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“Hey, Ms Turner”
”Hi, Billy”, Ms Turner replied.
“Is Johnny a round to hand out?”
“No, it’s his father’s weekend to have he”, Ms Turner informed me.
“Ok, Ms Turner see you a round.”
“Billy can you come in here I want to ask you a question, and by the way I told you to call me Jen.”
So I walked in the front door of the house not really knowing why she needed me to talk to. I didn’t really know Ms Turner a lot; she worked all the time being a single parent and all. But don’t get me wrong, I’m seventeen and for a thirty-six year old woman she was a total MILF. If you would just look at her you would think that she was in her early twenties, 5’3” 120 lbs 34D-26-34 in. short blonde hair and deep blue eyes and the world’s best ass. Man I would give my left nut to fuck her. I walked in for a day that I would never forget.
”Billy can you tell me why I found a bag of weed and a small amount of coke in Johnny’s room three days ago”, Ms Turner said as she held up the drugs in front of me and with this face of true hate for me.
“I don’t know Ms Turner, I mean Jen?”
“How he came to have this in his room.”
“Don’t lie to me Billy, I know it’s yours; your name is on the pipe that was with the weed.”
“So go and lie, by the time the cops show up you’ll be sorry for giving my only son drugs.”
“No, no I’ll do anything Ms Turner, ANYTHING! Just don’t call the cops. I take the drugs and get rid of them, and never give Johnny anything else.”
”Did you hear that Jen, he said he would do anything if you don’t call the cops on his dumb ass.”
I never saw him when I walked in, but now looking back I wish I did, because I would have never enter the house.
”Oh this is Dave, my good friend”, said Ms Turner. “I know just what you need to do if you don’t want me to call the cops.”
“Come over and sit”, she said.
So I walked over the over the sofa and sat down. With my mind racing of what she had plan for me. Was it money, did she want the drugs for herself. I could have never had guess what was going to happen next.
”Have you ever seen another man’s cock before Billy”, Ms Turner asked me.
“No”, I said.
“No, well today is your day Billy.”
“What do you mean Ms Turner?”
“I told you to call me Jen, Ms Turner feels like my mother and I’m not that old.”
“I want you to go up to Dave and unzip his fly of his jeans.”
“Are you out of your mind”, I told her.
“No, but if you don’t want me calling the police you will do what I said, you said anything.”
“But”, I stated.
“But, nothing get over there.”
So I got up and went to Dave. Now Dave was your average guy, tall skinny messy brown hair. But gay, I seen a couple gay guys at the mall and he didn’t look like one of them. I started to reach for him zipper. On your knees Billy, I heard for behind me. I dropped to one knee and then the other. Moving my hand over to his fly, me hand shaking, I started to pull down the fly. Now unbutton the top. So I took a deep hard swallow and did as I was told. I could now see his blue boxers and some of his brownish hair coming from the top of the waistband. Pull out his dick, she said next. I did and man was it thick, it was only about six inches long still a little soft but it was thick. Next popped out his balls. I didn’t know why I started to do what I did, but I did. I started to pump his member up and down in my hand. I just needed to know what it was going to be fully hard. My own dick was about six and a half inches big hard but narrow. His was thick and big, up to nine inches fully hard and uncut. I never see anything like this.
”You like this boy”, he said as he looked down at me.
Jen came up next to Dave, now fully naked and started to kiss Dave; in a most hot & exotic kiss I have ever seen. She remove his shirt and push down his pant to the floor and stepped out of them. I never let his dick go, I couldn’t. I never had something like this in my hands before. Don’t get me wrong I have jerk off my dick since I was ten, some days two or three times, but I never such a big hot dick in my hands.
Jen looked down at me and smile.
“I can see that our little bitch like cock.” “Does he want to taste some meaty beef in his mouth?”
All I did was look up and nod.
“Oh our little bitch learns fast, now put his cock in your mouth and suck it real good.”
So I put his cock to my lips and already I could taste the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Passed the lips and into my mouth I placed his cock. It filled my mouth before I could get the whole thing in, but I tried my best to please him. I don’t know why, but I wanted this blowjob to be his best. I didn’t know what was coming over me, all I know was I was going to suck the cum right out of the dick one way or another. Back and four I went sucking and pumping with my hand. I never suck a man’s cock before, but I just thought back to all the porn I watched and what the girls would do when they would suck the guy’s dick. I reached up with my other hand to play with the balls and he started to moan out from sucking on Jen’s tit. I could feel my own dick was rock hard now so I reached down to rub it through my jeans. Next it I felt was a hard left hand come whaling down onto my face.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing bitch.” “Did you hear me tell you that you could touch that”, she said.
“No I just…” “You just what?” “You just thought that you could do what you wanted and I would not care, just like you thought it was alright to give my baby drugs”, she yelled.
“Up, get up and take off your clothes.” “I want to see what you thought was ok to rub and make feel good.“
