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A little extortion can get you a little torture in exchange.
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Babysitter Blackmail

God she was ever cute. At fourteen Lindsay was probably the sexiest babysitter that my wife had ever hired. She was not skinny at all, in fact she was extremely well built with breasts, butt, and a waistline too. She was about five foot six inches and about a hundred and five pounds. Her curly brown hair framed her face and concealed her breasts when her hair was in the front. She dressed conservatively too with just a little belly showing in the front. However, when she bent down to pick up the kids she showed a rather nice butt crack with a glimpse of her pink panties.

After my wife had given Lindsay the third degree about how to get in touch with us, how to contact nine-one-one, and what time to put them to bed we left.

It was our first time out in a month. My wife loves being a mother and doesn’t trust anyone to do as good a job as her. Lindsay was not her first choice and not even her second choice, Lindsay was her last choice in fact. Not that we had heard anything bad about her but that we hadn’t had anyone recommend her to us. Word of mouth is the best. If someone else tells you that the girl is great you tend to believe it more. In this case Lindsay was the only one that said yes to a Saturday night even though she lived clear across town. Her father dropped her off but I would have to drive her home afterwards.

We enjoyed our dinner and the movie. My wife only checked on Lindsay once after dinner and she couldn’t hear the kids crying, so everything must have been okay.

We got home at a reasonable hour and my wife once again quizzed Lindsay on the kids behavior, any problems, what they ate, and when they went to bed. Then it was my turn to drive Lindsay home.

On the way to her house Lindsay told me that I owed her a hundred dollars. I about died. She was serious but said that it included fucking her too. What! She was sincere. I told her that I wasn’t about fuck a minor and take a chance on going to jail or loosing my wife. Lindsay said that it didn’t matter to her if I fucked her or not, that I still owed her a hundred dollars. I again said no. That was when Lindsay pushed her pants and panties to the floor and started masturbating and rubbing her pussy on my car seat. She took a small bottle out of her pocket and sprayed my neck with it along with the back of my car seat and the rear seat as well. The little bitch was setting me up. When I dropped Lindsay off at her house I gave her fifty dollars and told her that we would not be needing her services ever again.

When I got home my wife was furious. Lindsay had called her and had told her that I had tried to rape her, that I had her pants and panties to her ankles in the front seat, and that I had then forced her into the backseat where I tried to put my cock in her poor little virgin pussy.

I just smiled and handed my wife my small tape recorder. I always carry it to make notes to myself. My wife listened to the entire twenty minute conversation. Then she got even more furious.

All week a plan had been formulating in my wife’s mind. On Saturday she had me park my car around the block and walk back home. Later Lindsay arrived, her father had dropped her off, and then he left. Lindsay rang our doorbell and was greeted by my wife. She invited her in and led her to our bedroom. Then all hell cut loose.

My wife pushed Lindsay back onto our bed and attached some wrist restraints to her that were already attached to the bedposts. Then a ball gag was shoved into her mouth and the strap tightened behind her head.

My wife was sitting on Lindsay’s bare belly as she said, “You fucking little bitch. You tried to blackmail my husband and then you had the fucking nerve to call me to stir the pot. I should beat you senseless and then sell you to some pimp to whore out for a few years.” My wife opened up Lindsay’s blouse and unhooked her cute sexy front clasp bra exposing her tiny nipples.

I had been watching from the chair that we keep in the corner. I had been ordered to sit there and to keep my mouth shut.

I then watched as my wife sucked on one of Lindsay’s nipples. It got hard and it got wet. Wet was the magic word in this care. The saliva was needed as the conductor when my wife touched a nine-volt battery to her breast just under her nipple. Lindsay jumped her ass and my wife off the bed as the jolt tortured her sensitive nipple. My wife then leaned down and sucked on the other nipple causing Lindsay to shake so that my wife couldn’t get a hold of it. That didn’t stop my wife and she still sucked it, left it wet, and zapped the young teenage blackmailer causing her to jump with a convulsion.

Then my wife worked her way down to Lindsay’s knees so that she could work on her tight jeans and her purple panties. My wife worked them down and then all the way off from her feet along with her shoes. The girl was now nude from the bottom down and just lying on her open blouse and bra. She was still unable to speak.

My wife straddled Lindsay’s chest and put her pussy in Lindsay’s face and then she grabbed Lindsay’s feet and pulled them back hard opening her up fully. The next thing that happened was my wife leaning into Lindsay’s pussy and then the nine-volt battery being shoved in there and Lindsay going absolutely berserk. My wife didn’t stop at just one touch either.

