Sam Meets Claire Again
The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons or events is unknown and unintended. This story does contain descriptions of a sexual relationship between an adult male and an underage girl. If you find such subject matter to be offensive; PLEASE STOP READING NOW!!! It is not my intent to offend you. This story is a continuation of Claire – Chapters 1 & 2. I would encourage you to read those chapters first if possible to bring all the stories together for this final chapter. In any case I hope that you find this story to be entertaining!

Clare – Chapter 3

Returning home from a two week vacation with my daughter I was filled with excitement, apprehension and fear all at the same time. For during the entire vacation I had been formulating a plan that if it proceeded as I anticipated it would, would conclude with me having sex with Claire; a girl that my daughter babysat for. Claire had been seducing me for over two months now and even though I had been resisting her advances I had been falling more and more into her trap as she had became bolder in her seductions. Initially I had thought that Claire’s mother Stacy was the most beautiful female I had ever seen until I met Claire a few weeks later; her beauty and sexual attraction for me was so strong I could hardly talk when I first met her. Claire had the body and face of the most perfect adult female I could ever imagine; just a younger, smaller version of it. Over time Claire and I had became friends and had many one on one conversations. Though off-hand comments that Claire had made during these conversations, and by what my daughter noticed while babysitting at her house, I thought it was possible that not only did Claire have some kind of a sexual relationship with her mother but she also might be sexually active with some of the men that her mom brought home for the night

Two weeks before we left on the vacation, under the guise of working on her suntan, Claire had removed her bathing suit while laying on a pool recliner as I was putting sun tan lotion on her back. Not only did I end up putting lotion on Claire’s nude backside from her toes to her neck I spent an unordinary amount of time rubbing and fondling her bare butt. As she got ready to leave that day she stood up still completely nude directly in front of me as I sat on the chair beside her. Not only did she not make any effort to cover herself, she remained still for a long time letting me have a detailed look at her small, perfectly shaped body. Then when she bent over while facing away from me, with her bare vagina and rectum just inches from my hand, it was I could do not to reach out and fondle her. A week later though we actually kissed and while doing that Claire had grabbed my hand and placed it on her bare breast. While kissing her and fondling the breast she had stroked my cock to a full erection through the jeans I was wearing. We were literally walking hand in hand to my bed before the ramification of what I was about to do to a twelve year old girl, no matter how mature she acted, brought me to my senses and I was able to stop myself. This is when Claire made the statement that made me partially erect every time I thought about it; Claire told me that “she was going to do things to me in bed that had only happened in my dreams”. But in the end my fear of being caught with having sex with an under age girl was stronger than my lust for her so Claire left that day mad by my refusal of taking her to bed. I was actually relieved at the thought that the matter of sex with her had finally been resolved and settled. A few days later though the subject presented itself to me once again but in a completely different way.

What happen was that Claire’s mother Stacy called me. The only possible reason I could come up with for the call, and especially what her mother had said during the call, was to let me know that she was giving me permission to have sex with her twelve year old daughter. I could come up with no other possible explanation for the call or what had been said. My daughter and I left on vacation the day after the call and I had spent many hours while on vacation developing a plan that would not only allow me to confirm what Stacy meant during the phone call but also a way to have sex with Claire without my daughter’s knowledge. My plan was that after arriving home I would make contact with Claire to determine if she still want to have sex with me. If so then the next step was for me to meet with her mother Stacy face to face and alone. I wanted to make sure that I had not miss understood the reason for the phone call or what Stacy had said during that call. I wanted to hear Stacy say out loud “Sam, you have my permission to have sex with my daughter.” I would settle for nothing less. If Stacy made that statement I would then tell her that it was my intent to take Claire to bed that very night, she should not to expect her daughter to return home till morning.

We got home late at night from our vacation and as expected in my plan my daughter had a lot of her friends over the next day. I expected Claire to be one of them but she was not present. When I asked my daughter why Claire was not there also she said that she had not been able to reach her. I thought through about what I was going to say before calling Claire directly myself. But instead of reaching her I received the recorded message; “I’m Sorry, The Number You Have Dialed Is No Longer In Service, Or Has Been Disconnected. If You Think You Have Reached This Message By Error, Please Check The Number Dial Again.” I dialed the number again and got the same message. I decided to call Stacy. I had to think through what I would say when Stacy answered and dialed the number; and got the same message. Confused I decided to drive to their house using the excuse that I was returning a pair of Claire’s shoes that had been left at our house as the reason for being there. I got into my car and drove the few blocks to their house thinking the whole time how I was going to approach this matter now with both Claire and her mom present at the same time. I would have to wing it! But as I pulled into their driveway something looked different about the house but at the time I did not think much about it. I walked up to the front door carrying the shoes, composed myself for a moment, and rang the door bell. I could hear the door bell chime inside the house but no one came to the door. I rang the bell again, still no movement in the house. I rang the bell a third time and turned around as I waited for someone to answer to door. I was looking towards the yard and then realized what the difference was that I noticed while pulling into the drive; all the flowering pots were gone. Slowly as if a daze I took a few steps on the porch and looked through the closed sheer curtains and saw what I feared; the house was empty!

“If you’re planning on robbing the place it’s too late!” The voice startled me so much that I actually dropped the shoes. I turned and there was Ralph, a friend of mine who lived a few houses away.

“What happened” I asked.

“They moved out a few days ago”

“What? I, I was trying to return Claire’s shoes” I stammered.

Ralph laughed. “You’ve got a long drive ahead of you if you plan on returning those shoes” he said

“Why, where’d they move to”?


I thought for second. “You mean the Italian district over in Clarksville?”

Ralph laughed again. “No, Italy, as in the country. Stacy accepted a job over there a few weeks ago”.

I was in such shock I could not move. I woke up this morning thinking that by nightfall Clair would be using her perfect little body to satisfying all my sexual desires. But now all that, and she was gone

“Yeah” Ralph continued, “Stacy told me a few months ago that her contract here was running out so she had been negotiating a new contract. This group from Italy had been calling her for the last five or six months to go to work for them. She said she eventually gave them a price so high she thought that they would quit asking. But to her surprise they accepted the price on the condition she started work immediately. They actually left for Italy just a few days ago, the movers came and cleaned the place out a yesterday.”

“Where’d they move everything to?”

“To where her parents live, somewhere in the mid-west” Ralph said.

I left Ralph and their house in total shock. I just could not believe what had just happened. I drove to a near by park and just sat in my car thinking. I was in such shock all I could do was just stared into the distance. I kept thinking over and over about what a great sexual experience might have happened with Claire if only I had acted sooner. After about an hour of staring into space I knew that it was time to move on, I could not undue what already had happened. I drove home and told Katie and the others about Claire’s leaving. I tried to act as if all was normal but it still hurt months later. At first after Claire left I would find that at times while having sex with the women that I was dating I would imagine that it was Claire that I was having sex with. But over time that ended and I also quit regretting what might have been. The next two years went by mostly uneventful concerning the other girls that came into my house. There were a couple of girls that seemed interested in me sexually during that time but they did not pursue it like Franke or Claire had, and neither did I, so nothing ever happened with them.

Then there came the night of the high school graduation party for Jessie, Alex and my daughter. We parents had gotten together and rented a hall and hired a popular local band as a graduation party. It was a huge party; well over 300 kids were invited. To keep control of what happened inside the hall we hired uniformed off-duty police officers for security. Admittance was by invitation only and only the person whose name was on the invitation could enter. Things were going smoothly when I was called by security over to the entrance, somebody was wanting in without an invitation but insisted they were a friend. When I arrived at the security desk I found Kelly, a girl who had moved away about three years ago. Kelly was the same age as my daughter and quite good looking. She had always been friendly with me when she would come to the house but not anything unusually so. She had come back to town for a wedding and this was her last night before leaving again when she heard of the party. I signed off on her admittance and did not think anymore about her. About an hour later though she asked me to dance so I agreed to dance to one song with her. The next song was a slow song and I started to leave the dance floor but she held my hand to keep me from leaving. As we danced I looked around hoping no one would notice me dancing to such a slow, romantic song with this young girl. There was so many people dancing I relaxed somewhat. But then she started rubbing her breast into my lower chest and her stomach into my groin as we slowly danced and I could feel an erection starting. It seemed that more my erection grew the more she rubbed up against me. I thought there is no way she could not feel the lump in my pants poking into her stomach. So I moved away from her slightly to create some space between us but she pulled me back even tighter than before, and then she looked up and gave me a mischievous smiled. I then realized that she was enjoying what she was causing to happen inside my pants. At the end of the dance she left me to rejoin her friends and I had to sit down quickly in the nearest empty seat to hide my erection. About 20 minutes later she came up to me again and said that she had left her cell phone in her car and asked if I would walk with her to the car to get it. I suspected something else was going on but was not sure what it was. She led me around the building to a side parking lot. On this side the building itself was in darkness due to the lights of the parking lot not being able to reach the building. Trees had been planted between the parking lot and building to hide storage sheds so the building was in the shadows of the tress. As we were walking between the trees and parking lot Kelly put her hands on my chest and literally pushed me backwards though the trees and up against the building.

“Mr. J, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time” she said. “Just shut up and enjoy it.”

To my surprise Kelly knelt in front of me and began undoing my belt buckle. Instinctively I reached down to stop her but she pushed my hands away forcefully. When I put my hands down to stop her again she pushed them away even harder this time. But as she unbuckled my belt but I thought; why? Why not let her? I looked around to see if we could be seen and felt reasonably safe in the shadows of the trees. I was both scared and excited at the same time but thought; I’M GOING TO DO THIS! I’M NOT GOING TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING! Then I actually started helping her to remove my pants. By the time she pulled my underwear down to my ankles I was partially erect. Her wet, warm, soft mouth felt so good on my cock, I was completely hard in seconds. I leaned back against the building and felt the cool brick on my bare butt. I forced myself to relax and just enjoyed what she was doing to my cock with her hands and mouth. Her right hand was wrapped around my cock twisting as it went up and down my shaft in unison with my cock going in and out of her mouth. My heavy balls were resting in her left palm and she fondled the back side of my ball sack with her fingers as she worked on my cock. It only took a minute before I could feel the pleasant soreness starting to build; I was ready to shoot my load. I gave her a warning.

“Kelly, I’m getting ready to cum”.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth but kept stroking and twisting her hand. She looked up at me and smiled as she said;

“Let Me Have It.”

As soon as I heard the words the first shot of cum came out and hit her in the right cheek. She put my cock back in her mouth and I placed my hand on the back of her head and held it as I shoved my cock into her mouth until I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. She started gagging as I shot load after load into her mouth. Kelly pulled her head back against my hand until only the pee hole of my cock was still in her mouth. She quit gagging after swallowing several times. When I was done cumming she started milking my cock to get the last drop out. She stood up and moved to me wanting to kiss. She continued to fondle my cock with her hand we kissed. It was not until I put my tongue into her mouth while kissing her that I realized that she had not swallowed my entire load. She had left a large amount of my cum puddle in her mouth. As we kissed she used her tongue to push my cum into my mouth. When we quit kissing she pulled back from me slightly and took a large gulp. She looked up and me with a big smiled.

“Thanks Mr.J, I’ve wanted to do that for years” she said releasing my cock. As I started pulling up my pants she started wiping the cum off her face with her finger then licking it off her finger.


“Yeah, I’m just like the others!” she smiled. I did not know how to respond to that comment when I was not sure what she meant.

“Hey Kelly,” I said. “If anyone finds out about this it could cause problems”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell”

After walking back inside the hall I had to sit for awhile after what had just happened. My legs felt weak! DAMN I thought; my daughter’s friend just sucked me off! While sitting there I began to think, what did she mean when she said she “I’m just like the others?” Shortly later I caught Kelly staring at me and she started walking slowly my way. She walked up besides me and stopped.

“Hey Mr. J.” Kelly said. “I was just thinking; you want to spend the night together? You could walk over and get a room at the hotel. I won’t say anything to Katie.”

“Kelly, I wish I could! But Katie is having some of her friends staying at the house tonight, I’ve got to be there or she’ll know some thing’s going on.”

“Okay, I understand.” She sounded like she was disappointed. “But just think about if there’s away for you to make it happen, okay? If you enjoyed what I did to you before, well, that is nothing compared what I would do to you in bed!” She gave me a smile over her shoulder as she walked away.

Damn I wanted to screw that girl! I spend the rest of the night trying to think of ways to be able to put my cock into Kelly. But I could not come up with a solution to the problem of needing to be at the house during the night also. The dance ended at 1 AM and I watched to see where Kelly went but I could not locate her. It was thirty to forty minutes after the last person left before the other parents and I were able to leave the hall. When I got to the house there were kids everywhere and party was in full swing. No sooner had I walked in than Kelly came up the basement steps smiling.

