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Part 6

The film began with Laura entering a room containing a large bed, located in a pool of light at the center of the screen. No one else was visible on the screen. Her shoulder length blond hair was neatly combed, her face was radiant, and she entered the room with classic grace even though she was wearing a short, silk kimono very similar to the one Sarah was wearing. The kimono came to the middle of her thighs, exposing a considerable amount of Laura’s well developed and creamy smooth legs. The belt of the kimono was cinched at her waist and emphasized her appealing hour glass figure. The top portion of the garment was somewhat loose and moved in sensuous rhythm to Laura’s breasts as she walked. The scene seemed to jump and showed Laura surrounded by four men, two black and two white. The men were nude and each was fully erect.

Laura leaned over and whispered to Sarah, “The video is not chronologically intact. It is a compilation of events so a lot of time has been edited out of this version. This initial procedure occurred over two days.”

Sarah nodded her understanding and stared at the screen as one of the black men began to peel the kimono off Laura, exposing her stunning body to the other men. The kimono dropped to the floor at her feet leaving her nude except for the smallest black thong Sarah had ever seen. The men seemed to appreciate it even more as they could be heard making comments. Their hands began a communal grope of Laura’s body. Her breasts were cupped and gently squeezed; her nipples were tweaked; hands caressed her arms, waist and hips; hands began to slide the thong down her hips and past her knees, she compliantly stepped out of it, standing nude before the men.

The scene jumped again and Laura was on her knees in front of the same black man who had stripped off her kimono. Her mouth was fastened on to his engorged cock and her head was bobbing back and forth along most of its length. From the video, Sarah could hear the man groaning and she could hear a moaning from Laura’s throat. Suddenly, the black man grabbed Laura’s head with his hands and began to grunt loudly, thrusting his cock deep into her throat. He was obviously experiencing an orgasm. The camera was positioned in such a way that Sarah could see Laura’s eyes widen with surprise and then she could see the muscles in her throat relax as her adams apple began to move up and down, swallowing the sperm as it gushed out of the man’s cock. The man continued to stroke his cock in and out of her mouth for several seconds before he withdrew completely. A thick string of cum stretched from his cock head to her lips for a moment before her tongue lapped at the slit of his dick and disappeared into her mouth, taking his sperm with it. A voice out of camera range could be heard saying, “It’s my turn now.” Sarah noticed that the number “1” appeared in the lower right corner of the screen before the picture faded to black.

The DVD captured each erotic coupling Laura had with the men. In the beginning, there was usually only Laura and one partner although the variety of sexual positions shown was almost overwhelming to Sarah. Laura was penetrated while she lay on her back, her side, and even on her stomach. One several occasions, she was taken doggie style as she crouched on the bed. During one episode, Laura was bent at the waist holding the back of a chair to support herself as one of the men entered her from behind. He used his hand to guide his cock into her body, and once fully inside her, he gripped her hips with both hands and pumped into her for several minutes before he grunted, pulled her ass tightly against his groin, and shot his seed into her womb. When he was done, he spun Laura around and kissed her deeply. Sarah noted that Laura wrapped her arms around the man’s neck and kissed him as hard as he kissed her. She also realized that the number in the lower right corner of the screen registered 13.

That episode seemed to mark a turning point in the video because from that point forward, Laura was engaged with multiple partners, simultaneously. There were several scenes in which she serviced two men, one using her mouth and the other using her vagina. Later in the video, Laura was lying on top of a black man, and his cock was fully inside her vagina. Suddenly, to Sarah’s surprise, the second black man positioned himself behind Laura and after positioning the purple-black head of his cock at the small, puckered entrance to her anus, slowly inserted his swollen member into her ass. The two men began a see-saw motion as their cocks pistoned in and out of Laura. Soon her body began to respond and she was moving in counter rhythm to the black men, forcing their sex deep into her with each stroke. The man behind leaned over and spoke into Laura’s ear and she ceased her movements. Sarah thought perhaps he was going to withdraw to ease Laura’s discomfort, but on the contrary, he grabbed Laura’s waist with his hands and began to thrust fully and forcefully in and out of her ass, driving her body forward with each stoke. The man below her remained still as she received the full onslaught of the second man’s lust. After a few seconds of his intense thrusting, he buried his cock in the depths of her colon and yelled out as his sperm filled her back passage. When he withdrew from her body, the camera captured his seed gushing from Laura’s ass onto the legs of the man below her whose cock was still clasped tightly by the lips of her vagina. With the second man gone, the man underneath Laura grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands and began to rock his hips up and down. Seconds later, he, too, ejaculated deep into her body, although this time, Sarah smirked, there was some chance his sperm might encounter an egg. The counter now read 24.

