Here's the first chapter of my new story. I'm the first to admit that I could never do a short two or three page mystery story the way Donald J. Sobol does, but what I can do is take his charactors, add a few years, and put them in adult/sexual situations. I hope you enjoy the new story, I dont' expect this story to be very long and then I'll move on to Ben 10 and or the next Jason story but until then I hope you enjoy this one. By the way, the reason I put in tags that may not apply until later in the story is because I like to let people know what I plan to do with a story so they don't feel betrayed when they show up later.
Pornacopia Brown


Valley Honey

“Leroy Brown, wake up now and get out of that bed young man,” Leroy’s mother said from the bedroom door.

“But mom, it’s Saturday,” Leroy said, tunneling into the bed covers in an attempt to get away from the morning. “Just give me another fifteen minutes, please.”

“That’s what you said every fifteen minutes for the past hour. Now you get out of that bed and get dressed. You told me yourself that you were suppose to meet Sally for a case this morning, and since you decided to sleep in you only have a half-hour before your client shows up.”

“That’s right,” the fourteen year old boy said as he threw the blankets off his naked body and sat up on the edge of the bed so fast it made his head spin. “Thanks for reminding me mom.”

“Well hurry up,” Mrs. Brown said without even giving her naked son a second glance after a quick appreciative smile for his skinny but well proportioned physic. “I’ll have breakfast ready in fifteen minutes so you have just enough time for a quick shower before you get dressed.”

“Right,” Leroy said as he grabbed some clean underwear from his dresser and headed for the bedroom door.

“And Leroy,” Mrs. Brown said as she stepped out of the doorway so her son had room to brush past her and head down the hall to the bathroom, “could you make sure your father and sister are awake? Your father said he has some reports to finish down at the police station, and your sister and I are suppose to get some shopping done while the two of you are out of the house.”

“Ok mom I’ll let them know you’re getting breakfast ready on my way to the shower,” Leroy promised. When Leroy reached his half sister’s door he hesitated for just a second before he raised his fist for a quick rap on the wood.

“Just a minute,” came Chief Brown’s muffled reply to Leroy’s knock. The door opened and police chief Brown’s body filled most of the doorway, though Leroy was still able to see his half-sister when she sat up in bed and let the sheet drop down to expose her naked tits to her younger brother.

“What is it Leroy?” Chief Brown asked, turning his body to block his son’s view of the naked girl on what use to be the guest bed.

“Mom said to tell you that she’ll have breakfast ready in about fifteen minutes,” Leroy told his father as he fought down the erection that threatened to give away his interest in his naked sister. “She said you had some paperwork to take care of at the station, and that she and Lynn are suppose to get some shopping done today.”

“Thanks for reminding me,” Chief Brown said, letting some of the gruffness in his voice fade as he gave his brown haired son an appreciative smile before he returned to the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Leroy had an appreciative smile on his own lips as he remembered the suggestive wink Lynn had given him over their father’s shoulder. As he closed the bathroom door behind him the teenager remembered the first time he’d ever seen his half-sister.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It had all started six months earlier, Leroy was enjoying a much deserved dessert after solving his father’s newest puzzling case. As his mother gave him a second helping of dessert and his father spoke to his deputy on the phone the doorbell rang and the thirteen year old jumped up from his chair. “I’ll get it,” he called as he ran toward the front door.

Leroy heard his father say good-bye on the phone as he reached the front door and opened it. Standing in the glow of the porch light was the second most beautiful girl Leroy had ever seen in his life. The girl had nothing on Sally Kimball, Leroy’s best friend as well as his partner in his detective agency, but with her long glossy black hair and oriental features she was certainly a close second.

“May I help you?” Leroy asked the older girl as she chewed her upper lip nervously.

“Is this police chief Brown’s home,” she asked with a nervous squeak in her voice.

“Yes it is,” Leroy said, gesturing for his father as he stepped aside to make room for him. Through the door he could see an empty car out on the street and he realized the girl on the porch must be a little older than he’d originally guessed if she was old enough to drive.

