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This is the sequel to "Strip Poker 2000" however it may or may not be as long
Note - If you haven't read my original <> I'd suggest you do that first or won't make sense. Well it might but not a lot, you'll have no idea what the characters look like. Unless you look at my character sheet.

It’d been 5 weeks since the last Poker night. I was still dating Annabelle, and we were seeing Dylan on the side. He’d been keeping me clean shaven all over still, and I’d been avoiding josh since he decided to play dress-up with me, but it didn’t seem that hard since he never seemed to be around.

Anyway, the last Friday of term 1, I came home, to an empty house. I walked into the kitchen and found a note, “Gone to your aunts, Won’t be back till Saturday Evening, see you later - love mum.”
So I threw the note in the bin and walked up the hallway to my room. I lay down on my bed and kicked off my skinny jeans and threw them in a mound on the floor. I slowly pulled my briefs, and just as I got them off the phone rang.
“Shit,” I thought and pulled them back up. I ran out to the kitchen and strolled over to the phone. I looked at the caller ID and knew instantly who it was. I pressed speaker.

“Hello sexy legs,” I said with a giggle.

“Hey Fag, guess what?” It was Dylan.

“Umm, what?”

“Well you know how it was my birthday a few weeks back? Well anyway, My nanna sent me some

“How much?”

“Just shut up and I’ll tell you. Anyway, I rented a holiday house up in the Hinterlands for the first
3 days of the holiday. I’ve decided I’m gonna’ take you, Kaya, Annabelle, and a few other people.”


“Iunno, Veon, Josh, Jake. Maybe a pack of cards, if you catch my drift.”

“Umm cool. What should I pack?”

“I don’t know, If its anything like in the past you won’t need clothes. But It’ll be cold so…”
“K, thanks. Love ya”

“You to, I’ll come by and pick you up on Sunday? Oh and If you parents ask, My parents will be there too.”

“Ok. And yep, Sundays fine. Ciao then.” I said as Dylan hung up the phone.

I picked up the portable phone and went back to my room, just as I stepped through the door, I got a call. Annabelle.

“Hey Babe.”

“Hey, I was wondering can I come over?

“Um sure, my parents won’t be home till late tomorrow evening. Whatcha‘ wanna get up to?”

“I’m sure you can figure it out,” she said in a seductive voice.

About 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door, I ran to it with just my briefs on. I opened my door and it was not who I was expecting. Sam was standing there in my doorway, crying.

“Dude what’s happened?” I said pulling him inside and sitting him on the couch.

“My parents found out, they through me out. Please I have no where else to go.” He said, collapsing on the couch.

“Its ok, shh.” I said as I sat beside him and lifted his head up.

“You can stay here the night, I’ll make some calls and help get something arranged. I just have to call Annabelle first.” I pulled him in for a hug, as he nuzzled into my shoulder.

I picked up my mobile off the side table, disconnected the charger and called Annabelle.

“Hey babe, could you put off coming over till tomorrow morning. Just had a bit of a situation here.”

“Have you got someone else there!?”

“Yes and no. Yes there’s someone else here, but there not that kind of someone.”

“Then I’m sure you’ll have no problem with me coming in.”

Then there was a bang on the door. I looked at Sam, got up and opened the door. Annabelle.

“Where is she?”

“I told you it wasn’t a she,” as she pushed past me and saw Sam sobbing on the couch.

“What’s going on?” she whispered pulling me outside. I shut the door.

“He’s been kicked out of home, he’s got no where else to go, I couldn’t just turn him away.”

We went back inside and sat down on the couch.

“I’m going to make you up a bed in the spare room. Annabelle’s going to get you some pjs and something to eat.”

After we had Sam settled in, and he’d fallen asleep, Anna and I went into my bedroom. Kissing the whole way, I threw myself on the bed as she tore my shirt off. I flipped her over and pinned her down, Taking off her shirt and kissing her down. She flipped me and pulled off my briefs, and kissed down, just like I did her. I pulled her up and kissed her deeply.

The next morning I got up and made 3 cups of coffee. I took one into Annabelle, then took the other in to Sam. He was curled up in the corner, sobbing quietly.

“It’ll be ok Sam.” I said attempting to comfort him. He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes, his eyes were red and puffy, it looked like he’d be crying all night.

“No it won’t, What am I suppose to do, Where am I going to go! I can’t stay here with you forever.”

“Here,” I said passing him the coffee and sitting down beside him, “Why don’t you come up to the mountains with the rest of us. Annabelle, Dylan, Veon, Jake, Kaya? Where all going, It’ll take your mind off things. I promise.”

Sam put down the coffee and leaned in for a kiss, I let him, I knew it was a bad idea with Anna in the next room, but he didn’t need me rejecting him on top of everything else. I pulled him in for a hug, and stroked his head.

