Victor, a 17-year-old high school student, surfed the web, trying to find some new and good porn...
Victor, a 17-year-old high school student, surfed the web, trying to find some new and good porn among all the crap. Unfortunately, for Victor, though, he had always had trouble finding porn that really fulfilled his fantasies, because Victor had always wondered what it would be like to be a woman. He wasn’t gay, but he wanted to know what it would feel like to have tits and a pussy. What it would be like to be the cock-teaser, instead of the cock-teased. It was a silly fantasy. He knew that he couldn’t just be a woman for a while and then when he had had enough, become a man again. But it didn’t stop him from thinking about it.

He checked the time and realized that he had been looking for a good video for an hour and a half. It was now 1:00AM! Damn, he thought, I’m just going to have to finish to whatever I find next. The next video that Victor found was a very well done 3D movie, of a young girl getting gang banged by a tentacle monster. Three large tentacles were stretching her pussy, asshole and mouth to their limits. She was jacking off two more tentacles, had one between her tits and two sucking on her nipples. All in all, Victor thought, she seemed to be really enjoying her destruction; he couldn’t help, but desire to be in her position. In the back of his mind, Victor couldn’t stop wishing he were a woman. At the climax of the video all the tentacles erupted at once and covered her in a real thick jizz. It exploded out of her pussy and ass, and she tried frantically to swallow the jizz in her mouth, but it began to leak from the corners of her mouth and nose. This was too much for Victor who proceeded to cum harder than he ever had before. So hard in fact that he blacked out.

That night Victor had pleasant dreams about being the girl from the video. As is the case with all good dreams, it ended far too early when the Saturday morning sun blasted Victor in the face. He opened his eyes and saw that he had left the porn site up on his laptop, immediately he cleared his history and closed the window. As he got up out of bed, he kept thinking about his wishes from the night before. He laughed and just to prove to himself that he cannot change he went to the bathroom mirror. Sure enough, nothing had changed and Victor hopped in the shower. He continued to laugh over his foolish thoughts and, as he was shampooing his hair, he said to himself:

“Like I could ever turn into a girl, it’s so ridiculous. That just doesn’t happen, I need to get that idea out of my head. And even if, by some crazy chance, I could turn into a girl there are no monsters like that, so it’s not like I’d get fucked by one anytime soon.”

Little did Victor know that just such a monster was making its way up the drain, right behind him. As he finished washing the shampoo from his hair, Victor turned around and was greeted by a thin tendril, which quickly penetrated his ear. The pain was intense, but brief. A second after the penetration, Victor’s head was filled with a soothing noise and images. Nevertheless, he was still quite conscious of the tendril moving around in, what felt like, his brain. He was also very aware of the large, phallic-like tentacle that was now appearing from the drain. After a matter of minutes the tentacle had pulled itself completely out of the drain and Victor was amazed when he saw that it wasn’t just one tentacle, but hundreds all in different shapes and sizes. Just then Victor heard a voice speaking to him from inside his head,

“Do not fear me. I am not here to hurt you. I have just been reading your mind and it appears my instincts were correct. I know that your greatest desire is to become a hermaphrodite and that you also want to be fucked by a monster like me. This makes you the prefect candidate to carry my offspring.”

“But, you must be able to tell that I am not a woman.’ Victor responded. ‘So how can I possible carry your offspring? I don’t have a womb!”

“Of course I know that, but I have the power to make your greatest desire become reality. I can already tell that you want what I can offer, so you do not need to answer. It will not be an instantaneous change; it’ll take about a week and the changes will happen slowly.”

“Want people think it a little strange when I start changing into a woman and I’m still a man?” Victor asked.

“Normally, yes. However, my power is so great that people will see the change, but think nothing of it. When you have fully transformed they will see you as a female, as if you had always been a female, though you will retain your male genitalia too. Once you are fully transformed, one week from right now, I will come back to you. Are you ready, Victor?”