“I’m police chief Brown,” Leroy’s father said as he reached the door and gave the stranger a considering look. “What can I do for you?”

The girl gave Leroy’s father a quick bow but from the fear on her face Leroy thought she was trying to get up the courage to look at the man in front of her instead of showing him some kind of respect. “My name,” she started and had to catch her breath and start over again after a quick swallow. “My name is Lynn Gardner. My mother is . . . was Ming Gardner, I believe you knew her when you were in college together?”

Leroy almost missed his father’s response when his mother dropped a serving dish in the dining room and he turned to see what had happened. For a split second Leroy saw his mother staring open mouthed at the girl in the doorway but then she shook off her shocked paralysis and ran to get the broom and dustpan from the pantry.

“I remember your mother,” Leroy’s father said slowly as he turned his attention back to the two in the doorway. He saw Lynn take a deep breath and she looked more sure of herself as she straightened her back and stood up straight as she faced the man in front of her. For the first time Leroy noticed that Lynn’s shirt was too tight in the chest and when she straightened up her breasts pushed out against the fabric in a way that caught the younger boys attention so that he couldn’t look away as they bounced under the taught cloth. “I haven’t seen her in over sixteen years, how is she?”

“She died two weeks ago,” Lynn said with a slight tremor in her voice, “it was cancer.”

“I see,” Chief Brown said, “but I still don’t know what that has to do with me, or my family.”

“I’m getting to that,” Lynn said, “after mother died her lawyer gave me two letters that she’d given him when the cancer was first diagnosed. One letter was addressed to me and told me about you and how to find you. The second one is addressed to you.”

With a bemused smile Leroy’s father reached out to take the sealed envelope from the girl as she held it out for him. “You look so much like your mother,” he said as he tore the envelope open without taking his eyes off Lynn.

“She certainly does,” Mrs. Brown said as she stood next to her son’s shoulder. Her voice was barely loud enough for Leroy to hear her, but he didn’t think his father would have noticed if his mother had shouted the comment.

Chief Brown turned his eyes away from Lynn and scanned the two sheets of paper he pulled out of the envelope and Leroy watched as his father’s face turned white. “According to this,” he said, handing the letter to his wife as he turned back to Lynn, “I’m your father.”

“That’s what my mother told me in my letter,” Lynn said with a nod.

“I think you better come in so we can discuss the matter,” Chief Brown said, stepping aside so Lynn could enter the house and close the door behind her.

“Dear,” Mrs. Brown said in a voice cold enough to freeze fire as her husband led the way to the living room, “how is this possible?”

Chief Brown took a deep breath and considered his response carefully as all four of them found seats in the living room. He took a quick glance at Leroy as he sat down with the rest of them but in the end he decided that his thirteen year old son was old enough to sit in on the discussion. “Ming Gardner,” he started, “was my girlfriend through most of my freshman year and the first half of my sophomore year. Just about the time I was thinking about proposing to her Ming disappeared, no warning, no goodbye. One day she was there, the next day she was gone. You never met Ming, she was gone before we ever meet, but you were the first girl I dated after she left.”

“And now we know why she left,” Mrs. Brown said with a nod in Lynn’s direction.

“I guess we do,” Chief Brown said with a sigh. “And now that Ming is gone we have to decide what we’re going to do about it.”

“You’re right,” Mrs. Brown said. She took a deep breath of her own and turned to Lynn, “Where are you staying now that your mother’s dead?”

“Right now I don’t have anyplace,” Lynn said. “Mother’s cancer treatment took most of our money and there wasn’t enough left for me to pay another months rent on our house. Some friends let me put our stuff in storage, but no one really had a place for me to stay so I’ve been living out of motel rooms for the last week or so.”