“Now why don’t we see about getting you some clean clothes and a shower. The bathroom is at the end of the hall on the right. Go have a shower or a bath, and I’ll bring you in some clothes.”

“You think a shower will just make everything better?”

“No, but it’ll make you feel better. You don’t have to look like crap just because you feel like it.” I said patting him on the back and chuckling.

I went to my closet and got out a shirt, some boxers and a set of blue jeans. Just as I was about to walk out, Annabelle sat up and took a swig of her coffee.

“It’s a good thing your doing, helping Sam out like this,” she said putting down her coffee and putting on her bra.

“I know, I just don’t know what I’m going to do when my parents get home. How am I going to explain that we have an extra person living in the house. Much less one who’s got absolutely no where else to go.”

“Ok, well, they know we’re all heading up to the Hinterlands for the holidays, so that takes care of one week at least. Just text your parents and tell then that Sam’s coming to dinner and staying the night, then you’ll be heading off.”

“Mm I guess. I just have to take him these then I’ll be back.”

“I’m getting up now anyway, Don’t worry about breakfast, I’ll make us all something.”

About mid afternoon after we’d sorted out the first weeks sleeping arrangements, and gotten everyone fed and watered, we moved onto the more serious issue of what’s Sam going to do after the first week. I suggested he could get a job to rent a room in a share house not far from mine, but he didn’t have his birth certificate, resume, or anything. So priority was finding a way of getting those. The only sensible thing was to try and reason with his parents to either let him back or at least let him get his stuff. Sam said that his father wouldn’t have him back, his mother wouldn’t either, but would let them get at least get his stuff. (Just a little side note, Sam’s parents are separated). So we decided to call her up. She said she’d be home at 5pm, and she’d give us 2 hours to get anything of his he wanted.
So we decided to leave Sam at my place, Anna and I put down the car seats in my Sonata, drove around, wait for an hour till she got home, grab anything of Sam’s we could. We got him to write a list, we thought of bringing him but it’d just be harder for him. We left a note for his mother from him, got all his clothes, documents and anything else he’d listed, and closed the door on her.

Since Sam was to be living out of my car for some time, we decided we would just drive up behind the cab. We called Dylan and let him know we’d be bringing Sam and what had happened. With much groaning and bargaining we convinced him. Dylan was heading up a day ahead anyway to make sure everything was set up, So he said the four of us should just take a car, and he’d send the maxi-taxi for the others. And it was decided, we set off to the Hinterlands that afternoon. On the way up Dylan told us he’d also invited a few friends of his he hadn’t mentioned before since he had a single and a double bed left to fill.


We arrived at about 7.20pm and it was nearly dark, you know that beautiful 5 minutes before sunset, where you can see mercury, and the sky’s a orange-pink-navy blue colour; And theres just that huge glow coming up from just beneath the horizon, and it lights up the entire sky. Then it just disappears.

When got to the front door of the house (if you can call it that, I’d say Ch?au) we raced inside. Dylan had pre-reserved the biggest bedroom for himself and Kaya, (Not to anyone’s surprise) but Annabelle and I by far got the best room, It was on the second floor, double bed, ensuite bathroom, with a small balcony looking out off the mountain. Sam picked the room next to ours. A narrow room, with a wardrobe, single bed, and a window. I don’t think he really cared about the room, so much as it was near mine.

Annabelle offered to drive back with Sam to get Kaya, since she was expected to pack a mountain. So I took advantage of this rare alone time with Dylan. I walked down to the other end of the house and opened Dylan’s door, I stepped inside, still no-one, so I checked his bathroom. I turned around to walk out and he pulled me in and pashed me.

“I heard you coming down the hall so I hid behind the door. Now I’ve been waiting for ages.” He said pulling me toward the bed, sitting down and pushing me onto my knees in front of him on the bed.

“I hope your hungry,” He said running his right hand through my long brown hair, and taking off his clothes with the other, “Say ah.” He said, pushing my open mouth onto his cock.

He was running his hand through my hair and pulling me in, if he pulled any harder I’d be deep throating him, and like he read my mind, he did just that, skull-fucking me. I stopped gagging and tried to get in a breathe in between thrusts. He must have been lodging somewhere in my chest I thought to myself. Then he stopped thrusting, pulled out and stopped for a second, I was gasping for air. Then as suddenly as he stopped he started, I tried to get back into a rhythm of sucking and breathing at the same time. Then his entire body tensed and he pulled nearly the whole way out, just leaving about 2 inches in my mouth. He shot about 11 rounds straight down my throat.

