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Homer Simpson was watching a movie when he became aware that marge was taking a long time talking to lisa. He got up and went to lisa’s room. The door was ajar but rather than barge right in he pocked his head in and listened first. A long low moan was the first thing homer heard. Homer recognized the sound immediately.

It was the sound his loving wife marge made when she was particularly aroused.

Homer peeked inside and the sight he saw made his cock jerk in his pants. His wife marge and daughter lisa were naked and lisa was licking marge’s cunt like a little demon.

Homer stared at lisa’s naked body and dropped a hand to his bulging cock watching the way she tongued marge’s over-ripe pussy.

When marge came he watched them kiss and hug tenderly. Homer’s cock was hard as a rock just looking at lisa’s juicy slit and he began to jerk off.

Marge didn’t know it but one of homer’s favourite fantasies was about fucking lisa. For some time now he’d been noticing how lisa was developing into a hot little piece of ass. Sometimes while he was fucking marge he had visions of lisa’s long skinny legs wrapped around him as he pumped her tight little virgin cunthole… now it seemed like he would have his chance.

With a lewd smile homer opened the door and went in .

Marge and lisa where on the bed and where too engrossed in each other to notice homer until he sat down on the bed beside them .

Lisa sat up her pretty face covered with marge’s juices but marge wasn’t worried in the slightest. She had seen the smile on homer’s face and knew what it meant. Homer was the first to speak.

“Don’t worry lisa I’m not mad at you” he said reassuringly.

Lisa stared at the bulge in homer’s pants. Her mother noticed it too.

“Have you been spying on us homer” marge asked her husband with a cheeky smile.

“Yep and not a bad show either” grinned homer slipping a hand up between marge’s open thighs. He began to finger her cunt.

“You want us both don’t you homer” lisa heard marge whisper.

“Ohhh, Yes” replied homer. He noticed a look of uncertainty on lisa’s face then added ” But er… only if lisa wants to that is.”

Lisa smiled at that.

She loved homer and the sight of his big thick cock had plagued her thoughts ever since she first saw it. If marge and homer wanted her to play their sexual games then lisa was only too happy to join in. She nodded her head in agreement unable to take her eyes off homer’s naked cock. Up close it looked incredibly massive to lisa.

Homer saw lisa staring at his prick and he fisted it in his hand tugging on the massive erection. marge giggled.

“Remember you asked me this morning about the size of homer’s prick lisa”

Lisa nodded.

“Well Now that you can see for yourself, what do you think”

“Jesus it’s massive” blurted lisa.

Homer and marge laughed.

“Not too big I hope!” grinned homer eyeing lisa’s pouting little slit.

Marge took homer’s hand and placed it on lisa’s cunt. Homer’s fingers slid inside her cunt easyile.

“Ah-h-h-h-h…Ohhhhhhhh Daddy!” lisa sighed cupping homer’s hand over her tight little cunt.

Lisa’s hips rocked against homer’s hand urging him wordlessly to fuck her with his fingers. Her eyes closed and their lips parted in a long sigh of pleasure.

“She’s tight isn’t she homer” marge asked softly fisting homer’s throbbing erection.

“God yes” moaned homer. “Tight, and hot!”

Homer felt lisa’s tight little cunt clamp securely around his middle finger she was like a vice. Homer’s fingertip pressed against lisa’s hymen and tentatively he probed further. The elastic little membrane gave a little causing lisa to moan but homer wasn’t sure if it was a groan of pleasure or a groan of pain. Lisa’s maidenhead felt intact which swelled homer’s heart with pride. His little lisa still had her virginity… and she was going to give it to him.

Without a word marge slid down between homer’s legs and took his massive rigid cock into her mouth. Marge sucked on him lovingly moving up and down the shaft with quick movements. Her mouth watered and her saliva coated his cock making it glisten wetly.

Lisa watched fascinated at the way marge could take so much of homer’s massive organ into her mouth.

Homer’s fingers in her pussy were exciting her intensely. Lisa lifted her mouth to homer’s and kissed him swirling her tongue around his as she had done with her mother. It felt good homer was a good kisser she had decided.

