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Here first time
I was in my teens about to be in the 9th grade. I was always thinking about sex. I remember always jacking off every day at least three or four times a day. I had sex with girls before at my age and I could never could get enough of girls. Once I had sex with the girls they would sometimes talk about our sex session. the girls and their friends would normally laugh about how small I was. It didnt bother me, because it was true and they always seem to come back for more.

I would see guys in the showers and just the limp size of their dicks was greater than mine when hard. My guy friends would joke about it at times. That is something that guys do, joke about each others size. Well, it was the start of summer and my little sister had her friends come over all the time during the day. They were all had graduated to the 6th grader and always seemed to talk about guys or about cheerleading stuff. One of her friends caught my eye. She was really cute. I would see her looking at me whenever she came over to our house. I liked it too, so I would look back at her. One day my little sister asked if I could help her and her friends with some cheerleading stands. I had no clue what I was doing but I said sure. I was asked to stand as a base while some of the girls used me as a stand or support.

Watching these girls wear their little short shorts was getting be hard. My little sisters friend angie, the cute which always seemed to be looked at me. she was the smallest of the bunch. She was very petite and was about 4'5" of 4'6" tall, but she was quit curvy for her age and height. Her tight shorts showed off her nice round but very curvy butt. Her tied up shirt showed her maybe full b-cup breast. I am 5'5 and looked tall next to her. Well, as they were getting into formation, I was told to pick up angie and hold her up with one hand over my head. I was told how to do this and we tried the move a few times. I just kept thinking about her nice little ass and how it felt in my palm. So we did this stands for a while each time I would rub my thumb on her pussy area. She would never say anything. When we would stop, she would just look at me and smile. That day I ended up joking around with the girls. We all joked together and played around with one another jokingly. We were all wrestling and the more we wrestled the more it was harder for me to keep myself from getting a boner. Then angie ended up on my lap. With her moving her butt the way she was, I ended up getting a very hard boner and I could not hide it through my cotton shorts.

My boner was now positioned in front of her private area and between her legs. I saw her look down and stair abit a it and then grabed it like she didnt know what it was. She grabed it hard then pulled. I think that is when she knew what it was. She just closed her legs and looked back at me and smiled. She leaned forward to play a board game with her friends when one of them pulled out a board game to play. She just sat their with my boner between her legs. That night we were all watching tv and they all fell asleep by the tv. I went to my room to jerk off. I was laying in my bed jerking off when angie came into my room. I was startled when she came in. She asked what I was doing and I just told her that I had to jerk off because of her. She asked what I ment by that so I asked her to come into the bed with me so that I could show her. The lights were out so I dont think she knew that I was naked. When she got close to me I grabed her hand and had her tough my boner. I told her this is what was between her legs earlier. She just commented on how hard it was and how big it felt. I told her that I normally pull up and down on my dick to make it cum. She did not know what that ment or why I was doing that. I told her that it makes a guy feel really good and when a guy cums it is because they are having a orgasm. I told her that girls have them too but that a guy has to be in them for that to happen. We talked about it for a bit and I told her that I would like to try it with her. She was nervous but said ok. I told her that it might hurt since it is her first time. She said that she did not know if my boner was going to fit in her because it was too big she thought. I told her that she would be ok and that I am smaller than what she thinks and that it would be better for her to have me as her first than some guy with a huge dick that would really hurt her. So I got on top of her and we just played around with one another. I showed her how to kiss and I would just rub my boner around her opening. After some time I had a lot of pre-cum built up around her opening. I told her that I was going to push in her. She said ok. I pushed a bit and she said that it was starting to hurt. I had my boner about half way in her when she told me to hold on because it was hurting her. I had never felt anything so tight before. I usually felt nothing when I slept with other girls and this was so different. I actually felt her inside walls and everything. I just moved slowly in and out of her. I told her that she did not have much more to take maybe an inch or so, so she said ok. I shoved all that I could into her and she just made a low but hurtful moan. I told her that it was it and that I was all in her. She just said ok and that for me to go easy. I just moved in and out of her very carefully, but I could not control myself. As I went back in her all the way I had to cum and I did in her. She asked me what happened because she felt very wet down there and I told her that I had cum in her and that was the liquid that comes out of a boys boner. She asked if it felt good and I said yes. She asked if she did good and I told her that she was my best ever. She just smiled and said that it did hurt her a bit but that she was ok. I told her that it hurts every girl the first time, but it gets better each time girls do it. I told her that she might want to go into the bathroom to see if she bled any, so we both went. Funny thing was that she didnt bleed at all. I told her that I would like to do it again with her if she wanted to and she said yes. At that time we heard someone moving around so I went back to my room and she stayed in the bathroom. about 20 mins. or so had pass when angie came back to my room. she asked if i was awake and i said yes. i told her that i could not sleep because i was thinking of her and she said that it was the same for her. i asked her if i could sleep with her again because she felt so good and she said yes. i had to take it slow because it still hurt her having my dick in her. i lasted about 5 mins. before i came in her again. she asked if she could get pregnant and i told her no, unless she had started her period and she said no. we talked for a little bit longer and i got hard again. i just rolled on top of her and rubbed my precum around her pussy. when it was lubed enough i fucked her tight little pussy again. i told her how good she felt and how i was going to want to have her as my gf. she was in pain due to being sore but i kept fucking her until i came in her a third time. i rolled off of her and we laid there on my bed. she asked me if i ment what i said and i told her yes, but that no one could know because of our age differences. i told her that it would be best so that she could stay the night at our house to visit my sister and me at night.