“Well,” Mrs. Brown said, turning to glare at her husband as she spoke, “we certainly can’t leave your daughter to live on the streets can we?” She waited until her husband nodded agreement before she turned back to Lynn and continued. “We have a guest room and you’re welcome to it until we can make other plans, or we could just make it your room if you want.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Brown,” Lynn said, giving Leroy’s mother a weak smile before she put her head back down.

“Somehow it doesn’t sound right to hear you calling me Mrs. Brown since you’re my husbands daughter and you’re going to be living here,” Leroy’s mother said.

“What should I call you?” Lynn asked.

“That’s a good question,” Mrs. Brown said thoughtfully. “Since you’re now part of our family I guess you could call me mom or mother, if that’s alright with you.”

“I don’t know,” Lynn said with a sigh, “it hasn’t been that long since my own mother died, but it does make sense so I guess I can try, mom.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That was how Lynn Gardner became a part of the Brown household and it wasn’t long before it was like she’d always been a part of the family. Leroy still remembered the day he came home from school two weeks later to see his new sister stretched out on the couch reading a magazine.
“Hi Lynn,” Leroy said as he tossed his backpack on an empty chair. “Did you get out of class early today?”

“Yeah,” Lynn said without looking up from her magazine.

“Where’s mom?” Leroy asked as he sat down in another chair across from Lynn. He noticed that his half sister was wearing a very short skirt and it was riding up high enough that Leroy could almost see Lynn’s panties.

“Leroy,” Lynn said, bringing her brother’s attention away from her crotch and up to her thin blouse where it stretched across her breasts tight enough to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her erect nipples made two small tents against the taut fabric.

“Yeah,” Leroy said, swallowing hard as he tried to hide the bulge in his pants.

“At school I’ve noticed that all the kids call you Encyclopedia,” Lynn said, “in fact everyone seems to call you Encyclopedia except mom, dad, and your teachers. Why is that?”

“Well,” Leroy said with a smile as Lynn shifted around on the couch and he managed to catch a quick glimpse up her short skirt, enough to realize that she wasn’t actually wearing any panties, “I have a reputation for knowing everything. Several years ago someone made a comment about me being a human encyclopedia and the name just sort of stuck.”

“Do you really know everything?” Lynn asked, looking so intently at Encyclopedia that he was sure his sister couldn’t miss the bulge of his erect penis.

“Not really,” Encyclopedia admitted, “there’s lots of things I don’t know, but I know enough to help dad solve his cases. And enough to have my own detective agency out in the garage.”

“I’ve noticed the sign,” Lynn said as she set her magazine down on the side table. “So, if you know so much do you mind if I test your knowledge?”

“Go ahead,” Leroy said with a shrug as he finally switched his focus from his sister’s breasts to her face. Even so Lynn’s exotic features seemed to drag him in closer to her deep brown eyes and glossy black hair.

“Ok, let’s see,” Lynn said with a mischievous grin that made Encyclopedia’s blood run cold at the same time that his cock grew even harder and larger in his pants. “I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m going straight for the hard questions. What are three slang phrases for a girl’s breasts?”

As she finished her question Lynn cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them hard enough to make her nipples pop out even harder against the fabric of her blouse. Leroy swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on his sister’s question but he couldn’t take his eyes off Lynn’s nipples as they jiggled around in front of his eyes. Encyclopedia was sure Lynn was trying to rattle him by asking him such a question, but he decided to show off his dirty knowledge to his new sexy sister. “Hooters, boobs, and tits,” Leroy said with a smile before he continued, “if that’s a hard question I’d hate to get an easy one.”

“Hang on little brother,” Lynn said with a grin that almost hid her surprise at her brother’s quick response, “I didn’t really expect you to know that one, but I’m just getting started. For your next question, give me three slang terms for a girl’s vagina.”

Leroy swallowed hard as Lynn leaned back in the couch and caught the hem of her skirt, lifting it up to give him a clear view of the pink slit surrounded by her thick bush of black hair. “I’m waiting for your answer,” Lynn said, reaching down to run her fingertips along her wet slit.