“Guess who your daughter invited to sleep over tonight” she said laughing.

She walked over besides me and said quickly and in a hush tone. “I told everyone I had to leave very early in the morning so when you go to bed don’t lock your door. If anyone is awake when I get up they’ll just think I’m just leaving the house. I’ll slip in, we’ll fuck, and I’ll leave without them knowing about it!”

With that said she turned and walked away before I could say anything. Damn I was getting hard just thinking about what I was going to do to that girl tonight! And the thought of doing her while my daughter and all those other kids were downstairs even made it more exciting! I stayed up until just before 3 AM and then went to bed leaving the door unlocked. The party was still going full blast downstairs. After removing all my clothes I climbed into the bed and waited. At some point I fell asleep and when I awoke the clock said 4:27. I could still hear music and conversation but now it was soft and muffled. I tried to stay awake but apparently fell asleep again. The sound of a kitchen chair sliding on the tile floor woke me again and I could not hear music or conversation. After a few seconds I heard the front door open and then close. I looked at the clock, it said 5:21. So Kelly must have changed her mind, I was disappointed. But in less than a minute I heard my door knob turn and from the dim light I could make out the shape of Kelly entering the room.

“I heard the front door open and thought you had changed your mind” I said quietly as she started removing her clothes.

“Nah, just thought that if anyone woke up as I left that they would hear the door and thought I really had left” she said.

By now she had her clothes off and I pulled the covers back to allow her to climb in and she put her back up against me. As soon as she was besides me I pulled the covers back over both of us. DAMN IT FELT SO GOOD TO HOLD HER YOUNG, TIGHT, NUDE BODY AGAINST ME! I pushed my cock between her butt cheeks and Kelly began massaging it with her butt by moving her hips in a circular motion. I reached around and started fondling her left breast with my left hand. Her tit felt so good in my hand; soft, full and heavy. Kelly rolled over towards me and pushed me onto my back. She climbed on top of me straddling my stomach with her hip and legs and laying her chest against mine. As she kissed me passionately I ran my hands down her bare back, pulling her butt cheeks apart as I continued rubbing down the inside of her legs. I raised my hands again until I reached her vagina. I started circling the opening feeling the wetness grow. Kelly moaned softly and moved her hips adding to the motion of my fingers and then I slipped my middle finger of right hand inside her slowly. Kelly softly moaned more and slid her body upward until her left nipple was even with my mouth. I started licking, nibbling and slight biting both her nipples as I continued run my fingers around and in her vaginal opening. I started using fingers from both hands to masturbate her; sliding two of my fingers up inside her from the right hand and slid my left hand between us so that I could rub her clit with the middle finger. Kelly was squirming and softly moaning constantly as I continued to masturbate her. After several minutes of this I removed the fingers that was inside her and slid it upwards until I felt her rectum. I slowly inserted one of the wet slick fingers into her rectum and she instantly seemed to have an orgasm; bucking and panting as she lay on top of me. I started finger fucking her rectum and continued to massage her clit keeping her orgasm continuing. In less that a minute she cried out softly and then went completely limp on top of me. I stopped masturbating her and just let her rest.

“My God that felt great! It’s been a long time since it felt that good” she said. Kelly laid there catching her breath and slowly coming down off the orgasm she had just experienced. After a few minutes she smiled at me and said,

“Now it’s your turn.”

Kelly slid down me and grabbed my cock in her hand and started pumping it. Then she put her mouth over the head and started bobbing her head up and down. I thought that maybe she was going to suck me off again but then she quit and climbed back up so we were face to face again. We kissed and as we did she rolled over pulling me on top of her. Kelly spread her legs apart and I could feel my cock up against her opening. She reached down, grabbed my cock and guided it into her as I pushed forward. She was still so wet that I slipped right into her, with just a little thrust I felt my balls resting on her butt cheeks. Slowly I started humping her wanting this feeling to last forever. After a very short time of this though Kelly said,

“Faster, I want you to pound me hard!”

“Kelly, if I do that I might be able to stop myself if you would want to change positions” I said as I continue to go slowly.

“No, I’ve dreamt many times about us doing this” she said. “In my dreams you’ve always been on top and pounding me hard. That’s how I want it; fuck me as hard and fast as you can and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh Yeah!”

So I grabbed both her legs and pulled them up putting the back of her knees inside my elbows which raised her hips off of the bed. Then I grabbed hold both of her forearms with my hands pinning them and her to the bed. I slowly started pumping her going faster and faster. I watched as her breast flopped in different directions as I drove into her faster and deeper. In less than a minute Kelly started moaning and squirming under me causing me even more excitement. I kept thrusting in and out of her deeper and faster until I felt my orgasm building and building. When I couldn’t stand it any more I pushed into her as deep as I could go and held it there as I felt the immense pleasure of cum shooting out of my cock into that slick, warm hole. I stopped wanting to catch my breath but Kelly kept pushing back against me.

“Don’t Stop… Keep Going!.... I’m So Close….. Please Don’t Stop”

So I started stroking her again going faster and faster.

“That’s It…..... That’s It……That’s It……Keep Going…… Keep Going……I’m So Close!.......So Close!…… Faster!…. Faster!….. Faster!........Oh Yeah……. Oh Yeah…… I’m Almost There!..... Almost There!...... Almost There ……I’m Cumming!……I’m Cumming!………I’m Cumming!

Kelly started moaning, bucking and thrashing as if she was trying to climb out from under me but I kept her pinned to the bed and kept pumping my cock in and out of her as deep and fast as I could. As she kept thrashing and squirming her face was distorted in pure pleasurable pain. After about a minute of this though she started coming down from her orgasm so I quit stroking her and just laid there. We both were breathing hard. I released her arms and then legs and raised myself off of her. When I pulled my cock out of her she smiled and wrapped her arms around my back pulling me back tightly to her.

“That was just as good as I dreamt it would be” she said between deep breaths. We kissed for a long time and then I rolled off of her and lay on the bed besides her catching my breath. I was physically worn out. We both just laid there collecting ourselves. While laying there besides her I thought to myself; I DID IT! I FINALLY DID IT!!!! After all these years of thinking about it; I finally just fucked one of my daughter’s friends! I had to smile when I thought about all flirting and innuendoes that went on for years with girls and nothing had ever happened. Then Kelly shows up out of nowhere and within hours not only does she suck me off in a parking lot but we go to bed and fuck while my daughter is downstairs! AMAZING! While laying there thinking about what all had happened with Kelly I thought again about what Kelly had said to me earlier.

“Kelly, what did you mean earlier when you said ‘I’m just like the others’ ” I asked?

“When your daughter wasn’t around we use to talk about how we’d like to fuck you” Kelly said.

“I had no idea.”

“Yeah. We also used to guess about what girls we thought you had fucked or were fucking at the time” she said.

“I didn’t” I simply said.

“Didn’t what?”

“I’ve never had sex with any of the girls”

Kelly rolled over and looked at me in disbelief. I noticed her breast changing shapes as they drooped down. “Really?”

“It’s true” I replied. “Not a one”

“You mean; you never fucked any of the girls that came here?”


Kelly was quite for a few seconds. “We all thought for sure that you were doing some of us.” Kelly paused for a second then said, “You mean that I’m the first?”

“Yeah, I guess you are” I smiled.

“WOW! I just can’t believe this!” Kelly was quite for some time thinking. “Now let me get this straight” she eventually said. “You’re telling me, that you never even fucked that Franke girl?”

“No, I thought about doing it but never did” I confessed.

“Everyone thought that you were fucking her, even Katie.”

In shock I turned and stared at her. “My daughter thought I was having sex with Franke?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, that’s why she told Franke to never come back.” she said. I was completely in shock; my daughter thought that I was having sex with Franke? That explained why Franke quit coming to the house all of a sudden, my daughter ran her off!

“Well, I didn’t” I said still in shock. Learning that my daughter thought I had sex with Franke had my mind spinning!

“I still just can’t get over this!” She repeated again. “We were so SURE that you were fucking some of us! I mean, even after I moved away I heard about a girl that everyone agreed to that you were fucking. Your daughter was so sure that it was happening that she even asked the girl if she was on birth control.”


“Yeah! Madison told me, that Alex had told her, that Katie was so sure that you were fucking this one girl that she asked the girl if she was on birth control to make sure she wouldn’t get pregnant.”

“Who was this supposed to be” I asked in complete amazement?

“I can’t remember her name. I never met her; it was someone that started coming here after I moved.” Kelly was quite for a second as she thought. “Maybe Kara or Carrie, something like that. I remember Madison saying that some of the girls were jealous of her because she was so unbelievably cute and dressed in expensive clothes. Seems like Madison said that she was younger than the rest of us too.”

CLAIRE! O My God! She was talking about Claire! My daughter thought that I had been having sex with Claire? I laid there in complete bewilderment. So much had happen in such a short time I was overwhelmed. Now not only did I finally have sex with one of my daughter friends, I find out that my daughter, and others, thought that I had been doing it for years! There were so many thoughts and emotions going through my mind that I could not even move. Kelly had no idea of the turmoil she had just created in my mind.

“I guess there is something else I should tell you” Kelly said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well, Katie knows what we did outside at the dance tonight.”

My heart quit beating for a second. The turmoil in my mind just been multiplied by a factor of ten. “Why do you say that” I tried to ask calmly.

“Katie came up to me later and said ‘so how was it’. When I asked her what she meant she told me that someone had saw what we were doing outside and told her about it”

OH GOD! What have I done? My first thought was; is my daughter mad? A million things started going through my mind at this moment. “Was Katie mad?” I finally was able to ask.

“No. In fact when I started to apologize she just laughed and said all she wanted to know was if you enjoy it and I assured her that you did. That’s when she told me to come spend the night here.”

My mind tried to sort out everything that Kelly had just told me; my daughter found out that her friend had sucked off her dad outside the dance building, and all she wanted to know was if her dad ‘enjoyed it’? Then she told the friend who had just sucked off her dad to spend the night at our house? This was way too much for me to try and comprehend!

“There’s something else I probably should tell you” Kelly said. After what she had just told me the last few minutes I was afraid to hear what she was going to tell me next!


“It was your daughter’s idea that I sneak up here so we could fuck.”

“Say that again” was all I could get to come out of my mouth.

“Well, when Katie told me she knew what had happened outside at the dance she asked if we were going to get together again tonight so we could actually fuck. I told her that I had asked you to get a room at the hotel but that you said that you needed to be here at the house tonight instead. That’s when she told me to come here after the dance and I could sneak up to your room. She actually winked at me as I came up the steps on my way up here.” There was silence for several minutes as I tried to comprehend all that I had just learned about. All I could think about now was that the entire time I was between Kelly’s legs banging the hell out of her my daughter was downstairs knowing exactly what was happening to her friend; that her dad was upstairs using an opening of her friends body as a place to massage his cock until he had an orgasm! I wondered what went though my daughter’s mind when she thought about what was happening upstairs; did she think about what position we were using, could she see her friend moaning and thrashing from the pleasure of her father’s cock sliding in and out of her, did she visualize what her father’s cock looked like sliding in and out of her friend?

“I guess I better get going before anyone wakes up” Kelly said. I had the distinct feeling that she wanted me to ask her to stay longer but I was so deep in thought about what she had just told me I could only nod my head in agreement. Kelly climbed out of bed, stood up and started getting dressed. By now there was more light coming through the windows and I could see the shape of her body clearer. Damn! Getting a better view of the body that I had just fucked even added more confusion to my mind. I just sat there and watched in awe as she covered her body with clothes. After she was dressed I stood up to get dressed but Kelly knelt in front of me and put my now soft cock back into her mouth. She started sucking, licking my cock and balls.

“Just want to make sure your clean before you go downstairs” she said laughing as she pulled my cock back out of her mouth. I put my clothes back on. We held each other and kissed slowly for what seemed like a long time to me. Kelly asked as we still were embracing, “So, how do you want to handle me leaving.”

“Why don’t you come out to the top of the steps and wait. I’ll go downstairs and check if anyone is there. If not I’ll look and make sure no one is coming up the basement steps. If that is okay I’ll motion up to you to come down. You’ll be able to get out of the house before anyone would have time to get up the basement steps. I’ll walk out with you and pick up the paper, that way if anyone hears the front door open and close I can say I was getting the paper”

“Okay. Hey, if I get back here again can I give you a call?” Kelly asked.

“I hope you do!” I responded smiling.

