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Chapter Three

He was the son of a long time friend of Uncle Dan's. He was attending the local college and Uncle Dan had invited him to stay with him. Thea knew of Jake only in conversation. She was not prepared for someone of his sensuous and magnetic looks.
He was not prepared for someone of her beauty and still a virgin. They fell madly in love and Uncle Dan had to talk to Jake into not taking Thea's virginity. By the end of the month they were planning on being married.
The wedding was simple, but elegant. Upon their return from their month long honeymoon, Jake held Thea in his arms and said,
"My dear beautiful wife. What I am about to ask you to do, I ask that you will not find offensive. But from what you have told me, I believe it to be only a small payment."
Three minutes later an excited Thea knocked softly knocked at
Her Uncles bedroom. He was reading and when his precious niece entered, he laid his book down. Approaching his bed, she gave him a smile. Taking a deep breath, her hands slowly undone the belt knot. Shrugging it off, it slithered seductively the floor. Moving until her knees touched the bed, she stood there in all her naked glory.
She was now more beautiful than when she had gotten married. She had gained a pound or perhaps two and it appeared that the additional weight had gone to her boobs and buttocks. Dan’s cock immediately swelled up by just looking at her.
"Sire, my husband has asked that I share your bed. Your kindness and generosity has been overwhelming toward the two of us. He especially appreciates you’re not taking my maidenhead.” Looking back over her shoulder at the door, Thea continued in a much lower voice.
“However, as you well know, I was ready for you to have it months ago.”
“Thank you my dear.” Dan said with sincerity.
Continuing on, Thea’s voice became a little husky and with more sincerity.
“Jake also said that from this day on, you may enjoy me whenever, and most of all, however you wish.”
Once again the precious girl paused, and added in a lower whisper.
“Again, I personally hope it will be often. Very, very often!" She finished with a dazzling smile.
Uncle Dan smiled. Flipping back the sheet, he smiled as her
eyes widened at the sight of his hard cock. It was standing tall and even a drop of pre-com was visible emitting from its pee hole.
"Thank you."
Joining him in the cool bed, their lips came together and they shared a long meaningful kiss. Moving his hand over to her smooth stomach, he lightly stroked her skin. She gasped when his fingertips reached her prominent crotch.
"Remember the time I said that I wanted you nude as much as possible?” Dan inquired as he continued to knead and stroke her curly haired cunt.
Smiling broadly, Thea answered with a delicious kiss upon his lips.
“That day has arrived. So prepare to comply. That way whenever I want to have or touch you, you will be accessible. That means no underwear at any time.” Dan looked at her for an answer.
“Whatever you want.” Her hand continued to massage his hard meat.
“That is without a doubt. You will obey me without any reservations. Is that completely understood?”
Bending forward, Thea kissed her Uncle firmly. Breaking finally, she answered his question in a voice of loyalty
“Sire, my soul and body are yours to do with as you wish, when you wish, and…how you wish!” Her voice quivering.
“Good. I hope you are honest with your intentions. For there will be times that I…or others, male or female, will have you strip in the company of others. Strangers! Do you understand? Total strangers! And…you will be expected to do whatever sexual act they desire! ”
Her eyes widened at his words. Strangers? Nude? Sex acts? Oh! Her heart pounded with joy for already she was not content with the breath became ragged at the mere thought love making technique of her husband.
“That's right my dear, others! Your husband, well, I ‘m glad that he shares you with me. And I’m sure that he will not mind if others have the same privilege”
He emphasized with a kiss and a squeeze of her puffy labia lips,
“I don't think you will mind having a stranger’s hard cock stroking you here." He emphasized by pushing his middle finger knuckle deep inside her slit.
"Oh!” She exclaimed, as the finger felt good. Squirming, her hips down on the digit, she gasped.

“Yes! I am yours as you wish. I will do whatever…and to whomever, you wish. But please keep me well plugged with this!” Thea gasped as she stroked his cock.
Two days later, a smiling Thea sat up and deeply kissed her Uncle. Reluctantly she had to leave and return to her husband. A husband who could not hold a light to her Uncle when it came to love making.

