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Changed to protect the guilty
Here's one of my early post from when I first started writing. I wish I knew this site back then.

I had purchased the surveillance camera years earlier with perfectly good intentions, but as I watched my fifteen year old stepson undress I knew in my heart I was doing something wrong. See as a single mom with a little girl I used the camera to keep an eye on her while I worked at home on the computer. I had not even thought of it for a long time now that she was older.

That was until that day when I thought let me see if this thing still works and I opened the program that allowed me to see the picture from the hidden camera in the bathroom. To my surprise John was just coming into the room, and an even bigger surprise was a strange desire I had to watch. I watched secretly as he unzipped and took a pee. The camera was facing his back so I couldn’t really see anything, but I knew I had started something very unwise and perverted in someway.

John moved in a year ago when him and is mother started to fight all the time. I had gotten remarried to his dad five years ago so I saw him every weekend and had grown to love him as a son and he was really a part of the family. My daughter loved him very much and they got along great most of the time.

That night I sat fidgeting on the edge of my bed knowing I should have thrown that camera away that afternoon, but I couldn’t bring myself to it, I had a perverse need to see him one more time. I knew shortly John was going to have his shower before bed but I was hoping I would come to my senses before it was too late.

As the program opened I was as excited as a school girl getting felt up for the first time and very nervous about what I was about to do. I only saw darkness at first, but then the bathroom light popped on and John entered. I could hardly sit still as I watched him take off his shirt, I wondered what was making me want to see a young boy get naked, especially one who was my stepson, but I justified it as simple curiosity.

John dropped his pants and underwear all in one downward motion. His firm but flexed as he stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. My guts twisted inside me as he turned around and I saw his young cock and balls hanging down between his legs. I was shocked and discussed at the feelings I felt as I watched his young flesh. I turned off the monitor hoping I could stop. My heart raced as I hit the button to turn it back on and then almost stopped as the picture came back.

John’s cock was now standing straight out in front of him as he looked in the mirror. He was at the closest point to the camera so I had a crystal clear view of his solid shaft as it slowly twitched upward until it was fully erect. Why was he getting hard I wondered as I glued my face to the screen. Thank God Janis had gone to bed and my husband was away because I could not turn away.

John sat on the toilet with his legs open wide and started to rub up and down the length of his pole. I had a great view of his balls and they were tight already like he was close to an orgasm.

John poured baby oil over his stomach and what seemed to be an excessively larger member while lubing himself up with the other hand. His tight muscles and hard rode glistened as the oil spread over them. I felt like I was going to faint from all the strange feeling rushing through my mind and body. Could I actually be excited by this, was I loosing my senses?

I forced myself to look down and catch my breath, hoping I would look back and none of this had really happened, but when I looked back John was frantically stroking his long dick and I couldn’t look away again. I had never seen anyone jerk off, especially not a teenage boy and I was fascinated.

The boy stood up and thrust his hips forward to meet the downward stroke of his fist and cum shot from him at light speed. The first three of four jets of his juice flew out of the view of the camera, and seemed like they would have hit the door five feet away.

I felt sick to my stomach as I sat watching my stepson milk the last drops of fluid from his semi-erect rod. I turned off the monitor and laid on my bed crying wishing I had not done this sick thing, what kind of mother am I.

I tossed and turned that whole night with pictures of John’s young body flashing through my mind while questioning my worthiness as a parent. When I would fall asleep I would awake suddenly from nightmares that involved me watching and touching boys. I finally went to sleep at 2AM and when I woke up it all seemed like a bad dream.

After that night I felt strange around John, but not in a bad way, it was like I felt closer to him. I had a different feeling of love for him and longed to see him when he was away at his mother’s. I didn’t lust after him, but I wanted to be near him and our relationship became closer and we hugged more. I would some times hold him tight against my body and he seemed to enjoy it and he would touch me as he went past and kiss me good bye more often.

I managed not to spy on John for a few weeks, but one night I was sitting there typing on the computer and I heard the bathroom door close. My curiosity got the best of me and I started the program. As the picture came into view there he was stroking his cock again, except this time he was standing facing the mirror with his cock just two feet from the hidden camera. It was as if I could reach out and touch it as his fist slid up and down his long tool. Wow it looks even bigger than last time and I wondered what a boy needs such a big dick for. How big is that thing going to be when he grows up, I thought, or maybe it’s as big as it gets by now, I really didn’t know but his cock seemed to be almost as big as his father’s fine cock.