“Right,” Encyclopedia said with a weak laugh, he wondered how long he’d stared at Lynn’s pussy while she was waiting for him to say something. “Three slang terms for a girl’s vagina, right?” Lynn nodded as she continued to stroke her wet cunt. “Slit, pussy, and cunt. That’s three common slang terms for a girl’s vagina Lynn, when are things going to get hard?”

“I think they already are,” Lynn chuckled, Encyclopedia realized that his half sister was looking at his crotch and he glanced down to see that his cock was erect and forming a tent in his pants. “I’m impressed Encyclopedia,” Lynn said as the younger boy adjusted his seat in an attempt to hide his erection. “For an experienced slut like me those are easy questions, but I didn’t think a virgin like you would get them that easily.”

“I have had sex-ed,” Leroy pointed out, “and what makes you think I’m a virgin?”

“I’ve seen the way you and Sally Kimball look at each other when you think no one will notice,” Lynn said with a viscous grin, “if you weren’t a virgin the two of you would be fucking like bunnies. As far as sex-ed is concerned, if you actually learned those terms from your sex-ed teacher she would have lost her job to an angry mom of parents by now. So, how did you learn them?”

“Well,” Leroy said, feeling his cheeks burn as he blushed, “there are some books and magazines that get handed around in school.”

“Handed around the boys you mean,” Lynn chuckled, “I bet none of the girls in your school have seen those books and magazines.”

“No bet,” Encyclopedia said with a sigh, “I’m embarrassed to admit that I read the damn things and passed them on just like all the other boys in class, but I did learn a lot of things about sex from them.”

“Really?” Lynn asked suggestively as she got up from the couch and slithered across floor to perch her ass on the edge of Encyclopedia’s arm chair. “Did your books and magazines tell you how to play with a girl’s tits?” she asked as grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head to expose her breasts to her half brother.

Leroy gasped in surprise as Lynn’s tits bobbed in front of his eyes. Her erect nipples were are dark pink and stood out a good half inch from the taught skin of her breasts, a light tan from her oriental heritage. “Go ahead Leroy,” Lynn said, shaking her shoulders to make her breasts sway enticingly in front of her brother’s face as she watched his hands twitch.

“But Sally,” Encyclopedia said in a strangled voice, “I ... she.”

“You’re suppose to be her first,” Lynn said with a knowing nod, “and she’s suppose to be your first. But Leroy, do you really want to spoil your first fuck because neither one of you knows how to fuck?”

“No,” Leroy said, his eyes glued to every jump and jiggle of Lynn’s brown nipples. In the back of his mind he knew there was something wrong with his half-sister’s logic, but the rest of his mind shoved that small voice aside as he tentatively reached out to brush the older teen’s erect nipples.

“Well then who better to teach you about sex and fucking then your own sister,” Lynn said, reaching down to stroke the bulge in Encyclopedia’s pants. “It won’t be like we’re actually lovers, I’m just giving you lessons in sex to make you a better lover when you and Sally are ready to do it. And if we can enjoy ourselves during the lessons that just makes things that much better.”

“Sure,” Leroy said, squeezing Lynn’s nipples between his thumb and index finger like he was trying to make sure that the light brown skin of his sister’s tits were real and not a dream. “So what’s my first lesson?”

“Your first lesson,” Lynn said with a little gasp of pain, “is not to squeeze a girl’s tits so hard. You have to be more gentle when you play with a girl’s tits, just brush your fingers across a girl’s nipples and she’ll love it.”

“Like this?” Encyclopedia asked, releasing Lynn’s nipples and brushing his finger across the springy flesh.

“Much better,” Lynn said with a soft sigh of pleasure. “Even better would be if you lick and suck a girl’s nipples. Do you want to try?”

“I sure do,” Leroy said as he leaned forward to run his tongue across one nipple as he continued to tease the other one with his fingers.

“Your lessons are already doing you a world of good,” Lynn said with a soft moan. “If you play with Sally’s tits like this she’ll love it - and you too. She’ll do whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?” Leroy asked dreamily before he sucked Lynn’s nipple between his lips.