“I hope your going to swallow all of that, otherwise they’re be hell to pay.” He said rubbing the back of my head. I trying not to spill any of his load.
Once he’d stopped shooting, he stopped and pulled out. Then fell back on the bed, I climbed up onto the bed and lay-down on his chest.

I woke up about 10pm and heard a car horn. SHIT! Annabelle, Sam and Kaya were here. I woke up Dylan, and told him to clean up. I’d distract them as long as I can. I pretty much fell down the stairs, skipping 5 or 6 at a time in a rush for the door. I opened it trying to keep calm and casual, and walked out to the car, I opened Annabelle’s door for her, trying not to break a sweat. This just ushered looks from Anna and Sam. A “what have you been doing” look from Annabelle, and a crestfallen one from Sam. Then it hit me like a brick in the gut. Sam wasn’t just upset, scared and alone, He’d fallen in love with me. I raced around to open Kaya’s door and then the boot. Kaya refused to let me help her up as she’d specially polished, buffed, painted and shined her nails 5 minutes before getting in the car especially for Dylan. And of course, rather than requiring her loving boyfriend to get her baggage for me, I was left with it. Have you ever seen a Ant try to lift a pebble, because compared to the luggage Kaya had brought that ant might as well have been Superman.

Once inside, Kaya raced upstairs to see her Dylan, Who had JUST stepped out of the shower as she burst into the bedroom. I got to the top and saw Dylan wink, and breathed a sigh of relief, this was a bad idea as I was one step from the top and dropped 3 bags, which of course not only fell back to the bottom, but unloaded half of the enclosed clothing.

“Gah,” I said rolling my eyes.

“God you are such a klutz! You can’t even handle a simple task like that.” Kaya screeched at me.

“Hey! Back off! If you’d zipped up your bags properly in the first place that wouldn’t of happened!” Bellowed Anna, I could see where this was heading.

“Its fine, I’ll pick it all up.” I had to do something to stop the fighting. So I went about collecting up all the clothes. In about 30 minutes I’d gotten every last sock and lipstick. I packed it all back into the bags and took them over to Kaya and Dylan’s room.

“Finally.” Said Kaya rolling her eyes. Dylan nearly nudged her off the bed when she said that.

“Grr. Thank you, and I’m sorry for calling you a klutz.” She said glaring sharply at Dylan.

“That’s fine, I’m going to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.” As I turned and left the room.

I decided to check on Sam, so I turned off one door before mine. He was fast asleep wrapped up in the blanket like a cocoon. I walked over and ran my hand lightly through his hair. He stirred a little and went back to sleep.

“You know you can’t protect him for ever,” said a deep voice in the doorway. It was Dylan.

“Mm, but I can at least protect him till he’s ready to go out on his own.”

“The sooner you push him, the sooner that’ll happen.”

I just groaned under my breath. “Goodnight,” I said sliding past him and kissing him on the cheek.

When I got up the next morning Annabelle wasn’t there. I got up, put on a dressing gown and went down stairs. Everyone was sitting around the table about half way through breakfast. I glanced at the clock, I’d slept till nearly 10.

“We figured we’d have breakfast without you since the others will be here soon.” Explained Anna.

“That’s fine, I’ll just grab some fruit,” I said picking up a apple.

About 10 minutes later we heard a loud car horn, everyone raced to the door to see Veon paying the cabby and everyone else getting out to grab there stuff. There were 3 faces I recognised but I couldn’t stick a name to the face. Dylan walked over and hugged one of the girls. And shook hands with the 2 guys.

“Paul you remember my cousin Rebecca, And this is Matt,” he said pointing to the tall one, he looked like he worked since he was a 2 year old, “You already know Cally,” he said pointing to the short brunette, “And this Tommy An..” I cut him off.

“Tommy Anders! I know you,” {For those of you who don’t visit Helix studios website} I exclaimed in a loud voice, He just blushed.

“Uh hi,” he said in a American accent stretching out his hand. I took it and shook it not even realising I was staring into his eyes the whole time.

“Sorry.” He coughed and I snapped out of it, turning bright red when I figured I had been staring.

“Hey there,” Said Matt in a distinct British accent, why did everyone have a accent.

“Oh hey…” Cut off.

“Hi, I’m Annabelle.” She snuck in close, nearly hugging him. I pulled her back and looked at her, reminding her we were still dating. “What I’m just being polite.”

“Be polite with Rebecca then.” I wasn’t trying to be some over protective psycho who keeps his girlfriends locked up in a golden cage, but its pretty easy to feel threatened around people as good to look at as this.

So after all the introductions had been made, rooms picked, we sat down to lunch.

“Ooh how gourmet, grilled cheese sandwiches.” giggled Rebecca.

“Don’t forget the 2009 Ch?au de Lemonade,” Sad Matt pouring her a cup full.

