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A Love/Slavery Story
The Slave Love Story: Part 2

Jim’s Perversion:

Before leaving to take Jim home, Ann asked Jim if she could stay at his house for the weekend. Jim responded that since he was taking the following week off, that Ann could stay the weekend and even a few more days if she wanted. Ann say that she was sure that she could get a day or two off from work with the short notice that she would be giving her job. Ann said to give her a few minutes to pack some clothes. Jim responded, “Get your purse only; you will not need anything else”. Ann was wearing a blouse, Levi pants, bra and panties. She went into her bed room got her purse and return wearing a blouse, bra, and her jeans.

Ann asked Jim to drive. When they got to the highway, Ann unbuttons her jeans and pulls them off throwing them onto the back seat. As Jim drove, he would occasionally reach over to Ann and stroke her vagina. Ann, when Jim removed his hand, would stick a finger into her self getting it wet with her juices and then offer up her finger for Jim to lick it clean. At times during the ride, Ann would place her feet on the dashboard “in order to stretch her legs”. This usually occurred as they were passing 18 wheel trucks.

Since they arrived at Jim’s home during the late afternoon, Jim suggested to Ann that she put her jeans on before Jim pulled into his drive way. It was quite a sight, Ann turning around and reaching over the seat to retrieve her jeans, totally exposing her nice ass for passerby to see. They both got a thrill over her exposure her butt to the world. Luckily they hadn’t exited the highway yet.

As Jim and Ann entered the house, Ann immediately removed her clothes (remembering that she is to be nude at all times in Jim house). Ann then turned and headed in the direction of the guest bathroom, needing to relieve herself after the long drive. She felt Jim walking behind her. She said to him that she had to relieve herself. Jim stated “So did I”. For some odd reason, Ann just continued into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. As she sat back, Jim stood in front of her opening his pants. Ann asked “what are you doing”. Jim stated “we can both relieve ourselves together. Go ahead Ann pee. Ann relaxed and just as she started peeing, Jim pointed his penis at her vagina, his stream of pee hitting Ann vagina at the spot where her pee was coming out. The sensation was too much for Ann and she came in an intense orgasm.

It was getting late, so Jim fixed a small dinner for the both of them. After dinner as they were getting to bed, Jim pulled a short piece of soft rope from the night stand draw. He tied the rope around Ann’s left wrist leaving about a foot of rope hanging from the wrist. Ann asked what the rope was for. Jim replied it was not for her to ask why. Ann didn’t say anything else about the rope. She got into bed holding Jim from behind and fell asleep.

Ann awoke the next morning to find a note on Jim’s pillow. The note said that Jim was at the grocery store getting snakes for today important football game which was coming on in about an hour. He also stated that he would need Ann’s help today in preparing the food etc. Etc, Ann didn’t know what Jim meant by that.

Jim arrived back home to find Ann wearing only the rope on her left wrist. This pleased Jim that Ann was complying with his no clothes rule for her. Ann help Jim make the dips and drinks and set out the deserts in the living room. Ann was just about to state that the amount of food was enough for a small party when there was a knock at the front door. Jim told Ann to answer the door. Ann had become so comfortable being nude in Jim’s house that she forgot about being nude until just before opening the door. She looked back at Jim she wanted him to say to go get dress. Instead, Jim said to open the door. Ann hesitated for a brief moment, took a deep breath and opens the door. There stood three men and a woman securely holding on to one of the men. They all had a surprise look upon their faces as they came in. Jim told them all to hurry and sit down as the game was just beginning. Jim then introduced Ann to everyone, Ralph, Bob, and Chris and his girlfriend Vickie.

Jim with Ann assistance got everyone a drink and snacks. They all then started to watch the game. Jim sat in his big arm chair. The only place left for Ann to sit was at the foot of Jim’s chair. As she sat there, Jim reached down for the rope on Ann wrist and pulled it into his hand. After about ten minutes, Jim pull the rope up forcing Ann up into his lap where she sat, except when she was performing at the host, during the rest of the game. Jim occasionally played with Ann smooth hair, her breast and nipples, and later starting stroking Ann’s vagina. Susan spent more time looking at Ann then watching the game.