The DVD ended moments later and Laura snapped on the light. Sarah looked from Dr. Henry to Laura and back. She stumbled for words, “You . . . ah, how do I . . . I mean, am I supposed to do all that?” Her voice resonated with shock and disbelief.

“What do you mean?” Dr. Henry asked.

“Well, the oral and anal sex . . . do I have to do all that? I can hardly get pregnant by taking sperm in my rectum now, can I?”

Laura placed a calming hand on Sarah’s arm, and in a soothing voice said, “No one is going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. I wanted to do everything you saw me do, Sarah. It felt right and I enjoyed every second of that session and each of the other two as well.”

“In addition, Sarah,” Dr. Henry added, “our data show that the more involved our patient is in sexual activity, the more receptive she is, and the prospects of pregnancy increase. As we told you before, the female body produces some wonderful hormones that stimulate ovulation and prepare the uterus for implantation. In fact, in some cases, I recommend a woman participate in a “practice” procedure at a time when she is unlikely to become pregnant just to stimulate hormonal production. My theory is that the more sexually active you are the more hormones you produce, and the greater chance there is that your body will be ready to conceive. My patients have had excellent success with this approach.”

“Well, I’m just not sure I can do all those things . . . especially with strangers! I’m not a . . .”

“Whore?” Laura asked.

Embarrassed at the implication of her emotionally charged statement, Sarah lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry Laura, I did not mean that like it sounded. But you are asking me to engage in sexual activities I don’t even do with my husband, and do them with complete strangers! That is unconventional to say the least, and is probably illegal.”

“There is no question our procedure is unorthodox, Sarah,” Laura began, her voice soft and calm. “But it works, and if you are serious about becoming pregnant you should give it a chance. “

Picking up Sarah’s medical file, Laura continued. “You have already been to a number of doctors and they’ve all come to the same conclusion, haven’t they? You are here because we are your last hope. Am I right?”

Sarah nodded, “Yes.”

“Try it Sarah. What do you have to lose? All of your male partners will be carefully screened. They are disease-free, stable men who are demonstrably virile and sexually advanced. They will only take you as far as you want to go. If you find you are headed in a direction where you are unsure of your willingness to participate in an act, you tell them ‘no’ and they will back off. No one will force you to do anything, and no one will do anything you find painful or demeaning. And don’t forget, you can take pleasure from the sexual activity as well.”

Sarah looked questioningly at Laura, “What do you mean?”

Laura laughed at the innocence of the question. “Sex is not just for men, you know. We women can use sex to have fun and enjoy ourselves, too. In fact, some of our other patients initially were just as reluctant as you to participate in the procedure. But we talked, like we are talking now, and they realized they could use the opportunity to live out their sexual fantasies without fear of recrimination. By participating in our procedure, you will be in a situation where you will have multiple partners. Why not try a new position with one or more of them? Why not experiment with a form of sex that you may have been too embarrassed to ask your husband about? Why not use the opportunity to release you normal inhibitions and go wild for a few days? None of your partners are going to “kiss and tell,” or do anything to ruin your reputation. And plus, since we will only accept you as a patient with the full acceptance and participation of your husband, accusations of adultery will be totally unfounded.”

Sarah understood everything Laura was saying, but she still had reservations. “So what you are saying,” Sarah began, “is that I could use the opportunity to release my inner slut?”

Laura’s face became stern. “That terminology is way too negative, Sarah. I told you before, I am not a whore and I do not expect you will become one either.”

Sarah realized she had gone too far with her comment and lowered her eyes. Recognizing her body language, Laura’s tone softened. “Look Sarah, we know this is a difficult decision. All men and women have fantasies, some involve winning the lotto, some involve travel, but many involve sexual activity that some in the general society may consider unusual or even immoral. All I am suggesting is that if you chose to participate in the procedure, you can make the whole experience more enjoyable for yourself. The old adage that says ‘the more effort you put into a job the more you get out’ of it is very true in this case. And in this instance, the possibility exists that you could enjoy sexual adventures that most women can only dream about.”

“Ok Sarah,” Dr. Henry said, sensing the moment was right to interject, “we have reached a decision point. You have heard and understand my procedure, and you have seen a video record of a patient involved in the procedure. I know you have some reservations, but you need to tell us if you want to proceed. As I said before, if you elect to stop now, we are fine with that choice, although I must tell you I think you are a perfect candidate for this procedure. I can’t guarantee success, but think it will work for you.”

