shower massage Tim."

Again, taking Tim's hand, Amanda started rapidly patting her pussy and clit with Tim's fingers. Amanda started writhing in the empty tub, with more orgasms sweeping over her sexy body.

"Mmmmm see how that works Tim?"

"Ohhhh ya...I do."

Amanda started cumming yet again, after which she told Tim to get in the tub with her. Amanda reached up taking Tim's cock, pulling him to her lips. With her fingers still in her pussy, Amanda started swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, teasing him as she gently chewed on the head. Next, Amanda started deep throat Tim, taking as much of his cock down her throat as she could. Tim's knees started to shake as Amanda brought him to the edge. Suddenly, Amanda felt Tim's cock spasm as Tim started pumping his load down her throat. After Tim stopped cumming Amanda smiled and whispered ......

"Clean up in aisle 10!"

Tim smiled as he helped Amanda out of the tub, as she kissed him on the cheek. Amanda grabbed the shower massage she had picked out the first couple of minutes she was in the store, even before Tim had approached her.

"Thanks Tim....I'll see you soon I hope."

As Amanda walked away she turned saying to a still surprised and happy Tim....

"You better check the tub, you don't want to leave any evidence behind Hon."

Baffled, Tim looked in the tub as Amanda headed out of the plumbing aisle and toward a register. There he found a pair of black lace panties. Looking around he raised them to his nose, they definitely had Amanda's scent on them. Tim quickly stuffed them into his pocket as he headed toward the men's room for a little clean up of his own. As Amanda was about to reach the register the manager of the store smiled asking,

"Did you find what you needed Ma'am?"

"Yes, Tim helped me as a matter of fact."

"You better keep you eye on him, with his excellent customer service he'll have your job someday soon."

"I know, that Tim is a real up an comer."

Amanda had to stifle a laugh as she placed the shower massage down to be rung up. As Amanda got in her car she thought,

"I'll have to remember to call Tim and have him come over and install my shower massage....then I'll have him inspect the rest of my plumbing....while I inspect his....all eight inches of it."


2009-04-20 09:38:17
When does the manager tell her about the security cameras the store has? AND WANT PAYMENT TO KEEP IT QUIET?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-19 01:04:29
Horrifically babyish language


2009-04-19 00:37:02
Are you aware that you may substitute other words for her name (Amanda).
After about two paragraphs it starts getting monotonous.Other than that pretty good story.

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2009-04-18 22:19:36
yummy. . .
wheres part 2?

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