Just at the start of the half time entertainment, Vickie left Chris side and came over to Jim and Ann. She reached out her hand and cupped Ann breast. This startled Ann, who looked to Jim to find out what to do. Jim simply said, to enjoy Susan play with her. Ann had never had another woman touch her. At first she stiffened at Vickie touch. But since Jim was now stroking Ann’s vagina which had her excited, she relax and began enjoying the fact that two people were playing with her.

After a few minute of Vickie playing with Ann, Jim told Vickie that she could only continue touching Ann if she removed her clothes and sat at the foot of the chair. This, of course meet with Chris approval as Vickie is bisexual and he know what was coming. Vickie quickly removed her clothes. As she removed her last item of clothing, her panties, she held them up to Ann’s nose. Ann took a deep breath, finding herself drawn to Vickie scent. As Vickie sat down, Jim took the end of the rope that he was holding and tied to Vickie’s right wrist. Vickie then sat down with her facing right in Ann vagina. Vickie stuck her tongue out licking Ann clit which was now sticking far out from its hood. After a minute of this stimulation, Ann came hard into Vickie mouth. This drew cheers from all three men. Chris then told Vickie to come sit by him. As Vickie got up, Ann was forced to move with her. Chris was sitting on a couch facing the TV. Bob was on the other end of the couch. Vickie sat next to Chris leaving Ann in the center of the couch next to Bob. Bob put his left arm around Ann pulling her toward him. For the rest of the game Bob played with Ann breast and vagina bring her to the brink then letting her back down. (Bob knew Jim’s rules, you can touch but you can’t have). This was sexual agony for Ann because Chris was constantly making Vickie come while Ann couldn’t.

When the game ended, so did this little get together. Jim called Ann (and thus Vickie) over to him. He then untied the two women. Vickie put her clothes back on. Jim then told everyone he hoped they had a good time and that Ann would walk them to the door and see them out. Bob thanked Jim for letting him play with Ann. Vickie said that she totally enjoyed herself. That was second by Chris. Ann then walked everyone to the door. Vickie gave her a hug and kiss, Chris gave Ann breast a suck and a kiss on the cheek. Bob caressed Ann feeling all over her body as he said his goodbye.

Immediately after everyone left, Jim called Ann to him. He sat her in his chair and then for the next half hour orally brings Ann to climax after climax. He then entered Ann and came hard inside of her. Ann stayed in the chair going through a series of small subsequent climaxes until Jim come had dried in her vagina and on her vagina lips.

Jim had been sitting on the couch watching Ann slowly coming down from her sexual high. As Ann sat up, Jim called her over to sit with him on the couch. He asked Ann “why do think I allowed those my friends to see you naked and to sexually play with you”. Ann had no answer. Jim then asked if she enjoyed herself. Ann answered, “Yes”. Well, Jim replied, that was one of the reasons. The other reasons are that when you are with me, you belong to me to do as I please. It pleased me to watch you with Vickie. It pleased me to watch Bob and Chris play with you. These types of things will happen to you again in the future as well as other more exciting things. That is if you stay with me and agree to let me have my way with you. It is your choice. Decide, stay and accept these conditions or say no and leave. Understand that at anytime in the future, if you decide to stay, you can say No, no more and then you will be free to leave. What is your choice? Ann thought for a split second and then responded, “I choice to Stay”.

Jim was pleased.

Jim then asked Ann tell him what her reactions and feelings were to the events of this evening, starting at the beginning when I told you to go to the door and to let my guest in.

