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This is the first part in a series of stories I intend to write. Please leave comments on whether you iked or hated it and suggestions of anything you would like to see later. Regardless of your comments I will still continue the series.
The day was sunny and hot and Joshua and Michael were taking a break from their daily training. Both boys were squires and were training to become knights (it would still be years before they could attain knight status but training had to start early). The two boys were 13 years old but were already accustomed to running down dirt trails, sparring, and tasks like lifting heavy bags of seed and plowing the fields.

“Joshua, I think we should go for a swim,” said Michael.

“Yeah that would definitely cool us off,” replied Joshua. “I’m sweating so much.”

Joshua and Michael walked down the path they were on and found an opening through the bushes that led to the river. They started taking off their boots and wool pants. They pulled off their long sleeve shirts and were left standing in their underwear. Their bodies were glistening in the sun from the sweat that rolled down their bodies.

“Whoa Michael,” said Joshua. “You’re starting to get a lot more hair on your stomach.”

“Yup,” replied Michael. “Don’t really notice when it grows but yeah there’s more.”

Michael was only a few months older than Joshua but physically he was much more mature. He stood taller than Joshua by quite a few inches. His stomach muscles were already showing and his shoulders were broad and his pectorals hard. Compared to Joshua’s thin and lanky body, Michael looked more like a knight than a squire. The only real similarities the two shared were their shaggy blonde hair and their baby blue eyes.

Michael pulled down his underwear revealing a bush of dark brown hair and his soft member. Joshua pulled down his underwear but felt a little jealousy toward his friend because of a lack of any hair although their manhood was about the same.

“Alright!” yelled Michael. “Let’s jump in!” Both the boys ran into the water and started splashing around. The sun beat down on them but they would dunk their heads to cool down and began wrestling with each other without noticing who had just arrived. It was Emily, Joshua’s “sister”.

Emily was picking berries when she heard voices through the bushes. The crept by and saw the two boys playing around in the water naked. She didn’t want to be seen so she hid under a bush and peaked through the leaves to watch. This wasn’t the first time she had seen Joshua naked but it was the first time she saw Michael. She found herself feeling between her legs and a tingling was over taking her while staring at Michael’s body.

“I think you’ve had enough,” said Joshua as he threw Michael aside and started walking back on the land.

“Yeah I guess so,” chuckled Michael. “I have to get back to my parent’s farm anyway.”

“I have to go too,” said Joshua. “My mother and Prince Andrew are going to need me at the palace.”

“That Prince Andrew is something else,” said Michael as he dried himself off with his shirt. “He’s the youngest knight in the country and the biggest prick. I don’t know how you put up with him.”

“You know I have to,” said Joshua as he also began drying off. “His parents took me in to learn under them and since he’s a knight I have to do what he wants.”

“I guess but how’s his sister doing?”

“Do you mean Emily?”

“Yes,” Michael said. “She is so fair, just like her mom. I hear she is becoming quite the looker.”

“Will you shut up,” said Joshua. He started to blush but knew it was true. His “mother” was the prettiest woman in the whole land and Emily looked like her more and more every day. She had long, flowing red hair like her mother and piercing emerald green eyes. Those same eyes were watching the two boys as they stood naked talking to each other. Her pale white skin was dotted by little freckles over her nose and cheeks. Her body was thin and her breasts were already very noticeable in her dresses.

“Oh man, haha,” laughed Michael.

“What’s so funny?” said Joshua.

“You have a hard-on,” said Michael as he pointed toward Joshua.

Joshua looked down and Michael was right. His thoughts of Emily caused him to get hard and he hadn’t noticed that his penis was hard and sticking up against his body. He turned around to try and hide it.

“Come on it’s alright man,” said Michael. “She’s a real looker and does that to all the guys. You should hear what they say back at the farm.” Michael’s penis was getting hard too now and started to stick straight out.

“Ha, yeah I guess you’re right,” said Joshua. “Well, um, we should head back now.”

“Wait a minute,” said Michael. “We should get rid of these hard on’s before we go.”

“How?” said Joshua.

“Well here’s a way.”

Michael walked up to Joshua and began kissing him. Joshua closed his eyes and didn’t resist. He let Michael’s tongue invade his mouth and wrestle with his own. Michael put his hands on Joshua’s waist and began sucking his lower lip. Then he bent down on his knees and got eye level with Joshua’s pecker. Michael started swirling his tongue around the pink head and down the shaft to Joshua’s hairless scrotum.

“Ugh,” groaned Joshua. “You…know…we…shouldn’t…do…”

Joshua stopped talking as he felt his penis enter Michael’s mouth and felt his full lips squeezing and sucking. Michael felt Joshua’s hands rest on top of his head, looked up, and saw Joshua’s head tilted and his chest heaving. Michael wrapped his hands on both Joshua’s butt cheeks and began to squeeze. Joshua let out a moan and thrusted forward. Michael was prepared for Joshua’s penis to push straight into his throat. His nose was now against Joshua’s pubis and his throat squeezed the hairless boy’s shaft.

“Mmm,” moaned Joshua as he felt the pressure. His body began to tense and he knew he was going to squirt. “Mmm…come on Michael, do that… thing you always do.”

Michael took Joshua’s throbbing penis out of his mouth. He began massaging Joshua’s balls with one of his hands and began sucking his own middle finger. He grabbed Joshua’s shaft at the base and put it back in his mouth. Then he took the saliva covered middle finger and started shoving it up Joshua’s tight bum hole.

