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Love between two young boys
Anger and Love

Part 1: Back Together
“Hey Jake… Can we talk?” asked Kiyan.
Jake was still in his sleepy state, wearing just a white shirt and underwear. Kiyan could see the boy had just woken up.
“What are you doing here…? Wait, Hunter’s with you, isn’t he?”
“N-no! No, he’s not. I’m not with Hunter anymore. Look, Jake… I’m sorry; I don’t know what got into me, I just…”
“Forget about it.” Interrupted Jake, “Took you long enough to open your eyes. Come on in.”
Kiyan entered Jake’s room, still holding Shawn’s little arm and bringing him inside as well. Shawn was surprised at the luxury the boy had in this room. After the two boys were inside, Jake continued:
“So… Who’s your friend?”
“Oh! This is Shawn, met him last night.” Said Kiyan.
“Hi…” whispered Shawn, with his shy and adorable voice.
“He's the reason I’m not with Hunter anymore.”
Shawn looked curiously at Kiyan, wondering what he was talking about. Jake sat next to Kiyan, who was sited on the couch, with Shawn next to him, his tiny arms were now around Kiyan’s arm.
“How did he change your mind, Kiyan?” asked Jake.
“Well… He got into my life. That’s what opened my eyes. Guess I needed a real friend to understand what happened to me.” Said Kiyan.
“Hmm…” Jake was looking at the little boy, who seemed to have created a strong bond with Kiyan in such a short time, “So… Why did you start hanging out with Hunter in the first place?”
“Well… It was… hum, you and Ashley…”
“Oh, yeah... Fabio told me you saw me and Ashley kissing.” Interrupted Jake, “Was that it? You were jealous?”
“I wasn’t jealous!” screamed Kiyan, “I was just… Ya know… Feeling bad seeing you… Kissing a… Ok, I was jealous!”
“Heh… Just so you know, after that kiss, I broke up with Ashley. Told her there was someone else I loved a lot more. Then, I just left her and went to class, ‘till you showed up, totally mad at me.”
“Oh… Sorry, Jakey…” said Kiyan, looking down at the floor. Shawn gently rubbed Kiyan’s arm, trying to make him feel better. Jake placed his hand on the boy’s chin, and slowly pushed his chin, making the boy look at him in the eyes. After he got Kiyan’s attention, Jake continued:
“I’m glad you came back. I still can’t believe you and Hunter…”
“By the way, why didn’t you tell me you and Hunter were friends?”
“It was a long time ago, Kiyan. Let it go. It’s all over now.” Said Jake.
“Hum.. No, it’s not. We met Hunter before we got here. Hunter said he was gonna “handle it” without me… He’s obsessed!” said Kiyan, as he stood up from the couch. Jake stood up as well, with a worried look on his face:
“What do you mean, he’s obsessed?” asked Jake.
“I mean, all he thinks about is what you did to him.”
“I didn’t do anything! When my mom got me to that Hollywood life, all I wanted to do was tell Hunter and have him around like, all the time… But when I went to talk with him, he was totally mad at me!”
“Well… Whatever happened between the two of you, doesn’t matter now.” Said Kiyan.
“Ok, what’s on your mind?”
“You think… Maybe we… Could be back to being boyfriends again?”
“Hmm…. Well, you have to promise me something first.” Said Jake, with a smile on his face.
“Oh yeah? What?”
“You have to promise that next time I do something that pissed you off, you’ll come talk to me, before you get mad.”
“Sorry about that… I promise.” Said Kiyan, hugging Jake right away and resting his head on the boy’s shoulder.
“It’s been a while.” Said Jake.
“I missed your hugs, angel.”
“Heh… Glad you still call me «angel».”
The boys hugged for a couple of minutes, and little Shawn just watched the two boys. After they broke the hug, Shawn placed both his arms around one of Kiyan’s arms. The three boys spent the morning talking, getting to know more about Shawn, who quickly became one of Kiyan’s closest friends.

