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Some time ago, when my job was not going so well, I decided to rent out the two spare bedrooms in my house, for extra income. I placed an ad for the two furnished rooms and got plenty of responses right away. I expected to go through an extensive interviewing and screening process. As it turned out, I found my tenants right away. The first respondents who called and came by ended up renting both rooms.

On the Saturday after I got the call, they came by. It was a beautiful Spring day. Sunny and just the right temperature. I was already in a good mood. The doorbell rang, and when I opened the front door, I was looking at two gorgeous women. They were mother and daughter. Mom, whose name was Jenny, was shaped very well. She looked to be in her 40's. Her boobs were probably size D (maybe even DD), an hourglass figure, and a nicely shaped round ass. She was wearing a short, sleeveless dress that ended right above the knees, revealing nicely toned arms and legs. Her shoulder long, curly hair was blonde, and I already figured then then that it was naturally that color. Her daughter, named Amber, I was guessing was around 20 years old. She had a very tight body, downright athletic, and well shaped, too. Her boobs must have been a size B or C, I guessed. She was wearing a t-shirt that was about a size smaller than she needed, and shorts that hugged her body well. She also had flowing shoulder long hair, but she was a brunette.

After I invited them in, they told me that they were having to move because Jenny's husband/Amber's dad wanted a divorce. He had found a girlfriend and basically kicked them out to move his new flame into the house. Jenny had a fairly well-paying job downtown, so she and Amber decided to find a decent but cheap place for them to live, to start over. And the accommodations I had to offer fit the bill. Plus, my house was fairly close to both Jenny's job and Amber's college, where she was a Junior.
They gave me their background information, and during the next couple of days, I verified everything. They moved in the following Tuesday.

We got along very well. I had very nice people as tenants. They were home-bodies, just like me, and after coming home from our jobs and college classes, we usually hung out at home for the evening. It wasn't long before I started noticing that both Jenny and Amber seemed to show some more suggestive behavior, in a subtle way. For example, when Jenny and I were talking to each other, she sometimes would run her tongue along her lips ever so slightly. And she generally was quite touchy-feely, stroking my shoulder, arms, or chest, as she was saying something to me. When we would sit in the living room to watch television, Amber was sitting on the other couch, which was placed at a right angle from the one I was on. As usual, she was wearing a tight t-shirt. While she was home, she didn't wear a bra, which would really show off her nipples through the fabric of the shirt. She was wearing a mini skirt, and while we were looking at the television set, I would sometimes glance over to her, and notice that she angled her legs such that I would barely have a view of her crotch. While the room was darkened, I still got the impression that she wasn't wasn't wearing any panties. Her mom was sitting next to her, on the far end of the couch, and didn't seem to notice a thing.

On the first Saturday after they had moved in, Jenny went out to get some groceries. I was tidying up some things that had accumulated around the house during the week, when I heard Amber calling for me from her room. When I got there, she told me that she could not get any reception on the little TV in her room. I checked on it and noticed that she must have rushed to attach the coaxial cable to the TV when she had moved in, because it was loose. I fixed that and told her what had happened. She thanked me for my help in a very nice way. Then she went on to tell me how much she and her mom appreciated the opportunity to live here, and they really enjoyed living at my place. Finally, she said that she had been trained on the side as a masseuse and offered to give me a massage, to show her appreciation. I was not about to turn down that offer, and I started to take off my clothes. As she was prepping for the massage (getting the supplies), she glanced over at me while I was removing my t-shirt and jean shorts. (I had been barefoot all along.) I didn't mind. I may not be a big stud, but my body is fairly well toned. When I was getting ready to lie down on her bed, she said that I needed to take off my underpants to get the full effect of the massage. I had no problem complying with that suggestion. I was on her bed, face down, when she started by placing a towel over my fairly tight ass. Then she proceeded with the massage. She was good at what she was doing! As she worked her way from my neck and shoulders down to my feet, she loosened up muscles of mine that I didn't even know were tightened up. I felt incredibly wonderful while she was working her hands on me. Once she had worked over my entire body, she moved back up from my feet. Except this time, she slipped her hands under the towel and massaged my ass cheeks. That's when I started feeling more erotic than with just a regular massage. She wasn't touching any of my erogenous zones, but she came provocatively close.

