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My cousin looked very sexy in her red silk nightgown.
Fbailey story number 342

The Red Silk Nightgown

When my beautiful sexy cousin Marcy entered my bedroom wearing only a red silk nightgown my pecker stood at attention. It had been a warm summer night and I was naked under just an old thin sheet. She smiled and sat on the edge of the bed and made small talk.

Being almost sixteen years old she was much older and much more sophisticated than I was at just fourteen.

Marcy was spending the summer with us. I think she was being punished for something but I didn’t know what. Her mother and my mother were sisters and that made us first cousins.

Dad worked ten and twelve hour days at a wood mill and came home tired every night. It was the busy season so he worked overtime and every Saturday too. Mom worked mornings for four hours in town at a day care center. That way she got out of the house and had what she considered ‘her own money.’

Marcy was a Goddess. She was beautiful and she knew it. She had a very nice tall thin body with nice size boobs. Sitting there in just that red silk nightgown I could see that her nipples had hardened and they looked like two pencil erasers sticking out. The nightgown was short and had been above her knees however sitting down like that with one knee under her it had risen up considerable. I could see almost to her panties.

As she talked about what we would eat for breakfast and what we could do I kept moving ever so slightly trying to look up her nightgown. I thought that I was discreet but she caught me at it.

Marcy asked, “Were you trying to look up my nightgown?”

Timidly I said, “Yes.”

Marcy said, “If you say please I’ll let you.”

I said, “Please.”

Marcy said, “Please what?”

I said, “Marcy may I please look up your nightgown and see your panties.”

Marcy laughed loudly and said, “No!”

Shocked I shouted out, “But I said please.”

Marcy laughed and said, “Oh you can look up my nightgown but I’m not wearing any panties, they are on the floor in my room. I can either open up my knees for you or I can go get my panties to show you. What would you prefer?”

I was astonished at her statement but I managed to say, “I would like you to spread you knees and let me look up your nightgown…please.”

Marcy turned more so as to face me, she leaned back against my footboard, and then she lifted and opened her knees.

I was looking at her pussy; it was hairy on top and shaved on the bottom. I could see her puffy lips open up to show me her pink insides, and how wet it was in there.

After a minute or so she asked, “May I see your hard-on…please?”

I was hypnotized by her pussy but I managed to push my sheet down past my knees. I sat there Indian Style naked staring at her pussy.

Marcy wiggled around as she pulled her nightgown up her ass, up to her waist, and then up over her head. She said, “Well if you’re naked I guess I should be too.”

Her breasts were nice; they looked like half grapefruits with small raisins on the ends. Her nipples were hard and they were a dark pink color. She had tiny rings around them that were pink too. I liked looking at her breasts but I liked looking at her pussy more. Marcy knew that and sat back again for me but that time she reached down between her legs and opened her pussy lips wider. Then she showed me her hole and told me that was where my cock belonged. She then showed me her clit and then started rubbing it as I watched her. She started breathing heavily and then she got goose bumps on her arm, she shivered as if she had chills, and then she told me that she was having an orgasm. She had to explain to me that her orgasm was like me jerking off and shooting my cum.

Once again she opened her pussy lips and pointed at her hole saying, “This is where your cock belongs.”

I was still staring at her pussy as she scooted closer to me straddling me with her legs. Then she lay back pulling me toward her. With her help I got between her legs and got my cock into her. It was warm and it was wet, other than that it was better than my hand. It turned out to be a lot better than my hand. In no time at all I was cumming in her and she gave me a hug and a kiss.

She told me to suck on her nipples. That made me hard and I got to fuck her again. In total I cum in Marcy five times that morning. She made me stop so that we could get cleaned up before Mom came home. She let me take a shower with her and wash all of her good parts.

Marcy made three sandwiches and heated up some soup just before Mom got home. Mom was impressed and thanked Marcy for coming to stay with us. When Mom asked Marcy how her first day was going she replied that so far it had been good but that she knew that it was going to be even better. Mom took it in an entirely different way than I did, especially with Marcy’s toes caressing my cock under the table at the time.

After lunch Mom excused herself to take a shower and change. Marcy and I did the dishes then waited for Mom to come back down. Marcy then asked Mom if she would take us to a beach where she could get a nice suntan. Mom smiled and said that she always got her best tan in our backyard.

Then Marcy asked, “Do you ever get an all over tan? Mom and I do.”