We all had a good laugh around lunch, then moved into the lounge, and had a good laugh in there. It was starting to get late so we decided to have a early dinner and kick off some fun. Dylan told the girls about the Sunday night markets, and we ended up handing over close to $100 each. Turns out Matt and Rebecca are dating, even Dylan didn’t know that. So the 4 girls head off to the market leaving the 8 boys home. Then the fun was to really begin, Dylan pulled out two packs of cards, shuffled them and explained the rules. The game was on. Josh lost the first round, and slowly everyone but me was getting thin on clothing. Then in a matter of a 4 round losing streak I was down to my underwear.

“Just a reminder Paul, If you lose this next round you’ll get to put on a show for us.” Dylan said with a big grin.

And of course I lost. With many woos and cheers I was forced to strip, sit on the arm chair in the corner completely naked for one full round. At the end of the round I came back and sat down on my chair next to Sam and Dylan. I could see Sam trying to look under the table without much luck.

“Are we going to play on with Paul still? We could go on like we did last time?” asked Veon yet again rolling up a sticky note like a cigar and pretending to smoke.

“What happened last time?” asked Matt and Tommy. Veon leaned over and told them how we played on, and if you look at Paul he’d still be clean shaven. And of course they did, both looking me up and down, even bending under the table to check.

“Well I’m game,” said Matt.

“Me too,” proclaimed Tommy grinning like a Cheshire cat.
So I was allowed to keep playing. I won the next hand, and Matt was made take off his shirt, revealing fully toned Pecs, biceps and abs. But of course, I lost the next round, Much to the excitement of the others.

“Shall we just have a repeat of last time?” asked Dylan, seeing Sam trying to hide a grin at the suggestion.

“I guess, we need some sort of warm up, I’m sure Sam won’t object, but its up to Tommy, he won,” said Veon, pulling out the sticky note to take a mouthful of beer.

“Sure,” said Tommy, taking a quick glace under the table at Matts bulge, “But can we have him getting filled from both ends? I think Matt maybe?”

I was once again man-handled to the rug, and put on my hands and knees. Then Sam came over, took of his levis, winked at me and grabbed me by the hair.

“Do you want this bitch?” He said lifting me to my knees, then he slammed into my face.

I was sucking and licking while trying to pretend I wasn’t enjoying it, but Sam could tell I was, then I felt something cold being rubbed into my hole, I tried to turn my head but Sam kept it in place.

“Bitches don’t stop till they’re told to.”

So I went back to sucking, I jolted forward and clenched my jaw.

“Ow, The bitch bit me!” Said Sam making the other guys crack up laughing.

Matt hadn’t eased it in, or even pulled in and out till it was in, he rammed straight in, I could feel his balls resting on my ass. I could feel him pushing against my prostate and it was making me hard. Then he started thrusting, he wasn’t treating me like a human, he was fucking me like a toy. All out without any sort of warning or stopping. I thought I would cum if he didn’t stop, and sure enough I did.

“Hah the bitch actually likes it this time,” shouted Josh.

Seeing me cum must of pushed Sam and Matt over the edge and they filled me both at the same time. I swallowed Sam’s load, and he pulled out, I collapsed in a heap on the floor, Matt wasn’t done yet though, He was fucking me even after he’d shot. I moaned but not out of happiness, out of pain. A tear ran down my cheek and Tommy stood up to stop Matt, but he wasn’t going to stop until he’d emptied completely. He shot twice more into my ass then pulled out. I fell flat on the floor and blacked out.

“Not cool,” was the last thing I heard and saw Tommy shoving Matt.

When I woke back up Sam and Dylan were pulling me to my knees. Tommy came over and ran his hand over my head, and through my hair. Matt had gone off to bed by the looks of things. Tommy knelt down at my height and kissed me. Then he stopped.

“Poor baby, I didn’t even get a chance to play with you and your worn out,” he said as I looked up at him, I let out a small groan, “Well if you have energy to groan then you mustn’t be to tired.”

He said ushering for Sam and Dylan to bend me over the arm chair. Tommy was gentle he lubed me up, then just laid down on my back, and slowly eased in, I let out a slow moan, this time of pleasure.

“You like that hey? Then you’ll love this.” He said pushing all the way in, again a moaned, louder though. He pulled all the way back out and did it again, building up pace as he went, He was building toward the same speed as Matt but I didn’t care, It felt to damn good. Suddenly he stopped, pulled out, then hammered back in like Matt had done. I nearly screamed, but Dylan came over and decided he wanted a blow job, I understood and opened my mouth for him. Jake and Josh were on the lounge making out, As if they were dating. Veon simply standing there next to Sam watching me get hammered.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think he liked it,” Veon whispered to Sam quietly.

