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Chapter Six

Three weeks later Thea was in bed reading when a grinning Irene came into her room. Thea smiled at her entrance and scooted over so she could sit down. The two shared a kiss, broke apart, looked at each other, and then kissed again, only longer and firmer. She, Floyd, Dan, her husband, uncle and several others had been at a new farm and was not due back for another two weeks or so.
“How my baby doin?” Irene asked as her hand found the softness between Thea’s legs.
Thea smiled and pushed against the moving hand.
“A lot better now.”
“Poor my baby! No hard cocks been here for awhile have they?”
Thea returned her smiled, exhaled, and shook her head sadly back and forth no.
“I have been a little worried about you. I know how much you like to fuck, but it’s always on a hit and miss basis. Yo’ old man he be next to nothing, Floyd he be fucking you okay, but no where near enough, yo’ uncle, huh, he never here.”
Thea agreed and sighed.
Irene kissed her again and continued.
“Sho nuff bad you can’t get this thing here packed like when we went to see Jimmy!”
Irene had two fingers up Thea’s slit now and was slowly going in and out of the warm softness.
Thea smiled and adjusted her lower body to accept the stroking she was getting.
“Hmm, yes ah, easy, oh yes, right there! That was a great memory.”
“But I bet yo’ pussy was getting pretty loose while we were there, wasn’t’ it?”
Thea agreed.

“Honey, listen, I got a friend. She owns a whore- house. No, now wait. I want you to go see her. She can teach you how to fuck to yo’ hearts content, and still have a tight pussy ever time a man go up you!”

Her name was Hazel. She was in her late fifties and still a beautiful woman. Her stable consisted of eight girls ranging in ages from twenty to thirty nine. Each one had a steady stream of customers and they all seemed to be happy. Hazel explained that she had learned the exercise years ago while in India. It was easy and did not require a great effort. Ten minutes between men was all that one needed to tighten up their vagina muscles.
I asked what it would cost to learn and her answer made me gasp.
“You stay here one week. The first day will be to learn the exercise. The rest of the time, you will …entertain”
I was slightly taken back, but decided, why not? Everyone at home was gone and I was not needed. I felt better when Hazel saw my hesitation and introduced me to three of the girls who were married. Their lives paralleled mine and they said working here on a part time basis not only gave them additional money, but it gave them the sex they craved. The money was unimportant, it was the thought of new cocks that made me accept.
Hazel smiled and led me to a very nice room.
“Okay dear, this will be your room.”
Just then a very attractive maid entered. She gave Thea a beautiful smile and introduced herself.
“My name is Jean. I am responsible for the two rooms on this wing of the house. I will keep your room clean and help you prepare for your guests. If you need anything, just push the button there on the table.”
Hazel smiled fondly at the girl and then took over.
“You will wear only a robe.” Hazel said as the maid handed one to her. Jean will also bath you after each caller leaves. She also will aid you in personal hygiene. Is there any questions?”
After I replied no, Hazel turned to Jean and said to get me ready.
I was stripped, and then bathed. Jean paid rapt attention to my nudity and complimented me on it. Hazel was waiting. With her was a young attractive male.
“Thea, this is Earl. He works here and during your stay, be attentive and let him have his way.”

Earl sat next to me and we talked for a bit. He complimented me on my body and soon he was also nude. We then moved to the bed and lay side by side and soon let our hands search the others hidden desires.
Hazel returned just as we were sharing our first kiss. Apologizing, she sat down and without hesitation, petted and prodded our sexual organs. After she left, Earl once again took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Pulling me close, he guided his cock to my entrance. Pushing gently, he entered me. His length and girth was comfortable and he rode me into an orgasm of pure enjoyment.
After an enjoyable interlude, I kissed and thanked him for the pleasure. He returned the kiss and then stroked my face. I felt his cock growing hard and sought it out.
Squeezing his meat, I complimented him on having such an instrument of love. He smiled at my words and kissed me again.
“Thank you. I understand you will be here just a week. Perhaps if you like, I could visit you…from uh…time to time.”
“I like, and you can…visit any time…day or night!”
We were cuddling when Hazel and Jean came in. Taking a damp towel Jean very gently and sexually cleaned our sexual organs. She then stepped back. Hazel bent and kissed the head of Earl’s tool. He then rose, thanked me again and left.
Hazel then had me lie back.
“Okay, my dear, lets commence our first lesson.”
Having me lie back, she pushed a finger up my still warm cunt. All this time, she told me to do this and to do that. Suddenly, I felt my vagina lightly grasp her finger. Continuing on, I soon definitely felt her digit up me. Having me to continue, Hazel kept her finger up me. Reaching in her pocket, she removed a small apparatus. She pushed a small button on it. Her finger was feeling good as I kept applying her lesson. Then without warning, the door opened and two men entered. They smiled at me and the finger up my cunt. It was evident that they had seen this scene before. They smiled at me as they undressed. Hazel smiled and slowly removed her finger.