John’s purple head was much fatter than the steel flesh rod it sat on and as his hand slid down over it, it looked as if it popped through his grip. I was glued to the screen hoping he would stay right there until he came. I could tell from the frantic jerking and his hip thrusts he would blow soon and I so wanted to watch it fly from his dick. I unconsciously gasped as his dick spurted a huge stream of white fluid, then another and another. I couldn’t believe so much was coming out of him and my mouth watered as he pumped each gob out onto the counter top.

I again found myself disgusted with my behavior and wondered why I was doing this, what kind of person wants to see this? I must be a sick pervert. I had been very troubled by these thought since that first night I watch him but there wasn’t anyone I could talk to about this, so I was filled with remorse and guilt most of the time. I wondered if any of my friends were secretly watching their sons, or even worse, now I was getting excited seeing him masturbate and I had urges that were nothing short of incest.

Later that night I found myself in the kid’s bathroom and I couldn’t help but look to see what evidence there might be. There on the mirror right in front of where John had been stroking himself was a splatter stain. I almost slapped myself when the thought to lick it came into my mind. I went back to bed and thought I might have to get a head doctor to find out what was happening to me.

Over the next few months I constantly reminded myself that I was never going to act out on any of my thoughts and I tried to not spy as much as I could resist. I kept telling myself that these things would pass and everything would go back to normal someday.

One night after a few weeks without allowing myself to watch John in the bathroom I thought I might be over it, but when I heard the door close I suddenly had to watch. I went to the computer and started the viewer but was surprised to see my daughter instead of John. I didn’t expect this but I kept watching anyway. It had been a while since I had seen Janis without her clothes on and I was amazed to see that her pubic hair had filled in completely. The last time I saw her nude she was probably ten and just had some peach fuzz down there. Since then she has stayed private about her body as I would expect.

Well there she was and I wasn’t turning away, but was fascinated seeing her nude. She was listening to the radio while getting ready to shower. She started doing this nasty little dance with her hand circling just above her pubic hair while pointing at the mirror. I was kind of surprised by my little girl’s behavior but what was I going to do tell her to stop doing what I saw you doing while I was hoping to watch John jerk off.

I tried to think back to when I was twelve as I watched her but I couldn’t remember being that sexy. Her ass looked like that of a fifteen or sixteen year old and her breast were much larger than I expected with dark red crowns popping out on top.

Then she did something that I know I never did as a little girl, she stood in front of the toilet, feet apart, leaning back with her hips pushed forward and peed standing up like a guy would. Then she wiped with her hand and got in the shower. I had created a real situation here knowing things about my baby that I can not tell her how I know them. But really what bothered me most was that I was still fixed on the screen unable to tear myself away even after she went into the shower.

After Janis came out from behind the shower curtain I noticed right away she had no hair, I mean she had completely shaven her pussy. My head was spinning wondering why a twelve year old would do that.

You might think that any normal mother would have found a way to stop this behavior but I honestly didn’t know how, I had no idea what had gotten into me. After seeing Janis I became very interested in her friends and what stages of development they were at. I made sure that whenever she had friends over I recorded all their visits to the bathroom. I also encouraged showers during sleepovers.

I had been desperately trying not to spy on my son because I knew it could only lead to something worse and I was very afraid of what could happen to my life if I ended up acting out on my desires. I found myself touching him and holding him close hoping to feel his cock stiffen against my body.

Ok this is where things get really strange and I want you to know I am in no way proud of anything I have done and don’t suggest you do them either. I guess this is some how a cry out to someone who can understand the feelings I am experiencing.

My husband was away on business and I was sitting at the computer looking over some of the captured video of Janis and her friends. I was comparing the amount of hair, the size of their firm little tits and hoping to see one of them doing something nasty.

I knew someone was in the bathroom right now and I was hoping it was John. I couldn’t resist anymore. I opened the viewer and what I saw was beyond my ability to comprehend. There was John standing in front of Janis who was on her knees sucking his cock. The range of emotions I felt were off the scale at both ends.