Thea was famished. Dan was jokingly kidding her about too much exercise. Smiling, Thea looked fondly at both men. It was true. Her fur- lined cunt at that particular moment was warm and fairly well contented. For that morning as soon as Jake had finished with her, which was as usual, quick and not especially satisfying, she had went down the hall and sneaked inside her Uncle's bedroom. He was also nude and his cock showed dried semen stains on it. Thea smiled, as she knew he must have had one of the many girls on the farm. Easing the wilted flesh into her hand, she smelled the mixed juices. Lowering her lips, she lightly kissed the stained skin and then engulfed it into her mouth.
Dan smiled as the sensation woke him. Looking up at his nude niece, he smiled.
“Good morning sire. It appears you had a busy night?" She asked.
Laughing slowly, he put his hand high on her inner thigh. "Somewhat. Missy gave me a good- by ride last night
"Ah! I heard that she was going to leave!”
"Yes. Yesterday was her last day. She is leaving this afternoon to get married which is good. She was warming far too many beds. Oh yes! Especially the one of Buddy’s, Yes, the accountant. Yes, that’s him. That’s right. How many times! God, he had her almost constantly."
By now his come spattered cock had grown hard. Thea looked lovingly down at it as she let the head enter her mouth fully. Taking a long draw on it, she slowly pulled it free.
"Evidently she needs to come back and work this thing down some more. It looks like there is a lot of life in it"
"Why should she do that when you are so handy, and so beautiful, and much, much, more sexy?”
"Um!” She smiled and kissed him. Her tongue exploring his mouth. “My dear sweet Uncle is so sweet. Perhaps that is why I love him so!" She answered with a laugh.
"Thank you my dear, for I do surely love you. His hand came down and cupped her cunt. Rubbing his middle finger up and down the sparse covered opening, he continued with his praise. “My, you are a sexy thing this morning! Didn’t your husband satisfactorily perform his duties?”
“Uh, sire…it was as usual…not especially…!”
“Are you having thoughts of a …possible divorce?” He asked as his brow knotted up.
“No sire. I do not believe in divorce…unless it becomes unbearable for both parties.”
After listening to her, Dan had to smile as a plan formulated in his mind.
“Don’t worry my sweet pet. Your uncle will take care of you.”
“Oh! Sir! Yes, please! Thank you.”
Scooting down, she wrapped her mouth around his thick cock. The mixed dried semen that still coated it was most enjoyable.
When his big cock reached its maximum length and girth, Dan eased away and went between her open thighs. The idea in his mind was fueling his lustiness as he thoroughly fucked his niece.
"You two wore me out this morning." She smiled at her two lovers.
Laughing, Dan replied, "My dear niece that would be impossible!"
Jake joined in and replied, "It was you that wore us out."
Thea was happy in a sense. Both men loved her as much as she loved them. They laughed about her alternating between bedrooms.
She secretly wished that every day she could be mounted or made to do something sexual by either one of them. The only problem was that they were gone quite a bit. Uncle was deeply involved in buying additional property and running the farm. Jake was busy at school and he spent his free time working.
So the dear girl was alone very often. Her body craved attention and she fidgeted and became agitated whenever she didn't get the attention she craved. She had turned to her fingers many times to ease the tension, but it was not totally satisfying. No, this was not what she wanted; she wanted the hard blood engorged penis of a man up inside her. That was what she enjoyed. She had been taught this and she proved to be an ardent student in the ways of love. Her biggest thrills were when Uncle Dan would suddenly take her in his arms and smother her face with kisses. This was all it took to set her off.
But the best that Thea enjoyed however was the taste of a cock. From the very first time Irene had guided Uncles cock inside her mouth, she had liked it. She also liked it when Uncle would have her wet his cock with her mouth, and then push it up her. After a bit he would pull it out and have her suck the juices. But the best was when he had climaxed inside her; he would then pull out and then sit astride her heaving body. First he would mash her tits around the sticky flesh and then guide it inside her waiting mouth.
Jake also enjoyed her mouth on him. Many times she had sucked both men in the same day. It made her no difference as to the amount of times she did it.

Days later, a nude Thea was on her hands and knees as the strokes of Jake's cock felt for some reason very good as they sluiced through her always-hungry slit. His hands were molding the resilient flesh of her buttocks when the bedroom door suddenly opened. It was a smiling Irene.
"Oh, oh, excuse me!" She answered apologetically with a big smile.
“Stay!” Jake called out as he continued to stroke back and forth in the cunt of his wife.