Kelly leaving the house worked just as we planned. As Kelly walked out I went out also to pick up the paper. We did nothing outside that would seem unusual; just said goodbye to each other and waved. I didn’t even wait for her to reach her car before going back in the house. I started making coffee and open the paper. I sat at the kitchen table acting as if I was reading it. But I was in such deep thought I never read a word. What Kelly had just told me had my mind spinning in different directions. I just could not get over the idea that not only did my daughter think that I had been having sex with some of her friends for years, she had just arranged for me to fuck one of her friends! My daughter, in fact none of the kids that came into the house, ever indicated to me by their words or actions that they thought I was having sex with some of them all this time. But then I thought back over some of the expressions I would see on some of the girls faces at times when I would catch them staring at me. Were they subconsciously letting their knowledge of my supposed actions be known? Then I thought; could Kelly have been lying to me? But why would she? I started thinking about how Kelly said that when Katie thought that I was having sex with Franke she told her to never come back to the house. But when she thought I was having sex with Claire all she did about it was to make sure that Claire was on birth control. Then I thought about the all the times that Claire would show up at the house when I was alone. I had always thought it was just coincidental that she would show up after Katie had left but was it? Could my daughter have been calling Claire and been arranging for me to have sex with her also? It was then that it dawned on me that Claire was only twelve years old when all this happened.

OH MY GOD! My daughter thought I was having sex with a twelve year old girl! But if Kelly was correct, the fact that all my daughter did about it was to make sure that Claire was on birth control seemed to indicate that Katie approved of what she thought I was doing to Claire. In fact, it seemed to me that the other kids who thought that I was having sex with some of them must approve of it also. Because if it was an accepted fact that I was having sex with some of the girls as Kelly indicated how come nobody ever told a parent, teacher or cop about it? I was certain that the cops did not know about it since I played golf with the Chief Of Detectives twice last year and I had to keep introducing myself; he never could remember my name and never asked me anything about myself. And no parent apparently ever knew anything about it. Because if it had ever been rumored that I was having sex with some of the girls that came into my house the rumor would have spread like wild fire through town. No parents would ever let their child to come back to my house if they thought I was having sex with them. But I could not think of any kid who had stopped coming to my house, in fact the number seemed to be rising each year. There were so many thoughts and emotions going through my mind at the same time I did not know what to do.

I realized that eventually I would have to talk to Katie about this. It was just a matter of finding a time that we would be alone for once. The chance came three days later. Katie and I actually had the house to ourselves; no one else was around.

“Hey Katie” I said.

“Yeah Dad”

“We need to talk. You got a few minutes”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“It’s about what happen with Kelly on graduation night”

A big smile came to my daughter face. “I hope you enjoyed yourself” Katie said. “Kelly sure did!”

“When did you talk to Kelly?

“The next day. She called to thank me!”

“Katie…well….; Kelly told me how you arranged for her to come to bed with me. I think I appreciate what you did, but, why did you do that?”

“Look Dad, I’ve known for years what’s been going on. I just thought that there’s no reason for us to keep acting like I didn’t know what was happening. That’s all. I mean, it’s not like it’s a big secret or anything. I am growing up Dad! I mean, I’ll be leaving for college in just a few weeks.”

“That the thing Katie, there’s nothing been going on”

“Hey Dad, it’s okay! I’m not upset about what’s been happening between you and my friends.”

“Katie; that the thing. Nothing has been happening!”

“Look Dad” she paused for effect, “I just feel that the time has come for us to be open and honest about what has been going on” Katie paused again for a split second. “I know you’ve been having sex with some of my friends for several years. Like I said, it’s okay. I don’t have a problem with you doing it with them. In a way it’s even kind of cool that my friends think that you’re that hot!”

“Katie; listen to me! I’m serious! Up until Kelly the other night, I have NEVER had sex with any of your friends. I mean it! None of them! Not - A - One!”

A confused look came over my daughter’s face. “Are you serious?”

“Yes Katie I’m serious. Katie…..listen to me; I-have-never-had-sex-with-any-of-your-friends, ever!”

“Is That The Truth?” she said hesitantly.

“Yes Katie; it’s the truth!”

Katie looked like she had lost all the strength in her legs; she actually had to grab hold of the kitchen table to steady her self. Slowly she sat down in a chair. She looked up at me. “Dad… I…I … I don’t know what to say. I mean, I was, I was just so sure that you were doing some of them. Like, for the last several years I’ve been thinking that! You might not believe this; but I was so sure that it was happening with some of them that I even would ask other kids if they were on birth control.”


“Franke?” she asked looking in my eyes.





“NO! Katie! Listen to me! No one!”

“Claire! You’re not going to stand there and tell me you never had sex with Claire!” a look of triumph came over Katie’s face.

“Katie, I didn’t. I mean it; I never had sex with any of them. Not even Claire” I said softly.

“Oh My God!” Katie said. “I was 100% sure that you were doing her, I would even call Claire and let her know by my comments that I was going to be away from the house and for how long so that you two could be alone. I, I even told her that if she didn’t have any birth control pills I’d get some for her.”

“Did she take any from you?”

“No, she said she was already on birth control.” I always thought that Claire was sexually active back then and this seemed to confirm it once again.

“Katie, Claire was only twelve years old at that time! You actually thought that I would have sex with a twelve year old girl?” I didn’t tell her that during the entire two week vacation we were on during that time I was making plans to do that very thing!

“Normally I wouldn’t have but Claire was so mature for her age. I think she was probably more mature then at age twelve than I am even now. Maybe you never noticed it Dad but she was after you hard.” After a slight pause Katie looked at me with a guilty look on her face. “You know Dad, since were being open and honest, I even thought that you and Alex had hooked up a few times”

“ALEX! ALEX! Claire, I consider Alex and Jessie to be almost as much of a daughter to me as I do you!”

“I know Dad, but there was a time last year where both of you were acting different. I thought that maybe you two had hooked up a few times and were feeling odd about what happened. This is really weird, to find out that the kids who I thought had hooked up with you didn’t! It’s going to take a while for me to get used to this.”

After our talk I could not see any change in how my daughter and I related to each other. Everything seemed normal. I wondered if she ever told anyone else about our conversation. Would she have been relieved to be able to tell everyone that I had not been having sex them after all; or did she like the idea that her friends thought that I had been doing some of them in secret?

Two weeks later Alex, Jessie and my daughter all moved to the town that they were going to attend college next school year. The other parents and I had got together and bought a house for them to live in not far from the campus. Alex had gotten a soccer scholarship and practice was starting immediately. My daughter had received an internship at a hospital and they said she could start at anytime. Jessie, well Jessie had no reason to leave for college so early. But just could not stand to think that she might be missing out on some fun that the other two girls were having while away from home!

For me, them leaving was a VERY big adjustment. I went from having one to fifteen extra kids spending the night at my house 90% of the time to being by myself 100% of the time. I started looking for things to do to fill in the time so I began going to the gym more often and riding my motorcycle on longer trips. I had finished putting together the motorcycle kit about a year ago so now I started riding the bike on more than just on15-20 minute trips. One of my new favorite things to do was to ride to a new shopping mall, eat at a Bar & Grill that was inside the mall and then leave on the 2-3 hour ride. The mall had been built about a mile pass anything in an area that had been a farm field. There literally had been cows in the field up to the time construction had started. Even now the entire Mall was surrounded by farms. But it was the newest, biggest mall in probably a 200 mile radius and was always very busy. What I liked best was that if you continued on the road past the mall it turned into the farm road again just past the mall and was a great place to ride your motorcycle; it was wide, smooth and had gentle curves and hills.

This particular day I had started early and worked through lunch and decided to ride the bike over to the Bar & Grill at the mall around mid-afternoon and eat. Afterwards I would ride the farm road for a couple of hours and then head back to the house. The restaurant had it’s own outside entrance so I park the bike besides the front door and went in. As I expected there was only about 20-30 people eating at that time of day and they seated me at a booth. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and a large beer and waited. The waitress brought the beer and as I was taking the first drink a girl slid into the seat on the other side of the table facing me. I assumed it was a friend of my daughter’s but I could not tell who it was since I was looking though the beer stein and the girl was looking down at the seat as she was sliding in and sitting down. I put the glass down and she looked up at the same time and I froze. For seconds I could not talk; just looked.


“Hey Mr. J.”

“Oh My God! I can’t believe it’s you!

“It’s me” she said laughing.

“I’m so happy to see you again! What are you doing here?”

“Mom is working doing some work for the same company here again”

“So you’re moving back?”

“No, this is just a small job. It’s only going to take a few days to complete.”

“When did you get back from Italy?”

“About a week ago; we’re living in St. Louis now. Mom has a job there that will take a year or two. She just came back here to make a few changes to a program that she wrote for them while she was still working there.”

I looked at Claire trying to see all the changes in her appearance. She looked much thinner and much taller than when I last saw but I noticed that her but her breast still looked a little to large just like before she left. “It looks like you’ve grown a few inches since I last saw you.” I said.

“Try about four inches” she said.

“Really? You have grown! I’m trying to remember when your birthday is; are you fourteen or fifteen now?”

“Still fourteen, my birthday is still a few months away.” Claire said

“So have you had a chance to meet with some of your friends?”

“No, we just arrived in town for Mom’s first meeting. Mom dropped me off here at the Mall while she went to meet with the clients. I was going to hang out here and try and call some them.”

“Were you able to reach anyone?”

“Actually, as we drove by the front of this restaurant looking for the Mall entrance I saw that motorcycle sitting out front and thought that might be the same one that I helped you build.”

I laughed. “You’ve got a great memory Claire. And yes, that is the bike you helped me put together.”

Claire smiled at me. “I thought it was. As soon as I got in the Mall I came looking for you first.”

“I’m so glad you did Claire” I said. “I’ve always wondered want happened to you and your mom. So tell me about Italy!”

So Claire began telling me about her time in Italy. She attended a school for advanced studies where English was the primary spoken language but she did learn a little Italian. She and her mom did lots of traveling while in Europe and saw much of the culture and landscape and she described the places that they had visited and the people they had met. My food arrived during our discussion and it amused me that Claire began eating it as if she was the one who ordered the food instead of me! The big news was that Claire had begun modeling while in Italy. She started out modeling occasionally for a small, local, upscale clothing store. While doing this one day a clothing rep saw her modeling one of their products during a visit to the store. The rep then began using Claire to model their line of clothing in other stores in neighboring towns. And that led to more modeling jobs with other clothing manufactures. It developed into a large enough business for Claire that she actually got a modeling agent! That led to more jobs. Claire said she really enjoyed the work and that the bonus was that she got to keep all the clothes that she modeled! It turns out that even though the clothing looked like what was on the shelf at the stores it actually had been altered to fit her so she got to keep everything she wore! Since coming back to the United States the New York office of the same agency had been in contact with her about starting to model in this country. Claire said she was planning on starting again but was trying to get settled in their new town and house first.

Claire asked about Alex, Jessie and my daughter. I gave her a rundown on what had happen to those girls the last two years that she had been gone. Claire asked a lot of questions about what had happen to the other kids that she remembered. We talked for well over two hours. Then I noticed that people were starting to arrive for the evening meal and the restaurant was starting to fill up. I mentioned that we were going to either order food again or we were going to have to find another place to talk soon.

“Actually I was hoping that you’d take me a ride on the bike” Claire said.

“I’d be glad to Claire but are you sure mom is okay with you being on a motorcycle?”

“I don’t think she would mind.”

“Why don’t you give her a call to be sure, I don’t want to do anything that might upset her.”

Claire got her cell phone out and called. As I waited for the call to be answered I thought about how I was hoping that Stacy would allow Claire to take a ride with me on the bike. To be honest I wanted to feel Claire’s body up against me as we rode. Would I be able to feel her breast pushing into my back?

“Hi Mom; guess who I met at the Mall…. Mr. J... No, I’ve been talking to him the entire time….yeah….okay….yes…. okay…I’ll try…...hey the reason I called, Mr. J rode the motorcycle that I helped him put together to the Mall and I was wanting him to give me a ride on it. He wanted to make sure that was okay with you first….. We will Mom….. I’m not sure, either we’ll come back here or we might go to his house….. How about if I just call you and let you know where I’m at…..okay….love you too Mom.”

“What time do we need to back to meet your mom” I asked thinking about how where and how far we could ride.

“Oh, there’s really no time that I need to be back by. We are spending the night here; Mom got a suite at a hotel over on Perkins Road. I’m just need to let Mom know where I’m at when we get back from the ride is all.” Claire said. “I’m going to need to use the restroom before we go though” she added.

“Okay, while you do that I’ll pay for the meal.” I replied.