Finally my wife got off from Lindsay and released her from the ball gag. Lindsay immediately apologized for the trouble that she had caused and promised to never do it again. That was not enough for my wife. She leaned down and whispered into the girl’s ear.

Then Lindsay said, “Please let your husband fuck me. Please! I want to feel his cock in me, I want him to fill me with cum, and want him to do it every Saturday from now on.”

My wife looked over at me and said, “Go ahead Honey I think she really means it this time.”

I undressed and revealed my hard cock. It was just your average cock but I certainly knew how to use it. On many occasions I had driven my wife up the wall. On two of those occasions I had impregnated her. At twenty-six she was not even close to her sexual prime. I at twenty-eight was trying to improve my technique constantly. I read a lot of sex manuals, dirty stories, and looked at various web sites just to educate myself in new ways to rock my wife’s world in bed. If I must say so myself I was doing a pretty good job of it.

I looked at Lindsay lying there on our bed as I had seen my wife do on many a night. However her arms were secured and she still had her blouse and bra on her shoulders. I asked my wife to release her. Again a few whispered words in her ear and a few “yes” in return from Lindsay got her hands free. Lindsay then stood up and removed her blouse and bra. She walked over to me, knelt down in front of me, and kissed the head of my penis.

Lindsay then looked straight up at me and asked, “Please fuck me. I can hardly wait to have you put your beautiful cock in my cunt and fuck me silly. Please come over to the bed with me.” She stood up, looked at my wife, and took my hand in hers as she walked me over to my bed. Lindsay asked, “May I please be on top. I am sure that I can make you feel very good.” I smiled, looked at my wife, and then nodded my head.

Lindsay then sucked on my cock lubricating it with her saliva before climbing up on the bed, standing directly over my crotch, and then lowering herself down onto it using her hands to hold it at the right angle. I must say that she certainly was wet as she slipped right down on my cock easily. That battery treatment must have lubricated her pretty well, that or she really was excited. I had never had my cock in a hole that tight in my live.

I looked up at her breasts and asked Lindsay her bra size, she replied that it was a 32-B. I asked when she had lost her virginity and she replied that it had happened on her thirteenth birthday. I asked who it had been and she replied that it had been her father and that he had raped her with her mother’s help. I asked how many cocks had been inside her and she replied just two, her father and now me. I asked how many times he had fucked her and she said about seventy-five times, once a week, but that she no longer fought him off. In fact he had fucked her before he would give her a ride over to us. That could explain why her pussy was so wet.

I reached up and cupped her small breasts as she bounced up and down on me. I wasn’t about to tell her that it can take forever for me to cum with my wife on top. Then I looked over at my wife and just smiled. Poor Lindsay had been setup. She was going to have to work her ass off for a good hour, maybe less with the tightness in her pussy and the friction that I was feeling. It normally took my wife an hour because her pussy had been stretched out twice during childbirth.

I did enjoy Lindsay for thirty some minutes though before she made me cum. She was exhausted, her knees were shaking, and she could no longer keep herself upright. Lindsay collapsed on my chest.

My wife rolled her off from me, got between her legs, and then touched that nine-volt battery to her clit. That poor girl didn’t know what hit her. She jerked, she convulsed, and she sat bolt upright. My wife told her that she was next and got in a position like mine next to me. She lifted her legs straight up into the air and then opened them up wide like she had done for me on many occasions. Lindsay put her face in my wife’s crotch and started licking. She must have been good at it because she got my wife off quicker than I generally do. My wife wasn’t about to let her stop there though. After three more pretty good orgasms my wife let Lindsay up.

We then went into the bathroom where my wife gave Lindsay two enemas followed by two douches followed by the three of us taking a shower together. She wasn’t about to leave any DNA to be found incase Lindsay decided to call the police. Then she helped Lindsay dry her hair and comb it like it had been when she first arrived. Lindsay, my wife, and I got dressed. Then my wife told Lindsay that she had to baby sit for us every Saturday from then on. Lindsay said okay and was handed twenty dollars to show her father that she had gotten paid for her services. My wife drove Lindsay home while I went to pick up our kids at her mother’s house.

Later when we got together at home my wife told me that Lindsay had sucked on her nipples for the entire trip to her house and that she was horny. We put the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves. I watched as my wife sucked on her own nipples and touched a nine-volt battery to each nipple at the same time. Then held both batteries in the same hand she touched them to her own clit. After that I got to fuck her until I cum. It was one of our best, that was for sure. I couldn’t help but wonder if we had just created our third child. Only time would tell.

The End
Babysitter Blackmail
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