“You sure?” She asked while all the time coming closer to the couple. Her eyes eagerly taking in the action on the bed.
“Yeah! Jump up here next to us. The bed is plenty big.” Jake said with a small leer.
Irene accepted eagerly and sat down next to the straining couple. Kicking off her shoes, she pulled her skirt up high and got closer for a better look. Bending down, she kissed the partially opened lips of the softly moaning Thea. The damp-hair girl quickly returned the kiss.
Jake smiled broadly at the two and asked
“You two still licking and sucking each other?”
Irene returned the smile as she looked down at his sluicing cock. Not bad, but a little small. Thea had been right.
“Yeah, we get together fairly often.”
Jake stopped and sat back upon his heels. Pulling his cock all the way out of Thea, he paused long enough for Irene to get a good look before he again sunk it back in his wife’s willing hole.
Irene’s eye arched at the sight and moved closer. When she smiled at him again, Jake returned it and then moved his hand to her knee.
Moving forward so his hand went higher up her thigh, Jake gave a smile and a little laugh. Continuing to watch and smile, Irene moved again so her blemish- free thighs could open for his searching hand. A smile of contentment came over her face as his smooth hand cupped her hairy moat.
Thea didn’t see Jake lean over and kiss the lips of Irene. She also didn’t see that Irene had pulled her skirt up so Jake could see her slit.
She also didn’t see Jake motion to Irene to lay back. All she knew was that when the big vein in a man’s phallus begins to swell; it is ready to hose the tunnel of a woman. And that was what was happening right now!

But without warning, Jake suddenly withdrew his pulsing cock and got between the spread legs of a smiling Lois. Swiftly pushing his spurting but deflating cock up her slit, he commenced to stroke her frantically. Irene wrapped her legs around him and beat back at his driving hips as he pumped a load of semen deep within her. Her eyes closed and unintelligible sounds emerged, as it was plain to see she was also in the throes of an orgasm.
Thea suddenly sat up and watched the copulating couple as they kissed and held each other. This wasn't fair she thought. No! She had been on the verge of an orgasm and her husband had stopped before she had one. Feeling put out, she mopped as the couple next to her were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Not that she minded what they were doing, but she had wanted to finish up. Darn! She thought. It was too bad that Uncle Dan was gone, as she could have padded down the hall and got in bed with him! Oh well, there was always her hand!
Out of desperation, she lay back down and cupped her sticky moat. Easing a long tapered finger up herself, she slowly began moving it inside her warm slit.
"Hey, Mr. Jake! It looks like you got all the pussy in here."
Turning to the sudden sound, Floyd, the husband of Irene stood in the doorway, massaging his cock through his pants.
"Yes I do. Why don't you come in here and help me!” Jake said with a laugh. “You can attend to Thea. She is available."
He gestured to her cunt - covered hand. Ho! Thought Jake, yes oh yes! He had been wondering what Thea would look like with a black cock stuck in between her lily-white legs. The thought so excited him that his cock swelled up to its maximum size much to the delight of Irene.
Thea was startled, but strangely excited. She let her finger slid out of her hole as Floyd approached the bed. She didn't really know what to do as he sat down next to her. This was a black man and her husband had told him to take her!
"Mrs. Blake, how be?" Floyd asked as his eyes took in the nude body of the white girl.
"Fine ... thank you." She answered in a low voice.
Floyd's breath was short. This was the first time he had ever seen the white girl nude. Irene had told him all about her, but he had yet to see her nude. Her tits were magnificent. Damn, he thought! What he would give to play with them for a while. And that silky cunt hair! Good gosh almighty! What a cunt this white girl had!
"Well! What are you waiting for? You can bet she is ready! Get on up there and take her,” Jake said to an admiring Floyd.
"She is sho nuff beautiful. You sho it be okay!" He asked with a knotting of his brow.
"Yes. Hell! I want to see you fuck her ass off. Dan and I can't, but maybe you can." He responded with a big laugh.
"Damn Floyd! Do like the man said." Irene told him excitedly for she also had been waiting for this day. Many times she had dreamed of a time like this! She couldn’t wait to see this hot blood white ass girl handle a cock like Floyd had.
“It’s okay Floyd.” Thea said in a low voice and scooted over to give him more room.
