Amana Not Only Enjoys Here Neighbor, But Tim As Well....Plus...
Amanda walked out onto her patio clad only in a flimsy, sheer robe along with her morning coffee. As she lazed on the lounge chair she wondered if the home center would be open yet...she wanted to call Tim and ask him to come over and install her shower massage, not to mention she wanted his eight hard inches in her ever horny pussy. Amanda picked up her cell phone and called the home center asking for Tim. Once Tim answered, she asked if he remembered her from the other night.

"Are you could I forget such a beautiful woman."

"Why thank you Tim....I'm flattered."

"I was wondering if you could come by and install my shower massage?"

"Well, actually we don't install's not a big enough item."

"Oh aren't going to disappointment me are you?"

"No, not at caught me at a good time, I'm actually off today, I was just in the store picking up my check....I could come by and do it on my own time....say in a couple of hours?"

"Mmmm, Tim that would be perfect....I'll see you then."

As Amanda hung up she parted her robe and began running her fingers over her pussy in anticipation. Amanda closed her eyes as her arousal started to grow....she didn't even hear her neighbor Kristie come over.

"Excuse me I here at a bad time?"

Amanda's eyes flew open, when she heard Kristie.

"Oh I'm sorry...I had no idea you were here."

"That's okay...I'll let you alone."

"Oh no, you don't have to...I was just a little horny....would you like some coffee?"

"Sure, I'd love some."

As Kristie sipped her coffee Amanda told Kriste about her little adventure at the home center with Tim. As she recounted the story Amanda noticed Kristie couldn't take her eyes off her body. Just for the heck of it, and because she's an exhibitionist at heart, Amanda continued running her fingers along the outer lips of her labia, while circling her hard nipples through her robe with her finger tips. Kristie was becoming visibly aroused the more Amanda told her how she had Tim sucking her pussy, and how she sucked his cock right there in the store.

"Oh Amanda, I can't tell you how damn horny you're making me....Oh how I'd love to have a cock like Tim's in my's been way to long since I've had a good hard fuck."

"Mmmm, I know me I know."

"You know...Tim's going to be here in a couple of hours, I don't mind sharing, and I know Tim won't mind a bit either."

"REALLY?.....That would be wonderful."

"Yes, his cock is so nice....I was wondering though."

"In lieu of a cock, have you ever tried anything else?"

Amanda moved her legs father apart, allowing Kristie a view of her wet pussy.
Kristie smiled silently as she stared at Amanda's pussy, while unconsciously running her tongue over her lips. Amanda took things one step further, pulling her robe open all the way, baring her beautiful breasts. Kristie stood up and took off her top tossing it aside, followed by her shorts, and then her panties. Amanda ran her foot up the inside of Kristie's leg while Kristie closed her eyes as Amanda's foot neared her sex. Amanda's touched Kristie's folds, where Amanda parted Kristie's lips with her perfectly manicured toes.

Kristie cooed softly, taking Amanda's foot in her hand, and began humping Amanda's toes, pushing as many as she could into her wet pussy. Amanda cupped her own breasts in her hands, rolling her nipples between her fingers, as Kristie began moaning and really fucking herself with Amanda's foot. Kristie slid her pussy back and forth over Amanda's foot, gasping and moaning as she neared her orgasm. Amanda was nearing an orgasm as well, when Kristie suddenly stiffened....her body quaking as a strong orgasm washed over her.

Kristie knelt down, pushing Amanda's legs apart as she moved between them, lowering her head and running her tongue up and down Amanda's pussy. Amanda gasped, as she caressed Kristie's cheek.

"Oh yes Kristie....lick my pussy sweetie....lick it good...make me cum....Oh shit, that's it...make me fucking cum you little cunt lapper"

Amanda was beside herself with lust as Kristie brought her off over and over again, sliding two fingers deep into Amanda's pussy, while sucking Amanda's clit.

"Ooooohhhhh Fuck Yes....I'm cumming....fuck yes....Mmmmmmm."

Kristie moved on top of Amanda, and the two women began kissing, Amanda tasting her own juices on Kristie's tongue. Kristie kissed her way down Amanda's neck, sucking Amanda's nipples, while Amanda moved her hand underneath Kristie, finding her pussy and sliding two fingers deep into her sex. Amanda got off again before lowering the back of her lounge chair, so Kristie could maneuver around, her pussy hovering over Amanda's face.

Amanda ran her tongue up and down Kristie's creamy pussy, as well as her ass, penetrating her ass with her tongue, then tongue fucking Kristie till both women started cumming again. Afterward, Amanda and Kristie cleaned up getting ready for Tim to make his appearance. Amanda put her flimsy robe back on and got one for Kristie. No sooner had they gotten ready than there was a knock at the door. Amanda answered the door inviting Tim inside.

"Tim, this is my next door neighbor....Kristie....I told her about you and what wonderful customer service you provided me....she's interested in that same quality service....would you mind taking care of her as well?"

Tim smiled, "Of course....anything for a good customer like you."

Amanda led Tim into the bathroom where she had the shower massage laying on the counter.

"Here you go Tim...all ready to install."

Tim took the shower massage and stepped into the tub to install it when Amanda stopped him.

"Tim, shouldn't you take those clothes don't want to take a chance on getting them wet....right Kristie?"

"Absolutely," Kristie replied.

Tim stepped from the tub and undressed as the women watched. Their eyes were on him as she shed his shorts allowing him semi erect cock to spring free.

"On my....Tim certainly has the right equipment doesn't he Kristie?"

"Oh my yes....maybe we should inspect it to make sure it works properly."

"Oh trust me truly does....but first let him install that shower massage."