Claire got up out of the booth and walked away from me towards the restrooms. This was the first time I had a chance to see her standing and I could not believe how beautiful, and thin, she was. She was so tall and thin that her arms looked like tooth picks and her legs looked like pencils. She might have grown four inches taller but I suspected she weighed the same as she did when she was shorter and living here two years ago. Her walk was very purposeful, just not a casual stroll. What she was wearing was very fashionable at the time and I had seen many girls wear the same thing. She was wearing a denim skirt that was mid thigh, a loose shirt that was tucked in and sandals. When she got to where I could not really see her anymore I started watching the people that were watching her. Every man, and some women, that she passed took a double look at her she was so stunning. Her beauty and sexually was just unbelievable. A few minutes later Claire was walking back towards me and I still had not been able to get our waitress attention for the check. So I watched Claire and the men that she passed; again every man to a one stared at her. I did not pick up on that anything was different about her until Claire came up the two steps to the area in which we were sitting. But as she came up the steps I saw her breast giggle slightly under her shirt. WHAT? I had stared at her breast earlier when Claire was not looking as she sat across from me and was certain that she had been wearing a bra. Could I be wrong about her not having one on now? But as she slid into the booth her breast definitely moved under the shirt. Just then the waitress came and I gave her my credit card. As she walked away Claire and I began talking again. Claire acted as if everything was the same but I became more convinced that she was not wearing a bra anymore. Before Claire had went to the restrooms I was sure that I could see the bra straps that went over her shoulder under her shirt. Now there was not a strap line present under the shirt anymore. But if Claire did remove her bra while in the restroom where is it now? She did hot have a purse or pockets in which to put it. And why would she have removed it anyway? I was confused.

The waitress came back and as we got up to leave I watched Claire’s breast again as she got up out of the booth. They definitely moved under her shirt. We walked outside together and stopped by the bike. This bike kit was a single rider; “chopper” style bike that did not originally have a place for a passenger. I had installed a small padded seat on the rear fender and small folding foot pegs to allow for an extra rider. It was not real comfortable but did work.

“Hey Mr. J., can I sit in front of you instead of behind you?” Claire said. This took me by surprise. The first reason is that it’s illegal to do. The second reason is that there is a little known code that bikers live by. And that is, the only reason you let a girl ride in front of you is so that you fondle their breast during the ride. Does Claire know about this?

“I’m not sure that would work Claire. Where would you place your feet?”

“Couldn’t I just put my legs on top of yours? PLEASE! I want to see the road and feel the wind on me.”

“I guess we could give it a try just sitting here first.” I said.

When I built the bike I had changed the kick stand configuration. Where most bikes lean to the left on the kickstand I had made a center kickstand that actually held the bike in the upright position at rest. I climbed on the bike and moved as far back on the seat as I could. Claire swung her leg over the seat and sat down in front of me. I moved up against her and put my feet on the forward pegs. Claire draped her long, thin legs over mine.

“See, that’ll work.” she said.

“It will only work if I don’t have to put feet down very often” was my reply. “I guess we could head out of town if that okay with you. That way I won’t be trying to hold us up at stop signs.”

“That’s where I thought we were going” Claire said.

As I started getting the bike off the stand and starting the engine I saw some young boys, about Claire’s age, who had been sitting at a window in the restaurant watching us They started waving and pointing. I thought that they were probably guys that she knew from when she lived here.

I pointed them out to her, “Old friends of yours” I asked?

“No, don’t recognize them” is all that she said.

I got the bike started and we took off slowly through the parking lot. I took a little bit for me to get use to having her in front of me. Not only was my vision blocked slightly but also the extra weight of her changed the handling of the bike. We came out of the Mall parking lot and made a right heading out of town. There was only one stop light we had to go though before the street turned into the farm road and as luck would have it the light was green so I did not have to stop. A few miles out of town I got more comfortable with Claire in front and relaxed a little bit. After I get out of town and if the traffic is light I have always removed my left hand from the handlebars and rested it on my leg. I did that again without thinking about her being in front and found my palm resting on top of Claire’s left bare leg with my fingers draping down and resting on the inside of her thigh. At first I did nothing to see what her reaction would be but she just sat there without moving. I then reached up with my left hand and acted like the mirror needed adjustment. When I brought my hand back I placed it higher on her leg. Again she just sat there and displayed no emotion. Slowly I started brushing the inside of her thigh with my finger tips going higher and higher on her leg. As my fingers got higher I actually started pushing her skirt up her leg a little further. I kept going higher until I thought that my finger probably was almost against her crotch. Again she just sat there. A car up ahead was slowing down to make a left turn so I started slowing down also. I had to put my left hand back on the handlebars again to work the clutch. The noise level from the bike’s exhaust dropped drastically.

“Hey Claire” I said.

“Yeah Mr. J.”

“There’s something you need to know about.”

“What’s that” she said.

“In the future, if you sit in front with another guy; he is going to assume that he can fondle you during the ride.”

She turned and gave me a large smile. “I know all about that!” was all that she said. She continued to smile as she turned back forwards!

DAMN! The car in front had made its left turn so I started accelerating and shifting gears again. As I shifted through the gears all I could think about how Claire was positioned on the bike and her last comment. Her legs were spread far apart to straddle the gas tank, her long thin legs lying on top of mine, and she was leaning forward at the waist so that her hands could reach the handlebars. All I could focus on was that with her arms extended at shoulder height and leaning forward that her breast was protruding out. Didn’t she just say she knew about how guys would fondle girls riding in this position? Is this the reason she took off her bra? Didn’t that mean she expected me to do that to her? I’M GOING TO DO THIS!

When I made the last shift I just nonchalantly brought my left hand back and placed it on her stomach. She didn’t move. I slowly began raising my hand until I could feel my fingers tips just brushing the bottom of her left breast. Still she just sat there. I raised my left hand slowly cupping the bottom of her left breast with it. GOD IT FELT SO GOOD TO HOLD HER BREAST IN MY HAND! I lifted my hand and felt the weight of her breast. Claire squirmed in the seat pushing back against me slightly. I ran my hand up across the front of her breast feeling for her nipple. I then realized that I was correct, she was not wearing a bra! Once I found the nipple I started pinching it and squeezing her breast at the same time until her nipple was rock hard. I let go of he left breast and slid my hand across feeling for her right breast. I pulled it slight to the left feeling its size and firmness, then started pinching that nipple also. Claire started moving her hips slightly against my already rock hard cock. After fondling her for a short time I thought; I want to feel her bare breast, not just thought the shirt. So I let go of her breast and reached down and started pulling the front of her shirt out of the skirt. Claire moved slightly on the seat helping me to get the shirt out. I reached under her shirt feeling her soft, warm, flat stomach and raised my hand till I found her left breast again. I put my hand on it and squeezing it again. ON MY; IT FELT SO GOOD TO HAVE MY HAND ON HER BARE BREAST! I slid my hand across her bare chest and started rubbing her right breast also. I thought about the situation I was now in; riding my bike with a fourteen year old model sitting in front of me, my hand feeling her bare breast as we rode. Could life get any better than this! After about 5 minutes of this though I wanted to go to the next step; remove her shirt so I could also suck on those tits as I felt them. That meant stopping the bike. Ideally we would go to the house but we were getting farther from the house each second. And to go back meant going through lots of traffic and taking lots of time. I couldn’t wait any longer; I needed to see and suck them NOW! I knew of a very small abandoned park a few miles ahead. I had stopped at this park probably 3-4 times in the last two years while riding my bike for breaks and had only seen one car there the entire time; but that was a deputy sheriff about 10 months ago! He had stopped that time and in our conversation had told me the story of why the park was not being used. Yes, I would stop there. We would get off the bike, I would kiss her and try to remove the shirt if she would let me. I could imagine how it was going to look and feel with her shirt off and me bending down to fondle and to suck on those perfectly shaped fourteen year old tits! By now we were getting to the first turn off for the park. There were going to be a series of sharp turns in quick succession meaning I had to keep my left hand on the handlebars most of the time for steering and working the clutch. It would be three to four minutes before we would be at the park and I would not be able to fondle her much during this time. I hoped she did not loose the mood that I hoped she was in, I so wanted to see her shirtless!

We finally reached the last turn that actually goes into the park. It is an unmarked, nondescript road that looks more like a driveway than park entrance. We drove the quarter mile through trees into the open area of the park. The one way park road went straight further and then made a loop to the left coming back and joining this road again just up ahead on the left. When I got to that junction I made a left going the wrong way. My thought was that if anyone did come into the park while we were here we would have a few seconds to get her shirt back on before the car made the left turn at the end and started back towards us. I found a place at the edge of the tress to pull off the road and stopped. As soon as the engine died I put the stand down with my foot and pulled back on the handlebars putting the bike on the stand. My thought was that I would get off the bike first and then help her off. Then I was going to start kissing her and try to get that shirt off! But before I could begin to get off the bike Claire put her right foot under her and then the left foot and stood up on the seat facing away from me. I grabbed her legs to steady her wondering what she was doing. Then I saw her reach down and with her long skinny fingers grab the bottom of her skirt. She raised her arms pulling the skirt off her hips and raising the skirt higher. I stared in fascination as the skirt went higher and higher. When her tiny butt cheeks came into view I got another shock; not only was she not wearing a bra she wasn’t wearing any underwear either! No wonder those boys at the restaurant were pointing when Claire was sitting on the seat facing them; they had a direct view up her skirt! Now just a few inches in front of me was her bare butt! I started to pull her closer to me so I could kiss her hips and then those little butt cheeks but before I could she turned around facing me; now her bare vagina was just inches from my mouth. She was shaved completely smooth! Without a word Claire grabbed the back of my head with those long skinny arms and pulled my face into her vagina.

I started kissing and licking the upper opening of her vagina. I raised my hands and cupped her little butt cheeks in my hand to steady her, they felt SO small and SO soft in my hands! I noticed when my upper arms were laying beside her legs that my arms were thicker than her long thin legs. With her feet and legs together about all I could reach with my tongue was to top of her slit, it was hard to even reach her clit even though I could tell by her reaction when I did. I would kiss her stomach and then let my mouth drop between her legs and flick the clit with my tongue. I kept nuzzling my chin between her legs trying to get her to spread those legs open further so that I could reach what I wanted; I wanted a taste of both openings! As I was kissing and licking her I looked up and saw that Claire was removing her shirt. As soon as it was off she threw it on the gas tank and began removing her skirt. She brought the back of the skirt to the front and started unbuttoned the skirt. I was fascinated by how long and thin her arms were, I think my cock was even thicker than her arm! She finally got the skirt unbuttoned and lifted it over her head and threw it on the gas tank also. She was now standing on my bike completely nude; and I was just hoping to get her shirt off! Finally Claire realized what I was trying to do with my chin. She pulled back slightly, stepped onto my right leg with her left foot and then raised her long skinny right leg and put her right foot on my left shoulder. I continued to hold her butt cheeks in my hands and she held my head to steady her. Now she was completely exposed to me, I could lick and kiss between her legs where ever I wanted! I ran my tongue down her slit until I found the opening and pushed my tongue up inside her vagina as far as I could. Claire shuttered. I pulled my tongue out, ran it up the slit until I found her clit. I started licking and nibbling it feeling it get harder and harder. Claire’s little butt cheeks were quivering constantly in my hands as my tongue explored her vagina. I started nibbling her clit again and then as I was running my tongue back down to the vaginal opening once again I went further until I reached her rectum. I ran my tongue around the opening one time and then pushed it into her anus as far as it would go.

Claire grunted slightly. I pulled her butt cheeks as far apart as I could with my fingers tips and kept fucking her anus with my tongue. I felt Claire starting to push back against me and then she changed her position slightly allowing my tongue to go even further into her rectum. Claire raised her hands and started pinching her nipples as I continued tongue fucking her rectum. After a short time I felt her tense up and she let out a soft squeal, she was having an orgasm. I continued until I felt her relax. I could feel her long thin legs quivering and loosing their strength. As I lowered my hands she also came down with them and she laid her back on her clothes that were on the gas tank with her thin, long legs spread apart. But I wasn’t done tasting her, I wanted more. I straddled the rear fender and slid further to the rear of the bike until my mouth could reach her vagina again. I grabbed her thin ankles and lifted them up and apart and then put my mouth between her skinny legs again. Slowly I started licking and entering her vagina with my tongue and occasionally nibbling on her clit. I put my fingers on both sides of her vagina pulling the lips apart so I could taste her completely. I looked up and saw that Claire was using her hands to rub her breast and pinch her nipples again. After a few minutes she started moaning and thrusting her hips up to my mouth. Then she made a loud moaning noise and went tense and started thrashing on the bike. I was afraid she was going to fall off the bike her orgasm was so intense so I let go and grabbed her waist to keep her from falling as I continued to perform oral sex on her. Her orgasm must have lasted a full minute before she stopped moving and just lay still on the bike. I stood upright and looked down on her long, thin naked body lying on my gas tank with her eyes closed.