Floyd could not believe his good fortune. The last white woman he had fucked was over in Mobile about six weeks ago. She had been a good lay, but nothing according to Irene that this blond head beauty was. Lord, he thought what he would give to really have his way with her. Uh, huh! He could just see her shapely ass nice and red after he had used a belt on her. If only her husband wasn't here! Hopefully there would be a next time.
Pulling his shirt off, he saw Thea’s chest rise as the sight of his heavy muscled chest came into view. But when his thick truncheon of male meat bobbed its head, Thea almost betrayed her feelings with a sigh.
Thea smiled a little at him as she spread her legs to allow him to look between her milk white thighs. She had been shivering from the moment he had stripped. His stomach was like a washboard and his arms sported big biceps.
But it was his cock! His was the largest she had ever seen. It appeared to be twice the size of Jakes and Uncle Dan's.
Looking over at a grinning Jake, she murmured about the size of Floyd. Laughing softly, he spoke,
“Floyd looks like my wife is a bit worried about that club between your legs. You better make sure she is …greased up!” Again he laughed.
Floyd slid in next to the blond beauty. Their eyes had not left the others except to admire each other’s bodies. Turning toward the beautiful woman, he hesitantly reached out and stroked her shapely flank. Thea slightly shivered and let her thighs open up some more. This time Floyd let his hand touch the soft flesh of her stomach.

As his hand made small circles, their eyes locked on each other. Moving down her flesh, she shivered when his hand reached the top of her warming slit. Sliding back, he motioned for her to open her legs.
Looking at him, she gave a little smile and slowly opened her thighs to reveal the pink tinged cunt lips hiding there. Looking down at herself, she then looked up at an admiring Floyd.
Lois was very excited. She had hold of Jake’s cock and was stroking and kissing the male engine as she watched wide eyed.
“Floyd, baby! You best be running yo’ fanger up her to see if she wet nuff!” She blurted out and then took a long draw on Jake’s cock head.
“Yeah! Floyd, listen to your wife! Check out her hole!” Jake replied. He was enjoying the sight of a black man atop his lily- white wife. The contrast itself was stimulating!
“You sho’” Floyd answered. “I don’t want to find my ass out of a job cause you git mad at me!”
“Go on! Do it!” Jake said in an excited voice. “Mr. Dan has done told her that she has to fuck whoever he wants and I’m sure he want mind.”
Putting his hand back on the shivering belly of Thea, he moved it down until he cupped her silky hair cunt. Slowly his fingers worked the succulent flesh. Her cunt was soft and pronounced. It was a nice handful. Going in the opening, he eased a finger up to the first knuckle.
“Dat okay?” He asked the beautiful girl.
“…Ahhh, um, yes.” She said in a stuttering voice.
Continuing on, he pushed up her until he was as deep as possible. God! Her meat felt tight, not at all loose like some women. It seemed to wrap itself around his digit as he worked in and out.
“God! Oh, oh! Yeah! Ohh! Do…ahhh stop ahhh!” Thea cried out. “Floyd! Pl…ease!”
Easing out of her, he wiped his finger on the inside of her thigh. Job or not, he was ready to do it! He was going to make this white- ass, honky- husband of hers mad as hell. For he intended to screw this man’s wife's ass off while he watched!
Getting over between the girl’s legs, he looked down at her hole. Taking his throbbing meat, he ran the big head up and down her length. He could feel her moisture and suddenly his body vented some pre come. Good! It was enough to make her wet so he could stick her!
When the big black licorice stick that jutted out from his middle pushed against her entrance of love, Thea winced slightly. Another push and he stretched her walls of pleasure. Another push and his cock head was at her cervix.
Oh God! She was stuffed! Little cries came from her full lips as her cunt molded itself around the big pole.
Stroking the blond woman until his turgid cock was locked deep within her pleasure -hole, Floyd then settled
down and began slowly but steadily going back and forth in her mound of Venus. Giving Mr. Jake a sideways glance, he could see the man looking at him. Damn! He wanted to really lay one in this bitch. He could tell she was enjoying herself as she gave him a return stroke for everyone he gave her.
For the next ten minutes or so, Thea felt like she had died and went to heaven. This was what she had been wanting, a new hard cock! Umm! Twice already she had felt her dam burst and cover his big stick. God! It felt good as her walls seem to surround his meat as it worked her up and down. It was certain in her mind that she would want this big black to take her again …and again!