Ann related the following: I was shocked that you wanted me to answer the door in the nude. But then I thought “I am, as you have told me, beautiful in the nude, so if you want your guest to see what you see in me that is fine”. When Vickie came over and touched my breast, a shot of electricity surged through my body. A woman had never touched me sexually. I wanted her to touch me all over and I was glad that you and the other men were watching, that added to the excitement. When I had to go with her over to the couch and Bob starting feeling me up, I wonder how far you would let him go and what I would do if he tried to have sex with me. I love him feeling me up. When they all left, I had no problem seeing them to the door. In fact, if you had said to walk them to their cars, I would have done so.

Jim responded, “I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I know our guest did. As far as Bob having sex with you, that is not allowed and he knows it. I will let men feel you up but they can’t have sex with you. Your mouth, ass and pussy belong to me only. Men may feel your breast, stroke your pussy and even insert fingers into your pussy and ass but that is as far as they can go”.

Jim continued, “Speaking of which, in the future due to my job there will be weeks at a time when I will be out of town and out of contact with you. Would you like to see Bill (or someone like him) during those times?” If so, Bill and you must follow the no sex rule. He can feel you up, breast, pussy, and ass but his penis can never enter those openings. Do you want that and do you think that Bill will agree. Ann replied that yes she wanted that. Jim said “Good”, in a few days let arrange a meeting with Bill to discuss it.

The next day, Monday, Jim told Ann to put her clothes on, that they were going for a ride. About half hour later, Jim pulled into a large shopping mall. Jim took Ann into a women dress store that sold a wide variety of women’s dress from casual, sexy, to fancy. He told Ann to pick out some dresses that she would like to ware when she spends time at his home. Ann picked several and Jim also picked some out for Ann to try on. Ann went into the dress room to try on the dress. As she put each one on, she came out to let Jim see and give his opinion on them. There was one Ann picked out. It was a black evening dress that came down to just above her knees and was cut on top to show her chest down to her mid breast. The most striking feature of the dress was that it was almost see-through and would require (as the sales lady pointed out as Ann modeled it for Jim) the right colored undergarments for decency. Jim bought Ann five of the dresses that they agreed upon including the black see-through dress. Ann decided to wear on of the dress for the rest of the car trip. It was a beautiful long sleeve mini-dress that had a neckline that covered her chest up to the bottom of neck and was long enough on the bottom to just cover her crouch and rear end.

Next Jim took Ann to a beauty saloon that among other things provide women with a Brazil wax which is what Jim took the receptions that they wanted done. Ann had never even cut her pubic hair before. She was a little anxious about having it done, but to please Jim she went and allowed it to be done. Went she came out of the saloon she was walking a little gingerly but with an interesting smile on her face. She told Jim it hurt like hell but it felt so sexy seeing as how the only thing she had on was the mini dress. As Ann walked out of the saloon on to the street where Jim was waiting sitting on a bus bench, as a little breeze blew up toward Ann, she told Jim the wind under the dress felt like someone tongue was licking her vagina. Jim got up and put his hand under the front of Ann dress and gave her pussy a quick stroke. “Ann that feels so smooth and inviting. Ann just shrived through a very mild orgasm.

Jim told Ann as a thank you for getting the wax, he would take her to lunch and then to see any movie she wanted. Throughout dinner and at the movie, Jim took every opportunity to stroke Ann’s smooth pussy. Ann for her part when in the restaurant, never made any attempt to pull down her dress when seated, even thought the dress, when Ann was sitting, rose up to her waist totally exposing her pubic area. At the theater, they sat in the center of the back row. Ann thought is was interesting how before the movie started that as the young men in that area of the theater keeping going back and further to get snacks, had to raise up and look in her direction when leaving and returning to their seats.

Early the next day, Ann had to return home in order to report to work on Wednesday. She drove home wearing the same jeans, bra, and shirt that she left home with. The black evening dress was in a bag in the passenger’s seat. She was already missing Jim whom she would not see for another three weeks as he was leaving on Saturday for another business trip. She thought that it was strange that they could not stay in contact over the phone during Jim’s business trips.