“I really want to talk with my husband . . .”

“Of course you do,” Dr. Henry replied, “but you told me he was out of town for several weeks, right?”

Sarah nodded.

“I am not sure we have the luxury of time in this instance, Sarah,” the Doctor continued. “I have done some preliminary calculations on your ovarian cycle and it appears to me your best chance to become pregnant is about 10 days from now on Saturday the 22nd. But just to cover all bases, I would really like you to come out to the ranch this weekend, too.”

Sarah expressed true surprise, “You mean tomorrow?”

“Yes, tomorrow. I believe you are a perfect candidate for a trial procedure and I have another patient scheduled this weekend as well. It would be a good opportunity for you to become more comfortable with the procedure.”

“Ah, how many ‘donors’ do you think are ah . . . necessary?” Sarah asked anxiously.

“Well, let me think for a second,” Dr. Henry said, scribbling something on a piece of paper. “Since this episode would most likely be a practice run for you, because I really do think you will be more fertile the week after, I would say we could get by with two or three men. What do you think? Are you willing to try?”

Sarah was flustered and very unsure what to do. She desperately wanted a child, and it was certainly true that every other doctor had told her pregnancy was probably impossible for her. Now this doctor was telling her he thought she could get pregnant using this incredibly unconventional procedure. She desperately wished Jim was with her to help make this decision, but he wasn’t. They had discussed the issue over and over, and they both agreed on the idea of her becoming pregnant, even if it meant using some unusual procedure but this technique was one possibility they had not remotely considered. She had to make a decision now, and it did not appear Dr. Henry was going to give her any additional time. Sarah felt helpless. She had no other options. All the more conventional procedures had already been ruled out. It was either this way or no way.

Sarah looked from Laura to Dr. Henry and back at Laura. They both seemed anxious to hear her decision. She lowered her head and closed her eyes, thinking furiously about her options and how she could possibly tell Jim that in order to become pregnant she had engaged in a weekend of sex with three complete strangers. Finally she raised her head, and looking at Dr. Henry said weakly, “Ok, I’ll do it.”

Dr. Henry was exuberant. “That’s great,” he exclaimed!

“You won’t regret this at all,” Laura chimed in as she briefly hugged Sarah.

“Ok,” Dr. Henry continued. “We have a little bit of work to do, beginning with an examination of your physical responsiveness to stimulation. Let’s get started right now. Please move over to the examining table and put your feet in those stirrups.”

Still dazed by her decision, Sarah stood and moved to the examination table. She realized it was not a standard examination table in that it was nicely upholstered and comfortable. It was more like an oversized recliner than an examining table. The seat was relatively short so that when she sat down, her ass was perched right on the edge and she felt like she might slide off. Two things happened when she fitted her feet into the stirrups – the hem of her kimono opened at her waist, and silky fabric slid up her on her thighs completely exposing the lower half of her body from her abdomen to her toes, and secondly, any pretext of modesty disappeared. With her feet in the stirrups, her legs were spread wide, preventing any attempt to conceal her womanhood. Dr. Henry sat on a small wheeled stool and quickly positioned himself between her smooth, firm thighs. His eyes focused on her trimmed thatch of pubic hair and inviting vaginal lips.

“Sarah,” he began peering up over her abdomen, “you have a very attractive body. Your legs are nicely shaped and your vagina is clean and trim. I am not saying that to embarrass you but to let you know those are attributes the male donors find desirable, and my research shows the more desirable the female is, the more frequently the males will mate. And in this business, more mating means more sperm, and more sperm is what you want, right?”

Sarah nervously gripped the table. “Yeah, I, I guess so,” she said with little conviction.

Dr. Henry moved his stool even closer, his shoulders were now touching the insides of her thighs, and his left arm was draped casually over her right thigh, his hand rested lightly against her hip. “Sarah, I need to see how you respond to sexual stimulation. Remember I told you that your body will produce hormones that will help stimulate your uterus and prepare it to receive your fertilized egg, ok?”

Sarah nodded.

“You can’t tell that you are producing the necessary hormones, but there is a correlation between hormone production and vaginal secretions. In other words, the wetter you are, the more hormones you produce. Now, I need to check to make sure your reactions are normal so that the egg stands a reasonable chance of implantation. So, what I’m going to do is stimulate your clitoris to induce an orgasm. Do you understand?”

Sarah swallowed hard and her voice squeaked as she replied, “Yes.”