I stood up and did as I was told, next thing I was standing there nude with my six and a half inch dick standing rock hard outward. Slap across my dick, another slap going the other way across my dick, and a third she hit my dick hard.
“See what happens when you started to do things that no one tells you that you can do.”
Boy was my cock hurting now.
“Get the fuck back on your knees and suck his fucking cock now”, she said as she your finger pointed down to the floor. I did as I was told and resumed sucking away at his cock.
She walked around to the back of me and kneed down running your hands down my back she did. I could feel the hard nipples of you tit rub up all me as she went down. My dick pulsed as this happen. Now look and this ass will you, as she squeezed it hard. I could feel her one finger start to circle my asshole as kneed there sucking Dave’s cock. At the same time she grabbed my ball sack and put a finger into my asshole. I jumped forward putting Dave’s dick all the way to the hilt down my throat. I guess that was all he needed because he started to cum and cum in my throat. All the times I had cum by jerking off, I had never cum some much. It filled my mouth and ran over down my chin. I do have to admit it tasted very good, the amount I was able to swallow. Jen did let up on my ass though; she was working the third finger into my hole and going at a fast paste.
When Dave finally pulled out of my abused mouth, looked up at him and with that all he did was call me a bitch, spit in my face, and told me not to waste anything that he gave me. I then leaned down and started licking up his wonderful warm cum. Jen started to squeeze my balls tight as my ass lifted higher into the air. I didn’t take notice to this; all I wanted was his cum.
”Did you like that bitch”, she asked me as I was cleaning the mess I made on the floor.
“Are you going to give my son any more drugs?” I looked up at her and nodded no.
“Go shower now and fast, I don’t need you parents wondering were you are.”
And with that I headed to the bathroom to clean myself. As I started to stand, Jen kick me in the balls from behind.
“Did I say, stand,” she asked. “No, but…” Slap!
“You don’t talk back to you master bitch”, explain Dave to me. So with my hard cock still sore and needing to cum, I crawled to the bathroom.
Jen followed me in, tapping your foot up into my balls as she walked. She passed me and turn on the shower being it was out of my reach and I knew now that if I got up to turn it on there would be hell to pay. First the cold water and then the hot, then she looked down at me and said that she doesn’t break her back sixty plus hours a week to pay for hot water for me. She turned the hot water back off and pointed me to get in. I crawl my way into the shower. When the cold water hit my body I almost jump right out of my skin. Boy was it fucking cold. I started to soap up my now very cold body and worked my way down to my still very hard cock. When Jen took the soap from me and said that she got this. Jen started pushing my balls up into my body with the soap from underneath hard. Next she pulled on my cock and ran the bar of soap up and down the shaft. It felt good, but before to much good feelings could come of this; she made sure to squeeze and yank my dick hard and painfully. She through the soap back at me and told me to finish the fuck up. Dave walked in the bathroom and told me hold his dick and to open my mouth. Yes! More cum just what I needed, his cum tasted so good and would take my mind off the pain I was feeling on my cock and balls.
With my mouth wide open and waiting for his cum. He started to piss in my mouth. I closed my mouth as soon as it went in and Jen yelled for me to open my fucking mouth right away. I did as I was told and he started to piss again. I swallowed to pee as he went. It did taste as good as cum but I did it anyway. He finished up and I sucked the last drops out. He turned around and walked out without saying a word like this is the kind of thing everybody does on a regular basis.
I finished rising my body and Jen turned off the water. She picked up the towel that was a the entrance to the shower, that was used to caught the water that dripped from your body as your toweled yourself off after your done; and told me to dry myself fast. As I was drying myself she bended down and took my still cock in her hand. Bought it to her mouth and open it up. As my cock move closer to her mouth I knew that I was going to get some now. She stop stood up, slap me in the face and told me to get dress and to get home. She then said if I would ever tell a soul about what happened that, that would be the end of me.
I crawl out of the bathroom, got dress and crawl to the front door stood up and walked out. Thinking to myself of the events that took place over the last three hours I knew that I was different now, maybe a good, but different and I like it.
As soon as I got home I went straight to my room took off my clothes and grabbed my dick. I was about the jerk off and I stopped and put my clothes back and went down stairs. My parents where still at work and I reach for the phone.
”Yes bitch”
”I need more punishment for my trouble ways, I need to be set straight, and tart how to be a good bitch.
Come tomorrow and I will continue are lessen on being a good and poplar boy.”


2010-05-06 15:52:35
a female dominant should be called MISTRESS not master

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THIS is a rewrite??? Forget it, buddy. You can't write.

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