“Anything and everything,” Lynn sighed before she leaned down to kiss the top of her brother’s head.

“But I don’t know what I want,” Leroy said, “how can I know what to ask Sally to do if I don’t know myself?”

“That will be our next lesson,” Lynn said, pulling her tits away from Leroy’s sucking lips with reluctance. “And for that lesson - and all our other lessons - I think we better move to my room. We may have plenty of time before mom gets back from the store and dad gets home from the police station, but if we continue your lessons here we’ll leave plenty of evidence of what we’re up too.”

“Let’s go then, the sooner we get to the next lesson the better,” Leroy said as he jumped up from his chair and rushed toward Lynn’s room as fast as he could with his erect cock in his pants.
“Hold on Leroy,” Lynn called after her brother. “You need to take care of your backpack or mom will come looking for you if she gets home early.”

“Oh, right,” Encyclopedia muttered as he returned to the living room and grabbed his pack.

“While you take care of your pack I’ll go to my room and slip into something more appropriate for the rest of our lessons.”

“What would be more appropriate for the rest of our lessons?” Leroy asked, pausing with his pack hanging by its straps.

“Nothing at all,” Lynn said with a teasing smile, rushing off before Leroy caught her meaning and rushed off to his own room.

After he dropped his pack off in his room Encyclopedia hurried back to Lynn’s bedroom and knocked hesitantly on the closed door. “Come on in, Leroy,” Lynn said.

“So, are you ready for your next lesson?” Lynn asked, gesturing for him to come over to the bed where she sat naked and ready for him. “Don’t forget to take your clothes off.”

“Right,” Leroy said, eagerly removing his clothes until he was as naked as his half-sister by the time he reached her bed.

“Sit down on my bed Leroy,” Lynn said as she got up from it. “Your next lesson will teach you what to ask Sally for so you can have as much pleasure as her after you play with her tits.”

“What’s the lesson?” Leroy asked as Lynn spread knees apart and knelt between his open thighs.

“I’m going to teach you what a really good blowjob is like,” Lynn told him. “That way you can tell Sally what to do with your cock.”

“Are you really going to suck my cock,” Encyclopedia asked as Lynn stroked his penis with her hand to get it even harder.

“To start with,” Lynn said, “but before you cum I plan to move on to the next lesson so you can find out what it feels like to have your cock in a girl’s hot wet cunt.”

“How did you learn so much about sex Lynn?” Leroy asked, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets when Lynn kissed the tip of his hard shaft.

“If you want to know,” Lynn said, giving her brother a seductive smile as she stroked his shaft with her hand, “I’ve been fucking since I was ten. In fact this last month is the longest I’ve gone without a cock in my pussy since I popped my cherry on my tenth birthday. I was beginning to think that I’d go crazy if I went another day without a hot hard cock slamming in and out of my belly. But I’m sure we’re going to take care of that soon, right?”

“If that’s what you want,” Leroy said with a sigh of pleasure, “but aren’t we skipping a few lessons? Shouldn’t you be teaching me how to eat pussy too?”

“We’ll get to that lesson another day,” Lynn promised. “But we don’t have time for all the lessons you need before you start fucking Sally, so we’ll start with the important ones first to make sure you get a lot of practice before you pop her cherry.”

“You mean we’re going to have more lessons?” Encyclopedia asked with a hiss of pleasure as Lynn sucked the head of his cock between her lips before she released it to answer his question.

“These lessons are only the beginning,” Lynn said with a mischievous smile. “If we do a lesson a day you may know enough to pop Sally’s cherry in about a month, but there’s a lot more to sex and fucking then just putting your cock in a girl’s pussy and slamming it back and forth. If you really like a girl you’ll want to give her as much pleasure as you can, and that’s going to take a lot of lessons to teach you everything.”