Victor thought it over in his head briefly before nodding his approval. The tendril that had been in his Brain pulled out and rejoined the mass of tentacles, which were now swelling and becoming thicker than before. All at once, they erupted over Victor and covered him in a thick, odorless, and extremely tasty substance. Upon contact, and it hit everywhere, it was absorbed by the skin and Victor felt strangely numb and his eyes darkened for a few seconds. When his vision returned to him the beast and all of the substance had disappeared. Victor thought: Was it all just a daydream? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

He finished his shower, got out, and toweled off. Before he got dressed, he grabbed his camera off his desk and took a picture of himself naked to document any change that might occur. With that done he headed downstairs for breakfast. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary and Victor went through his day. He watched TV, played video games, mowed the lawn, and went out to a movie with a bunch of friends. Victor got back around midnight and was completely wiped out and was practically asleep before he hit the pillow. The next morning he woke up and felt completely refreshed, he had slept better than any night before in his life. Remembering what had happened the morning before, Victor jumped up and ran to the bathroom to see if any changes had occurred. To his disappointment, the only thing he noticed was that he needed a trim up top and down town too.

After taking a shower and not seeing even the slightest sign of movement from the drain, Victor began to think that everything was just in his head. He decided that he must’ve thought the whole thing up and finished his shower. Nevertheless, he still took a picture. When he got downstairs his mother took one look at him and said,

“You need to get a haircut, mister, otherwise I’m going to start calling you Victoria!”

Everyone, including Victor, laughed and he agreed he’d get one this afternoon. After some breakfast and some more chores for his parents, Victor headed off to the barber and got a trim. He came home, watched some baseball, did his homework and called it an early night, because he was once again exhausted.

The next morning Victor, half asleep from having to wake up for school, took a shower. As he was getting dressed he remembered to take a picture, just to be consistent. He snapped a photo and put his camera away and headed off for school. His day went pretty much the same way it always did, except that he got some comments from random people about how much they liked his hair today. He really didn’t think much of it, until he got home and took a look at the photos he had snapped so far. What Victor had failed to notice this morning was that his hair had grown back and was longer than yesterday. He could also see that his nipples had clearly gotten darker and had grown. When he touched them he found them to be incredibly sensitive and he got a rush of electricity to his cock, but also to right below his cock. This jolt of electricity triggered another one, when Victor realized that the monster must be real and he is changing.

Quickly, he jumped out of his desk chair and ran to his mirror. He couldn’t be absolutely sure, but he thought his ass was firming up and he might have a pussy forming. Victor put a towel around his waist and, after making sure nobody was home, went to his sister’s room. Rummaging through her clothes, he found a micro-skirt, g-string, a white tank top, and a very sexy pink bra. He ran back to his room and put all the clothes on and snapped a few pictures. By the time he was finished checking himself out, he was so outrageously horny that he had to bust one out. Still in the clothing, he locked his door, and pulled up the video from the weekend. All the stimuli, being dressed like a girl, changing into a girl, potentially being caught, and the video led to a massive orgasm. Victor cleaned up all the evidence of his sexual escapade, put the clothes back in his sister’s room, hid the camera, but kept the thong on. For the rest of the night, at dinner, watching TV with his family, and doing his homework Victor had the thong and was at least semi-hard.

The next morning Victor jumped out of bed, like a kid on Christmas, and ran to his bathroom mirror. Sure enough, he could really see some changes this morning. He grabbed his camera and took some pictures of his new body. His tits had, ever so slightly, begun to form; his nipples were now a nice dark brown, his hair was almost shoulder length and dirty blond. His ass was even firmer than yesterday and he could clearly see the forming of his pussy lips, which when he rubbed sent electricity though his body and made his cock stand on end. On top of all of this his facial features had begun to change and were far softer than before. He continued to fire off pictures, while making provocative poses, until he looked at the time and realized he needed to shower and get to school. Once again, nothing seemed out of the ordinary at school, despite the fact that his face looked different than the day before and his hair was twice as long.

Each day this pattern continued. Every morning he’d wake up and his breasts would be larger; his nipples bigger and more sensitive, his hair had stopped about 5 inches beyond his shoulders, his pussy more defined, his ass firmer and his features softer. By Friday his tits were a 36D and his features had become so feminine that he decided to go to school as a girl. He went into his sister’s room and grabbed the same clothes he had worn a few days before, except he decided to wear jeans, just to be sure his cock wouldn’t pop out. After deciding he looked good, he headed downstairs. Just like every other morning, his family made no mention of his appearance. Victor had become used to that by now, but what his Dad said surprised him,

“Can you grab the milk out of the fridge Victoria?’ When Victor didn’t respond, his father looked at him. ‘Did you hear me kiddo?”