Part 2: Revenge
Shawn spent his time watching TV for the first time in his small life, while Kiyan and Jake went to his bedroom. The two boys were laying on the bed, looking at each other and smiling. After a little while, Kiyan got closer to Jake, and gave him a kiss on the lips. Jake kissed back and the two boys kissed for what felt like hours to them. Jake pushed Kiyan to lay on top of him, and the two boys looked at each other, and Jake spoke:
“You sure you wanna do it now?”
“Yeah… Why not?”
“Well… Your little new friend’s right there.”
“So? He’s watching Tv, let him have some fun there, and we’ll have some fun here.”
“You sure it’s ok? Better close the door first.” Said Jake.
“Nah, forget the door. Think about me now.” Said Kiyan, and then continued kissing the boy, with his arms around Jake’s neck. After a a couple of minutes kissing, Kiyan broke the kiss and let go of Jake, went on his knees on top of the boy, and Kiyan took off his shirt. Jake placed his hands on the boy’s body and rubbed it slowly, enjoying every second of the moment. Still on his knees, Kiyan rested his arms around Jake’s neck again, and continued kissing the boy. Jake took off his shirt, and only had his underwear on. Going back laying on the bed, Jake hugged Kiyan as hard as he could and their kisses were passionate ones, both boys’ tongues playing around with each other.
Jake slowly grabbed Kiyan’s shorts and took them off while he kept kissing the beautiful boy that was laying on top of him. Kiyan got off of Jake, laying next to him, and took off his shorts and his underwear, laying there totally naked. Jake quickly kissed the boy’s neck, and slowly went lower to the boy’s chest, kissing every inch of the boy’s exposed body. Jake went lower and lower until he reached Kiyan’s dick, playing with the boy’s testicles, and getting ready to start sucking his dick. Kiyan giggled for a bit, but then start letting out moans of pure pleasure while Jake sucked his dick slowly, and started accelerating as the boy’s moans got louder. Jake started jerking off while he sucked Kiyan’s dick, and also accelerated his hand as he sucked the boy’s dick faster. Kiyan started moaning louder, and kept his eyes closed, his mouth half opened, and his hands rubbing Jake’s hair. After sucking Kiyan’s dick for a while, Jake stopped to take off his own underwear and be able to jerk off more freely and then went back to the beautiful boy’s dick. After a while, Kiyan came in Jake’s mouth, and the boy swallowed all of the sperm. After it was done, Jake laid next to Kiyan and kissed the boy passionately, and started rubbing Kiyan’s ass, as the boy placed his legs around Jake and his arms around his neck. Kiyan went back on top of Jake, and quickly went on his knees and helped Jake place his dick into his ass. Kiyan quickly began riding on the boy and both boys moaned with pleasure, Jake pushed his waist up, so his dick would go deeper into Kiyan’s ass. As the boys had fun together, a little boy was watching them from behind the door. The little boy liked to see the sweat on Kiyan’s body, which seemed to make him a lot more beautiful. Shawn slowly got in the room and sat on a corner and watched the two boys showing their love. Jake was going faster as he was Cumming in Kiyan’s ass. Shawn did nothing but watch the two boys showing their love for each other. After Jake came, Kiyan lays on top of the boy, and kisses him passionately. Afterwards, Kiyan rests next to Jake, both boys looking at each other with a smile on their faces. Happiness had finally returned to Kiyan’s life.
Minutes later, Jake’s cellphone rang. Shawn said he would go get it, while the two boys continued laying on the bed and just smile, and give each other little and adorable kisses. Suddenly, Shawn showed up in the bedroom, interrupting the boys’ moment together:
“Jake, it’s for you.” Said Shawn, handing the cell to Jake.
Jake picked up the cellphone, looking at Kiyan and gave him a big smile and whispered: “Gimme a minute.” Kiyan just smiled.
“Hello?” said Jake, answering the call.
Heya, pal! Remember me?
“Hunter… Been a while, huh?”
Drop dead! You abandoned us, remember!?
“I didn’t abandon anybody, Hunter. Either you’re lying or something’s wrong here.”