Suddenly he picked up speed and really began to pound her. The sound of their mating filled the silence of the room. When his first shot erupted, Floyd grunted. Then the next three long streams erased all worries from his body.
How great could life get? Thea thought. This was her third man. And the best thing about it, they all lived here! That meant she could have a different cock whenever she wanted. Yes, three! Then there was Lois, so that meant four…maybe…just maybe…she could find three more people. That way she could have a different one for every day. What difference would it make if one wanted her more, the more the merrier!
Yes! Yes indeed! Life, it was so good!
Thea had thoroughly enjoyed this fuck. Even though two men had screwed her that day, she was hoping that the big black would want her again. She had tried to give him a good ride, but the presence of Jake, had made her and she felt Floyd had somewhat held back restrain themselves. Her groin area could well use another round of fucking to make it contented...for a while at least!
She had also noticed that Floyd had held back when he would reach for her heaving tits. Plus she had wanted to suck his big black stick. It had looked so good when she looked down the valley of her heaving breasts as it slid back in forth in her pussy.

"Mr. Jake, I sho nuff thank you for letting me uh…Mrs.Thea.".
"You are more than welcome. For I enjoyed watching and I dearly enjoyed this beautiful wife of yours." Jake answered as his fingers were rolling the brown nipples of Irene.
"Yes sir, I can understand that. Uh, well, I reckons I be getting' back and seeing' how things going"' He said with a look down at a beautiful Thea.
"Thank you Floyd. It." Thea said in a low but sincere voice.
"Uh, yes ma'am. It was that." He answered as if this would be the last time he would ever have her again. Rising, he reached for his pants.
"Floyd, wait a moment!" Jake said suddenly. “Please, get back up in bed. Yes, the bed. Come on.
Doing as Jake said, he glanced over at Thea who also expressed a surprised look.
“There, that's good. Take Thea in your arms.”
Jake was inwardly smiling. His sudden idea was progressing perfectly.
“That’s right; put your arm around her. Uh, oh, yeah, her tits! Play with them! That’s right! Go on! Squeeze them. Yeah!”
Floyd’s cock was already rebounding. The white woman’s tits were full and firm. God did they ever feel good!
But Floyd could not believe his ears at what Jake said next.
“Now, pull on her nipples, see! She likes that.”
Thea murmured slightly and the kneading of her flesh caused her milk white thighs to open up her pink tinged cunt for all to see. Turning to Floyd, she smiled and reached down to take hold of his now rock hard cock.
“Yeah! That’s right. I want everyone happy before I present this idea." Jake said.
Floyd was enjoying this. His hands had wanted to touch the big high firm breasts. For her flesh was so, so, smooth! And her hand felt so good around his cock. He especially liked it because they were in front of her husband. It was too bad she wasn’t on her hands and knees with his cock buried to the hilt in her ass while he watched! Again the next words from the man he had no use for, almost floored him!
"Floyd, what you think about us swapping wives until tomorrow afternoon? I for one would love to fuck this gorgeous wife of yours in private, and have the whole night to do it. That way, we can do what we want. What do you say?"
“You mean that Mrs. Thea will be mine until tomorrow?” Floyd asked with disbelieve.
“Yes. That’s what I mean.” Jake answered sincerely.
“Wait! Let me get this straight! I can do what I wants with Mrs. Thea here and even if you see us, you no going to say nothing?” he asked with obvious disbelieve.
“No Floyd, for I’m hoping that you two like each other enough so we can do hmm…lets say…do this on a more permanent basis.” Jake said in an even voice as he looked at his wife's face and then at her hand that was wrapped around Floyd’s cock.
"I'm all for it." Floyd responded instantly. His hand pressure increased on Thea's tits.
“What do you ladies say about it?"
Irene smiled broadly and wrapped her arms around Jake’s neck. Thea looked at Floyd and smiled before answering.
“Whatever my husband wants.” Thea said looking at Floyd and then turning toward Jake.
“You had better, and you do whatever and I mean whatever, Floyd wants, or one of us will take a belt to you!” Jake said with an almost scowl.
“Dat go for you to woman!” Floyd said to Irene.
"Well, in that case, why don't we start right now, and you two go away."
Jake said as he bent down and kissed Irene. Breaking finally, he continued,

"Now that this is settled, please get out of here. We will meet back here at this time tomorrow." Gasped Jake as Irene began masturbating him.