Without thinking about what he was saying Sam just said, “He does.”

My ear caught that and I tried to turn to see what had happened but Dylan like Sam wasn’t letting me turn my head, instead Dylan grabbed hold of me and was hammering into my mouth. I moaned a little. Then he started full on skull fucking me. I gagged trying to breath.

“Poor baby, you should learn to breath better.” Dylan said with a chuckle and thrusted harder, and harder.

I was being pumped from both ends and I was loving it. Then Dylan tensed and tightened his grip on my head. He tightened it so much I actually did bite him to make his release. He pimp slapped me and then shot into my mouth.

“Tommy, I think you better teach this bitch some obedience when your done.” said Dylan pulling out.

Sam came down to my level and kissed me, sticking his tongue in and sharing Dylan’s load. Veon walked over and threw Sam to the ground.

“You little fag, you worthless waste of space. You aren’t just trying to stop people from hurting him because he’s your friend, Your doing it cause you want him to yourself. You selfish little bitch!” Veon dealt Sam a kick to the groin, lifted him up to his knees and did it 3 more times, then rested his foot on there, pushing down with force. He picked him up and through him back toward me.

“I’ll see that fag in the morning…” then Veon walked off to bed.

I reached out and lifted Sam’s head with my free hand, and pulled him back in for a kiss, tears streaming down his face. I pulled my other hand out from underneath me and hugged him, still being penetrated by Tommy. Then he grasped my ass and pulled me back onto him nearly impaling me and fired about 9 or 10 loads into me. I gasped for air and moaned as he collapsed on my back. Sam kissing all over my face. We all went to bed after that.

I got up to get a drink and heard Sam whimpering in his room. I opened the door a bit and saw him sitting up holding his balls. I came in.

“Are you ok bub?” I asked walking towards him and sat down. He sniffled and looked at me, His eyes always seem to be puffy after he kisses me.

“Veon really hurt me,” he whispered, I nearly had to strain to hear him. Then I realised why he was whispering, Veon’s Room was directly beneath his, and he didn’t want him knowing. “Not just because he kicked me and crushed my balls, but because of what he said.”

“I can help with the your physical pain,” I said pulling down his pyjama bottoms, I leaned in and licked his balls. He just moaned and I took it as my cue to go on, I sucked on one, circling it with my tongue and then the other. Then I took them both in my mouth and just sucked on them. He moaned and his cock hardened, It was resting between my eyes. I kept sucking, him moaning louder and louder, then he came. All over my face and through my hair. I sat up and kissed him.

“Goodnight, hope you feel better in the morning, and don’t worry about Veon, he just had a few to many.”

As I went into the kitchen I thought I had better have a shower and was all this off. The girls would be home soon, so I left them a note on the bench.
‘’Didn’t want you guys waking us up, Kaya and Annabelle can share the double in mine and Anna’s room, Dylan and I will share yours Kaya, see you in the morning. P.S. I’m going mountain hiking at about 5 tomorrow if you want to join me.’’
So I went up to Dylan’s room and explained then I went and used his shower, and got into bed with him. Snuggling deep into his chest and wrapping myself around him.

The next morning I woke up and Dylan had gotten on top of me during the night, I didn’t try to wake him up but just tried to slide out. That didn’t really work, he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass, and it was making me hard. I had to wake him up and move him, so I tried to get my arms free and wake him up. It was no good, he had his arms wrapped tightly around my own, and he was far stronger than I was, even asleep. I tried to roll over and he wrapped his legs around me. I only had one other way of waking him up was to bite him, so I turned my head around as far as I could and bit his lip.

“OW!” He shouted smacking me with a open fist on the head, “Why’d you bite me dude.”

“I couldn’t get you off me, you were wrapped around me.”

“Oh sorry babe,” he said kissing me on the cheeks, ”Why’d you need me to get off you anyway?”

“I’m going hiking, maybe with Anna. Probably not though, since she’s not likely to get up at 5. You want to go?”

“Sure, but won’t it be cold?”

“Nah, I’m going up through the Rainforest path so its pretty warm.”

“Umm cool, yer I’ll come along.”

So we set off in the light fog and about 15 minutes into the hike we got tired and decided to take a rest. Just after we sat down it started to go over cast.

“Fuck its cold,” I said shivering.

“Here, I’ll help warm you up,” he said stretching out his arm to me, “poor baby, I can make you all warm.”

I moved over closer to him, he wrapped both arms around me, and he pulled off my shirt. I shivered again, and he pulled me in even closer. Then he unzipped my pants. I looked at him and pulled a puppy dog pout.

“Here?“ I asked him.