I felt a rage and I was going to run in there and make them stop, what mother wouldn’t want to protect her baby from that? But at the same time I was excited to see someone doing what I had wanted to do since the first time I saw him stroking his long rod. I think I felt jealous in someway that it wasn’t me receiving his tool deep in my throat. What kind of a mother sits back and watches her little girl give her step brother head? I’ll tell you what kind, the messed up kind of mother I was becoming. I sat there and watched every moment and enjoyed it. I was so excited seeing his cock sliding deep in her stretched mouth. Each time he slid in, her cheeks puffed out as she almost gagged. As I watched him explode in her little mouth I could almost taste him, I so wished it was me receiving his hot cum.

My sweet little girl kneeled with cum dripping from her chin as she swallowed his load. I had to wonder how sweet she really was with her shaved cunt and her sexy little nude dances, maybe she had made this happen and not John. What was I to do now, I knew terrible things that I should not know, and my heart cried out for my babies innocents while my lust cried out for my stepson’s hot flesh.

For two days my lust smoldered as I picture the scene in the bathroom, but I still had no idea what I was going to do, what I wanted to do could ruin my life, what I should do would expose my perverted spying and doing nothing could cause me to go insane.

That Sunday morning after breakfast Janis left for her friend’s house and John was cleaning up the dishes and I was sitting at the table in just a robe. I wasn’t wearing anything under it, the whole morning while making and serving breakfast I was so excited knowing I was that close to being naked in front of John. One slip of the tie and he would see my D-cups or one wrong move and he would see my bush, I had to do something.

I moved behind my stepson and right as I got to him I opened my robe and pressed my flesh against his back and reached around to the front like I was helping with the dishes. He was pinned against the sink so he couldn’t turn around but he wasn’t trying to anyway he just said thanks for breakfast.

He must have some idea that my hard nipples sticking into his back are uncovered. I thought he must be wondering why I have him pinned; I wondered if he could smell my over heated pussy. I thought if I suddenly pulled away I could spin and close my rode and he would never know what had actually happened. But before I could come to my senses I noticed he was rubbing against the front edge of the sink. I didn’t know for sure but I thought he was humping the counter. I took a chance and reach down as I pulled him slightly back and placed my hand between him and the counter and pressed back against him. His cock was rock hard standing straight up. He continued to slowly rock and hump my hand.

I reached inside his boxer shorts and cupped his hot flesh stick as he continued to hump my hand. His steel cock felt so good on my flesh. I turned him around and pressed him close against my naked front while grabbing his ass with both hands. I worked my hands down the back of his shorts and slid my hands over his firm ass cheeks and up and down the crack of his ass. His young but felt so good in my hands.

John had reached around and was now holding my ass tight and pulling us together as he continued his humping motion now against my stomach. I pictured my daughter sucking him as I dropped to my knees, lowering his shorts as I went down. I had to bend his steel rod down towards my face to get it in my mouth. I tasted my boy’s hot flesh for the first time. Hum, it tasted good as it slid to the back of my mouth. I fondled his ass with one hand and cupped his young balls with the other as I sucked him in and out of my mouth. It was even better than I had imagined all those times I watched him beat off in the bathroom.

I wanted it to last but I also wanted his hot juice to fill my mouth as it had Janis’s so I sucked harder and faster as I played with his asshole. John’s frantic movements gave notice that he would soon give me what I needed. I sucked him all the way to the base and then drew him all the way out to the tip and then back. With a slight grunt and one last thrust forward my boy filled my mouth with his hot sperm. I came without even touching myself as he unloaded squirt after squirt inside my mouth.

I swallowed hard as I rose up to stand in front of him. John raised his hands up my stomach cupping a breast in each hand; he lifted them and moved them together. He moved in to suck them, but as he did I saw him for who he was, a young boy and my stepson. I moved back and motioned for him to stop, and then I told him I needed time, I was going to think and then we would talk.

I turned and walked to my room filled with lust, love and fear wondering what I had done and what I was going to do next. I cried while searching myself for answers but could not find any. Finally after what seemed like hours John knocked and came into my room. He sat on the edge of the bed with me and we talked about all the reason what I did was so wrong. John tried to convince me that it wasn’t so bad, that he enjoyed it and nobody ever had to know. He told me he had been having feeling for me for over a year and lately they were so strong.