Dr, Henry lowered his head slightly and with his right hand began to lightly caress the sparse hair surrounding the lips of her vagina.

From her semi-reclining perch, Sarah’s view of his actions between her legs was clear and unobstructed. She started as his hand moved between her legs. She gasped, “Dr. Henry, are you going to use your hand?”

“Relax Sarah,” the Doctor responded, as he caressed her inner thighs. “Yes, I will stimulate you with my fingers and orally as well. Now sit back, be calm, and let nature take its course. Your body will respond, you have to allow your mind to accept those responses.” His index finger began to slowly trace the lips of her sex, gently wedging itself between them.

“Oh God,” Sarah moaned, more from anxiety than any other emotion. As she allowed herself to sink into the plush leather of the examining table she wondered for the one hundredth time if she was doing the right thing,

“Is this even ethical?” She asked herself. Her doctor was about to stimulate her to orgasm with his hands and mouth. Using all her willpower, she willed herself to take deep, controlled breaths as she tried to relax. Despite the bizarre circumstances, Sarah could feel a warm glow beginning to build in her groin – she was responding to the doctor’s touch.

Dr. Henry moved his hand to her inner thigh and began to stroke the ultra smooth skin at the junction of her thigh and abdomen. Meanwhile, his finger continued to slide up and down the length of her ever moistening pussy lips. In just moments, the outer lips of her pussy were beginning to swell with desire and a sheen of mucous was visible along her slit.

Doctor Henry inserted his middle finger between the puffy lips and began to push it deeper into her body. He resisted the urge to ram his finger forcefully into the young woman’s pussy, enjoying the warm, slick feeling as his finger disappeared from sight. Once fully inserted, he slowly withdrew the digit, pausing to lightly brush her clitoris before re-inserting the full length of his finger. He continued this movement for several minutes, noticing that the muscles of Sarah’s inner thighs had begun to twitch spasmodically each time his thick finger tip passed over her clit.

“Sarah,” Dr. Henry began, “You are doing just fine. You are lubricating nicely. Are you feeling alright?”

Sarah couldn’t answer immediately because her breath was coming in short gulps. She was struggling to maintain some sense of control, but the sensations being generated in response to his manipulations of her sex were becoming stronger with each passing second. “I’m fine,” she finally responded.

“Very good, it won’t be too much longer now,” Dr Henry said, a husky texture now audible in his voice. Dr. Henry began to concentrate his activities around her clitoris, brushing it more forcefully with each pass of his finger.

A moan escaped from Sarah’s throat. Her hips began to move up and down in rhythm with his manipulation. Her hands gripped the examining table so hard her knuckles were white from the effort.

Sarah was so focused on what was happening between her legs she had completely forgotten about Laura who had positioned herself behind Sarah at the head of the examining table. Laura, too, could see her husband’s fingers gently massaging the attractive young woman’s clitoris, and could see how his actions had caused her nipples to stiffen beneath the thin, silky kimono. Laura was becoming aroused herself, and she reached over Sarah to slip her hand inside the kimono, searching for the young woman’s breasts.

Sarah inhaled sharply as Laura’s warm palms cupper her pert breasts and gently pinched and pulled her erect nipples. Sarah lost control – grabbed Dr. Henry’s wrist with both of her hands, holding his finger deep in her pussy. She moaned loudly, her hips thrusting up into the air. Her groin contracted, flooding her vagina with secretions, soaking the doctor’s finger with her fluids. The aroma of her orgasm filled the room. She continued to spasm for several more seconds, but shortly, her breathing returned to normal.

“I’m sorry Dr. Henry. I didn’t mean to . . .”

“Nonsense, Sarah,” Dr. Henry replied, inserting a second finger in her wet, slippery pussy. He continued a slow in and out motion as he talked. “Everything you did was perfectly normal, but let me ask you something. How would you rate that orgasm? Was it one of your stronger ones?”

“I guess it was ok . . . sort of medium, I guess.”

Dr. Henry began to gently massage her clitoris again. “You know that women are capable of multiple orgasms, right?’

Sarah nodded. She could feel every wonderful, sensuous movement of his fingers.

“Well, I think you can have a more intense orgasm than that. Relax now and let me see what I can do.” With that, he lowered his head to her pussy. She was mesmerized. His movements seemed to occur in slow motion. She watched expectantly as his mouth approached her sensitive pussy lips. She felt his warm breath when his mouth opened and his tongue flicked at her sex.