“Why not, it’ll warm you up babe.” and he took my briefs down as well and started stroking my leg. I was getting harder by the second and leaned in to kiss him. I kissed him flat on the lips and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I tried to stop but he pushed on harder. Our tongues wrestled and fought for dominance, I couldn’t win, as hard as I tried. He pushed me to the ground and pinned me down. I took off his shirts and through it in a pile on the ground. I did the same with his pants, and underwear, our hands a mix of passion. I tried to wiggle free of his grip and ended up being flipped onto my stomach. He pressed me down amongst the leaves, the crinkling of them underneath my weight. In a matter of seconds Dylan was thrusting deep into me, I was loving every minute of it, I was covered in dirt and broken leaves and I didn’t care. I loved it to much. With each thrust he was getting faster, and coming closer to climaxing, and so was I. He was thrusting harder and deeper each time, and every time I moaned more and more. It was like a movie, we lay together in a fury of passion in a rainforest, Leaves and flowers falling down from above, and quiet waterfall in the background.

About 5 minutes later we go up, brushed our selves off and got redressed. Dylan kissed me on the neck, cheek or lips every few steps all the way back. When we got back to the house it was about 7ish and only Sam, Matt and Veon had gotten up. Sam was sitting at the dinning table and Veon was sitting in the lounge room staring at him. Matt was looking around in the fridge for something to eat I think. I walked over and sat down next to Sam at the table. Dylan went to Veon. I could faintly hear them talking.

“Where the fuck have you been,” Veon demanded.

“We went for a hike in the rainforest,” Dylan explained, “Did you want to go as well…”

They kind of trailed off after that, and Sam started asking a barrage of questions.

“Where were you? What did you get up to? Why didn’t you wake me up so I could go?”

“Its ok, we just went for a early morning hike, I didn’t want to invite you because I knew you were asleep and didn’t want to bother you.” I was getting the impression he was getting clingy but I wasn’t going to push him away when I’m the only person he’s got to turn to for comfort.

I went upstairs to get a change of clothes and found Annabelle and Kaya top and tail in the bed asleep. I snuck over to the cupboard and got out a shirt and some pants. Then went to use the downstairs bathroom. I opened the door and caught Tommy stepping out of the shower completely naked.

“Oh… Ah… Sorry…” I said trying to cover my eyes and backing out.

“No its fine, If we can’t see each other naked after last night when can we. Come in, I’m done now anyway.” he said, putting those picture fresh in my mind. I stepped in and removed my top.

“Its not that I felt awkward about seeing you naked, I just wasn’t expecting it.” He turned away and looked at me.

“Woah how’d you get so dirty and cut up, your covered in leafs. Did you fall over on your hike?”

“How’d you know I went hiking?”

“I saw the note you left Annabelle. Here strip, I’ll brush you off.” So I did as I was told, I pulled down my pants and briefs to, and placed my clean clothes on the bench. Tommy came over in the naked rubbing up against me.
“Come on, lets get you in the shower, I’ll wash you off.” Again I did as I was told, and stepped into the shower bay.

“This is huge, its like 2 metres squared” {That’s about 6’ 6” for my Non-Metric readers. I think. 100cm=1metre and 1 foot is 30cm so..} I said, as I stepped over to make room for Tommy.

“I know, You can bend over in here. Now come here,” he said turning on the water and pulling me towards him. He rubbed his hands down my back and squeezed my ass. Then he took a step back, grabbed a wash cloth and warmed it in the running water. Then began wiping down my front to my waist, turned me around and did the back down to my feet.
“Ok turn back around,” he said, and started wiping up. When he got to my “parts” he wiped them quickly.

“Someone’s been busy on his hike, you got cut, dirtied up and your all sticky.” he threw the wash cloth on the tiled floor and started sucking. He got about half way down and my knees tried to give out. He told me to sit down, and of course I did. He kept on sucking.

“I think that you need to be clean inside and out by the looks of this.” he said pointing to my cock, then he flipped me over so I was on my knees hands spread against the walls. He spread my cheeks and licked the inside clean. I let out a loud moan in the steamy hot water.

“Don’t stop Sam,” Fuck, I realised as soon as I’d said it what I’d done.

“Sam hey? I could of sworn it was Dylan or Annabelle you liked. Or is it all of them? Can’t make up your mind?” He said as he stopped and turned me around sitting in the corner.

“Well let me help you decide.” He said leaning back down and sucking me off. I tried to lift him off but he just pushed back down, then used his free hand to pin mine together.

“Stop it.”

“Aww don’t you like it? Well I do, you taste good; and I’m not gonna stop till either you cum, or I get tired of it.” Almost like magic, as soon as he said that, I shot my load. He collected it up in his mouth, pinned my hands against the wall, and kissed me, spitting it all into my mouth and making me swallow it.