"Yas sir! Come on Mrs. Thea! We are leaving!"
Jake and Irene were wrapped up in each other’s arms before Thea and Floyd could get out of bed. Reaching down, Floyd picked Thea up in his strong arms and out the door they went. Once in the hall, he stopped and asked where they could go.
"I don't care! You can throw me down here on the floor, or up against the wall. Where ever you want! Just hurry up and do it!" She said gasping with pure lust as she kissed him. "Wait! I forgot! Take me into Uncle Dan's room. He is gone until tomorrow. You can fuck me there first. Then we can decide on another place later."
Twenty minutes later, Floyd rolled off a sweating Thea and lay next to her.
"Damn! You are sho-nuff a good fuck. Now what say you be getting down and sucking on my cock till it be hard?"
"Yes, But first I have a question." She answered as she rolled over and let her soft hands fondle his wet black stick.
"Well hurries it up!"
"After tomorrow, what happens between you and 1?"
"What you mean?"
"I mean after Friday, do you stop…seeing me?" She said in a pleading voice.
Bending down, she kissed the head of his manhood.
"What in the fuck are you talking’ bout? Hell, I see you ever day."
"No, I don't mean that. I’m talking about continuing this!"
The misty eyed beauty asked as she stroked his cock
"Oh! I see! You want some more of my cock! Is that what you be saying"?
"…Yes. I…want to do this some more…a lot more. I…anything you want, whenever you want…all you have to do is just… take me! You never have to ask!" She said as she stuck his cock between her tits.
“Dat be sounding good, but I suppose to have you back tomorrow.”
“Yes…But Jake said that we can start …fu_uh, anytime.”
"You ain’t kidding me are you?"
"No! God no! I want this …stick…in me every chance we have.” Her eyes pleaded, “Wait! You...don't want me? Is that it?"
She asked as tears began to well up in her sky blue eyes.
"That's it! You don’t want me?"
She turned her eyes away before they filled with tears.
"You sho’ nuff a dumb ass! Shit! I have been wanting to grab hold of yo fine looking ass for a longs time. What fool wouldn't?" Floyd answered incredulously.
Hugging him close, Thea kissed his lips with pure conviction
and loyalty.
"Floyd, any time, or anyplace. That is what I am saying! What
else do I have to do to prove it?
"Well, I tell you now, I will be wanting you a bunch of times. That’s for damn sure! Uh, what you say bout that?” Floyd asked with a small grin.
"Yes!” She answered with a better tone now that he had given her a ray of hope. “I hope so!”
"Wow! That sho nuff be good!" Floyd grinned at the thought and pulled the beauty into his strong arms. Their lips pecked at each other first and then mashed tightly for so long that Thea was gasping for air when they finally broke apart.
“Uh, huh! I have wanted you for a long time. Lord, I and Buddy have talked about you a bunch of times.”
Buddy the accountant was of extremely light pigment. His body was slim and he was a possessor of an excellent education. He spoke impeccable English and portrayed good manners. Thea had met him when she first came to the farm. He was in charge of the accounting office and Uncle Dan thought very highly of him. Each time that Thea and Buddy met, he always smiled and treated her with respect. The thought of his interest was…exciting. Could he possibly be number five?
"Uh…what has he said about me?" She asked inquisitively as her hand continued to fondle his cock.
“Said how he would like to fuck you! What you think the man be saying? Too bad he can’t see yo' naked ass right now."
"Would you want him too?" She asked as a small tremor shook her insides.
"I wouldn’t mind.” He answered. “Would you?”
Looking at him, Thea mumbled, "If he did see me…naked, what would…he…do?"
”Shit! What you think! He would want to stick his cock up your cunt!”
“Oh! You men! She answered with a nervous smile and then a laugh. There it was again; that thought of letting Buddy…!
“Nuff talk! Now get down on my cock. It be needing' your mouth!”
Thea crawled over on top of him and began kissing his brown body. Reaching his now semi-hard cock, she put it in her mouth and let her tongue taste the mixed sperm they had shared. Um! It tasted so good! How lucky could a person get she thought? So far, all her men had let her suck them after a fuck. Hopefully one day she could suck two or three cocks at one time. And it would even be better if they were still wet from being up a cunt! And that cunt was hers! Wow! That would be something! She would be so fortunate!