“Oh, sure Dad, sorry still groggy.” Victor, or Victoria now, responded. What was the most surprising was that the voice that responded was high and soft like a girl’s. In that moment Victor decided that he had better start referring to himself in the feminine. And that she should start calling herself Victoria. She sat down at the table and poured herself some cereal, but said nothing more before leaving for school.

Victoria wasn’t sure what she was going to do when her named was called at school and a girl’s voice answered. She figured she’d just have to take the consequences of the change. The roll call went along and then it came to John Reynolds, the boy in front of Victoria on the roster. The next name read was Victoria Ryan. Victoria was so startled that she froze, until John tapped her on the shoulder and told her that her name had been called. She finally responded,


Apparently, the monster wasn’t lying. Everyone saw Victoria/Victor exactly as he or she was, with no memory of what he or she looked like the day before. The rest of the day flew by for Victoria, who was too out of it to focus on school, and before she knew it she was back in her room. This time, however, she was so exhausted that she collapsed into her bed and fell asleep.

When Victoria woke up the next morning, it was so early that the sun hadn’t yet come up. Despite still being tired, Victoria felt a strong urge to take a shower. She rose and got into the shower in a dazed stupor. Once in the shower, she simply let the water rinse over her for several minutes, before she noticed the monster crawling out of the drain. The same tendril burrowed deep into Victoria’s brain once again, except this time it deposited a tiny pod, then removed itself. Victoria heard the same familiar voice in her head again,

“I see the changes have taken full effect and now you are ready to receive my seed. Are you prepared?”

Victoria nodded her agreement. Immediately a tentacle shot out from the main mass and penetrated her pussy. Instantly, Victoria’s body caught fire and she felt lust coarse through her whole body. The tentacle plunged deeper and deeper into her body until it reached the entrance to her womb. Moments later that barrier was pushed aside as the tentacle plunged further on. Victoria could feel the tentacle pushing on and squirming around her insides and it was driving her crazy. Without even realizing it Victoria was moaning,

“Ohhh…fuck my ass…I need to feel you in my ass!!”

Her desire was granted and she felt a tentacle pressing against her anus. Soon after, she could feel the second tentacle squirming deep inside her butt. Finally, another tentacle appeared in front of Victoria’s mouth. Without a seconds hesitation she let it slide over her tongue, down her throat and into her stomach. The instinct to gag never kicked in and Victoria felt completely at peace and on fire at the same time. Her body was completely at the mercy of the beast, but she knew it wouldn’t hurt her. Victoria looked down at her stomach and could see where the tentacle in her mouth was gathering, as more and more of it pushed its way into her. She could also see the tentacle in her pussy thrusting in and out like a piston. Just then a new, different tentacle moved up and completely enveloped Victoria’s cock in the tightest, most luscious sleeve. When it began to fuck Victoria’s cock, she was sent over the edge and began to buck and shudder.

After several minutes of orgasms Victoria finally came back to reality. However, when she saw a large object moving up the shaft of one of the tentacles and could feel it at her pussy, Victoria was instantly on the verge of orgasm again. After several minutes of slowing pushing the object pushed into her pussy and fired straight up into her womb. At the same time all three cocks inside of her erupted. The jizz didn’t come in torrents, but in one continuous stream. Victoria watched as her stomach grew and grew and grew, until she looked several months pregnant. Finally, after two solid minutes of cumming, the tentacles withdrew themselves. Then the monster spoke again,

“I have planted my seed into you. However, my offspring will require constant feeding. As such, you will need to fuck several times a day. To aid you, I will give you two gifts: I will make it so that your cock will only come out when want it to, otherwise it will remain hidden; and I give you the power of my seed, so if you fuck any girls with my cock you will pass my seed on to them as well. From here on out anyone who touches your tongue will be unable to resist you. Each week we will meet at this time and place and I will fuck you again, in the mean time go and do my work.”

Like last time, the Monster disappeared down the drain and Victoria was left to finish her shower. By the time she got out the sun had risen and it appeared it was going to be a beautiful day. Victoria ran her hand over her swollen stomach and thought to herself, who should I fuck first?


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"Victoria's Secret (Not The Lingerie): The Beginning


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