I knew immediately what I was going to do her. Something I had thought about for years was going to happen and nothing was going to stop me; I was going to fuck this little girl right here and right now. I didn’t care if we were in public; she was about to get fucked in front of anyone who happened to drive through. I stepped off the bike and started removing my socks and shoes. Next I unbuckled by belt and pulled off my jeans. Then I slipped off my underwear. I swung my leg over the seat straddling the bike with a full erection. Claire still had her eyes closed as I put my left arm under her knees and lifted them up. I let a big wad of saliva from my mouth drip onto my hard, thick cock and then rubbed the saliva over the head and shaft with my right hand. I grabbed my cock and put at the opening of her vagina. When Claire felt this she opened her eyes, looked down and saw what I was about to do to her and smiled weakly. In one thrust I entered her completely. Claire got ridged and when I pulled back and drove into her again her eyes opened wide. I started driving into her deep enough each time so that I could feel my heavy balls slapping up against her butt and the bike seat. My thrusting in her became so intense that I feared the bike was going to come off of its stand it was rocking so much. I stopped momentarily, grabbed her narrow hips and slid her back further on the seat. I pushed her knees into her shoulders and started in on her again; now my thrusting was more downward instead of forward. In less than a minute after doing that I could feel the soreness in my cock start to build. I guess Claire could also tell that I getting close to having an orgasm.

“Don’t cum in me Sam” she said.

I stopped immediately. “You’re not on birth control?” I asked.

“That’s not the problem, I just want to change positions before you do” Claire said.

I started stroking her again. “This position is just fine” I said getting close to an orgasm again.

“No, were changing position Sam” Claire said. Then she gave me a big smile. “Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

I was so close to reaching an orgasm that I wanted to continue to completion but I remembered what Claire had told me two years ago as she was trying to talk me into having sex with her; the “I’m going to do things to you that has only happened in your dreams” comment she had made. I stopped and pulled my cock out of her. When I looked down I saw that it was glistering with her juices. Claire started getting up off the gas tank and I helped her up. Then she knelled on the seat facing me and then turned herself around. Slowly to keep from falling off the bike she laid face down on the gas tank. She then looked backwards and slowly placed her feet on the rear passenger pegs and then put her hands up on the handlebars. WHAT A SIGHT! To see that long, thin, young nude body stretched out face down on my bike; it was the sexiest thing I think I had ever seen. Claire turned her head to face me.

“Okay; now don’t stop until you’re done” was all that she said.

Although it was unbelievably sexy looking I immediately saw a problem with how she was laying. With the gas tank higher than the seat, the angle that she was laying in was such that I thought that I would not be able to get inside her again. I straddled the seat and her legs until my cock was between her legs. I slid my cock downwards between her legs and just barely was able to get inside her vagina again.

“Claire, we need to raise your hips for this to work” I said. Claire looked backwards at me, smiled and said;

“Not If You Put It In My Ass!”

I just stared at her in disbelief. I pulled her ass cheeks apart with my finger tips and looked at her rectum. The puckered ring was smaller than a dime.

“Claire, this is not going to work” I said.

“Yes it will Sam” she said. “You’re not the first to fuck me there. You might be the thickest but not the first. Go ahead, it’ll be okay”

“Are you sure?”

“If there’s a problem I’ll tell you.”

I had only ass fucked one other girl in my entire life; that was about ten years ago and she was about my age. And she was a full grown woman; Claire was physically still a child. But the thought of putting my cock up that tiny little ass while in public was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. I hesitated longer.

“It’s okay Sam, Do It!” she repeated.

Claire turned away from me and placed the side of her face on the gas tank. I pulled her cheeks apart, put my mouth close to her rectum and put a large amount of saliva on the rectal opening and used my tongue to put it inside her. Then I added more saliva to her anus and used my finger to push it into her ass. My finger slid in easily. I removed my finger and then slid two fingers inside her; she moaned softly. I put more saliva in the valley that my fingers had created and began sliding my fingers in and out of her ass while adding more saliva. Keeping my fingers inside her ass I put a big wad of saliva on the fingers of my other hand then used that to lube up my cock again. I removed my fingers; put my cock head up against her ass hole and started pushing forward. At first nothing happened, I pushed slightly harder; still nothing. I pushed harder still and I then felt Claire relax her sphincter muscles, without warning my cock slowly slid most of way into her ass.

“OH MY GOD” Claire said.

“You okay?”

“Just give me a second” was her response. She took a couple of deep breaths. In a short time she said; “Okay, just go slowly.”

I pulled back out of her ass as far as I dared and pushed my cock back into that small, tight, rear hole. Nothing in my life had ever felt so good! I stroked her ass another time; I couldn’t believe that it felt even better than the first stroke. I was so sexually aroused by seeing my cock disappear into that stretched back hole, while in public, that I only stroked her ass 5 times before having a huge orgasm. I buried my cock in her as deep as I could and held it there as my orgasm continued. My legs suddenly became so weak I had to lie across Claire’s back to keep from falling. As my chest engulfed her back it made me realize even more how long and thin Claire really was. When I stood back up I looked back down and saw that my cock that was still buried deep in her ass; WHAT A SIGHT! I saw some of my cum starting to leak out of her ass and run down onto the bike seat. Now that my mind was able to focus on something other than reaching an orgasm I began to think about the predicament that I now found myself in. My main concern was that someone would drive through the park right now. What a site would be before them! They would see a naked fourteen year old girl laying naked face down on a motorcycle, with an adult male straddling her with his big cock shoved all the way up her tiny ass. Then I thought; what if today was the day that the deputy sheriff decided swing through the park again? OH SHIT! That patrol car probably had a camera in the window to record what was being seen. It was going to be hard to claim that I didn’t have sex with her when we were on film AND my cum was on the bike seat. The judge would probably break out in laughter when I said “not guilty” to the charges against me. We needed to get dressed! I looked down at my cock as I started pulling it out of Claire’s ass. When it came all the way out Claire moaned softly and I watched as her gaping ass hole ever so slowly closed back to its normal size.

“Claire, you okay” I asked?

“Yeah, I’m a little sore but okay. I just need a minute.”

“We probably need to get dressed before someone drives through here”

“Okay. Why don’t you go ahead and get dressed. I’m going to need to lie here a little longer” Claire said.

I climbed off the bike and noticed for the first time that I had parked in wet dirt. The dirt was sticking to my feet. I glanced at my clothes that were lying on the ground and they also had mud on them. As I slid my feet down the pant legs I could feel the mud coming off my feet, sticking to the inside of my pant leg and then getting on my legs. I had mud between my toes, in my socks, in my pants and on me!

“Claire, there is mud on the ground. You better stay on the bike to get dressed”

Claire just nodded her head and started getting up off the gas tank. She knelt on the seat and picked up her clothes that she had been laying on. As she stood up I held her hips to steady her, she was very wobbly. As I held her young, long, slender, nude body I was mesmerized in how perfectly it was shaped. I just could not get over the realization that just minutes ago I was ass fucking this little body; I had just placed my cum deep inside its bowels. As Claire stood up she stepped in my cum that was on the seat. Not realizing what she had stepped in she raised her foot to look what it was. Claire started laughing when she saw what was so slick. Claire pulled her shirt over her head and then I held her by the elbow as she starting stepping into her skirt. As she lifted her legs to step into the skirt I looked between her legs and saw a glob of my sperm ooze out of her puckered rectum and joined my other sperm on the bike seat. Between the mud on me and my sperm on her feet we were a mess!

“I don’t want to put on my shoes with all this on my feet” Claire said. I looked around and saw a water fountain. We walked over to the fountain and found that there was also a place to hook up a garden hose. When I turned the knob and water came out. Claire put her feet under the running water and used her hands to help get my sperm off the bottom of her feet. When she was done she slipped on her shoes and we walked back to the bike. As I straddled the bike and started the engine, Claire swung her leg over the seat and sat behind me this time. We left the park and headed into town. We were almost to my house before I realized that I never asked Claire where she wanted to go; I just assumed that we would go to my house for more sex. I knew that I wanted more sex, but did Claire? By now we were just blocks from my house, close enough that Claire knew where I was heading. I couldn’t just turn back now; I guess I’ll just have to see what she says when we get to the house. If she asked why we were stopping there I was prepared to use the excuse that I needed to get something out of the house before taking her back to the Mall. As we turned into the driveway I hit the garage door opener button and drove into the garage and shut off the engine. Claire got off the bike first and spoke before I could.

“We probably should take a shower before getting in bed.”


“I was thinking the very same thing” I said as nonchalantly as I could.

As we walked into the house from the garage I stopped at the laundry room and started removing my muddy clothes but Claire continued towards my bedroom. As I walked up the steps I could hear the water start running. By the time that I arrived at the bedroom Claire was already in the shower. When I opened the shower door she gave me a big smile.

“Come on in, we can wash each other” she said.

I couldn’t imagine anything better than to open your shower door and find a nude, fourteen year old professional model in there asking you to join her. Once I step into the shower Claire grabbed some shampoo and began washing my hair for me. When she was done with that she took the bar of soap and began washing my entire body. When she got to my cock it was still only partially erect and she briefly washed it and then moved behind me. But as she was washing between my butt cheeks I felt her slide several of her long, skinny fingers up into my rectum. She grabbed my cock again from behind and began masturbating me with her soapy hand as she started sliding her fingers in and out of my ass. This caused me to have a full erection quickly and I could feel an orgasm slowly building as she continued to stroke me. When I looked down at my cock I saw that the head had became large and purple. But then she pulled her fingers out of my ass and released my cock at the same time.

“I don’t want to waste that in here” Claire said as she laughed.

“But I was SO close” I said.

“I could tell” she said still chuckling.

I took the shampoo and began washing her hair and then rinsed the soap out. Taking the bar of soap I washed her entire body; from her neck to the bottom of her feet. That I was in a position to be able to rub my slick, soapy hand over the perfect body of this young girl was almost more than I could fathom. And since there was not any time frame to be concerned about I did it very slowly and deliberately, examining every square inch of her body. And knowing what was going to happen after we got out of the shower even added more to my excitement. Once out of the shower we dried ourselves off and walked together to the bed. I had just changed the bed linen that morning and the feel of her young, tight, perfect, clean; nude body up against me on the clean linen was almost too much for me to comprehend. As we lay on the bed we slowly started rubbing, touching and exploring each other’s body without talking. Suddenly Claire sat up. Without saying anything she got off the bed and walked over to where she had laid her clothes over a chair. She fumbled with her skirt before finding what she was looking for; her phone. Before I knew what she was doing she pushed a button and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed besides me.

“Hi Mom” she said into the phone. OH SHIT! She’s talking to mom Stacy! I bet Stacy has no idea that her daughter is sitting naked on the edge of a bed with me right now. Or that I have a full erection thinking about what I’m getting ready to do to her daughter! “Okay”…..there was a pause....”Yeah, it was fun taking a ride on the bike….We rode out through the farms on the east side of town....Yes!....I’m not sure….Alright….No, we came here to Sam’s” OH NO! She told her mom we that were here at the house? Why would she do that? Would Stacy realize that we were here alone? Would Stacy pick up that Claire had called me by my first name, not “MR. J” as in the past? “That’s one reason I called” Claire continued. “I’m going to stay here tonight” WHAT? I was both excited that I would have Claire for the night but also scared about what Stacy would think if she found out that we were alone the entire time! “What time did you want to leave tomorrow?....I could have Sam bring me over….Okay, then what time are you coming here?....Because I want to sleep as late as possible that why!” Claire laughed after saying that. “Okay; why don’t you just ring the door bell when you get here, one of us will get up to let you in….I will Mom, love you too!”

“Mom’s going to pick me up sometime between eight and nine tomorrow morning” Claire said to me.

“And how do you know I wanted you to spend the night” I asked.

“Well, if you want I can call mom back and have her come and pick me up now” Claire said jokingly.

“No, it’s to late now. You’ve already hung up and I don’t want your mom to drive all the way over here. I guess you can stay.” I said like it was a real burden on me for her to be here.

