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too big for her
i have dated some girls that said nothing about my size, but it is just a turn on to me to see things or hear things from a girls point of view. i remember times when i had young girls for sex partners, they are so curious about things and sometimes easy to talk into doing things. i had young girls sleep with me and had talk them into sleeping with some friends. In high school one of my friends was considered big in dick size (9 inch dick) when we were seniors in high school. seeing the little girls try to take something that big was very hot! some couldnt, some did, and some just cried, but got use to it after some time of sleeping together.

it was the beginning of my sophmore year in college when i met this girl who i thought was in high school but later found out that she was only in 7th grade. she was very sexy looking for her age. you would have not known that she was her age with the body she had. she was 5' dirty blonde hair full c-cup tits and nice tight round ass. i went to a jr. college that was in a small town and she would tell her mom that she was staying over at her friends house but stayed with me in my dorm room. we would fuck all night sometimes. my room mate was always at his gf place so i took advantage of that. when he was there, we would just hang out with him. we never did tell him how old she was and he never asked, he just thought that she was one of the local high school girls that would come into our campus looking for some fun. i was her first and i was the only dick that she had seen that was an adult. i would show her porn magazines and point out guys dicks to her and ask her if she would like to have a dick that size in her. she was in total shock when she saw these guys dick sizes. i really got off on how she would take the magazine from me and look at these guys dicks. i would point and ask her "how about this one or how about that one". i loved her replies, "do guys dicks really get this big," " there is no way something like that would fit in me"," that is too big for me"," i am not wide enough for that to fit"," that is way too long". i just ate up all of her comments and would eventually have great sex afterwords. we talked about sex and what she thought about my room mate. my room mate names was chris and he was in both in football and basketball team. he was black but light for his color. he was tall about 6'7 and he had a big dick. of course when your room mates you see things and joke around about things. his dick was as big as some of my friends dicks that i had seen hard when fucking some girls that we had threesomes with. his dick limp was about 7 or 8 inches and as thick as most guys dicks that i had seen to this point. chris and i talked about my gf and how she wanted to have sex with him. i told him to do something next time she was in our room, so that she would see his dick, because she really wanted to see it but was shy about it. so one day he came in in a hurry and took off his pants and boxers. she just remained focused on his dick as it flapped down his leg. he gathered some shorts and boxers on and walked right out the door. she looked at me and told me that he was huge. i asked her if she would fuck him and she just said that there was no way that his dick would fit in her. we ended up fucking and i asked her to imagine what it would be like to have chris's dick in her. she didnt think it would fit in her because she was too small for him.

one night chris and i drank while my gf and us joked around. he pretended to go to sleep bc he was so drunk that after i had finished fucking her i talked her into going over to his bed and sleeping with him. i told her that he was so drunk that he would think that he was fucking his gf. she eventually did lay in his bed and with my help he soon got on top of her. i still had her hand in mine when he entered her. she squeezed my hand very hard. i got so hard! she said immediately, "shit, hes big". she let go of my hand and had both hands on his waist trying to keep him from going all the way in her. she said that it hurt, she could not take it all and that it was really tearing her apart. i can only imagine how tight she felt to chris. it was not long that he showed signs of coming close to cumming. i came quick in my hand from just watching and hearing my gf's moans. when he did cum, he came in her and my gf made a little sound. she said that she felt his cum shoot into her. he just layed on her for sometime. i asked her if she was ok and she said that chris was really big. i told her that he should be limp by now, but she just said that she still felt him up in her and that she she still felt completely full. i rolled chris over and his dick just slid out of her pussy. she got off the bed and cleaned herself off and layed down with me. i was horny that i fucked her. Julies pussy felt different and i enjoyed the feeling. i asked her if she could feel me and she said no that she could still feel his dick and as she said that, i came in her. i enjoyed how her pussy felt after being opened by a massive dick like chris's. i fucked julie a few more times that night.

julie and i continued our relationship for sometime. sometimes when chris was around, i would have her fuck chris. chris never could last long when fucking julie because of her tight pussy. i just continued to enjoy her loose pussy after she fucked chris's dick. This became a regular thing for us. chris had his huge dick in her many times and she loved it. she never took all of his length, he had about another 2 or 3 inches of hard dick left to give to her but she just couldnt take all of his dick.

julie and i had lots of fun hanging out with a couple of my friends, but that is another story.

i really do miss those days!

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2010-12-05 12:29:57
your vocabulary sucks!!! Your writing ability is that of a 5th grader! And there isnt a college in the world that you could have been a sophmore at. My guess is that you are about 13 yrs old and shouldn't be on this site to begin with! If im wrong and you really are older your inteligence is that of a trailer park drug addict!!!

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2009-06-02 11:47:59
That was a great story. Lucky Chris and lucky Julie. You are a very erotic man. Keep writing. You have great tales to tell.


2009-05-10 20:05:13

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2009-05-10 10:49:49

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