“Good,” the younger boy said with a soft moan of pleasure as Lynn sucked the head of his cock into her mouth again and slowly pushed her face forward until all six inches were in her throat. “I think I’m going to like these lessons and I don’t want them to end too soon. And of course I don’t want them to end before I know how to make Sally’s first fuck one that we’ll both remember for the rest of our lives.”

Lynn’s only response was to keep sucking on her brother’s cock until Encyclopedia thought his balls were going to explode. Lynn seemed to know just when to stop and she pulled her lips away from Leroy’s quivering shaft. “Almost time for the best lesson of all,” Lynn told her half-brother as she got up from her knees and helped him lay back in her bed before she climbed in and straddled his hips with her knees and lowered her hips down until her thick black bush was tickling Leroy’s belly. “But first let’s have a little quiz to see how much you already know about eating pussy.”

“But Lynn,” Leroy objected, “I don’t know anything about eating pussy.”

“I know that,” Lynn said as she cupped her tits and jiggled them around, grinning at the way her brother’s eyes darted from her wet black haired pussy to her perky tits and then back again. “This is just a quick little quiz to see how much I have to teach you later. Now stick your tongue out and get ready to lick my slit.”

“Yes teacher,” Leroy said before he stuck his tongue out at her. Lynn shifted her body up her brother’s body until the tip of his tongue could reach her slit. “Be gentle Leroy, just like when you were playing with my tits. Just skim your tongue along my slit until I’m wet enough to fuck you.”
“Is this all there is to pussy eating?” Encyclopedia asked, after he swallowed Lynn’s juices and smiled at the taste of his sister.

“Not even close,” Lynn said with a shiver as Leroy ran his tongue along her slit a second time. “This is just the beginning, and we’re only doing it long enough to get me wet enough to fuck you.”

“Ok,” Leroy said, licking his lips again before he turned back to Lynn’s pussy. This time when he got to the top of Lynn’s slit he realized that her clit had popped erect and he teased the sensitive nub with the tip of his tongue until Lynn groaned with pleasure and released a gush of juice from her pussy. Encyclopedia wasn’t sure what he liked best, the taste of his sister’s juices, or the smell of her aroused cunt.

“That’s enough,” Lynn said, lifting her tingling pussy away from her brother’s tongue and sliding back down Leroy’s body until her slit hovered over Leroy’s quivering cock. “Are you ready for this Leroy?”

“Oh God I hope so,” Leroy said as he looked up at his half-sister’s shivering tits.

“I’m going to take this slow since it’s your first time,” Lynn said, “I don’t want to drive you crazy with pleasure. And when you fuck Sally for the first time you’ll want to take it slow because you’ll have to pop her cherry, and that can hurt.”

Lynn teased the tip of Leroy’s cock with her slit as she spoke, but once itwas coated with her hot slippery juice she held the shaft steady in her hand. She lowered her hips slowly until the head of Encyclopedia’s penis was lodged just inside her cunt lips and held herself their in spite of the fact that she wanted to slam her hips down and swallow the whole six inches with her pussy.

“How does it feel Leroy?” Lynn asked, smiling down at her brother and the blissful look on his face.

“Incredible,” Leroy said, reaching up to brush Lynn’s long black hair away from her tits so he could play with them. “I never dreamed anything could feel so good.”

“This is nothing,” Lynn purred as she leaned forward to give Encyclopedia easier to reach to her breasts. “If you think this feels good just wait until your whole cock is in my belly, and that’s nothing compared to how good it’s going to feel when we actually start moving. Of course the best part is going to be when you shoot your load inside me.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Encyclopedia asked, “I’m not wearing a condom, and unless you’re on the pill you could get pregnant if I cum inside you.”

“Yes,” Lynn admitted, “but the danger is the biggest thrill of all when it comes to fucking. But you don’t have to worry, I’ve been fucking for six years without protection, I’m sure if I was going to get pregnant it would have happened by now.”

“If you say so,” Leroy said uncertainly.

“And even if I did have a chance of getting pregnant that just makes things even more exciting, right?”