Lisa loved the way homer’s tongue pushed past her teeth and slid into her mouth writhing against her own as their lips mashed together sensuously. Lisa sent her tongue halfway down homer’s throat thrilled at the reaction it caused in him.

Homer pulled lisa against him crushing her hard little titties against his chest his fingers rubbing frantically in lisa’s flooded cunt.

She felt her nipples pressing into homer’s naked flesh the pressure exciting them both. Homer and lisa mouth-fucked each other with their tongues while their bodies blazed with fiery passions.

At the same time Homer’s hips rocked up to cram his cock into marge’s mouth. Marge was making loud slurping noises as she sucked homer expertly squeezing his huge balls just the way she knew he liked.

Homer squeezed lisa’s tits and she began panting looming closer to orgasm with each jab of homer’s fingers into her cunt. Homer wasn’t penetrating her deeply but the insistent pressure on lisa’s little clit was sending her over the edge rapidly. Within seconds lisa came her tiny cunt juicing around homer’s finger her little hips bucking and jerking like crazy.

Homer couldn’t hold on either. Marge’s expert mouth had homer nearing climax within seconds he felt the thick jism rising from his balls. Marge’s hot mouth slid down homer’s cock making sloppy wet sounds as his cock began swelling. Homer’s hips arched and he groaned loudly.

Lisa saw marge’s brow furrow in concentration with the thick pulsing of homer’s cock in her mouth.

Marge’s mouth worked every inch of homers cock and then lisa heard a bubbling squirting noise. Marge moaned as homer’s jism flowed filling her mouth with his creamy cum. Marge sucked greedily pulling his sperm into her mouth coaxing every drop out by licking just under the tip of the head of homer’s massive cock .

Finally spent marge let his softening cock slip from between her lips trailing a dribble of sperm over her lower lip.

Overcome with lust lisa leaned down and licked the excess semen from her mother’s lips. Marge grabbed lisa’s head and pulled her closer. Lisa opened her mouth wanting to taste more of homer’s cum. Marge parted her lips and used her tongue to push the warm thick mass of sperm into lisa’s mouth. It was deeply erotic to the inexperienced young lisa and she sucked the sperm from marge’s mouth. Then they tongued each other fiercely swishing the cum around back and forth sharing homer’s copious load between them.

Parting their kiss strands of jism connected their lips. Tongues flashed and collected it and they both swallowed devouring homer’s jizz like a tasty cream sauce. Homer’s fingers had just brought her to orgasm yet lisa’s body refused to yield. Her passions were beyond what she’d ever experienced and she wanted to come so badly she would do anything homer or marge asked.

“Oh Mom, Dad that was wonderful. But I want more. I want homer’s cock inside me…. I want to be fucked!”

Marge turned to homer.

“Yes, fuck her homer i want to watch you make our little lisa a woman!”

Homer lay lisa on her back and spread her legs wide. Kneeling between her gorgeous thighs he aimed his throbbing cock at her cunt.

Marge reached out and pointed the tip towards lisa’s little pink hole.

“Ummmmm let me” marge husked “I wanna help you fuck her homer.”

Homer grunted and let marge guide the head of his prick between lisa’s cunt. It was a tight fit but the cream from lisa’s previous orgasm provided more than enough lubrication. The huge cockhead parted lisa’s cunt like a hot knife through butter and as all three of them watched intently homer’s cock slid slowly into lisa’s clinging little pussy.

“Ohhh Jeeezzus!” homer moaned.

“She’s so tight isn’t she” marge said to homer. “And so hot and wet.

Ohhhhh, baby! Fuck her! Go ahead i know you want to fuck her homer and cum in lisa’s cunt. Do it!”

Marge was rubbing her pussy wildly as she watched homer’s cock fill lisa’s tiny little cunt. It was barely halfway in when homer felt the inevitable barrier. He pushed a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. lisa’s face was a mask of pleasure and pain.

“Am I hurting you lisa” homer asked her.

“No, I’m okay” lisa panted. “Push harder Daddy! I want you to fuck me!”

With that homer lunged a little harder lifting lisa’s ass clear off the bed as he drove into her. Lisa gave a little squeal as her hymen broke followed instantly by a loud moan of pleasure as homer’s cock sank into her little virgin cunt to the balls.