“In that case,” Claire said as she climbed on top of me “We might as well enjoy ourselves until she gets here tomorrow”

Where before in the park all I could think about was to have an orgasm as quickly as possible now I wanted to go very slow and savor the feel of her young body against mine and the emotion of what was happening. For the next two hours we had sex in every possible position. Every time I was close to having an orgasm in each of the positions I would stop and allow myself to calm down before changing positions and starting again. Claire had two orgasms during this time. As she was moaning and thrashing during these orgasms I felt somewhat detached from the moment. To keep from having an orgasm myself I would only focus on what she needed from me for her to achieve and maintain the orgasm for as long as possible. Finally as Claire was lying on her back and I was on my side slowly going in and out of her she said to me;

“Sam, don’t stop this time. I want to feel you to cum inside me.”

I didn’t say anything but answered her by picking up the pace. Claire had her left leg draped over my left hip and her right legs between my legs as her head was nestled on my right shoulder. I could feel an orgasm slowly starting to build. I went faster and faster until I couldn’t stand it any more. I drove into her deeply and held my cock there as it spewed forth my cum into her. After I was done we just continued to lay there with me still inside her. I began to fondle her breast slowly and tenderly. It was only ten to fifteen minutes later that I heard her breathing slowly and deeply and I realized that she had fallen asleep. Laying there holding her I thought about the situation with her mother showing up in the morning. Although I thought that her mother knew that Claire was sexually active I decided there was not any benefit in making it obvious to her. Since I always wake up around six in the morning no matter what time I fall asleep I decided to stage different sleeping arrangements for her mother to see. I would get up at my normal time and I would take several pillows and a blanket to the sofa in the family room. That way when Stacy came into the house it could be perceived that I slept on the sofa. I fell asleep sometime after that but woke up during the night with a feeling of intense pleasure coming from my cock. Even though it was dark in the room when I looked down at my cock I could see what was causing the pleasure; Claire’s head going up and down. She used her hands to add to my pleasure, one going up and down the shaft and the other squeezing my balls. About the time I became fully conscience of what was happening I had another orgasm. Claire continued to suck, lick and fondle me until I became soft again.

“Nothing came out” Claire giggled.

“I guess you’ve drained me dry” I said.

Claire chuckled and then snuggled up against me again. I draped my right hand across her right hip in total peaceful bliss. I had never been so happy or so content in my life as I was at that moment. I pulled the sheet up over the both of us and we must have both feel asleep shortly there after because when I awoke there was light in the room. Claire had her head resting on my right shoulder and she was lying partially on me and partially on the bed. Her right arm was draped across my chest with her hand lying lazily on my left shoulder; her right leg was thrown across my legs. My right arm was running across her back with my hand resting on her right hip. I thought about how it felt so right, so natural, and so perfect for us to be like this right now. I let my hand drop to her butt cheeks; fondling them slightly under the sheet and again was amazed at how small they felt in my hand. Something to my left got my attention and when I looked left to see what it was I was struck in total horror at the sight.

There staring back at me was Claire’s mother Stacy!

“You were in such a hurry to get my daughter in bed you forgot to close the door” Stacy said.

I just stared at her in terror. I didn’t know what to say or do. Damage control, I needed to start damage control. But How? Was there any possible way to make this look innocent? But Stacy was still staring at me, I had to say or do something.

All that I could come up with at that moment was; “What?”

“You left the garage door open and the door into the house open” Stacy responded.

DAMN, I remembered how that happened now. But now I needed damage control. I glanced at Claire and the sheet; she was completely covered by it except for her head. Although my upper chest was bare could I find a way to convince Stacy that we had innocently fallen asleep while I had my shirt off? Would she believe that Claire was still clothed? But that meant that Stacy was going to have to leave the room before we could get out of bed. How was I going to talk her into doing that?


O SHIT. Claire had heard her mother voice and she started to stir. Before I could say or doing anything to stop her, Claire propped herself up by extending her arms so that she raised her upper body off me and turned towards her mother. This caused the sheet slide down her back and partially off her hips. The gap she created between us now also revealed that I was nude too. If there was any doubt in Stacy’s mind if we were clothed it was now answered; she could see her daughter bare breast, hip and part of a leg and I suspected she also a partial view of my semi-erect cock.

“How did you get in the house?” Claire asked while still partially asleep.

“Sam was in such a hurry last night he forgot to shut the doors. Claire, can I talk to you downstairs” Stacy said while continuing to stare at us. But before turning to leave Stacy made it a point to stare unbashfully at my now softening cock. After staring at it for what seemed like forever to me Stacy finally turned and left the room.

“I’m in trouble” I said after her mother had left the room.

“I wouldn’t know why” Claire said.

WOULDN’T KNOW WHY? WOULDN’T KNOW WHY? How about she just caught me in bed with her nude fourteen year old daughter, THAT’S WHY! Claire climbed out of bed and started putting her clothes back on. Since all she had was her shirt, skirt and sandals it only took seconds for her to dress. Even with the trouble that I knew I was in I still couldn’t help but admire her body as she dressed; it was just so perfect! I thought that there was a real possibility that Stacy was downstairs calling the police at this very moment. Would they come with lights and sirens going or just arrive in an unmarked car for the investigation? Would they lead me out of the house handcuffed? I suspected that I was about to find out. But this time with Claire had been so wonderful I was prepared to pay the piper without remorse, the night with her was worth whatever trouble I had just caused myself. As Claire walked out the room I got up and started getting dressed. I started to just throw on any clothes that I could quickly find but then thought I better dress as if going to the police station. As I walked down the steps and towards the kitchen I could hear Stacy and Claire talking in soft voices. As I turned the corner to enter the kitchen Stacy had her back to me and Claire was facing my way but looking down at the floor. Claire looked up at me and they quit talking. Stacy turned around to face me. I noticed that Claire had a worried look on her face and was biting the fingernails on her right hand. This did not look good at all.

“Sam, I was just telling Claire that we need to come back again next Wednesday afternoon and won’t be leaving until Friday morning. If you want I can bring Claire here when we get into town Wednesday, and then pick her up Friday morning.”

I was in total shock. I came around the corner thinking I was going to jail only to find out seconds later that the mother who just caught me in bed with her underage daughter was now arranging for us to be alone again!

“Thank you Stacy. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness” I said in as kind of voice as I could possibly say. Claire let out a little squeal, ran to me and hugged my neck kissing me at the same time.

“I was afraid that you just wanted this to be a one time thing” Claire said between kisses.

“Oh Claire, I hoped this would never end!” I said. Claire grabbed my hand and interlaced our fingers as we turned towards her mother.

“Sam are you going to be around the house Wednesday afternoon?” Stacy asked. Only then did I remember that I had an out of town meeting that day that could not be canceled.

“Stacy, I just remembered that I have a meeting in Allentown that day. I’ll be back sometime Wednesday afternoon but I’m not really sure when.”

“Well,” Stacy said. “I can either take Claire to the hotel with me and you can pick her up there or if you have an extra key she can let herself in if your not here.”

Wanting to lessen any chance of something that could happen that would keep Claire from staying with me I walked over to a drawer and removed a key. I handed the key to Stacy. Stacy started putting the key on her key ring.

“Okay, I guess we’re ready to go” Stacy said. Claire put her long skinny arms around my neck pulling our faces together. We kissed passionately in front of her mother for what seemed to me to be a long time. Then Claire lowered her right arm and grabbed my crotch with her right hand and slowly started rubbing my cock through the jeans.

“Save this for me Sam” Claire said.

“I just wish that you were not leaving so I wouldn’t have to save it.” Claire smiled and kissed me again but very tenderly this time. After they left I sat in the kitchen chair thinking about what had developed in the past twenty four hours. Not only did I finally fuck Claire after all these years of thinking about it, I was going to get to do it again next week. I did have concerns about having a sexual relationship with a fourteen year old girl. But the fact that not only did the mother know of it but was also actively engaged in arranging for it to happen again made me feel somewhat safer about what I was doing.

To me it did not seem like Wednesday would ever come but finally it arrived. Claire called and said they would be arriving mid-afternoon. I was so pre-occupied about what was waiting for me at home I had trouble focusing on the meeting. As soon as the meeting was over at 5 pm I drove home as fast as I could. I walked into the house; it was completely quite. Had they not arrived yet? I walked upstairs to my bedroom and found Claire asleep in my bed with the covers pulled up over her. I undressed and pulled back the covers and climbed in behind her. As I wrapped myself around her I was surprised again by how long, thin and fragile she seemed against me. Claire murmured approval and pushed back against me. I used my right hand to tenderly explore her entire front side. Her perfect breast, skinny arms, slender legs. As I ran my finger tips between her legs she opened her legs by draping her right leg over my right legs. I played with her vagina as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulder.

“Sam, I can’t stand this any longer. PLEASE, PLEASE, get inside me now!”

I grabbed my cock, felt her entrance and slowly slid into her vagina until I was completely inside her. Claire cried out and thrashed on the bed; she had her first orgasm! For the next hour I did a repeat of last week; fucking her in different positions until I was just ready to have an orgasm. Then I would stop and allow myself to calm down before starting in on her again in a different position. Claire had two more orgasms by me doing it this way. Finally I could stand it any longer myself. I was on my hands and knees driving into her as she lay on her back. The closer my orgasm came the faster I drove into her. As I was pulling back when I knew there was only about two more strokes to go Claire slid down under me causing my cock to come out of her. She put my cock in her mouth and started using both hands and her mouth to bring me to completion. I stayed on my hands and knees and savored what she was doing to me knowing that in seconds I would be filling her mouth with my cum. Just as I was getting ready to put my load into her mouth I felt the fingers of one hand slide up by butt crack, circle my rectum, and then she pushed a finger into my asshole. I looked backwards between my legs at my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was so small and my cock head so large that Claire could only get the head into her mouth. I had been teetering on the edge of an orgasm for seconds now and I watched her face as my cock finally exploded dumping load after load into her little mouth. Her small mouth could not hold it all and she could not swallow fast enough for the volume of cum shooting out of my cock. I watched as my cum ran out of the corners of her mouth, went down across her cheeks, down her neck, across her shoulders and onto the pillow. Claire kept swallowing as fast as she could but she could not keep up with what was coming out of my cock. As my orgasms slowed Claire was finally able to swallow the rest of my load so no more leaked out of her mouth. When I as finally done and my cock had started to soften Claire pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“That’s the last time I’ll tell you to save it for me!” She said laughing at her predicament. Her cheeks, neck and shoulders were covered in my cum. I eased myself off her and went to the bathroom. I put a small towel under the faucet and got it wet with warm water. I came back to the bed and cleaned my cum off her body. We laid naked on the bed talking for over an hour when Claire began to fondle my cock and it slowly became hard again. Claire climbed on top of me facing away from me and grabbed my rock hard cock and directed into her vagina. I spread my legs apart as she placed her feet inside my knees, bent forward grabbing my ankles and started raising her hips up and down so that my cock slid in and out of her. What A Sight! Seeing my cock disappear into that hole between those skinny legs caused me to have an orgasm within minutes and Claire laid on my legs until my orgasm subsided. Claire climbed off and reached over to the bed stand. She grabbed something and turned back to me. As she was facing me she smiled while putting something from a tube on her hand. She then used that hand to start massaging my cock which became very slick.

“That feels very good Claire but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it again without resting a little first.”

“You just need some motivation” Claire said with a big smile.

After rubbing my entire cock with the slick cr? Claire laid on her back with her bare crotch pointed directly at my face. She squeezed more of the cr? onto her finger tips, reached down and started rubbing the edge of her rectum. She put more cr? on her finger tips and then started at me as she reached down and started putting her fingers into her rectum. She slid her finger completely into her rectum, removed them and put more cr? on her fingers repeating the process. After doing this several times she rolled over onto the stomach. While keeping her face on the bed she slowly raised her hips by getting on her knees. She smiled at me with her face pressed on the bed.

“I’m Ready.” was all that she said as she raised her ass as high in the air as she could.

I got behind her, grabbed my slick cock in my right hand and guided it to her ass hole. Slowly I pushed downward into her, my cock slid all the way in on the first thrust. Claire moaned as I bottomed out in her ass. I pulled all the way back out until I could just see the head of my cock and pushed downward again. I started making slow, long full strokes in her ass. I just could not imagine how she was able to take my cock up her ass; it looked so huge between her small butt cheeks and narrow hips. When I first met Claire I thought that she had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen but now with my cock shoved up it; it looked even ten times better! I moved my feet to get into a better position so I could drive into her even deeper and my right foot came to rest by her face. Claire moved her face over to my foot and put my large right toe into her mouth. She started sucking my toe as I hammered her ass. As I felt my orgasm build I starter stroking her ass faster and faster and I started driving Claire forward on the bed. She reach for the headboard with her hands to keep her head from being banged into it I was entering her so roughly. Claire had been moaning loudly and as I felt my cum shoot into her I drove into her as hard as I could and Claire screamed at the rough, deep intrusion of my cock in her ass. When I looked down I saw that my cock was completely inside her ass, no portion of the shaft was visible. Claire had quit screaming but was moaning and taking deep breaths. We both slowly slid downwards until Claire was laying flat on her stomach. My cock still felt and looked so good in her ass I kept it in her until it got soft enough that it came out on its own. As it slid completely out Claire moaned again.