After much talking I realized I could not reason with a young boy’s lust and I gave up but I made my stand that we couldn’t do that again and I was wrong. I changed the subject to his experience with sex and after a long talk out of the blue I asked him if he had ever had sex with Janis. I knew right away from the shocked look that he had, but I waited patiently for his answer. Finally he said he had, and started apologizing and tried to explain how sexy she acted around him and they couldn’t help it. John told me that they first did it after her eleventh birthday.

I told him that they shouldn’t do that anymore and that we would both have to keep these secrets. I was sure they wouldn’t stop but I couldn’t deal with that now I had just committed adultery with my husband’s son who was I to make them stop fucking his sister.

I spent the rest of the day in my room alone thinking about what had happened and thinking about how I could be around John and his father after what I did. I was glad he wasn’t coming back for a week which would give me time to adjust to the new life I had created.

Late that night as I went by Janis’s room I heard a noise that I knew could only be one thing. I eased the door open and saw Janis’s spread wide open with her legs in the air. John was on top fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched his young ass jack hammering my little girl’s body. Again I wished it was me and jealousy flared up, but I sat quietly watching their young lust acted out and listening to the sound of their sex. I could tell Janis was having orgasm after orgasm has John’s hard rod pounded into her. Finally he jerked and went completely stiff as he emptied his seed inside his step sister. His ass and leg muscles were hard and glistening with his sweat. I gently touched his ass wondering how good it would feel to have his young cock stiff and exploding inside my body.

He realized my hand was touching him so he turned and look at me. I had moved my hand to cup is his balls as they spit out the last of their juice. Janis’s eyes were big as saucers as she looked at me, expecting me to go ballistic. Instead I said young lady you know you are old enough to get pregnant don’t you? My hand still on John’s balls and my thumb pressing against his asshole, Janis couldn’t see my hand as she stammered, no mom I can’t I have the pill.

As I stood I said we’ll talk about this tomorrow and I winked at John as I walked away. I closed the door most of the way but listen outside the door as John encouraged her not to worry as he tried to get her to fuck more. I peeked in the door and Janis was now on top of John, he saw me in the door but she didn’t so I motioned to him to be quite and keep going.

I watched as his dick slid in and out of my girl, her firm round ass bouncing up and down on her lover. I quietly moved to the end of the bed so I could watch as John’s wet cock moved in and out of Janis. With her bald young vagina spread around his dick, John knew he was putting on a show for me so he was giving her his all.

John turned her over and started fucking her while she knelled which gave me a great look at his young balls swinging back and forth as he pumped her from behind. I wanted to lick his ass and hold his balls as he plowed her tiny hole but I knew she would not be able to handle that so I just enjoyed their sex. As he pumped another load inside my daughter I slipped out of the room and went to bed.

The next day I kept Janis home from schools so we could have the day to talk about what she had been doing and where and how she got birth-control. Finally late in the morning as we sat on her bed she started to open up to me. I wondered if she had told John that his father had been fucking her for three years and that’s why her pussy was so easy for him to penetrate that first time. My heart broke as she told me that he had put her on birth control right after she got her period so he could continue to cum inside her.

How could I not know this was going on I thought but then realized that I had been sucking his sons dick just yesterday and he would never know. I wanted to be mad but what a hypocrite that would make me. How could he fuck a nine year old, what kind of a man was I married to? Somehow it seemed worse than what I had done but then again I watched my step son fuck my daughter so what kind of woman was he married to.

Janis told me it was ok as tears ran down my face. She assured me it wasn’t that bad, that he was always very gentle with her and he loved her very much. She said he had not been with her recently and I should never say anything to him about it. I didn’t know for sure what I was going to do but I made sure she knew that I loved her and any time she wanted out of it she just had to tell me and I would leave him. She begged me not to let that happen because she was happy and that we need to just keep our secrets.

Later that day I moved the camera into her room so I could watch and see who was having sex with her. I made love to John that night and we are still lovers to this day. We all keep our secrets and everyone seems happy, but in the back of my mind I am scared that everything will blow up one day.

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