“Nothing’s wrong around here, except you.
“Knock it off, Hunter. Just forget about it, will ya?”
I don’t think so, pal… I still owe ya a lot for what you did. I got a little surprise for ya, Superstar. Listen to this.”
“Wha…?” Jake wondered what was Hunter up to.
A few seconds of silence, until a voice Jake recognized was heard instead of Hunter’s.
“Fabio!?” screamed Jake, finally recognizing the voice, his scream caught Kiyan’s attention. Kiyan sat next to Jake and put his ear next to the cell phone.
Since you can’t see what’s up around here, I’ll tell ya: Your portuguese faggot friend is tied to a chair right in front of me… Know what, I just thought of somethin’ I saw on Tv once… Hey Seth! Give him a nice kick to his face!
Jake could hear Fabio’s painful screams, understanding it was not a prank of Hunter’s.
“He’s crazy, Jakey…” said Kiyan, after he had put his face away from the cellphone to look at Jake, and then returned his face next to the cell, and continue to hear Hunter’s words:
Ya know that old canyon, behind the abandoned house, Superstar?
“Yeah…” said Jake, with a sad look on his face.
Did you tell your boyfriend yet?
Jake turned to his left, where Kiyan was, looking at him in the eyes for a moment, and then answered Hunter:
“No… Why are you so obsessed with this, Hunter?” asked Jake, looking away from Kiyan, who had once again, rested his head next to the cellphone.
Well, c’mon! Tell him! Tell him what’s so special about that old canyon! After all, it’s where we had sex for the first time! Still remember where it was, Superstar?
“Yeah… I remember where.”
Well, here’s the deal: You show up there, alone. We beat the shit out of you, like you deserve, and then, we’ll think about letting your little faggot here go without another footprint on his face.
“You’re crazy, Hunter…”
We’ll meet you there now. And by the way… Don’t you dare bring anybody else with you, cuz in case you forgot… It’s a really tall place, where we’re going… We don’t want a portuguese little pussy to fall off from such a tall place… Faggots can’t fly, ya know?” said Hunter, and hung up immediately.
“I told you he was obsessed… Way too obsessed.” Said Kiyan.
“I have to go.”
“ You sure? I think you should call someone to help…”
“No… I know Hunter, he’s not fooling around here… He’ll know if I don’t go, he’ll know if there’s someone with me if I go… And he threatened to throw Fabio off that canyon.”
“Is that spot reallly that tall?”
“We went there once, when Hunter and I became best friends. Look, Kiyan… Stay here, with Shawn, or go home and take him with you, and stay there.”
“Hunter said he’s gonna beat the hell out of ya.”
“Heh… What else can he do to me? He took my angel away once, he kidnapped one of my best friends. He really can’t do anything worse than all that. Speaking of which, I gotta thank Shawn for bringing you back.”
“Don’t mention it.” Said a voice behind Jake. Little Shawn was listening the whole time.
“I’m gonna get dressed, and I’m going to get Fabio. You better go home, angel.”
“You sure you’ll be ok?”
“Of course I will. In case you don’t know, I have a guardian angel looking after me.”
“You do?” asked Kiyan.
“Of course. That angel will look after me and protect me as long as you love me.”
“Is that why you call me «angel»?”
“Yep. Just keep thinking about the good times we had together, angel. And everything’ll be just fine.”
Jake gave Kiyan a big kiss on the lips and then, went to get dressed. Kiyan just stayed on the bed, thinking about what has happened so far between him and Jake, and Shawn sat next to the boy and gave him a hug. Kiyan now had a little angel of his own. His name was Shawn, or “Lil Shawn”, as Kiyan had decided to call him.
“Could you teach me how you did it?”
“Did what?”
“That kiss between you and Jake… It looked different.”
“It’s called french kiss.”
“Could you teach me?”
“Aren’t you a bit too young to think about that?”
“I sucked your dick this morning, remember?”
“Oh yeah... Well, one thing I can tell you about french kisses is that the tongue is not silent.”

End of Chapter 7
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