“That’s the hardest ass fucking I’ve ever had” Claire said.

“I’m sorry Claire; it just looked and felt so good I could not stop myself.” Claire rolled over to face me.

“Sam, I wanted to give you something special. I know how much you enjoy that position. Even though I’ll be sore for a few days I’ll do it again anytime that you want.”


The next day we acted like new lovers; having sex often and for any reason. We went into public several times and I knew what people were thinking; that I had the most beautiful daughter imaginable! If they only knew that this young girl was not my daughter but my lover. That night we had sex several more times and each time I could just not get over how beautiful Claire was and how lucky I was to be the one in bed with her. We awoke the next morning and just laid in bed talking but eventually we started having sex again. I did not know what time her mother was coming to pick her up but wanted to feel myself have an orgasm in her one more time before her mother knocked on the door. Claire was on top of me facing me with my cock in her vagina. I was thrusting my hip upward to drive my cock into her. Claire closed her eyes and started acting like her neck had became rubber; her head was flopping in different directions as I drove into her. She was in such ecstasy that I literally had to lace my fingers with hers to keep her from falling off me she was in such a trance. I became somewhat concerned about her as she became even more unstable as I continued driving my cock up into her. I noticed several times that Claire had glanced to her right as she bounced up and down on my hips with my thick hard cock going in and out of her. One time after turning back to face me again she had a weak smile on her face. I turned to my left to see what she had been smiling about and there watching me fuck Claire was her mother Stacy! Then it came to me that Stacy did not have to knock to come into the house; she still had the key!

Slowly Stacy walked over to the bed as I continued to pound her daughter. Stacy bent over the bed and began to kiss her daughter tenderly on the lips. Claire responded by kissing her mother back and then I saw Stacy slowly raise her right hand and began to fondle Claire’s left breast. Stacy’s left hand move behind Claire’s back but I could not see what it was doing until I felt a warm hand cup my balls. Stacy was massaging my balls as I fucked her daughter! Stacy stepped back from us and slowly walked to the end of the bed so she would have a better view of my large cock penetrating her thin young daughter. The realization that the mother of the underage girl who I was fucking was watching me use her daughter’s body to as a way to reach an orgasm was enough push me over the edge; I grabbed Claire by the hips and pushed her downward as I raised my hips to drive my cock into her as deep as possible. I could feel my balls going through contractions as I my cum spurt into Claire. Claire was in such a trance that when I had let go of her hands to grab her hips she fell forward on me as if she was unconscious. I laid there panting hard from the physical exertion and intense orgasm I just experienced. As Claire began to stir while lying on my chest I could feel wetness running across my balls as my cum leaked out of her. Stacy was still staring between my legs and I saw her stepped forward and reached down with her hand. I felt her fingers on my balls as she slid them across. She raised her hand and I saw my cum on her finger tips. While staring into my eyes she slowly raised her hand and tasted my cum that had leaked out of her daughter.

“Sam” she said, “I can see that Claire is going to need some time to recuperate and then she’ll probably want to shower. I’m going to go to the kitchen and start coffee.” Was all that she said about what had just happened!

Stacy was right; Claire laid on my chest for probably 5 minutes before she began to move. It was probably another 10 minutes before she was able to climb out of bed and we got into the shower together. She even seemed a little wobbly while in the shower and I made sure she didn’t fall. While we were showering the shower door suddenly slid open and Stacy stood there holding two cups of coffee.

“Sam, do you use sugar or creamer?”

“No, just black.”

“Okay, then it’s ready. Honey I’ve got yours ready too” Stacy said as she sat the mugs down on the bathroom counter.

“Thanks Mom” Claire said weakly. Claire and I finished our shower, dressed and walked down to the kitchen together. Stacy was reading the paper at the table. Stacy got up and walked over to Claire.

“You okay honey?”

“Yeah Mom, it was just a very intense” Claire said.

“I could see that, I’m just jealous that I didn’t get to have it!” Stacy said and both she and Claire started laughing.

After they left I spend a lot of time thinking about how Stacy was responding to the relationship between Claire and me. When Stacy caught us that first time sleeping nude in bed her only response was to arrange for us to be alone. Then when Stacy caught us actually in the process of having sex, Stacy’s only response was to massage my balls as I continued to hammer her daughter while she watched! And what even added more to my confusion was Stacy’s persona; she obviously was very smart, money was not a problem, very beautiful herself and she dressed very conservative. Not the type of mom that you would expect to be actively engaged in encouraging her fourteen year old daughter to be sexually active with a man older then herself!

It was two weeks before they came back. Claire and I had two nights and a full day together again and it was a repeat of the last time; lots of great sex and lots of talking. Talking to Claire was like talking to a very intelligent adult in that we never ran out of things to discuss. I made sure that when Stacy came to pick up Claire in the morning that instead of us being in bed like the last two times we were up and I had breakfast ready. A week later Claire called and said that there had been a serious computer problem and they were flying in today. They would be arriving in three hours; could she stay with me today? I went to the airport and picked them up and took Stacy to where she needed to be. Claire and I went back to the house where we talked. About the time we started to act on our sexual urges Claire got a phone call from her mom. I knew something was different when Claire not only left the room that we were in but also the floor level we were on to talk to her mom. I could hear muffled conversation but could not make out any words that were being used. The talking stopped and I could hear Claire walking towards me. She came into the room that I was in and she had a serious expression on her face.

“Sam, Mom is finishing up on the repair to the software but the next plane out is not until tomorrow morning. Could I spend the night here?” A big smile came to my face!

“I think that could be arranged!” I said jokingly.

“Here’s the other question for you” Claire said. “How would you feel about Mom staying here with us?”

The first thing that came to my mind was how would Stacy react to the noises that her daughter was going to make as I fucked her little girl? But Stacy had walked in and actually watched me bang the hell out of Claire once already, if she accepted that then just hearing the results of what I was going to do to Claire should not bother her, right?

“Sure, the guest bed room is already made up” I said. But Claire got the serious look on her face again.

“Sam; if Mom stays with us, she’ll be in same bed as we are.”

It took a second for me to comprehend what Claire meant by that statement. Then it hit me; Claire was talking about a threesome involving her Mom! I had never been in a threesome in my life; now the thought of being in one with an underage model and her beautiful mother was more than I fathom.

“Are you sure she’ll be okay with that?” I asked. A big smile came to Claire’s face.

“Oh yeah! She’s already a little jealous that I haven’t shared you with her yet” Claire said. That comment sent my head spinning!

“In that case she’s more than welcome!”

Claire let out a little squeal, pick up her phone and pushed a button. “HE SAID YES” is all that she said into the phone! Late that afternoon we went and picked up Stacy and we had decided to eat before going back to the house. We went to a expensive restaurant that is known for its great food and service. Several people glanced and a few stared at Stacy and Claire as we were there. I knew what they we thinking; that guy has a gorgeous wife and an even more beautiful daughter. I doubt that a single person knew the truth; that the young girl was my lover and the woman was her mom. Or that not only has the mother watched me as I banged her young daughter; but that tonight after leaving this restaurant she was going to join us for a threesome! I was partially erect the entire meal thinking about what was about to happen!

As we drove the house I wondered how would we end up together in the bedroom; would we make small talk first in the kitchen first; how would that lead up to sex; or would we start having sex downstairs and have that lead up to going to upstairs to the bedroom, or would Claire and I be alone at first and her mother join us later? How were we going to start this? The answer came as we walked into the house. Claire and Stacy just walked towards the bedroom as we were still talking. As we continued our discussion they just walked into the bedroom and began removing their clothes. They acted like we had done this a hundred time before but I was rock hard before removing my clothes. Since I knew what Claire looked like nude I watched as Stacy removed her clothes. Like Claire she was taller and thinner than normal and her breast also seemed a little too big. So much so that I suspected she had breast enlargement done. Stacy walked over to me slowly staring at my cock the entire time. She extended her right hand, grabbed and began to squeeze and lift my cock feeling its weight and thickness and smiled at me. Stacy raised her left hand and put it behind my neck pulling my mouth down to hers. Just before we kissed though she said to me;

“Ever since I saw this in my daughter I’ve wanted to feel it in me.” Then we kissed for what seemed like a long time. As our kiss broke Stacy said to me;

“But you’re my daughter’s boyfriend, she gets you first!” It was odd for me to have a mother refer to me as her fourteen year daughter boyfriend when I was older than the mother. I looked to see where Claire was and saw that she was on the bed. As I walked towards her Claire rolled over onto her stomach and got up on her hands and knees. Stacy appeared by my side and I saw a tube of lubricant in her hand. She squeezed some onto her right palm and began to stroke my cock making it slick. Then she stopped and moved towards Claire. Claire lowered her face to the bed with her ass stuck high in the air and in complete shock I watched as Stacy began lubricating her daughter’s rectum. As I stood there dumbfounded I watched Stacy put the lubricant into Claire’s rectum with her fingers. Stacy turned towards me.

“She’s Ready” is all she said about what was happening. As if in a daze I climbed up on the bed, got behind Claire, grabbed my slick cock and put the head up against her rectal opening and watched Stacy’s face as I pushed my cock into her daughter’s asshole. Claire moaned loudly and all Stacy did was to move so she could have better view of what was happening. I started stroking Claire’s ass with long full strokes watching her mothers face the entire time I was doing it. But Stacy was focused on watching my cock slide in and out of her daughter’s ass hole. It was like she couldn’t her Claire moan every time I drove into her, couldn’t see Claire holding the bed sheets to keep from being driven forward by my thrusting into her. Then I thought to myself; what goes through a mother mind as she watches a grown man use her young daughter’s asshole as a place to massage his cock so he can reach an orgasm? As if reading my mind Stacy looked me in the eyes, smiled then bent down and talked softly to Claire as I continued to pound Claire’s ass with my cock. I saw Claire nod her head yes then Stacy straightened up and spoke to me.

“When your ready to cum Sam use my mouth.” Hearing those words and having seen all that had happen just about pushed me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of Claire’s ass and pointed it at her mother’s mouth. Stacy then did something that no woman had ever done before or has done since; she deep throated me. Up till then I thought that the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me was that I could put large, thick cock all the way into Claire’s little ass. Seeing my cock completely disappear in her mother’s mouth was even more amazing. I could see Stacy’s nose pressed into my stomach, feel my balls resting on her chin; it was unbelievable. Trying to imagine how she did it I grabbed her throat putting the finger tips of my right hand on the front of her throat. I started fucking her mouth. Every time my cock moved I could feel in it my finger tips of my right hand. Stacy had swallowed my cock! That sent me over the edge; I sent a huge load of cum into Stacy’s throat. At first I wondered how Stacy was going to swallow my load but then it dawn on me she didn’t have to; my cum was being deposited straight to her stomach! I had closed my eyes as I reached orgasm but now as I looked down at Stacy and saw that her face was getting red from lack of oxygen. I released my hands from her neck and started to remove my cock so she could breathe again but Stacy raised her hands and put them on my butt to keep me from pulling out of her mouth. After a few seconds more she finally started to pull her head back. Watching the length of my cock as it slid out of her mouth I found to be amazing. How did she do that? How could she take the entire thing?