“Well,” Leroy said thoughtfully, “I’m pretty scared by the idea that I could knock up my own sister, but it really is exciting.”

“I didn’t really think about it that way,” Lynn admitted as she started to ease her cunt down her brother’s shaft. “I never even knew I had a brother until four weeks ago, I guess I see you more as an available cock then a brother. This barely feels like incest, but when I do think about it that way it makes things even more thrilling. I almost wonder what it would be like to fuck dad since he’s more of a stranger than a father to me. I wonder if I really could seduce him, it might be fun to find out.”

“Don’t tease me like that Lynn,” Encyclopedia gasped as the older girl’s cunt ate the last inch of his cock and gave his balls a juicy kiss. “You don’t really want to fuck dad, do you?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Lynn said with a teasing smile. “I am a horny slut, and a cock is a cock. So, how does it feel to have your whole cock in my belly?”

“I’ll never doubt you again, sis,” Leroy said with a satisfied smile, “I didn’t think anything could feel as good as having the head of my cock in your pussy, but now that the whole thing is in there it’s even better. I can feel your whole pussy squeezing my cock, and it’s incredible.”

“Well hang on because things are about to get even better,” Lynn said with a grin. With no more warning then that Lynn started riding her brother’s cock, lifting her pussy up and slamming it down as Leroy gasped in pleasure with every stroke. By the third thrust Encyclopedia found himself lifting his ass off the bed to meet Lynn’s downstroke. By the third stroke the two half-siblings were fucking like they’d been doing it for years, the sounds of their pleasure filling Lynn’s bedroom from wall to wall.

“Lynn,” Leroy called between groans of pleasure, “I’m gonna cum.”

“So am I Leroy,” Lynn gasped as her hair and tits bounced wildly with every stroke. “Come on little brother, my pussy’s thirsty and I need your cum.”

“Oh God, you’re such a slut Lynn,” as his hands shot out to grab his sister’s hips and hold them close with one last thrust, “but I’ll give you all the cum you want, now and always.”

“Yes,” Lynn moaned as her body quivered and shook as her belly exploded while Leroy shot his load deep inside her body.

Encyclopedia felt his balls jump three times as three wads of cum shot from his cock to fill his sister’s womb. “Thank you Leroy,” Lynn said as she leaned forward, pressing her tits into Encyclopedia’s chest as she kissed him hard on the lips. “I guess kissing is another lesson I’ll have to give you, but mom and dad will be home soon so we better clean up and get dressed before they walk in the door.”

“Another lesson?” Leroy asked with a weak groan as he levered himself up from the bed and started hunting down the clothes he’d left scattered around the floor. “So there will be more lessons then?”

“As many as you want,” Lynn promised as she pulled a pair of panties from her dresser and pulled them up her legs, trapping Encyclopedia’s cum in her cunt. “In fact we don’t even need a lesson if you decide you want to fuck, I’ll be more than happy to fuck you whenever and wherever you want. Maybe tonight after mom and dad go to bed?”

“That sounds good,” Leroy said as he finished picking up his clothes and headed for the bedroom door.

“By the way Leroy,” Lynn said, grinning as her half-brother turned with the door half opened to the hall. “I think you need a new nickname to better reflect your new way of life, I think Pornacopia Brown has a nice ring to it.”

* * * * * * * * *

As Pornacopia finished drying himself off after his shower he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and thought about how prophetic his new nickname had turned out to be. “Hurry up Leroy,” Pornacopia’s father called through the door, “I still have to get ready for work, and your mother says breakfast is ready right now.”

“Ok dad,” Pornacopia replied, “I’m coming out right now. Tell mom I’ll be dressed and down at the breakfast table in five minutes.”

“Tell her yourself,” Chief Brown said as he pushed past his son and closed the bathroom door, “I don’t have time.”

Pornacopia just shook his head and hurried to his room to finish getting dressed. He figured the sooner he got downstairs for breakfast the better it would be for everyone.

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