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Marlena's first fantasy caused a buzz around the school. This semester she must have a Teacher's aide in her room to keep an eye on her. But what will the aide see and will her eyes be the only thing she keeps on Marlena?
Word had gotten out about Marlena’s encounter with her students at the end of the fall semester. Some of the faculty, as well as students had been gossiping ever since. It was mostly pieces of the story and because it changed so many times there was nothing the school could do about it. It was clear that she’d be watched closely, but that was about it.
Marlena didn’t care anyhow. She was so satisfied by her sexual encounter that she could have been fired and it would not have bothered her all that much. The fact that she hadn’t gotten in trouble made everything that much better. Besides, she was the envy of all of her colleagues, too.
Because of the rumors Marlena was forced to have a teacher’s aide to stay with her during her classes. The aide was female, and with purpose, so that she could monitor Marlena’s actions and report back to the dean if anything inappropriate took place between Marlena and any student.
Mina, the aide, was a brunette exchange student who had been at the school for a couple of years. She was about 5’8”, had big natural breasts, shapely legs, and a perfect ass. Her accent made her even sexier, and the fact that European fashion was based on wearing less, nobody, including Marlena, had any complaints of her presence in the classroom.
Weeks went by and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Mina began to show up late for class or just skip altogether. When she saw that Marlena was not up to anything wrong, she began to get bored just sitting through a class she wasn’t even required to take. Marlena had told Mina she’d cover for her if she ever felt like staying home. It also gave Marlena the perfect opportunity to pick up where she had left off. She was teaching the class that proceeded the one from the fall, and one of her favorite students, Michael, was there.
One evening after class Michael approached Marlena from behind and pinched her ass. Marlena was startled, but then happy when she turned to see that it was just her and Michael in the room.
“I was wondering when you’d do that.” Marlena said.
She was looking forward to another encounter with him, but she wanted it to be a group activity as it was the first time. She was also afraid of getting caught this time. Mina had skipped class that evening, but the thought was always in the back of her head.
Michael told Marlena that a friend was going to meet him in the class, and that he was eager to meet the teacher he had been hearing so much about.
With a hunger in her eyes, Marlena stuck her tongue down Michael’s throat, catching him off guard. She continued to kiss him with the same enthusiasm that a starving person would have at a buffet. She gripped his ass and pushed her pelvis into his. Marlena then stripped off her top and guided Michael’s face between her breasts. Michael instinctively began groping and kissing them exposed flesh. He then pulled off her bra and played with her nipples.
They went on that way until someone knocked lightly on the door; once, then twice. Michael told Marlena that it was his friend, knocking the way he had told him to. Michael went to the door and let in his friend, Jacob.
Jacob was tall, muscular, and he had almost model-like good looks. Marlena was more than pleased with the situation. She couldn’t believe how fast it was all happening and that she was able to enjoy her fantasy again.
Michael and Marlena went to her desk, peeling each other’s clothes off as they did. When Marlena was naked she bent over her desk and invited Michael inside of her. He thrust his cock into her tight little ass without hesitation. Marlena closed her eyes and let the sensation of her tight hole being stretched consumer her. She moaned with pleasure.
Jacob walked to the front of Marlena’s desk and stuck his penis in Marlena’s face. She grabbed it and with one quick motion she stuck it into her mouth. She took his whole cock into her mouth and bobbed back and forth, sending a rush of pleasure through Jacob’s body. If she didn’t know better, Marlena could have swore Jacob was going to come right then and there, so she eased her grip on his penis and slowed her tongue. Jacob’s muscles unclenched.
Jacob and Michael continued pleasuring Marlena, taking turns fucking each of her holes. And every time Marlena squirted, the two guys would trade places, letting the other one feel her sticky, warm molasses-thick ejaculation on his cock.
Marlena couldn’t believe how thoroughly the two guys were fucking her. She had lost count of her orgasms at number 3, but she was sure she had at least 3 more. Her pussy was hot with friction and her ass dripped with sweat and precum. She could have easily have told the boys she had enough, but the truth was she hungered for more. With every thrust of a pulsating cock, and with every drop of cum she spilled, she wanted more. Marlena was sure her pussy and her ass would be sore for at least a week, but she couldn’t stop. Nothing could make her want to stop.
Then the door opened and shut. Mina stood with her eyes wide open, and her mouth hanging open too. She saw Michael sitting on the floor with his thick penis in Marlena’s ass, while Jacob kneeled in front of her, fucking her pussy.
“Ms. Marlena, what are you doing?” Mina asked.
Marlena was sure that she was going to be in big trouble. Even the guys knew that it was not a good situation.
Jacob pulled out of her and backed away, Marlena began to stand, Michael’s cock inching out of her ass as she did.
“Wait. Don’t stand up. I like what I see. I like this fucking.” Mina still hadn’t mastered grammar but that didn’t keep her from conveying her feelings.
Mina continued, “I also want to fuck hot teacher. Why do you think I take this assignment? I don’t get money or school credit.”
Marlena licked her lips and began riding Michael hard, the sound of the air escaping from her tight ass echoing in the room. The sound of her soft ass bouncing on Michael’s pelvis accompanying it as if they were performing a duet.
Mina stripped her clothes off and began rubbing her pussy. She was so clean down there; it would have been no surprise if she had been a virgin. She fingered herself deeply and with purpose. She started with one finger and as she began to drip, she stuck in two, then three. Mina then sat in front of Marlena and fisted her as she continued to finger herself.