And now Jake had traded her to this big buck. Just the thought of trading was exciting to her. Maybe one day soon he would trade her to another man ... or hmm, even another woman! Or perhaps both! Umm, she thought as her tongue licked the length of the hardening cock. Mmm, she liked doing this. It made no difference if it was a cock or a cunt. A black one or a white one.
"Hmm! Dat be good! Now, git up here and let me have some mo of your cunt." Floyd said.
Damn! The big buck thought as he watched her. This white woman sho' nuff liked to suck cock. Yeah, oh yeah! Did he have some plans on that!
Pulling out the black stick from her heart shaped- mouth, she again kissed the big head before sitting up. Straddling the big man, she lifted her body and guided his hard meat up her cunt.

Wincing slightly as it went immediately to her cervix, she felt her hole awash with juice from the good loving she was getting. His length and girth thrilled her! Rocking back and forth on him, she leaned forward when he reached for her big firm jugs.
"Dat right! Get yo’ ass up so I can work on these big titties!”
Her breath sucked in when the man squeezed her pink flesh. Hard!
"How that feel?" Floyd asked as his hands twisted the berry tips.
"I ... ah ... Please! That hurts! Yes! Oh ... Oh ... Yes! "
Thea was beginning to enjoy this new phase of love. Pain! How could this be? Pain was supposed to hurt! The sensation was hard to describe. Her brain was turning to mush as once again the Negro twisted her nipples God! What a feeling! How could this be she thought as her body began warming up? Something was not right!
Perhaps it was the thrill of a new cock. No, that wasn't it. Ahhh! She whimpered as once again he pulled on her strawberry tipped tits. Oh! Oh! Her cunt was getting mushy as a load of semen rushed for her opening. Umm! Yes! That feels so good! How could it get any better!
"Floyd! My tits! S-l-a-a-a-a-p them!"
The big rough hand struck out and slapped her tender hanging flesh. Crying out for him to continue, she threw out her chest and cried with happiness as her breasts received four stinging, lust-building blows. The feeling coursed down her sweating body and signaled her seemingly cock -starved cunt to begin spurting once again.
Floyd quickly disengaged from her hole of passion. Swinging up and in between her moist thighs, his hands caught her under her knees. Floyd pushed them back against her body. Her slit was now wide open! Open and waiting! Guiding his newly hardened meat to her opening, he pushed it to the limit!
"Ahhh! More!" Thea cried out, as her senses were alive with an intense pressure.
"You getting mo." Floyd said as future plans flooded his mind.
Just as his pole got to the point of no return, Floyd jerked free. Holding the head of his vein-thumping cock in his hand, Floyd moved up the white- girl’s body until he was at her sweaty face.
"Open your mouth bitch!"
"Floyd! Please!" Thea pleaded. “Put it back up me!
Pulling his open hand back, Floyd said, "Look bitch! You best do what I say! You don’t, I gonna turn your ass over and redden it like a beet!"
Opening her mouth, she took him deep. Using her tongue, she ran it up and down the big licorice stick. Floyd gasped, and holding her head, he drove his cock as deep as he could down her lily-white throat.

Wrapping her lips around the big pulsing stick, she milked him until he was dry. The taste of the warm semen was like nectar to her.
Moments later, a tired but satisfied Floyd said with a hint of malice to the still suckling girl,
"Okay bitch, stop. You got me dry!"
Even though his cock had shriveled, Thea continued to suck.
"I be saying' quit! You hear me?" His voices suddenly dropping down an octave.
Thea looked up at him with pleading eyes as her little hand held the greasy stick in her cupid shaped mouth. Her ignoring him brought a small slap to her puffed -out check. Again she just mewed and kept licking.
Pulling his glistening stick away from her, Floyd grabbed her by the hair and held it tight. Taking his other hand, he slapped her blemish-free cheeks. Hard. Very, hard!
"What did I say?" He asked.
With tears in her eyes, she pleaded, "Floyd, please! I like to suck you! Please let me?"
Grabbing her by her long blond hair again, he slapped her twice. Hard, and in succession on each cheek. When her mouth opened to let out a cry, he slapped her again and then spoke.
“Listen and listen well! When I tell you something, you best be doing’ it! You fucking understand! You don’t, I take you back to yo’ sorry ass husband rite now! You understand! Den again, wait! Hell! Dat probably be what you be wanting'. Huh! Tell me Bitch! Dat what you be wanting?"