Mom said, “Your mother and I used to get the best all over tans of any of our friends.”

Marcy looked at Mom and said, “Would it be alright if he joined us?”

Mom smiled and asked me, “Would you like to see two naked girls?”

I smiled and said, “You bet I would.”

Mom said, “Okay then go get one nice big blanket and we’ll let you lie in the middle. Oh and get some sun block too. We don’t want the really sensitive parts to get burnt too badly.”

I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my blanket then I ran to the bathroom cupboard where we kept things like sun block. I was out of breath when I got to Mom and Marcy. They just laughed at me.

In the kitchen Mom started undressing and Marcy did too. Mom was more nervous about undressing in front of me than Marcy was, of course. Down to her bra and panties Mom told me to get undressed too. When I was down to my underpants Marcy was completely naked and my cock was hard again. Mom reached back and unfastened her bra and removed it. Together we lowered our underwear as we looked at one another. Mom’s pussy was completely covered with hair but her breasts were twice as big as Marcy’s breasts were.

We then went out back, spread out the blanket, and got on it. Marcy asked me to put some sun block on her breasts and pussy for her. I enjoyed that and then she put some sun block on my cock and balls stroking me pretty good as she did it. Mom laughed and told her that she should just finish the job. Marcy then stroked me some more. Just I was about to cum Marcy leaned over and put her mouth over the end of my cock and let me shoot it in there. It was my first blowjob and I got it right in front of my mother. All Mom said was, “Put some sun block on my breasts and pussy too.” I couldn’t figure out why she wanted sun block on her pussy but I sure as hell enjoyed doing it. I even found her clit and masturbated her while I did it. Of course Marcy wanted me to masturbate her too, so I did.

That afternoon we spent two hours out there in the sun. I applied sun block to them about every half-hour. I gave them an orgasm each time and Marcy sucked my cum each time too.

As we were standing around naked in the kitchen thinking about what to fix for dinner Marcy told Mom that I was a terrific lover and that I had cum in her pussy five times that morning and then four more times in her mouth out back. Mom just said that my father used to be that horny but that he works too much now to cum in her even twice a week. Marcy said that she could help get my father excited for her.

Then Mom said, Well Marcy you certainly are everything that your mother promised. It will be a fun filled summer after all.”

When Dad stepped in the door Marcy handed him a nice cold beer. She was wearing the red silk nightgown and her nipples were quite prominent. Mom had on one of Dad’s white T-shirts. As he sat down in his favorite chair in front of the television his hand ran up the back of Mom’s leg and up under her shirt. I knew that Mom wasn’t wearing any panties and right then Dad realized it too. Mom asked him if he was thirsty, hungry, or horny. He handed me his beer telling me to put it back in the refrigerator, he then looked Marcy over real well, and took Mom up to their bedroom.

In about twenty minutes Mom came downstairs and fixed them two dinners to eat in bed. Marcy carried one up so that Dad could check out her nipples again.

Then Marcy and I ate our dinner and went to my bedroom. We made love a couple more times and then we fell asleep.

In the morning we found a note on my computer that read: Thank you both for last night. I got sex twice and he got a good nights sleep. I’ll see you both at noon, We can sunbathe again if you want too.

We had two more hours so Marcy and I made love, showered together, and made love again. We were still naked when Mom came home and joined us for lunch.

All Mom could do was rave about how horny Dad had been the night before thanks to Marcy and that red silk nightgown. We finished lunch and went out back to sunbathe. I put lotion on both girls and that time Mom put lotion on me. Just as I cum she put her mouth over the head and took the full discharge of seamen. Marcy caller her greedy and reminded her that I was her man. Mom apologized and then French kissed Marcy to give her whatever flavor was left in her mouth.

Of course that made me hard again and Marcy said, “Do you want him to fuck you too? I can always suck his cum out of your greedy little cunt afterwards.” Then she laughed to show Mom that she hadn’t meant it the way that it had sounded.

Mom looked at me and said, “Why not. I’m sure that I would let him fuck me after you go home. You just can’t introduce a growing boy to a sexy girl and then take her way. His cum could back up and give him a bad case of blue balls.”

Then Mom pulled me toward her but at the last moment she put me on my back and then she got on top. Wow, Mom sure looked good from that view with my cock sticking up into her pussy. Mom knew how to bounce around in that position to stimulate my cock, my eyes, and even my hands. It was a three-ring sexual circus with Mom as the ringmaster, the trapeze artist, and the juggler. Thanks to her jerking me off earlier I lasted quite a while before shooting into her.