As Tim got to work, Amanda and Kristie took off their robes standing naked, caressing one another as they watched Tim's cock turn to eight solid inches of hard cock. Tim could barely concentrate as he tried to install the shower massage, and watch the women at the same time. Finally he was done, and none too soon....both women were ready for his cock. Kristie was sitting on the bathroom counter top, her legs spread wide when Amanda asked,

"Tim, I think Kristie's pussy needs some attention....did you bring the tool with you that might help her out?"

Tim smiled and wagged his cock saying,

"I think I've got what she needs."

Amanda spread Kristie's lips wide as Tim slid his cock into Kristie's gaping pussy. He began thrusting his hips forward, placing his hands on the mirror, as Kristie gasped at how big, and how good Tim's cock felt. Amanda left briefly, returning with a dildo. She began working it into her pussy as she watched Tim's cock sliding in and out of Kristie's tight pussy. Kristie was beside herself, moaning and squeezing her tits, and tugging at her nipples as Tim pummeled her with his cock. Amanda in the meantime, was fucking herself with her dildo, sliding it in and out of her pussy, matching Tim stroke for stroke.

As Kristie tugged at her nipples her moaning became louder, as she announced she was going to cum. Her pussy clamped down on Tim's cock, as her pussy began to spam....having one orgasm after another. Once she was done, Tim pulled his cock from Kristie's pussy and faced Amanda who was sitting on the toilet seat watching the show. With the dildo still in her pussy, Amanda took her free hand and grabbed Tim's cock, pulling it to her mouth. She began by swirling her tongue over the head of his cock and biting it gently.

As Amanda stroked Tim's cock, she took as much of it down her throat as possible. Kristie in the meantime, had moved between Amanda's legs, removing the dildo, replacing it with her tongue. While Amanda sucked Tim's cock, Kristie was licking and sucking Amanda's hot pussy and clit. Kristie took the dildo and slid it into her own pussy, working it around as she continued sucking Amanda. Tim was starting to near the edge when Amanda took his cock from her mouth and led him into the bedroom.

Amanda had Tim lie down on the bed, taking his cock in her hand and lowering her pussy onto to it's girth. Once he was inside her pussy, Amanda started humping his huge cock. Kristie lowered her pussy down onto Tim's mouth, where she began riding his face. Tim not only had a great cock, he was very adept at sucking pussy. As he fucked and sucked the woman, Kristie leaned forward as she and Amanda began kissing, and sucking one anothers tits.

Kristie was soon cumming from Tim's tongue, as was Amanda from his cock slamming her pussy. Tim let out a loud, groan, and filled Amanda with a huge load. Amanda got off Tim's cock, and watched as Tim sucked Kristie to another orgasm. Once Kristie finished cumming, she was between Amanda's legs, sucking Amanda's pussy, and lapping up Tim's load. Tim was still rock hard, so Kristie laid down telling Tim she wanted his cock again. Tim moved between her legs, easing his cock into her pussy and began fucking her again.

As Amanda watched Tim's ass moving up and down she got an idea. Quickly she reached into a bottom drawer and pulled out a strap on dildo, along with some KY and spread it over the head. Tim was oblivious to what Amanda was doing as she got on the bed behind him. She began kissing Tim's ass, and running her tongue up and down as crack. Then she took the strap on and worked it between his cheeks. Once he realized what Amanda was up to Tim tried to protest, but it was too late. Amanda told him to hush,

"Relax Tim, this is going to be good....just relax and enjoy."

"Ya, but I'm not gay....I don't want anything up my ass."

"Shhhh, it doesn't make you gay'll like sush and stop whining."

As Tim reluctantly gave in, he continued pummeling Kristie's pussy while Amanda eased the dildo into his ass. She was very careful, making sure not to cause Tim any discomfort. Once she was in Tim's ass, Amanda started fucking his ass while holding onto his hips. Soon she was matching him stroke for stroke. Although Tim would never admit it, the dildo in his ass did feel good. The more Amanda fucked his ass, the hotter Tim became. Soon he was moaning loudly, his cock throbbing and pulsing, as he came the hardest he ever cum. Tim rolled over onto his back, his limp cock laying on his stomach, a drop of cum dripping down onto his six pack abs. Kristie and Amanda giggled as they looked at Tim asking,

"So....was it all that bad?"

"No, it did feel kinda good, BUT I....Shhhh, relax Tim...we know...we know."

Then Amanda had Tim bend his knees, pulling them up to his chest, exposing his not so virgin ass to her one more time. Then she eased the strap on into his ass one more time, fucking Tim as he lay there. This time there we no protests, just moans of pleasure as Amanda fucked Tim's ass. Kristie started fingering herself as she watched. Tim's cock started getting hard again, and soon he was rock hard. Amanda squeezed some KY onto the head of his cock, telling Tim to start jacking off. Tim grabbed his cock and was soon jacking off as Amanda continued fucking his ass. Amanda and Kristie loved watching Tim stroking his cock telling him to cum for them. After several minutes, Tim let out a loud moan saying,

"I'm gonna cum....I'm gonna cum."

Tim exploded shooting a huge stream of cum into the air, with it landing on his stomach. Amanda and Kristie licked the cum from Tim's stomach, then shared licking the rest from his cock and balls. Tim fucked Amanda and Kristie each one more time before thanking them for a great time, and promising Amanda and Kristie that he would be back for more. Then Kristie and Amanda went in and tried out the new shower massage, getting one another off again with the pulsating water jets. Amanda is looking forward to the next time she gets together with Tim and Kristie.

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It was a pretty good story but the last part of fucking the guy in the ass with a dildo it was uncold for but he became a beatch for the girl so they could fuck him again

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