For the next several minutes, Dr. Henry licked at her sensitive nub and the moist, surrounding tissue, occasionally taking a few seconds to draw the tiny bud between his lips, gently sucking on it. Sarah groaned with pleasure each time his tongue passed over her clitoris. Meanwhile, his fingers continued a slow, steady in and out motion. The tensions building in Sarah’s body were incredibly intense. Her muscles alternatively tightened and relaxed in rhythm with his actions, building to a higher peak with each flick of his tongue or movement of his fingers.

Dr. Henry withdrew his finger from the young woman’s soaking wet pussy, and using the thick mucous clinging to the digit as lubricant, aimed it directly at her small, puckered asshole. Sarah jumped slightly as his finger came in contact with her anus, but with reassurance from Laura, she relaxed and allowed the doctor to penetrate her forbidden channel. He took his time, applying constant pressure until his finger was buried to the last knuckle. After allowing her several seconds to adjust to the uncommon penetration, Dr. Henry began to fuck his finger in and out of her ass, spitting on it to supply additional lubrication. After a very short period, Sarah was moving her hips in rhythm to his finger, pushing against the digit as it penetrated her.

Sarah’s breathing became more labored; her face and chest were flushed, and a tiny beads of sweat appeared at the top of her forehead. Her orgasm hit with all the force she could create and her body convulsed with pleasure. Her legs closed tightly against Dr. Henry’s head; her hands gripped the examining table; her hips thrust up against his mouth, then collapsed to the table, only to rise up again as another spasm of pleasure raced through her young body. As her body began to calm down, she unconsciously cupped her breasts in her hands, lightly pinching at her stiff, pink nipples.

Dr. Henry gently pulled his finger from her ass, but continued to tongue her pussy lips for several seconds after her erotic convulsions ended. Finally, he moved back from her groin and stood. In a classic understatement, he asked, “Did you like that?”

At first, Sarah could only nod, noting the bulge in the Doctor’s pants. For a brief instant, Sarah wondered if he was going to have sex with her. That thought quickly vanished and as her breathing returned to a more normal rate, Sarah removed her feet from the stirrups, covered herself with the kimono, and found her power of speech, “I have not had an orgasm like that for a long, long time.”

Dr. Henry, who had returned to his cold, medical demeanor, picked up a clipboard and used a pen to scratch a short note. “Sarah, it appears to me that you respond to sexual stimulation in a perfectly normal manner. I am impressed with the intensity of your orgasm – that is a very good sign. Anything that increases your receptivity to sex is a positive attribute. Now, I have you scheduled to begin your procedure this Saturday – that’s tomorrow. Can you be there for dinner? The fact that your husband is out of town is a bit of a dilemma, but as I’ve already told you I think this weekend is more for practice that a real attempt at impregnation. As I said earlier, from your data, I believe ovulation is more likely to occur next week, but in case I’m wrong, I would hate to be too conservative and not recommend a procedure this weekend, too. ”

Sarah tugged the kimono more tightly around her as if it would protect her and give her strength to make the final decision she would have to make. Once again, she recounted to herself the many reasons she should not go through with this hair-brained scheme, and she felt even more panic stricken that her husband was out of town and could not help her make this choice. She conceded the Doctor had a good point about including her husband in the procedure, as difficult as that might be, but she hated the idea of telling Jim about this over the phone. In the end, her overwhelming desire for a baby won out and she re-committed. “Yes, I can be there. What time should I plan to arrive and what do I need to bring with me?”

“Excellent, Sarah,” Dr. Henry virtually rubbed his hands with anticipation. “I will give you a map with directions before you leave the office today. Plan on arriving around 7:30 pm for dinner. We have a master chef on staff and you will be treated to gourmet meals the entire weekend. You really don’t have to bring anything except your toothbrush and other toiletries as you see fit, maybe a few clothes for meal times, but really, you will be wearing a robe most of the time. Obviously, this is a very informal setting, so a robe at dinner is perfectly acceptable. If I may, I suggest you wear something sexy when you arrive. Many of my patients have said dressing for sex helps them ‘get in the mood.’ Oh, there is a nice pool, and you can bring bathing suit if you wish, but we find that most of our patients do without one.”

“My God, Doctor Henry, are you running a brothel? Robes at dinner, dress for sex, and skinny dipping, this all sounds positively decadent.”

“I take your point, Sarah, but I assure you, my goals are medically driven. All I am trying to do is provide a comfortable climate for my patients. Sometimes, we take an unconventional approach, but it seems to work. Why don’t you get dressed now, and when you’re ready, stop by the receptionist and pick up the directions. Ok?”

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