Mom rolled onto her back, lifted her knees, and told Marcy to clean up the mess that I had made. Not one to be ordered about, Marcy straddled Mom’s face and dropped into a sixty-nine with her.

I watched all of the action and then after I got hard again I slipped it into Marcy’s pussy. In doing so I managed to teabag Mom on the forehead and she laughed. After we finally finished sunbathing we went inside just as the phone rang. It was a neighbor that just happened to see what we had been doing in our backyard. Hell Mr. Jenkins couldn’t see into our backyard from his house, he had been spying on us. Anyway he wanted sex and Mom told him to come over.

Mom and Marcy had a plan. As soon as he came in Marcy knelt before him, lowered his pants and his underwear, and then she sucked his cock into her mouth. Just then there was a flash of light, Marcy bit down hard, and he screamed out in agony. Mom had taken a picture of Mr. Jenkins with his cock in a minor’s mouth. She told him to go away, leave us alone, and to never spy on us again if he knew what was good for him. Mr. Jenkins pulled up his underwear and pants, called Marcy a little slut, and then stormed out the door, but not before Mom lambasted him good with a flower pot for calling Marcy a slut.

Mom was so pissed that she called up Mrs. Jenkins and told her to examine her husband’s cock when he got home. Mom said that it was her teeth marks on his cock and that she should control her husband better.

Then Mom turned to us and said, “Well I think that put an end to our backyard fun. However, I do know of a nudist park about an hour away.”

Marcy said that would be fun and I agreed so Mom suggested that we go there the following day.

First we showered together and got dressed. Mom told Marcy to put on her shortest skirt, no panties, and one of my white T-shirts without a bra. The T-shirt was way too small but that was the whole point. As Dad’s car entered the driveway Mom pinched and twisted both of Marcy’s nipples so that they were hard and sticking out as Dad came into the house. Meanwhile I had been rubbing her clit so that Marcy reeked of sexual excitement. The pheromones were high when Dad entered, Mom wrapped her body around his, and Dad carried her right to their bedroom.

We waited a half-hour and then carried their dinner in to them. As we sat there watching them eat Mom told Dad about Mr. Jenkins, Marcy biting his cock, and her calling up Mrs. Jenkins. Then Mom told Dad that we would be going to the nudist park over in Greenwich. He laughed and then he grabbed his own cock as he envisioned poor Mr. Jenkins getting bit.

Mom just laughed and asked Marcy to give Dad a first hand feel…without the teeth of course. Mom pulled the covers off from Dad’s cock, Marcy got on the bed, and then she sucked him with her pussy staring Mom in the face. Mom leaned in and licked Marcy’s pussy as she sucked Dad’s cock. I got between Mom’s legs and started to fuck her. First Dad exploded in Marcy’s mouth, Marcy exploded in Mom’s mouth, and then Mom and I exploded together.

Dad asked, “Do you think that Mrs. Jenkins would like an opportunity to get even with her husband?”

Mom smiled and replied, “Maybe. What do you have in mind?”

Dad said, “Inviting her over Sunday, my day off, and us all sun bathing in our backyard naked. I’ve always wanted to see her naked and after what I just saw with Marcy you and I could certainly enjoy Mrs. Jenkins together. Besides that way her husband wouldn’t stand a chance of harming us.”

Mom said, “Okay” and looked up her number in the phonebook. Mrs. Jenkins answered and Mom asked her how her husband’s cock was. That got a laugh out of Mrs. Jenkins and she said that maybe he wouldn’t stick it where it was not wanted. She must have confessed to having wanted to bit it off herself because Mom laughed. Then Mom invited her over Sunday to sun bathe with the four of us in our backyard naked. Oh yes, and her husband was not invited. The answer was yes. Then Mrs. Jenkins asked if she had to wait until Sunday since it was only Thursday. Mom laughed and told her to come over for lunch the next day, Friday.

When Mom hung up she just laughed. Mrs. Jenkins had asked her what she should wear, that was followed by a long silence, and then she said, “I guess it really doesn’t matter.”

