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My first wife and my wife today
The Way It Began

Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to be a cuckold, I really do. I don’t even like that word…I don’t like it at all. But, I’ll share this story with you and then you can decide, OK? First, you must understand, this isn’t a story. It’s the truth, every word of it. If I have omitted something, anything, the reader would like to question me about, please feel free to contact me.

I grew up in a middle class environment. My folks were separated for four years when I was in elementary school and junior high school. I don’t know if that had any thing to do with my psychological development, but I doubt it. I did have a good friend who was a bad influence on me in high school named John Loudermilk. I guess he was a bad influence, but we sure had a lot of fun together. We shared everything, motorcycles, cars and girlfriends. If I went with a girl and we became serious and I fucked her, John would eventually end up fucking her, too. After high school we shared an apartment in college and we continued to share the girls we dated and our girlfriends, at least I shared mine with John. I have a good build and I’ve always worked out with weights, run and been committed myself to strenuous physical exercise. I’ve developed a body that reflects my commitment. I have a seven-inch cock and many girls including my second wife think it’s perfect. At least, she used to feel that way. I haven’t heard her say that in a long time, however. I do know a lot of guys think my penis is beautiful, some guys have even told me they think it’s nice. Now, John’s penis has always been bigger than mine. It’s about eight and a half inches long and it is heavily veined. The head of his penis is more rounded or bulbous than mine. I mean, it’s flared on the sides if that makes any sense, I know that sounds silly, but it’s much thicker than mine, almost as big around as a coke bottle.

I joined the army when I was twenty-two, but I’d developed a duodenal peptic ulcer and I was discharged early. When I was separated from the service with an honorable discharge and the Good Conduct Award along with my Jump Wings, I moved back in with my parents. I went to work for my father who was an executive with a large construction company in Dallas. I’d worked for him in the summers and at Christmas since I was in junior high school to keep in shape for football. The money that I made was good, too, and I saved enough for my first car in one summer. Anyway, I took up running around with John as I always had. I liked John and we were old drinking buddies, but he wasn’t as committed to a lot of things that I was. Not that I was what you would refer to as ‘mature’ at the time. Sometimes, I think mature is a word that can be defined in a number of different ways. John and I went to clubs and bars and chased different girls and we basically hung out together again.

We met two girls from Oklahoma that lived in an apartment near SMU and before long I was fucking one of them. One night I took her over to my parent’s house. My mother wasn’t home and my father was drunk. He was upstairs and he wasn’t going to come downstairs so we were making out on the sofa downstairs. My father had a drinking problem, but that was like two or three times a year. When he drank, he really drank so I guess you would refer to him as a periodical alcoholic. Anyway, I was making out with this girl on the sofa and we were both naked and I would rub my penis against her clit and her labia before I’d slide into her steaming vagina. We were kissing very passionately and she was talking to me very sexily and it was getting to me. She was telling me, “Please don’t make me pregnant, don’t give me a baby”, and stuff like that. I wanted to fill her pussy with my semen so badly. Anyway, I fucked her several times. Sure enough, after we stopped dating John spent the night with and her, too. Later, he told me she said she liked his dick a lot better than mine because it was so much bigger.

I worked for my father about a year before I met a girl named Linda who was four years younger than me. I thought I was in love with her and she was in love with me and I fucked her the first time that I took her out. To make a long story short, we eloped. She was hot, a brunette with blue eyes and a very nice body, you basic brick shithouse type of body and a homecoming queen. Well, old habits apparently don’t die easily and we were married less than two months before John was fucking her, too. I wasn’t jealous and Linda seemed to like it a lot since she’d never had sex with another man besides me.

It really turned me on the first time that I watched John on top of my young bride. I was watching from behind them and John was between Linda’s widely stretched thighs, which allowed him complete access to use her as he wished. My young wife’s pussy was stretched wider than I’d ever seen it, as she lay impaled upon John’s huge cock. She was moaning incoherently as she creamed on his demanding penis. Her right arm was under her head, but her left arm was around John. Her head was under her arm against the bed, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and John’s huge penis was only half way inside of her. He made her climax in ways I’d never been able to. Later, when it was my turn to fuck my wife, my penis felt fantastic inside her sloppy vagina full of John’s thick semen. I was hooked and I guess Linda was too. I didn’t have a choice! I had a virtually irresistible desire to share my sweet young wife with other men. Linda had a beautiful face and a sensuous smile and she had large breasts with beige, silver dollar sized aureoles. She had a trim waist and a bubble butt with legs that were designed to wrap around a man’s ass when she was being fucked.

John enjoyed sex with my wife on a number of occasions and I was becoming addicted to watching her body tremble and undulate under him before she dug her heels into his ass and her ass and pussy began clenching and unclenching, uncontrollably. I asked her all sorts of questions about her sexual experiences before we were married. I even asked her if she’d like to be with any of the guys she’d ever dated, ‘one more time’ if I let her. When she was just nineteen years old she worked at the telephone company. I began to ask her if there were any good-looking guys that she liked in her office? She told me about one guy who was always making comments about her and teasing her about the size of her breasts. After talking with her about him, I realized that she thought he was hot. On several occasions a good- looking bachelor in her office who was her boss fucked her, too. Several years later I went to work for a large insurance company in sales. When I became an insurance salesman all the guys in my unit chased pussy and I set her up with every guy in my sales group. I’d take them out together and drive while they sat in the back seat made out. I watched her bounce around the back seat while different guys finger fucked her as I drove them to different nightclubs or strip clubs and then I’d take them back to our house and I’d leave. They’d sit on the sofa and make out until they become so turned on and then my wife would lead them to our bedroom where they took the rest of their clothes off and got into bed and made love. Some of the guys were real studs and fucked her all night long. I watched my inexperienced young bride become excited as she yielded to different guy’s desires until she knew more about sex than I did. It made me tingle as I listened to her moan, cry and beg these guys, “To fuck her harder,” as she squirmed underneath them and climaxed on their demanding dicks while I jacked off outside.

