"jodie todays the day today is the dayyyy"
daisy shook her best friend jodie awake gently
jodie heard the rain outside, pouring down,
"but its raining" said jodie from inside her pillow
daisy "c'mon jode we have been planning this all month"

the two girls got up got dressed and packed condoms, blankets, canned food,
"check check check check" said jodie
"waittt you forgot" said daisy cheekily
"what" huffed jodie
"the bullet" grinned daisy
they both smiled and giggled as jodie reached under her bed to a box full of sex toys and lubricant, jodie snatched her metal bullet vibrator from the box and packed it into her backpack

they left the house and they were lucky enough to live near a 12 acre country park and woodland reserve.

they followed the smoke from the fire and met theyre friends, jack, TJ, jaysen, laura, holly and adam
all perched on a log deep into the forest around a fresh fire.

"heyyy everybodyy " smiled jodie and daisy
the girls were quick to greet the group and hugged everyone, daisy got to her last hug, her boyfriend jack, the hug lasted longer than usual, and as the conversation of the others got louder, jack put his hand over her crotch and squeezed it he said "this is gonna be a good long night baby" as he pulled away he squeezed her tight ass

the day grew on and conversations of "fuck ,marry, push of a cliff" came into, a question came about where jodie said she'd fuck tj, he was the quiet one, not so lad-like the others, as she said the words "i'd fuck TJ" his dick grew in his boxers and his eyes lit up, jodie noticed his eyes, and they had eye contact.

the night came and the campfire was hot and the soft scent of burning wood was about,
the boys apart from jack were getting fire wood and daisy went too, when jack tapped jodie on the back

"hey babe come over here a second i wanna show u my tent it can fit 12 bodies"

he took jodie by the hand as she started to sweat with anxt, she knew somthing was going to happen, as of the nature of this boy, she knew it was wrong , he was her best friends guy, but she found him so atrractive, his bronze body, with tight abs and large strong arms with whispy dark hair and deep brown eyes.
they were in the tent barely a minute when jack grabbed jodie, he kissed her hard on the lips, his touch felt so amazing to jodie, she found him so attractive, she kissed him back and put her hand on the back of his neck, he kissed her harder moving his hand towards her crotch, he rested his hand on her crotch and squeezed it, this made jodie panic and she stopped realising what she was doing

he stopped and gazed into her eyes and said "i have been waiting for this moment, i want to fuck your brains out, your so gorgeous dont worry just go along with it"

she knew it was wrong but her body was telling her yes

he kissed her hard and played with her toungue, in her mouth
he pressed his hard bulge agaisnt her,
this made her wet and kissing him harder she felt a tingly feeling as his hand moved from her stomach to her jean shorts, he unbuttoned them with one hand and rubbed her pussy gently over her red thong, the second he touched her she stopped kissing him and let out a tiny moan of pleasure, she felt blood rushing towards her pussy and tingles of pleasure ran throughout her whole body, he rubbed her thong harder and could feel her clit errecting through her thong, her thong was wet and sticky ffrom her pussy juices,

it got hotter and hotter in the tent, and jack removed his shirt
revealing he's ripped sweating torso, he continued to rub her pussy, with one hand he pulled her top over her head and his hard 6 pac clammed together with her bare stomach, her nipples her erect against his chest,

as he was rubbing her she, started to grobe his bulge, she was curious to reveal his cock, she put her hands down his track pants exploring his manhood, she felt a rock hard shaft and she started to move her hand up and down his cock moving his forskin, she felt for length, and discovered his 9 inch thick cock, she desperatly wanted it inside her

she paused kissing him and kissed his chest
his abs
then his pathway to his cock
as she kissed her saliva mixed with his sweat
she pulled down his track pants and boxers and
placed his 9 inch rock hard cock into her mouth

he felt a warm wet feeling as he put his hand on the back of her head she licked the tip before engulfing his cock into the back of her throat
with her spare hand she groped his balls and played with them

he tilted his head back and let out a deep short moan, this was better than was daisy had ever given him, he had never experienced a feeling so intense as this

his cock swelled in her mouth as her saliva soaked his cock

she started to tease him and sat back he knelt down pulled off her shorts and started kissing her and pulling and twisting her nipples,
jodie llet out a loud moan as she felt the tip of his hard slippery penis clasp with her sticky lips, he thrusted her, teasing her, she whispered "uhhh fuck me baby mm" he smiled, and slowly kissed her neck, breasts, stomach, and her clean shaved pussy, he licked around her clit, and she gasped with pleasure, she grasped his hair and moaning quietly "oh godd fuckk" her pussy juices leaked onto his tongue as he tasted her and explored her perfect pussy she squirmed with pleasure, he licked around her slit and flicked his tongue several times onto her clit,

everytime he did this her whole body jolted, it was to intense for her, and as he was licking and tasting around her clit, he inserted 2 fingers into her slippery glistening pussy, she couldnt take it and she started to breathe heavily, her breasts were so hard, and her body was sweating, her toes her curling and her pussy was more slippery, suddenly she scratched his neck as she orgasmed, she felt on top of the world as the intoxication of her orgasm hit, he back arched and she moaned "mmm uhh fuckk oh uhhhh" he fingered her harder to make her orgasm last longer and she came again, juices exploding onto his tongue her sweet musky cum covered his chin.

she recovered quickly as she looked down at his upright cock moist at the tip, still breathless she managed to demand that her fucked her, beads of sweat on her perky sticky breasts,she shoved him to the floor and mounted his 9 inch cock, she started to grind him,
he shortly started panting as he was so horny,he could feel her soakin wet tight pussy clamped onto his cock pleasuring him beyonf belief, he could taste her cum still on his tongue, and his cock was being taken over by the tightest pussy he'd ever fucked, she fucked him slowly at first grinding him, then she was REALLY fucking him, so hard that he kept letting out short moans trying not to make to much noice, he was sweating as he reached his arms around to part her tight butt cheeks, she was moaning and panting trying to catch her breath, he could tell she was close, he could feel her vagina walls contracting on his shaft, this sent him crazy, he wanted to satify her but knew he was going to cum, so he slid one finger into he tight ass hole as she screamed with agony and pleasure, he could feel his balls erupting, for a second he stopped breathing and warm semen shot up through his shaft into her wet throbbing pussy and dripped onto his balls, she moaned and tightened her pussy around his cock as she came, he quirted inside her 6 - 7 times his ass lifted off the ground completly sending her into a void of intoxication from her orgasm,
she lay on his chest unable to move, she was exhausted, her hard clammy boobs were pressed agaisnt his chest, both of there bodies were soaked in sweat, and the smell of musky sweet cum filed the tent,

the zip opened in the tent, they both looked around, it was daisy.

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