That summer we had a lot of fun with one another. Once she got use to having my dick in her tight little pussy, she allowed me to try other things with her. at the end of the summer, she had her first 7 inch dick. one day we were at my house and my little sister was not home, so angie came over and hung out with me and my friend. angie and i ended up fucking and i told her that i wanted her to try my friend dick size and see what she thought of his dick. she didnt say anything, i called my friend to the room and as she looked at me my friend took off his clothes and got on top of her. it was easy for his dick to go into her pussy because of my cum that was in her. when he stuck his dick in her she just looked at me and opened her mouth really wide but no sound came out of her mouth. she made a face as if to cry but she didnt.

my friend lasted about 4 mins it seemed. as he got off of her and grabbed his clothes he said "she is really tight". he left the room and i asked angie if she was ok. she said "i didnt thing it was going to hurt like it did" i asked her why she thought that and she said "because we have been having sex". i asked how it felt and she replied "it went far in me" how was that i asked her she said "it kind of took the air out of me". i told her that it will hurt because other guys are much bigger than me. she told me "your dick is big, to me". i tolder her that she might want to get use to bigger dicks, because that is what she will be experiencing. she asked why and i told her that it is better to experience bigger sizes so that she could enjoy it better. i told her that i wanted her to be better experience so that she wouldnt be curious down the road like most girls are who have only been with one boy and then want to try someone esle to see how it is with them. she said that she didnt know because then i wouldnt want to be with her. i told her that i want her to try other dick sizes so she could get use to the big sizes and enjoy sex better with me. she said ok but didnt know how she would find guys with big dick. i told her that i would have my friends with bigger dicks sleep with her since they were older and had much bigger dicks than guys her age. she just looked at me with a confusing look on her face.

i asked her if i could have my friend sleep with her again and she just shrugged her shoulders. i called my friend back into the room and he ended up fucking her again. after he finished, i took off my clothes and started to fucking angie. i could feel her pussy was a little looser from my friends dick. i told angie that i could feel her pussy was a little bit looser from my friend fucking her. she asked if that was ok and i told her yes, that i wanted her pussy to be really loose because that was the way i liked it. she asked how does she get it like that and i told her by fucking more and fucking bigger dicks. she just looked at me as if she was thinking to herself. while she looked at me, i came in her again.

by the time she was in the middle of her 6th grade year, she was use to fucking thin and thick 6 to 8 inch dicks. i miss those days.


2009-05-10 20:02:44
i will be kind and not it shit. but it is crap.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-10 16:46:22
Give me a break! What a lousy story! The grammar is a total desaster and I feel sorry for any girl who has to endure such a first time sexual experience!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-10 11:03:40
Turned me on m8 :)

Sexy, keep writing write a sequel!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-10 10:59:21
Turned me on m8 :)

Sexy, keep writing write a sequel!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-10 10:47:01
total unreadable bullshit!

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