During the first few evenings of Jim’s latest trip, Ann was going over in her mind what Jim had said about Bill being allowed to sexually play with her body as long as he didn’t, in essence, fuck her. Ann thought that meant one of two things; one that Jim really did not love her and therefore didn’t care who played with her as long as she reserved real sex for him or that he was so sure of his and her feelings that he wanted her to have some freedoms when he was not around (or even sometimes when he is around). Ann also began to wonder if Jim had other girlfriends and what did he do to them. If he did, was it ok with her for Jim to do to them what he was willing to let Bill do to her or did he feel that it was ok for him to have sex with them regardless of how Ann felt about it. Ann decided to talk to Jim about other women in his life. Could she accept Jim playing with other women or worse yet, having sex? She really needed to decide these matters for herself. In the mean time, she want Bill (or someone else) to play with her! How could she arrange this and not give sex to that person. She felt that Bill (not being the greatest catch) would accept Jim’s limitation of access to Ann’s body. Ann called Bill and arranged to get together on Friday evening. Bill accepted the date with enthusiasm.

Jim: other woman.

At one of the companies that Jim was using for source material for his book was one were he actually worked for several years ago. Jim was a mid-level manger for the company. Jim’s executive assistant, Nancy still worked there. Nancy worked with Jim during a time in his previous marriage when he was having a very difficult time stay married. Nancy worked very closely with Jim and was enamored with his authority and leadership of his department within the company. Those enamored feelings leaded Nancy to develop sexual longing for Jim. This became apparent to Jim and to one other person (ken) in Jim department. Jim was battling with taking advantage of Nancy romantic inclinations toward him when Ken mentioned to Jim that he was award of the situation and kind of counseled him to not give into that temptation. Jim was always thankful to Ken for those words for in retrospect Jim know he would have regretted taking advantage of Nancy being that he was still married and trying to work out the problems in his marriage. However, now he is not married and not engaged to Ann (even though Ann belongs to him). All of this came rushing back to Jim as he sat eating lunch across a table from Nancy.

Nancy attitude toward Jim seemed more reserved than the last time they were together. However, after their meal together was finished, Nancy suggested that after she returns from the lady’s power room that they go have a few drinks in the hotels bar. The bar was a popular place in the city since it also had a large dancing area. Jim readily agreed. He did want to spend more time with Nancy for he enjoyed her company and especially her beauty. Nancy was a small breasted woman (practically no tits what so ever) but she has a beautiful face with long black hair, and very sexy legs, and a well defined ass (due to the fact that she is an avid runner and weight lifter) all of which fills out whatever outfit she happens to have on. Tonight Nancy wore a one piece sleeveless dress (which shows off her muscular arms), the length of which came up to pass mid thigh.

When they entered the bar, they were able to find a small table near the dance floor. After ordering and receiving their drinks (Coca for Jim), a slow dance number was being played by the band. Nancy asked Jim to dance. As Jim drew Nancy toward him, she pressed her body into Jim’s as they danced to the music. Nancy very sensuously passed her hands over Jim’s back. This encourages Jim to do likewise to Nancy. Jim had always had to fight the desire to touch Nancy, something strictly forbidden by the company policy. Nancy felt good to Jim’s touch. Jim then told Nancy “you know I had to fight hard not to touch you when we worked together even at the times when I though you were signaling that you wanted that”. Nancy responded, “Yes, at those times, I did want a more intimate relationship with you and I was very frustrated and a little anger that you do not respond”. Jim answered that he was afraid of the company policy of no fraternization between management and lower employees. They continued holding each other as the music continued to play.

The next morning in the office as Jim was finishing up and preparing to leave for the next designation of his trip, Nancy walked in to say goodbye. She closed the office door behind her. She then told Jim what a good time she had last night. As she was doing so, Jim watched Nancy reached down and lifted the front of her skirt to above her waist. Jim was then treated to a sight of one of the most beautiful shaved vaginas he had ever seen. Nancy then said “this is what you could have had during the time when I was your assistant”. She then lowered her dress, walked up to Jim and gave him a deep kiss and then promptly left the office.

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