Lisa gasped for breath then sighed as homer’s cock began sliding in and out of her. It felt so good to have her big handsome father fucking her slippery hole. With one hand marge caressed lisa’s tits her ass and her belly the other hand worked frantically between her own legs rubbing her pussy in a frenzy of lust.

Watching homer fuck lisa was the wildest turn-on she had ever witnessed.

Homer fucked her slowly at first trying to restrain himself in lisa’s incredibly tight young cunt. Lisa was like a little doll and he was afraid of breaking her.

Her body glistened with sweat and with her ass high offering her cunt to him. Homer was straining not to shoot too soon. He wanted it to last for her as well as for him. It was lisa’s first time and homer wanted it to be the best fuck she’d ever have.

Marge was beside herself with lust shoving three fingers inside her frothy cunt.

“Ram that cock up her cunt and fuck her!” she gurgled. “Make her cum all over that beautiful cock of yours homer. She wants you to fill her with cum don’t you lisa”

Lisa nodded gazing up into homer’s eye’s with the most pitiful pleading look he had ever seen.

“Ooooh, yes homer! Fuck me please fuck me!” lisa begged.

“Okay, baby you asked for it. Hang on!” grunted homer.
Homer pumped faster his cock throbbing and straining. It felt like his cock was a steel ramrod plunging in and out of lisa’s soft flesh her cunt was extremely tight yet well lubricated. It made squishing slippery noises and the way lisa moved her ass made homer grimace to keep his resolve.

“Ohhhhh yes! Cum in me homer!” lisa moaned. “Fill me with cum! Fuck me! Fuck me homer! Fuck me!”

Homer felt his balls tighten. It was almost like a dream. His sexy little lisa was writhing around beneath him begging him to fuck her and her moans of pleasure told him lisa was loving every second of it! Homer fucked lisa like a madman only vaguely aware of marge’s presence beside them marge was moaning obscenities and finger-fucking her sloppy cunt like crazy as she watched, her eyes glazed over with lust.

“Yes! Harder! Fuck her harder! Cum in her cunt” she chanted. “I want to suck your cum out of her. Let me lick your sperm from lisa’s cunt. Soak her homer! Ram that thing up lisa’s hot little cunt and fill her with cum!”

Lisa was moaning too but her moans were largely unintelligible. Lisa was riding a wave of pleasure so intense that she wished it would never end. Lisa hunched her cunt up at homer trying to get more of his big thick massive cock into her tight wet cunt. If this was what fucking was like she wanted to fuck forever!

Homer’s cock exploded gushing thick sperm into lisa’s tight wet cunt. He thrust deep into lisa pressing her bulging little mound down onto marge’s chest. She could see his cock swell between her cuntlips with each pulse and feel the tension in his legs as well as all through lisa’s sweat-slickened body.

Homer spurted and spurted into lisa cunt feeling like his body was draining itself dry in her trying to fill her sucking little cunt to capacity with his sperm. At last he stopped feeling the thick warmth surrounding his cock inside her.

Lisa was moaning softly and grinning broadly.

Marge pulled homer back and as his cock popped out of lisa’s sperm-filled tight little cunt he dripped some onto her neck his soft wet cock hitting her mouth and chin with a wet splat.

Marge licked the head then pulled lisa’s cunt to her mouth. Opening her mouth wide marge began sucking the length of lisa’s cum-filled slit lapping up the sperm and cunt-juice that flowed out of lisa’s gooey tight little snatch.

Marge shoved her tongue inside lisa’s cunt withdrawing it covered with their rich creamy mixture.

Marge lapped and sucked at lisa’s pussy making her climax twice. When she finally finished her face and neck were slick with their juices.

Lisa rolled off the bed and sat up on the edge of the bed and kissed marge deeply licking her own cum mixed with homer’s sperm from marge’s lips and face. Marge and lisa hugged and kissed one last time then she looked up at homer who was sitting beside them now with another enormous hard-on.

“Wow! You don’t get that hard again so quick when you fuck me you horny bastard!” marge teased homer.

“Nobody could stay limp watching you two.” homer smiled.

“Can you cum again Daddy” lisa asked innocently.

“I sure can baby” grinned homer fisting his rejuvenated massive erection towards the two women. “Who’s next!”

End of part 3

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