Marlena came all over Mina’s hand instantly. Mina then took her hand and licked it clean of Marlena’s ejaculation, turning on everyone in the room. All Marlena wanted to do was pleasure Mina. And she climbed off of Michael and got on all fours over Mina, her face over her clit.
Marlena started by sucking Mina’s lips, opening her little flower to expose bright pink lips. She even tasted of a girl who had not had a lot of sex. At least not with anyone but herself. That scent and taste turned Marlena on so much that she didn’t even realize that she was rubbing her own pussy while she ate out Mina.
Jacob and Michael stood back and watched as Mina and Marlena got into the 69 position and pleasured each other to the point of orgasm. Mina was on top and her sweet liquid sprayed all over Marlena’s face. They both moaned as they licked up every drop of each other’s pleasure.
“I want you to watch me fuck.” Mina said to Marlena.
Marlena told Michael to have sex with Mina, while she and Jacob watched.
“First I suck you.” Mina said
Mina had Michael lie back on Marlena’s desk. She bent over him and sucked on his cock. She was obviously inexperienced but Michael loved it all the same. Marlena enjoyed it too as she rubbed her tits and licked her nipples as she watched Mina go at it.
“Now you fuck me.” Mina said.
Mina bent over the desk as Marlena had before and she motioned for Michael to enter her.
“Only my pussy. I want you to fuck good.” Mina ordered.
Michael placed his cock at the opening of Mina’s pussy. He let it linger there as he felt her begin to pulsate and a trickle of wetness dripped out. When she was fully aroused Michael stuck his penis in her slowly, feeling her lips separate. Her pussy was so tight he was sure the circulation to his penis was going to be cut off. He continued into her, one inch at a time, hearing her moan with pleasure and a bit of pain. Even if she was not a virgin, he was sure she hadn’t fucked enough to be ready for someone of his size.
Mina let out a loud sigh and asked Michael to fuck her a little harder. Again, he did as he was requested, picking up speed and pressure as he thrust in and out of Mina. And as they went on he spanked her ass, causing Mina to purr and scream like a porn star. His pace picked up too, until he was fucking her so hard that the desk started to inch its way across the floor.
Marlena could see the enjoyment and the pain on Mina’s face. She could see Mina trying to take in Michael’s thick cock without screaming out. And as Michael went harder, Marlena became more aroused.
“I am going to come soon.” Michael stated.
Marlena told Michael that she wanted a facial from both him and Jacob, and asked him not to come yet. But Mina wanted Michael to come inside of her. She said that she wanted to feel his warm load inside of her red pussy and watch it seep out of her.
As Mina described what she wanted, it happened. Michael was unable to hold back any longer. Between the feeling of Mina’s moist tight pussy, and her deion of what she wanted, he ejaculated, sending a big gush of semen into Mina. And as Michael pulled out cum dripped from Mina’s bald vagina.
Marlena got behind Mina and licked her pussy as Michael’s cum seeped out. The sensation of Marlena’s cool tongue and Michael’s warm load dripping over her pussy lips caused her to send a wave of her own cum out with Michael’s right into Marlena’s mouth. Marlena moaned as the salty semen was joined by the sweet nectar of Mina’s 19 year old peach.
Marlena kept her mouth over Mina’s pussy as it pulsated and squirted. But there was so much that had to let some of it spill down the sides of her mouth.
Jacob watched and stroked himself until he was almost ready to come. He then walked over to Mina and without a word she took his cock into her mouth. She could feel he was about to burst, and though she had never swallowed a man’s load before, she was certain she would be able to pull away before he came. But she was wrong.
Jacob pumped his cock into Mina’s mouth, her gag reflex being tested. He could see that every time he went in all the way that she would gag but he was too close to finishing to stop. When he finally felt his muscles clench and his cock tighten, he quickened his pace, but Mina began pulling away. As she did, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face forward, his cock fully inside of her mouth and he exploded with pleasure. And he continued to hold her head as he shot stream after stream of white sticky liquid. He could feel her gagging, but he could not let go of her head. His muscles were clenched and locked as the pleasure ran through his body and exited through his cock.
Mina had swallowed for the first time, and she swallowed a lot. When Jacob finally let go of her head and pulled out of her mouth, a stream of semen poured between her lips and onto the desk. She was red from her face all the way down to her thighs. And though every part of her was sore, she was satisfied as well.
Marlena leaned over Mina who had lied back on the desk and she kissed her, tasting Jacob on Mina’s lips and in her mouth. Mina kissed back, placing her tongue on Marlena’s and gently massaging it. When the two pulled apart a line of cum stuck to both Marlena’s lips and Mina’s before finally breaking.
Mina sat up on the desk, her body slick with sweat. She surveyed the room as everyone began getting dressed. She was still too relaxed and tired to stand up.
“So I guess you are not going to say anything to the dean are you?” Marlena said playfully.
Mina looked at Marlena and told her that she would be talking to the dean.
“I’m going to tell him that you shouldn’t be left to teach a class alone.”
Confused, Marlena asked Mina why she was going to tell him that.
“So I can be your aide in the summer.” Mina replied.

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It was a great story could have had micheal an jacob doing bi stuff too

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2009-04-26 19:47:16
Thank you so much to those who voted positive. Please forgive the mistakes that have been brought to my attention. Please know that these were only a lack in my proofreading, not in my enthusiasm to share my writing with all of you great readers.
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A good follow-up, but - "kissing them exposed flesh" ?

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