Dad told Mom that he wanted to come home for a long lunch tomorrow but Mom told him that if he gave us two days with her that she would be ready for him to do as he wished. Dad said, “I just want to fuck her every which way but loose. Mom said “Then start with me so that I know what you want to do with her.” Dad told Mom to get into the doggy position and Mom told us to go to my bedroom.

Marcy was giggling and told me that Dad was going to butt-fuck my mother. Then she explained anal sex to me and then we did it too. It was rather exciting. It was dirty and it was sexy at the same time. It was awfully slippery with the lubricant that Marcy put on my cock and in her ass, but she told me that she would never have anal sex without a good supply of lubricant. I guess it really didn’t mater since she let me fuck her rectum and I got to cum in there.

Later we went down to the kitchen for a snack. Mom and Dad were there and Mom was sitting on a pillow. Marcy laughed and then she told her that we had just done anal too. Mom frowned and said, “So that’s were my tube of K-Y Jelly went. I got dry-fucked…thank you very much.” Marcy said that she was sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again if we got an extra tube for my room. Mom thought that would be a good idea.

We slept like babies. Dad and Mom were both gone before we woke up about ten o’clock. Mrs. Jenkins knocked on our door about ten-thirty telling us that she was too excited to wait till noon. We invited her in even though we were both naked. Mrs. Jenkins told us to call her Jen. I had to laugh at Jen Jenkins. She laughed too and told us that her maiden name was Kins and that Jen Kins became Mrs. Jenkins. That was even funnier.

Jen got undressed and we sat around the living room talking. Marcy and I kissed, fondled one another, and then fucked on the floor at her feet. Jen was playing with her nipples and pussy when we finished so we helped her out. I played with her tits while Marcy licked her pussy. Jen said that it had been years since she and her sisters had made out together and that in a way she missed how soft and loving another woman could be. She also missed the eagerness of a teenager too. Apparently she had two brothers as well as two sisters and they used to play with her tits a lot too, besides fuck her and her two sisters every chance that they got. Even Mr. Jenkins had fucked his sisters when he lived at home.

Then Jen asked, “Tell me Marcy those were your teeth marks on my husband’s cock weren’t they?” Then Jen wanted to hear the whole story. It pretty much jived with what her husband had told her. She also told us that he would not bother us again and that she would like to join us each day for nude sunbathing if we would let her. I told her that it always led to sex and she smiled hoping that it would.

When Mom came in the house Jen was down on all fours with my cock in her pussy from behind. Her face was in Marcy’s used pussy cleaning it out. We had heard her car pull in and never missed a beat.

After we all cum Mom said, “Wow that was nice. I was wondering how I would talk you into letting my husband fuck you every which way but loose.”

Jen said, “All he ever had to do was ask.”

Mom undressed and turned Jen over so that she could get into a sixty-nine with her and clean my cum out of her pussy. Jen sure liked that.

We eventually went out back, I got to apply the lotion to all three sets of breasts and pussies, and I got to fuck Mom and Jen before it was time to go inside.

Jen stayed for dinner but she never got dressed to Dad’s surprise and great pleasure. In fact after dinner Jen stood up, held out her hand, and asked Dad if he was ready for desert. He said yes and Mom handed Jen a can of whipped topping. An hour later Jen came down alone, got dressed to leave, and then said that Dad was asleep and he still owed her a few ‘every which way but loose.’ Mom laughed and told her to come by for dinner on Saturday as well.

That ten weeks of summer, went by all too quickly. Marcy had to return home to start school but both Mom and Jen said that they would try their best to take care of me while she was gone.

They did too. Mom was always willing for sex after school and at bedtime. Jen was always ready for sex on my way to school and then after dinner. It was funny to walk into Mr. Jenkins’ house, say hi to him, and then take his wife up to their bedroom for sex.

She would put on a short robe without tying the sash and then walk me to the door kissing me goodnight right in front of him. He certainly knew what was going on and I felt sorry for him. Then one day Jen introduced me to her two sisters. They were kind enough to let Jen’s husband fuck them once in a while to keep him from complaining about his wife fucking me. Then of course she asked me to reward her sisters with a good fucking. Apparently none of their husbands were any good in bed. After that Jen’s sisters joined us for our Sunday orgy with Mom, Dad, and I. It got too cold to go outside but we didn’t need to go outside to have great sex.

Marcy joined us for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Break, and Easter which has now become Spring Break. Summer is just around the corner and another ten weeks of constant sex. I can hardly wait.

The End
The Red Silk Nightgown
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