“Well now that takes care of your insides, but I think I need to clean mine.” He said lifting me up and turning me to face the wall. He opened the shower door and grabbed a bottle of lube of the counter. Once he was well ready he charged like a bull at a gate into me.

“FUCK!” I shouted.

“You right, your are being fucked, good boy,” he said in a patronising voice pinning me against the wall to stop my squirming.


“Whats that? You want it harder? Well ok. Tell me what hurts the most? The length or the width? Or both combined?” he was having a good laugh out of this, I tried to push him off but he had a strong grip and could of easily had me pinned there all day.

“Answer when your being spoken to or do I have to train you as well?


“Pfft your no fun, Maybe you’ll like it more if I pick up the pace.” And with that he hammered me against the wall. I was caught on the threshold of pain and pleasure. I could feel my ass being stretched. Part of me wanted him to stop but the other part wanted him to go harder and faster. I hated him for making me like it. Instead of fighting against it I started pushing back, Impaling myself over and over.

“That’s more like it, toyboy. Now who do you love? Who do you want to have with you forever!?”

“YOU SIR!” Did I just call him sir, by choice. And did he call me toyboy. Was that what I had become?
Then he tensed his entire body and pressed me against the wall.
“AH FUCK!!!!” I shouted, it’s a good thing the entire house was built of bricks or everyone in the rainforest would of heard me. He shot a good 6 loads straight up into me. And I just collapsed backwards onto him. He pulled out and turned me around, dragged me out of the shower and put me on the floor.

“Now wasn’t that much more fun then struggling?” he said, I just moaned and closed my eyes while he dried me off and dressed me. I’d become a rag doll of his desire. Then he came and sat on my chest with his cock on my lips.

“I want to be hard when I’m getting dressed thanks. Now suck toyboy.” So I did as I was told and willingly opened my mouth to him. As his cock hardened I saw just how big it really was, It must have been a good 10 or 11 inches long and 8 inches around. I could tell now why it felt like he was fisting me now stop. Then he told me to get my hands and knees, he had another reward for me, and I was to drink all of it or I would be required to take bitch lessons. He shoved his dick straight down my throat and I was somewhere about my lungs. Then he pulled back out to the head and repeated it about 6 more times before he stopped with just the head in my mouth and shot a huge load into my mouth followed by 2 average ones. How anyone could fire a second time in such a short amount of time was amazing.

“Thanks for helping clean me off.”

“No problem, we should do this again soon.”

And so it was done, I walked off down the hallway swallowing as I went. Then when I’d finished, I came into the kitchen and asked if anyone wanted to go down to the restaurant instead of trying to cook. It was unanimous. So I went to go wake up the girls. Who were not happy. Nor was Jake when he got woken with Cally. So after they were all dressed we set out on the walk down to the restaurant. I kissed Annabelle when we were walking down the driveway. I Must have had something on my breath because her only response was “What have you gotten up to.”

When we got to the restaurant and had a table we all ordered a huge banquet breakfast. We were picking of each others plates the whole way through. When we’d all finished we headed back up to the house and relaxed for the rest of the day. At one point Sam was out on the downstairs balcony, and I was about to head out with him when Veon stepped out and started poking him, calling him names, generally being a asshole just because Sam was gay, I’m fairly certain he’d be hanging Tommy over the balcony if anyone told him he were gay. I stopped him before he punched Sam and he went off sulking around the house for the rest of the afternoon. So it was fairly uneventful day. Until nightfall. There was a rave and Veon, Tommy and Sam decided to go, Leaving the couples back at the house. Then I casually suggested we play strip poker. Much to the excitement of Dylan, Matt and Kaya.

“Um I’m in, What are the rules,” asked Rebecca.

“Shoes and socks, then Pants, then Top and Bra, then undies or panties. If you get completely naked, then the winner of that round is incharge of you and your partner the rest of the night. Standard poker rules other than that.” I replied.

“This’ll be fun,” she said clapping and giggling, then slapping Matt on the leg, “Won’t it,” with a big grin.

And the game was on, I lost the first 3 rounds, then won 3, Annabelle won the last 2. And Dylan was down to nothing. Kaya had her shirt and panties on still but that would be gone. Annabelle looked at me, then told Dylan to get under the table and give me a blowjob with the assistance of Kaya. I just looked at her confused and the game continued with 3 couples left. Cally and Jake were next to go. Cally was told to suck Dylan off while Jake licked out Kaya. It was down to Annabelle, Matt, Rebecca and me. And I knew that winning streak wouldn’t last forever. I removed my briefs completely and Annabelle took off her jeans, top, bra and panties. Rebecca had a evil grin on her face and told me, without letting the chain of people sucking me off break, I had to come over to Matt, Unzip and remove his pants, shirt, and underwear, I could beg him to do it for me, but I don’t think he had any intent of helping after last night. So I grabbed Dylan’s head and told him to get a good grip on Jakes, then lowered myself to the floor and dragged the chain over. Meanwhile Cally, Annabelle and Kaya were told to stop with me and lie down on the rug infront of Matt and play strip gladiators, Rebecca gave them back there bras and told them first on to unhook the others bra would be the victor, and the losers had to pleasure her however she desired.
Once I got over to Matt I unzipped Matt’s levis and pulled them down, which he stepped out of. I went to go for his boxers but Rebecca saw me and shouted I had to do it in order. So I attempted to stand up while keeping Dylan and Jake attached. This didn’t work, I couldn’t lift them with me.