“Ahhh!” exclaimed Joshua in pleasure. He began rising on his toes but Michael pulled him back down on his middle finger up to the knuckle. Joshua started breathing hard and thrusting his hips back and forth. Michael knew it was time and gave Joshua’s hole a final shove with his finger. Joshua groaned and started filling Michael’s mouth. Michael tasted the salty liquid on his tongue and could feel its warmth traveling down his throat. Michael took the penis out of his mouth and saw the final white spurts dribbling out. He licked them up with the tip of his tongue and stood up.

“See,” said Michael. “That’s one way to get rid of a hard on. But now we have to deal with mine.” All of a sudden there was movement in the bushes and the boys turned toward the source.

“Who’s over there?” asked Michael. There was no response.

“We should probably just go Michael,” said Joshua. “Its getting late and we don’t want to get caught. You know what will happen.”

“Yeah, yeah, okay,” agreed Michael. “I’ll just have to rub one off later.” The two boys hurried as they got dressed and started running down the trail back to their home. They never noticed the fair Emily under the bushes with her eyes closed and her hand between her legs.

-At The Palace-
“Mother!” cried the teenage boy.

“Yes dear, what is it?”

“Where is my sister? I have not seen her all day and you know it is her duty to help me with my clothes and my armor. I want her here now.”

“I’m sorry dear but she went out gathering berries and hasn’t come back since.”

“Just get out of here.” Lady Amelia left as she was told. Prince Andrew was know throughout the land for his terrible temper and even his mother did not like to stir him up when he was angry. He began pacing around the room in his robes. Normally his sister Emily would arrive just as his bath had ended in order to dress him up.

“Damn that girl,” he said. “When she gets here she has no idea what is in store for…”

“Mother I am home!” yelled Emily.

Prince Andrew listened as the girl walked up the stairs and into her room. He immediately left the bathing quarters and walked down the hall and stopped right in front of her door. He opened it up a little and peaked inside. He saw his sister standing in front of a mirror. She began undressing and Prince Andrew stood and watched. When she had finished she admired herself in the mirror. She looked at her small but round breasts, the small pink nipples, flat tummy, smooth pussy lips, slender legs, round and firm butt.

“Well, well, sister, you’re late.”

Emily jumped up at the sound of her brother’s voice and grabbed a sheet to cover herself. Prince Andrew walked into the room and closed the door behind him. He began walking steadily toward his sister.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked.

“First of all you have been gone all day,” replied her brother. “You have neglected your duties and you come into your room just to look at your body? Disgusting. I should have you punished.” Emily winced at the thought of being punished and was about to plead with her brother when he began to walk up next to her. “But we can make up for your laziness.”

Prince Andrew stood behind his sister with his hands on her waist and began kissing her neck. Emily closed her eyes at the touch of her brother’s soft lips upon her skin. She wanted to tell him she didn’t want to do this tonight but she didn’t let the words out. He turned her around and began kissing her lips while fondling her breasts. She moaned as he began to pinch her nipples.

“Take it off,” he told her.
Emily grabbed Prince Andrew’s robes and pulled them off revealing the body of a young god. At 16 Prince Andrew was easily the most handsome boy around. His jet black hair fell over brown eyes. His body was tan and built. You could see the six muscles pressing out against the skin on his stomach. His legs were powerful and the veins on his strong arms pulsed out. His body was smooth, though, like the preteen boys that worked in the stables.

“Lay down on the bed,” he said.

She did as she was told. He lay on top of her and began kissing her neck. Her hands held onto the sheets as he placed kisses down her chest, then down her tummy. He placed a kiss on her clitoris and pressed his tongue into the first set of lips that formed her pussy. She moaned as his tongue invaded deeper. He began moving it up and down tasting the juices that were being produced. He used his fingers to fold her lips open so that he could use his tongue to dig deeper. Emily moaned in ecstasy as she felt her orgasm building up.

Andrew stopped licking and began rubbing his hard, long and thick penis over her wet lips. He let the head intrude a little before pulling it out to coat it in her honey.

“Please don’t tease me brother,” she said. “Please put it in. I need to feel it.”

Andrew did as she requested and began shoving his member in. He kept putting it deeper and deeper feeling her lips clenching against him. He began licking her nipples as he pumped up and down.

“Oh my god yes Andrew,” she moaned. “Keep doing it like that.”

He began to pump his hips faster. Her wetness was overpowering. He could feel it. He could smell it! The smell of her juices was in the air. That undeniable smell of young pussy filled his nostrils and possessed him to go harder. She put her arms around his back and held him as he pushed. Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. The rhythm of his thrusts shook the bed.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” moaned his sister.

“Yes,” he grunted. “Take it!”

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed deeper. His sac was slapping against her ass forming a tempo as he thrust in and out. In and out. In and out he thrusted with a built up intensity. Then his toes began to curl and his body arched.

“Yes, do it brother!” she screamed. “Shoot it in me.”

Andrew stopped with one last thrust and shot his seed inside of her. She felt her pussy filling up with his warm sperm. She breathed hard along with him as he emptied his testicles. When he felt the last drops empty he pulled out and stood up. He looked at his sister’s bare body lying on the bed. He watched his cum mixed with her juice leaking out her pussy down the crack of her butt onto the sheets.

“I think this will do,” he said. Without putting his robes on, he left out the door, and began walking down the hall. Joshua saw him ran to his room.

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It's a shame that you never continued this story, as it has great potential. I wish I knew if Andrew got his sister Emily pregnant (since they did nothing to prevent that from happening), if Joshua and/or Michael ever made love to Emily, if one of them eventually married her, if the boys survived to become knights, etc..Why not give us a sequel?

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you should continue to write on this story. i loved it all.

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Don't listen to the "besides the gay thing"

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goog, part two?

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