Stacy fell back on the bed taking long deep breaths trying to get air back in her lungs and I laid back on the bed also I was so weak. That was the most intense orgasm of my life! For ten to twenty minutes no one moved but then Stacy climbed over to where Claire was still laying on her back and spread Claire legs apart. Stacy knelt between her legs and began to slowly and tenderly kiss and rub Claire’s entire body. She kissed her daughter on the lips, neck, breast, legs, toes, stomach; everywhere but between her legs. After doing this for what seemed like a long time Stacy lowered her face between her daughters’ legs and began to focus on her vagina and rectum. Claire began squirming and moaning. Then Claire got louder, thrashing on the bed and she began squealing in a high pitch. I had never seen a female have such an intense orgasm in my life; at first it actually scared me that Claire was acting so unusual. At first I actually thought that something had gone wrong until I realized that Stacy seemed proud of herself for making Claire reach such a level of ecstasy. Even after no one was touching Claire any longer she continued to moan and squirm for 5-10 minutes her orgasm was so intense. As Claire began to slowly come down Stacy took the lubricant from the nightstand and began to lube her rectum and then my cock. Stacy got on her hands and knees in front of me; I needed no more encouragement. Without touching my cock I aimed it at her rectum and when it was aligned I shoved forward burying it completely in her ass on the first stroke. Stacy grunted and I put my hands on her shoulders to keep her from moving away from me and drove into her ass as hard, fast and deep as I could. It only took about a minute before I had another orgasm shooting my cum into the mother’s bowels also. Stacy and I both fell to our sides we were so exhausted. After many minutes I slowly climbed over to Claire and slowly began kissing her tenderly. Claire responded and after a few more minutes I entered her and slowly massaged my cock in her. Just as I was getting ready to have an orgasm I stopped myself, pulled out, and went to her mother and slid my cock into her. I slowly fucked Stacy until I was ready to have an orgasm again, stopped and went to Claire putting my cock into her again. Every time I was ready to have an orgasm I would stop and switched girls. Finally as I was on top of Claire fucking her and just about to cum I pulled out of her again but Claire slid down under me and I found myself straddling her chest. Stacy reached over and began to stroke my cock. For about minute I sat on Claire chest looking at her face as her mother sat beside us masturbating me. I could feel my orgasm building and I could not believe what was about to happen; that the mother of this beautiful girl under me was about to give her daughter a facial with my cock. People had paid money to photograph this face; now I was getting ready to put a load of cum on that same face due to her mother masturbating me! I looked down at my cock; the head was very large and very purple. I felt my balls contract first and I guess Stacy felt it also because she immediately pointed my cock directly at her daughter’s face. I felt and then saw my cum shoot out and hit Claire in her beautiful face. I shot load after load onto her face until I was dry. As I fell off of Claire, Stacy went to the bathroom and brought back a wash cloth and began to clean Claire’s face and then laid on the bed between us. For a long time no one moved or made a noise. It was close to an hour before we decided that we should shower so the three of us bathed together. Afterwards we got into the hot tub and relaxed. I was able to make my way downstairs to get wine and the three of us drank two bottles relaxing us even more. We eventually went back to the bed, put on new sheets and slept till morning. After they left I found that I was so drained sexually that I had no sex urges of any kind for days.

Claire and her mom stayed with two more times and it was a repeat of the first time; unbelievable sex with each of them. It was when they were with me the second time that Stacy told me that her work at the company was done; they would not be coming back. We agreed to continue to meet but I knew it would not be as often. It was two months later before I saw Claire again; Stacy had paid for the plane trip to my town so we could be together. Claire stayed for three days and it was wonderful; great sex and conversation. I flew to where they were living the next month while Stacy was gone for four more wonderful days. As I was leaving Claire broke the news to me; they were moving to Canada. Stacy had accepted a new position and they would be moving in the next few weeks. That was the reason Stacy was gone then; to find a house that they could move into. I tried calling a few weeks after they moved and found that their phone numbers had been disconnected again; I had lost touch with them.

It was about 6 months later before I heard from them. Claire called said that in Canada that a girl is considered an adult sexually at age sixteen. Claire was asking that I meet her in Montreal for her sixteenth birthday. We both flew in and met at an EXTREMELY nice hotel that her mother had booked for us as a birthday present to Claire. We stayed for a week and it was the most wonderful week of my life. We did nothing to hide the fact that we were lovers. I noticed that the hotel staff began to respond to us differently though the longer we were there. On the forth day we were there the manager of the hotel and police showed up at the door; they thought that Claire was an underage girl. After closely examining our passports and contacting Stacy, who assured them that not only was Claire there with her permission but she was the one to booked the room, everything changed. The staff suddenly became overly friendly. To the point that as I was checking out a very cute girl working at the check out desk actually gave me her card and said that if I ever came back and “need anything” to give her a call. When I looked at the back of the card she had written down her home phone number!

I talked to Claire and Stacy every few months until the phone became disconnected again. About that time I met another girl that I fell completely in love with the very first time I met her. A year after we met we married. I had kind of forgotten about Claire and Stacy until one day when I saw Claire as a model in a major retailer’s clothing book. After that I started skimming though women fashion books, retailer’s clothing books and fliers that arrived at our house and every now and then I would see Claire in the one of them. One time while at the movie theater with my wife I thought I saw her in the background of one of the scenes. I located the list of credits and sure enough her name was included! I had not talked to Claire in years but I would get partially erect when I would think back on the great sex we had when she was just fourteen.

And then out of the blue Claire called one day.

I had been working at the office when my secretary said that I had a “personal” phone call. I answered the phone wondering what she meant by that.

“Hello, Sam speaking”

“Hi Sam, its Claire”

“Claire! How are you doing?”

“I’m good!” We talked for 10-15 minutes before Claire said; “Hey Sam, I’m in town tonight and wondered if we could get together?”

“I would really enjoy that Claire. There’s something I need to tell you though.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m married now.” Claire started laughing.

“So which one did you end up marrying?” She said with humor in her voice.

“Actually, Allison did not grow up around here. I met her on a trip”

“Sam I hope you don’t mind but I’ve got to ask; how old is she?” Claire said with laughter still in her voice again.

“Well, she’s actually two weeks younger than my daughter.” I could hear Claire burst out in laughter.

“You Always Did Like Them Young! And how did Katie feel about you marrying someone younger than herself?”

“At first it was a little awkward but they have become good friends. They do a lot of things together now; in fact I think that Allison talks to Katie more than I do. I think that they both get a kick out of watching people’s faces when Katie introduces Allison as her step-mother!” Claire began laughing again at that statement.

“Well, I still would like to get together with you Sam”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you also Claire.”

We made arrangements that I would meet her at the restaurant in the hotel where Claire was staying that evening. But as the afternoon wore on I began to think; when Claire said “get together” did she mean as in just to talk or did she mean it in the physical sense? The more I thought about it the more I became concerned that she could have meant it in the physical sense. I had no doubt that a man being married would not make any difference to Claire concerning sex. And I wasn’t about to do anything that would screw up my relationship with my wife. So I called my wife and explained to her that a friend of Katie’s was in town and that WE had been invited to eat with her as we caught upon each other’s lives.

When Claire saw my wife with me for a split second I saw confusion in her face but then it broke into a big smile. Claire stood up and warmly greet my wife first and then me. I was glad that her greeting with me was no more that a brief hug and a slight peck on the cheek. I had thought through what my first words to Claire would be so that she would realize that Allison knew nothing of our past. After I was sure that Claire picked up on what my words meant I relaxed and had a wonderful visit with Claire. Neither Claire nor I said anything that would ever lead my wife to think that Claire was anything but a past friend of my daughter. When it was time to leave Claire actually had a longer goodbye hug and kiss with Allison than she did with me. I knew that there was a good chance that this would be the last time I would ever see Claire again. Allison and I walked to our car and got in. I started the engine but Allison grabbed my arm to keep me from putting the car into gear.

“So, how old is Claire?” she asked.

“Well, let me think. She’s four years younger than Katie and her birthday is sometime in late summer so she’s still probably twenty one yet.”

“And you haven’t seen her in five years?” my wife asked. I knew exactly how long it had been; it was Claire’s sixteenth birthday in Montreal. But I acted like I wasn’t sure.

“Yeah, that’s probably about right.” I said. I turned to look at Allison and she had a serious look on her face.

“If you haven’t seen her since she was sixteen, how old was she when you first started having sex with her?” my wife asked. I was so shocked by her statement that at first I could not speak.

“Wha, what do you mean?” I asked.

“Sam; when a husband introduces his wife to a female from his past; the wife is able to tell which ones he has had sex with. The two of you did a good job of trying to hide it but it was apparent to me that Claire was much more than just a friend of Katie’s. So I’ll ask you again; how old was she when you started having sex with her?”

One of the things that first drew me to Allison was that we could be brutally honest with each other. At times it can be hard to but I’ve always felt in the long run it was the best thing for us.

“She was fourteen before we actually went to bed.” is all that I said. Allison was quite for too long of a time. Was this something from my past she could not accept? Had I crossed over a line she could not forgive?

“Fourteen.” She repeated and she was quite again. “You said she was “fourteen before” you had sex with her. Did something happen with her before she was fourteen?”

I knew that what I was about to tell her might damage our marriage but we had always promised each other to be completely honest in our answers. So I told her the entire story concerning Claire, even the part about her mother’s involvement. My wife was quite for many minutes after I was finished and she would not look at me.

“You know Sam, I’ve noticed that you look at teenage girls and I never thought about why you did. But now I realize that your still sexually attracted to them aren’t you?”

“Allison, I’m not to tell you that I’m not. But ever since I met you I have never, and I will never, do ANYTHING that could possibly hurt our relationship.”

Allison was quite again but then turn to face me once again. “What if I gave you permission to be with a young girl again? Would you do it?” she asked.

Without waiting a second I responded; “No”

“Why not?” she asked.

“There are two reasons; First, I know that you’re offering this because of your love for me Allison. And it’s an unbelievable act of love that you’ve offered. But my fear is that someday; maybe twenty or thirty years from now, you’ll regret making the offer and it will come between us. So the answer again is no.”

“What’s the second reason?”

“Well, there are not a lot of young girls who wants to have sex with a man my age. Finding one is going to take a lot of time and effort. I’d much rather use that time and effort in building our relationship instead of spending it doing something that could possibly hurt our relationship.”

Allison was quite again and I could tell she was thinking. Finally she spoke.

“What if I told you that we already know a young girl that has told me that she wants to have sex with you? Would that change your mind?”

“Are you serious?” I asked


“Who is it?”


“Maria? The housekeeper’s daughter?” I had admired Maria cute little body many times before. She was a Latino girl of twelve or thirteen that came to our house with her mother once a week. Allison nodded her head yes to my question.

“Why would Maria want to have sex with me? And even if she did why would she even tell you about it?” This was confusing.

“Well, we left the dildo out one time. Maria found it as she was helping me straighten the bed one morning. She picked it up, felt it and smiled at me. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say or do. But before I could say anything Maria looked at me and said; “wouldn’t be nice to have a man with that between his legs.” So I got brave and told her that’s why I bought it, that it was the same size as your cock. Maria seemed shocked at first but then told me I was lucky to be able to have that anytime I wanted it. That was the first time that she said that if I’d ever want to share it with her to let her know. She was laughing as she said it but I thought she might have been sincere. Since then I have made it a point to make the bed with her each week and have hinted about our sex life and she has always repeated that if I wanted to share you to let her know. And last week I…well, I let Maria use the dildo in our bathroom while her mom was downstairs. She came out all flushed, thanked me and told me again how lucky I was.”

“Honey,” I said. “The answer is still no. I’m just still afraid that some day you’ll regret that you allowed me to do that when I’m the only one getting pleasure from it.” Allison was quite and looking out the side window as I spoke. Then she turned and looked straight in the eye.

“What if I said it not so much as ‘allowing you to’ as it would be ‘wanting you to’?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well….I’m, I’m not sure how to say this. Ah….Okay here it is; Sam; I have masturbated while thinking about watching you fuck Maria. There, I said it!”


“Several times. I was never going to say anything to you about it thinking that you would be offended by the idea. But just now when you admitted to having sex with Claire when she was fourteen, all I could think about was; would you do Maria as I watched.” She paused, “Would you?”

“Do you really think Maria would do it; I mean not only having the sex with me but also allowing you to be in the room while it’s happening?”

“All I can do is ask. Besides, by the lump in your pants I know what your answer is!” I didn’t realize that I had developed a full erection as we talked. Allison reached over and began to outline my cock through my pants as she took out her phone.

“Maria! It’s Allison. Are you where you can talk?...Okay, do you want to call me back?....No, I’ll wait……Hi, can you hear me okay?....Good…Hey, .I’ve been talking to my husband about our conversations concerning different sizes of men….Yes!….Maria, we both have agreed that we would like to share that with you…..Yes I’m Serious!.....He is too!..... Yes….But he has one condition that you must agree to before he will do it…..HE wants me to be in the room with you while it’s happening…..You like that idea also?....Good!......When will work for you?.....Tomorrow afternoon?....Yes, that works for us also….. 4 O’clock?.... Okay, see you then.

“Tomorrow afternoon at four we both get what we want; your going to fuck little Maria and I get to watch” was all the Allison said. I put the car in gear and began to drive home. Neither of us spoke, both of us deep in thought about what was going to happen tomorrow.

“Keep your eyes focused on the road” my wife said.

“What do you mean?”

She answered by undoing my belt, unzipping my pants and sliding my pants off my hips down close to my knees. She leaned over and put my still hard, thick cock in her mouth. She wrapped her right hand around my cock and began using her hand and mouth to jack me off. It was hard to stay focused on my driving as I came in my wife’s mouth while thinking about a cute, twelve year old girl I would be fucking tomorrow as my wife was watching!

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