Just as I was starting to feel the blood rush into my dick, she asked me to roll over on my back. I did that, and while the towel was still covering up my waist, as I was looking towards that area, I noticed that a distinct bulge was visible underneath the towel. Once again, she started at my neck and shoulders and worked her way down to my feet. She ignored the bulge underneath the towel (for now). However, as her hands arrived back at my waist area, she moved her fingers right over the bulge, barely touching the towel. She gave me a smile and then continued by massaging my chest. This time around, she moved back and lowered her upper body while she was doing that. I didn't mention before that unlike on previous days, she didn't wear tight-fitting clothes. She wore a nice summer dress with spaghetti straps that was flowing down her body just right. As she lowered her chest, I got a great view of her perky, braless boobs. Not everything, but the front of the dress was lowered just enough that I was able to see a lot of cleavage, with the boobs hanging straight down. She looked at me again with a smile, and then looked straight down at the towel, which was in the process of rising up significantly. Because my 7-inch cock was now growing into a full erection.

She got up and stood in front of the bed. For a moment, I thought she was teasing me, and I was becoming disappointed. But instead, she pulled the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and let the garment slip off her body to the floor. My hard dick was now throbbing, which was quite obvious, even under the towel. She revealed a pair of boobs that were even perkier than I had imagined, with areolas that were dark pink and culminated into nipples that were nothing short of perfect. Her outer pussy lips were showing nicely while she was standing up and I could see her inner pussy lips peeking out at the edges. I could even make out where her clitoris was. Her brown pubic hair was trimmed into a cute small triangle right above where her pussy lips ended. And her body! She was shaped and toned like an athlete, in a petite package. I could have cum right there and then, simply by looking at her. Thankfully I didn't.

After about half a minute of me staring at her while she was standing at the foot of the bed, she moved towards me and pulled the towel off my waist. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around my throbbing dick and started stroking it. Slowly, up and down, up and down. Then she took my cock into her mouth and gave me an incredible blowjob. I laid my head down on the bed and closed my eyes. Partly because I wanted to take in the feeling of getting the blowjob without taking in any other sensations. Partly because I'm sure I would have cum right away if I had watched my dick sliding in and out of her mouth while her right and was still grapping the base of it.

As I was stretched out on the bed with my eyes closed, enjoying what Amber was doing, I suddenly heard: “What in the world is going on here”. I opened my eyes and looked towards the door to the room. I was looking right at Jenny, and she was looking at me and Amber with complete disbelief! I was just about to get up and run out, when Jenny's facial expression turned to a smile. Then she said: “If you are going to have fun like this, why didn't you tell me ahead of time ?” Then she took off the summer dress that she had on. She wasn't wearing any underwear, either! I was looking at her sexy curvaceous body with large, but seemingly natural boobs that were sloping down her chest just right. Her light pink areolas were large and slightly oval, and had cute nipples in the middle. And now I could see that my original assessment of her was correct: She was a natural blonde. Her blonde pubic hair was only slightly trimmed along the edges, so it had a clean-cut look. Other than that, her full bush covered her pubic mound and the area where her pubic lips would have started. A very sexy look, as far as I'm concerned!

After the initial “surprise”, Jenny got on the bed, next to her daughter, who was still kneeling on the bed, with her torso and head upright since her mom came into the room. This gave me another great view of her body for the moment. Then they both went to work on my dick. They both licked up and down the long and erect shaft and took turns taking it into their mouths like a lollypop. All the while, they made moaning sounds, like they had their mouths full with something they were eating that tasted really good. All this stimulation proved to be too much for me. A couple of minutes after Jenny joined in, I felt that familiar welling up sensation. As my crotch and the rest of my body started to twitch, cum was shooting out of my dick, and plenty of it. More than I was used to. Jenny and Amber let the cum splatter all over both their faces, redirecting the spurts again and again. When I was finally done with my incredible orgasm, their faces were covered with cum, and they licked it off each other's faces, making that moaning sound again.

