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Kara's horomones begin to make her feel incestuous.
Kara woke up early in the morning and showered as quickly as possible. She wanted to get to school quickly, Derek was there.

Kara had been crushing on Derek since the first grade and her feelings were inching closer to closer toward sex. She always wore tight clothes to school- noticing derek always popped a boner when she was around. She never wore a bra andymore and pinched her nipples when no one was looking to get them hard for Derek. Kara sat by Derek in every class and he always seemed to be staring at her butt, tits, or the wet spot at her crotch. Kara masterbated in between every class in the bathroom and every now and again she'd masterbate in French class, Kara and Derek sat in the back and the French teacher as blind as a bat.

Kara dressed in a white mini skirt -it probably had seven inches of fabric. Kara lovethis skirt because you could see the top of her bushy pussy(which kara had learned Derek liked). Her shirt was very tight today, one she'd had back in fourth grade; lucky for her the school dress sode was anything more than underclothes-bra, underwear, and so on. The shirt was also barely covering the space three inches above her belly button.

Kara sprinted down the stairs, intent on getting a quick ceral bar and hurrying to school. But two things stopped her. First, her reflection in the hallway mirror. She wasn't conceded but today she couldn't help herself. Kara's slim body was complimented nicely by the super-short clothes. Her three-inch heels wereworking out better than she planned. Kara's mahongany hair hung in curls over her shoulders. Her peach skin contrasted nicely with the red shirt, and the white skirt was a perfect match.

The second thing that stopped her, once in the kitchen, was her brother shirtless with a huge boner. he didn't seem to notice the boner but he kept flexing his shirtless muscules. He looked so perfect, especially the hard-on part. Ben winked at her, in a very brotherly way. Kara smiled back before grabbing a banana and leaving.

She met her best friend, and super-lesbian, Miranda half way to school. Miranda was subtlely feeling her own tits as she waited for Kara at the corner.

"Hey, Kara-beara," Miranda said, moving her hands to her sides as her friends aaproached.

"Sup, Mirra?" Kara said, licking her lips. Miranda didn't know, but Kara had always imagined fucking her.

"Waiting for you and an orgasm," Miranda said lightly.

Kara started walking with no more coment than a laugh. they got to school quickly. Miranda and Kara had lockers right next to eachother, and Derek was right across the hall. Miranda got her orgasm right after unlocking her lock. Kara stare at Dereks perfect body without opening her locker. She went into homeroom without getting a single book. She marveled at Derek more when he came in the classroom, he didn't seem to notice her staring at him as he stared at her recently-hardened nipples. She noticed him staring, though, and began to trace her hands over her stomach and thighs.

Chad's eyes boggled, then-to Kara's dissapointment- the first period bell rang.

Through first, second, thrid, and fourth period Kara played herself ever-so-slightly to keep Derek's attenion. At lunch he kept staring as she sat in the corner of the lunchroom with Miranda, kissing Miranda's neck, arms, cheeks, and stroking her thighs. No one really noticed this anymore, lots of other people did this too. In French, last period, Kara masterbated quietly . . .to Derek's extreme enjoyment.


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The story was titillating. Here's what you need to do. First, reread your story, slowly. Fix anything that doesn't feel right, such as the overuse of the same words too close together, like "quickly" in the beginning of the story. Then when you think you have it, paste it into Word and spell check it. You have a number of spelling errors that would have easily been caught. When you drop it into XNXX it also has a built in spell-checker that you should use. Good luck. w1drng

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