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The part 2 of my daughter's conception!!!

One night baby girl refused to exit the truck only to be degraded by waiting men. This caused peanut great anger and he set out to make her sacrum to his want. Baby girl lay completely quiet in the back as she feared what was about to take place.
As peanut finished his log book, he pondered what he was going to do to her. He finished and made motions to move towards the back of his truck. When peanut came closer he could feel her fear, and fed off of it. He plopped down next to her, listening to her breathing intensify as he leaned closer. He thought to simply choke her till she gave in, but he felt an overwhelming power to make her beg him for forgiveness.
Peanut slowly grasped a handful of her hair and yanked back hard. Baby girl’s neck snapped and she fell onto her back going with the force of his pull. He climbed on top of her and began to restrain her. She had never been tied down before and did not know what to make of this action. Peanut had tied her hands using the rope from her favorite robe.
He released his grasp of her and she immediately tried to get free. Baby girl’s fear turned to sheer terror, when she figured out that he had tied her down to a cabinet bolted to the wall of the truck. She was wearing a shirt of his and a strapless blue bra. Peanut had no regards for the shirt so he simply took a knife and cut the fabric from her body. He then removed her bra exposing her large but full breasts.
Baby girl began to cry for mercy but he ignored her cries. He worked his way down to removing her jeans, exposing her matching blue thong with fake diamonds dripping from the straps. Once her pants were removed Peanut bound her legs to another cabinet. Peanut got off the bed long enough to admire his work. Baby girl simply lay there begging for him to release her, with all kinds of horrific thoughts running through her mind.
Peanut climbed atop her and straddled her sides; he then grasped her throat once more, squeezing till she ceases to grasp one last attempt at air. At the site of the fear in her eyes his dick is instantly engorged with blood. A rock solid hard-on baby girl had never witnessed on him or any other man. He began asking her why she felt the need to defy him. This was a trick setup because although he kept on asking questions, she was unable to answer due to the growing tightness on her throat. When she wouldn’t, or should actually say couldn’t answer his questions, he would back hand her like a man to another man.
Guess the pressure became too much for him and he surrendered to his lustful object throbbing in his pants. He slithered down her body and cut the thong from her pussy. She was slightly shaved except for the top where she sported a cute little bush.
Peanut then leaned down and parted the walls of flesh that engulfed all the keys to her bodily pleasure. When her lips were ajar, he leaned taking in the scent of her juice. He could tell there was a change in the scent. It could be that the fear he had caused her changed her hormonal balances, never the less he thieved off the smell. Baby girl tensed as much as her restraints would allow. Peanut had slithered his tongue down working her clit over. In her body baby girl loved when he performed such acts of oral ecstasy.
In her mind, where she had now withdrawn to hide in and escape the hurt, he was violating her once again and she couldn’t take the agony nor her growing disgust for him. Peanut worked his oral magic up and down her tight pussy. Yes, he heard every word that poured from baby girl’s lips crying for help and for all the acts against her body to cease. But the pleas from her lips only drove him to indulge more in all her body had to offer.
When Peanut figured she was moist enough, he rose up to her eye to eye. There was a man not like the one she knew peeking through his eyes. Normally when he had her body at such vulnerability he had a look of passion and kindness in his eyes. Tonight his glare was harsh and vengeful.
He leaned down in an attempt to kiss her and calm her cries. This only enraged baby girl and she made more attempts to get loose. Peanut didn’t like her being so defiant so he fed her a hard and fast blow to the face. While she regained consciousness, he made his way between her legs in preparation for his longed for entry into her disabled body.
When she was able to clear her vision from the rough blow, he rammed his cock down her pussy with such force it lifted her from the sheets. This intrusion caused pain that she could only compare to, losing her virginity. Over and over he dug into her battered pussy. Baby girl cried for him to stop, expressing that she would do anything to stop her humiliation.
Peanut began to get tired, but he was not about to end the fun. He gripped her hips tightly and rolled her onto her elbows and knees. Peanut admired his view of her tight asshole. When he didn’t enter her right away, her mind filled with new thoughts of terror. New ideas of pain and degradation that could inflict on her.

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2009-11-02 16:43:11
I was really hoping this would have improved from the first one... it's sucks even more!

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2009-05-04 14:10:19
that mans a prick the female body is a beautiful piece of art and should be treated with respect

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