“Please Matt, sir. Remove your shirt so I may progress to pleasuring you. I beg of you.”

“Well you said please, So I’ll tell you what, I’ll kneel down and you can try to get it off. You can’t expect me to do the work,” he said in his cute British accent. So he got down on his knees, and I after much struggle got it off his head. I sighed and laid down on the hard wood floor.

“Aren’t you forgetting something,” he said, standing up and pointing to his crotch.

I hoisted myself back to my knees and pulled down his boxers. It was no wonder it hurt so much when he had me, he was bigger than Tommy. At least a full foot long. I kissed his cock and he grabbed my head.

“Are you going to make out with it or suck it!” he said opening my mouth and sticking it in. It was fine till he skull-fucked me, If Tommy lodged in by my lungs, he was near my stomach. I gagged as he thrusted and struggled to breath, Then Rebecca came over and lifted Jake off of Dylan and stuck him behind me.

“I want you to make him cry, ok?” she said to Jake patting me on the head.

And so it was I was being Skull-fucked, Sucked, and impaled all at once. Matt going at the same speed as he was with me last night, Jake just as hard, and Dylan trying to make me cum after much waiting, Licking and sucking, over and over. Jake was the first to shoot, adding to the sticky white collection in my ass, the whole time thrusting ever harder. I nearly bit Matt during, then when he was rock solid and he just blasted down my throat, I did, and was met with a sharp hit to the face and fell over.

“YOU LITTLE BITCH!” And he moved Dylan, just to kick me in the balls like Veon had Sam last night. Tears streaming down my face I sat up.

“You like that do you bitch, here have another. Jake hold him up and spread his legs.”
And Matt did it again, I was in so much pain I’d gone soft, but what’s more is that Matt had put his shoe back on and told Dylan to stand in front of me to be sucked while he kicked me. I screeched out in pain as Matt booted me, Jake had gotten hard again and was fucking me while holding me up. As determined as I was not to get hard again, I couldn’t help it, the kicking hurt like hell, but the pain was somewhat erotic. Then it happened, Dylan came down my throat right after Matt and I shot too, I got it all over Matt’s shoe.

“You don’t get it do you.” Matt ripped me up off the floor and off Jake, sat down on a chair, and threw me over his lap. I could see what was coming. THWAK! He brought his hand down hard and left a red imprint on my ass, I yelped in pain and just before I had a chance to recover. THWAK! Again, he spanked me for what felt like forever, but was really only 5 minutes. Tears gushing down my face, Ass red. Dylan picked me up off Matt’s lap. It was nearly 9pm and the others wouldn’t be back for some time, but everyone had been tired out. Dylan threw me over his shoulder and carried me up to my bed, dropped me ungracefully and kissed me on the forhead.

“Sleep tight my little toyboy,” he said with a smirk and tucked me in.

When I woke up in the morning I was groggy, Annabelle was sitting up beside me playing with my hair and reading. I rolled over and yawned, she looked down at me.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” she said it with a giggle and a smile that made my eyes clear, “Do you remember what happened last night?”

“No not really, I’m pretty groggy till just before Sam and Tommy left.”

“Well lets just say I’m taking you to a male health clinic when we get back.” She kissed me on the head and went back to reading, then all the memories of last night flew into my mind like a wave crashing over the beach in a storm, and I knew what Sam was talking about when he said his balls hurt.

We got up and started packing. We would be heading back soon. I chucked on a dressing gown and went to check if Sam was up. He’d been up for a while and packed everything, He just had a couple of suitcases by the door. But Sam himself wasn’t really Sam.

“Hey, You ok?”

“Tommy’s offered to let me live with him.” He said with a huge grin.

“Great! When’d this happen?”

“Last night, when we were at the rave, He asked if I liked you and I was telling him about how I’d been kicked out and what you’d done for me, and he invited me to come live with him.”

“Wow that’s great news.”

So everything had sorted itself out, when we had all packed up and cleaned up, we jumped in the cabs and cars and headed home.


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And its set on a boat :D

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