Sniffing, Thea slowly shook her head back and forth. "No, all I want is to… love on you."
Floyd looked down at the beautiful girl. Her words took him back for a minute. Then he began to realize that she was alone a lot and from what his wife told him, she goes without any loving for a long period. Hmm! Hell, maybe this girl did just want to fuck? He was going to find out in just a little bit by making her do things.
Pushing Thea on her back, he spanked the insides of her tender thighs apart. Looking down at the swollen labia lips of her pink tinged meat, he pushed a finger up her. Another one then joined in. Then he began a slow in and out motion. It only took a minute or so before her butt began to rotate and lifted to meet his entry. Looking down at her angelic face, he kissed her. Her arms came around his neck and she whispered a thank you in his ear.

Floyd smiled to himself, as the white girl before him was an answer to his prayers. This girl had everything. Body, face, and some of the best pussy he had ever dreamed of. Shit! She could have any man she wanted. But for some reason, she wanted him! Whatever the reason, he was glad.
The next afternoon, Floyd had his arm around Thea’s waist as they returned to her husband. He made her put on an extremely skirt and a blouse that was almost open. With each step, her exposed creamy breasts would jiggle up and down.
Jake inwardly smiled at the two. Thea’s skin was flushed. Floyd also showed signs of exertion. He wondered how many times they had coupled. Hmm, he would have to ask Thea tonight.
Floyd had confessed his feelings concerning Jake to her and before he could continue, Thea shut him off by kissing his lips.
“I…understand. It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”
Entering the room, Lois had her feet across Jakes lap and her skirt was up high. Jake was slowly caressing her firm thighs.
“Hey! There they are. Look like everything went okay.”
“Yeah…everything went okay.” His eyes followed Jakes hand as it moved his wife’s skirt up to almost her cunt.
“Good. That subject is closed. So, you still for changing wives ever so often?” Jake asked. “Or…do you want this to be the last time.
Floyd looked at Jake for a long minute and then replied, “I am for it. But, what about the women folk? They should have something to say?”
“Huh! I be all for it!” Lois said with a laugh. “How about you Thea? What you say?”
Thea looked at each person and let her eyes rest on Jake “I…whatever my husband wants.”
“Yeah, but I got some questions about that. First, there ain’t going to be any trouble is there?” Floyd said in a deadpan voice.
“No. Why should there be? Don’t worry.” Jake answered.
“Next, lets say, I got this woman here up again a wall and my hand going all over her and you walk up. What going to happen?”
“You mean your hand up between her legs like this?” He broadly smiled as his clamped on the juicy twat of Irene.
Irene jumped and then laughed.
Floyd had to laugh and said “Yeah like that.”
“I would probably say “How you doing and walk away.” For that is what I would expect.” His answered in a sincere voice.
“Okay, last question. What about when we want them to fuck or suck someone else.”
“That’s a good question. You want her to get laid by somebody, she will do it, and do it right! I believe these two would like it. Am I right…or wrong Thea?” Jake asked of his wife.
“Whatever you say…or want.”Thea answered.
“Okay, reckon that’s what I wanted to hear. Irene, you hear what we saying? Da man say lay down with yo’ legs open, you do it. It makes no difference where it is, when it is, and…who it is. Understand?”
Smiling broadly, Irene answered. “Got you husband.”
Having Irene make coffee, they talked. Floyd still could not believe his good fortune. To insure that Jake was sincere, he reached over to Thea and opened her blouse to completely expose her breasts.
“Now, that looks better.” He said to a smiling Jake. Cupping the closest one, he gently squeezed the resilient tit flesh. Jake was enjoying the show and when Floyd bent and suckled his wife’s nipple, his cock began to harden.
“What do you think about her cunt Floyd?” He asked.
“She is good.” He answered as he pulled off her now hard nipple. “Fact being, I think another shot of it will be good about now”
“Why not?” Jake answered.
Thea looked at Floyd and understand his expressions. Within seconds, she had her skirt up around her waist and laying back.
Pulling out his rock hard cock, he rubbed it up and down her slit. When she began to move and whimper, he pushed it up her to his limit. Cupping her tits, he began kneading and pulling on them. Looking over at a smiling Jake, he returned the grin, and then fully and with passion, he kissed Thea.
Thea was in heaven.
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