Usually it takes me a while to get hard again after an orgasm. However, what I experienced here was such strong erotic stimulation for me, that by the time they had licked each other's faces clean and dried them off with the towel that used to cover me, my dick was growing again. Looking at them as they were moving about the bed in the nude was a huge turn-on, too. When they were done cleaning up each other, they looked at me and at my dick and they each got a big smile on their faces, seeing that I was getting ready for more. I was sitting up on the time, propping myself up with my arms behind my back, and Jenny gently pushed me back on the bed, so I was again completely horizontal. Except of course my dick, which was again sticking straight up in the air with a full erection. Amber proceeded to climb on top of me. Facing my direction, she guided my throbbing dick into her wet pussy. My dick slid in quite easily, with all the pussy juice that was lubricating the inside of her vagina. At the same time, she was very tight, which made for a great sensation for my dick. She began to rock up and down, while she was moaning quite strongly. Obviously, she felt as good as I did while we were having sex. Meantime, Jenny kneeled down such that her hips were right above my face. She lowered herself down and made sure that my mouth and tongue were in easy reach of her pussy lips and clitoris. While Amber was thrusting up and down on my dick, Jenny was getting off with me giving her intense oral sex. I guess the kneeling position intensified the sexual experience even more for her. She moaned even louder than her daughter. Every so often, about every half a minute or so, one of them would shudder, shake, and twitch, as they took turns having orgasms. Luckily, since I had had an orgasm just a few minutes before, I was able to keep going for much longer than the first time. Otherwise I would have probably cum in a matter of seconds, with both women sitting on top of me, on different sections of my body. But nothing lasts forever, and I started to feel another impending orgasm. I couldn't help but start moaning myself, which must have translated into a vibrating sensation for Jenny, who was still getting an oral lashing from me. As a result, she had another orgasm, and judging by how much she moved around and moaned herself, it was a strong one. Meantime, my cum was gushing into Amber's vagina, which precipitated yet another orgasm for her.

They both got off me. As Amber lifted herself up from my dick, I could see my cum pouring out of her vagina and onto her bed. They laid down next to me. I was still flat on my back. Amber was to my left and Jenny was to my right. They both moved their hands around my chest, gently touching my skin, and sometimes moved down to my now limp dick. Being sandwiched between these two sexy women again had a big effect on me. To my own surprise, as they were playing with my dick, I felt my crotch stirring again. I didn't get an erection right away, but by the way I reacted, moving my hip around slightly, Jenny and Amber could tell what was going on. Jenny suggested that since I was so good at eating her pussy, to give both of them oral sex. I got up to the end of the bed, they stayed flat on their backs and moved right next to each other, with me gone from in between them. They spread their legs out as much as they could under the circumstances, and I gave them a tongue lashing. I was alternating between the two. For each of them, I would lick their clit, lick the inside of their pussy as far as I could, and sometimes reach into the pussy with a couple of my fingers, while I would lick and suck their clit some more. I didn't care that I tasted my own cum when I licked Amber's pussy – something that I had not wanted to experience before. I also would lick and suck their nipples at times. Once again, they would take turns having multiple orgasms, which turned me on immensely.

Before I knew it, my dick was rock hard again. I moved up towards them and basically fucked their brains out, switching back and forth between them. Even the third time around being hard, I was turned on a whole lot and translated that feeling into a raw, hard, pounding of these two women. They enjoyed that, as well, as evidenced by a lot of moaning and plenty of orgasms on their part. Both their pussies were as wet as they were tight, which felt incredibly good to me. In fact, Amber's vagina was extremely lubricated with the cum that was left in her from our earlier fucking session. After what seemed to be close to half an hour, I had my third orgasm since the massage. I happened to be inside of Jenny at the time and let my entire load of cum shoot into her vagina. I collapsed onto the bed and ended up between them again.

At that point, the three of us were exhausted, sweaty, and thirsty. We got up and went to the kitchen to get ourselves something cold and refreshing to drink. This is where we are now. As we are standing in the kitchen, I can see my cum oozing out of Jenny's pussy and down one of her legs. Jenny is now suggesting not to bother putting our clothes back on today. I find that to be a great idea, and Amber is nodding her head in agreement, too. We better make sure all the blinds are closed, so as to not accidentally cause a commotion if anyone on the outside happens to catch a glimpse inside my house and sees two women and a man in the nude. Especially if we get turned on by each other again and we engage in some more sexual activities. Looking at my two roommates as they are standing here, completely in the nude, I think that's likely going to happen. I can already feel my crotch stirring again. And I wonder if any of my friends would like to come over and party with us. I know a lot of men and women who like to have fun...

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