We were married for ten years before she had an affair with her boss. We decided to get a divorce and we went our separate ways. I didn’t feel our personal relationship or sexual activities was a contributing factor to our marital break up. I lived in a swinging singles apartment for a year before I met a sweet girl who’d graduated from college two years earlier. Her name was Janet and she was and is a fantastic woman. She is beautiful and while she does not have as large a bra size as my first wife, her 34C cups are all that I need. As a matter of fact, her vitals are 34C/23/36 and she, too, is a brunet. She’s five feet seven inches tall, as well with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. I made a resolution not to indulge my sexual predilections with Janet, but almost as soon as we married I began telling her how exciting it would be for me to watch her having sex with another man. Of course, she refused and told me to forget it, but I continued to coax and encourage her.

I bought her a lot of sexy clothes and club wear. I think I picked up every color of Revlon lipstick I could find for her along with different colors of blush, eye shadow, mascara, glitter and every sexy fragrance that I liked. I also began bringing home all kinds of pornographic movies; guys with huge dicks fucking young girls in every conceivable manner, black guys with white girls, and girls with other girls, etc. Last, but not least, I bought my wife a magic wand and an assortment of vibrators. I’d pretend to leave the house but I would really hide outside and masturbate while I watched my wife masturbate and watch the movies that I’d brought home. Later, I’d come inside and fuck her.

We began to go to swinging singles clubs because they had the best music. They had drinks and dancing and Janet wanted me to dance with her because she loved to dance. She was a dancing fool, but I’d never learned how to dance and I felt totally stupid. In truth, I looked totally stupid, too. One evening I suggested she find a guy to dance with. Guys did ask her to dance when I was not sitting beside her. Some guy asked her to dance when I went to the rest room and when I returned I watched them dancing. I felt strange and looked down to see my painfully penis erect inside my slacks. On the way home, I told Janet how much it had turned me on watching her dancing with other men. She admitted that she’d enjoyed it too and replied, “She had not realized how much she’d missed being with other men.”

We began going to meat market clubs where there were a lot of guys looking for hot women. Janet began wearing her makeup a little heavier and wearing some of the skimpy club wear that I’d purchased for her. She even suggested that I drop her off at the door to a club and then go park our car because she’d noticed that guys didn’t hit on her as much if they had seen her walk in with me. I suggested that I give her an hour and a half before I walked up to her and she readily agreed. Soon, Janet was dancing with lots of different guys who were trying to pick her up. They’d buy her drinks and invite her to their tables and they poured on the charm. Of course, some of them danced close to her as their hands wandered over her body. At first, she tried to stop them, but she couldn’t stop all of them and then I realized that she enjoyed them teasing her. She began to go with the flow and when she didn’t see me around or knew I’d gone to the men’s rest room she began rubbing against them suggestively and her hands brushed against their swollen dicks.

One evening she was dancing with some guy and they were in a corner to a slow song when I saw her lips find his and her tongue slipped into his mouth. Their kisses last a long time and when we finally hooked up, her lipstick was smeared and she was breathing heavily. I commented how turned on that made me and she responded, “That makes two of us.” I told her I’d like to see more of that and soon she was making out with different guys that she danced with. I constantly encouraged her to do more and to explore her sexuality. Then, one night she was leaving the dance floor and she walked by a good-looking black man who was wearing a white turtle necked sweater. As she walked by his table, he took her arm and led her back on the dance floor. They danced for forty-five minutes and I couldn’t help but see her hand between his legs, She was playing with his dick! He went to the bathroom and Janet came up to me and said that she’d invited Kevin, the black stud she’d been dancing with to come home with us. And, this is how my sweet Janet began to explore her sexuality.

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2014-11-27 04:48:44
Dude you are a punk, first to let someone fuck your wife and u watch. This guy supposed to be a friend and he is fucking every girl you fuck and then they tell you he is better. You are what is know as a bitch in that friend ship. You need to let him fuck another girl of yours and while he is doing her stoop him in the nuts. Then say your friendship is over and become a real man.

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2011-03-17 21:50:40
"The rules for a good story is that it must be believable... What genre of imaginative creative writing did that hit and run asshole come from? Its not determined that erotic, adult stories are a genre to begin with. Consider voice, persona, irony, point of view, etc. Next consider why the story is written; is a story really false if seventy-five percent of the story is true with only a slight exageration? Is the story written for journalistic purposes? For example, consider Heminway... "The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade, outside the building. It was very hot and the express from Bacelona would come in forty-five minutes. It stopped at this junction for two minutes and then went on to Madrid. "What should we drink?" the girl asked. She had taken off her hat and put it on the table. "It's pretty hot," the man said. "Let's drink beer." "Dos cervezas," the man said into the curtain. That's writing and the above asshoie is still an asshole.

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2011-02-14 19:01:24
Your 'TRUE' stories are bullshit. Your buddy had 8 1/2'' in this story and 10'' in your most recent, when he fucked your 'wife'. Go fuck yourself. If you're going to write a 'true' story, keep your lies straight. As soon as I hit that lie, I stopped reading the story, gave you a negative vote and wrote this. The RULE for a good story is that it MUST BE BELIEVABLE. Yours aren't.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-29 11:49:28
Enjoyed this story alot. It was like the guy didn't want to become a cuckold but he couldn't help it.


2010-06-29 17:24:48
I did the same thing with my wife and we loved it.

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