“Okay. Now, these two sweethearts will take you. So give them your best and when one finishes, do the exercise before the next one puts his sweet meat up you.”
These two wasted no time. Sitting on each side of me, their hands sought out my secrets. The one on the right side, whispered for me to open my thighs. Doing so naturally gave me a thrill. Nude, and being handled by strangers! Oh yes!
His finger very carefully entered me. My breath expelled and I smiled back at him. I was complimented on being tight. The other man then took a turn. Their ministrations made my juices flow. The first one then stripped and in between my legs. I sucked in my breath when his cock eased up me. While my cunt was being pummeled, the other man bent down and lightly kissed my lips. I smiled and readily returned it.
We almost orgasimed together. Resting, I commenced doing the exercise. This time I could feel my crotch tingle and experience a whole different feeling. The rapture of my face brought a smile from the two men as they kneaded and pulled my breasts delightfully.
When the second one entered me, he smiled and said,
“Um, your pussy is good and tight.” He then leaned down and French kissed me.
Shooting a good stream up me, he finished with a good deep jab up me, I undulated my hips and enjoyed his cock before it withered and slid from my greasy cunt.
Ringing the bell. Jean immediately entered and gave me a beautiful smile. Pulling me into the shower, she pushed a syringe up me. Slowly she squeezed the bulb and washed my insides until all remnants of semen was gone. Patting my sex with a fluffy towel, she bent and kissed my labia sweetly.
Her kiss made me gasp. Looking at her beautiful face, I kissed her sweet tasting lips.
Returning to the room, the older of the two men went to shower. While he bathed, the younger man and I talked. We seemed to get along and suddenly he kissed me. He was a true kisser and I gasped in happiness. Pulling me closer, he kissed me again. His hands cupping and kneading my tits.
Whispering he asked if we could meet again some- day after my time was over here. I gave him my address and he quickly put it inside his pants and then kissed me again.
Suddenly I went to my knees and swallowed his meat down my throat. I quickly bobbed my head back and forth on it. When the sound of his friend approaching was heard, I pulled off and returned to my seat.
He then took the place of his friend. The minute we were alone I bent down and sucked his spent cock into my mouth. I gave him some good sucks and quit just before his companion returned.
Hazel entered just as the three of us started to talk.
Smiling broadly, she inquired as to my vagina.
“She definitely appears to have learned as she remained tight.”
“Great. You boys can leave now. Okay my dear, lie down on your back.”
Hazel sat next to my waist and had me open my thighs. Caressing my cunt as we talked, she eventually pushed two fingers up me. Gasping, she pushed harder until my cervix was touched. Whimpering, she bent and kissed me sweetly.
“Now, does that hurt?”
“Ah! N…o! Oh my!”
“Um! You feel good!” With that, she bent and began licking me.
Within minutes I was floundering up and down. Then that joyful feeling built up in my groin. Hazel sensed it and pushed her mouth tight against my heaving pussy. I came so hard and what seemed for so long into her sucking mouth.
Hazel sat up, smiled and squeezed my wet pussy. Bending down, she once again let her experienced mouth send me into orbit.
Jean entered almost immediately after being summoned. She lovingly looked down at my splayed open body and then proceeded to clean me. Once again, she kissed me sweetly on my slit.
That night I went to the meeting room dinner. Jean was one of the servers and the other girls got a kick out of the way she took care of me. After we finished, everyone went to the living room. Jean appeared and took me around to meet everyone. I was somewhat surprised to learn that over half of them were married. We all shared the same malady…a poor performing husband in bed. Each one had before coming here, at least two lovers.

The next day, my first caller was an older gentleman. He was a considerate lover and when he asked if he could stay for lunch and then have me again, I smiled and replied,
“Most assuredly.”
By ten that night, three more hard cocks had found their way into my valley of pleasure.
Around midnight, Jean was rubbing oil into my skin. We had drawn closer and increased our confidentiality toward each other. She confided that Hazel would if possible keep me on my back during my stay. Smiling with an impish grin, I replied that I hoped so. That night, I slept the best I had in a long time.
The next day, four more had me by six that evening. Afterwards, Hazel asked if I wanted to spend the night with two gentlemen. Naturally I said yes.
Both were in their fifties. They were well mannered, each had a trim body, and most important, a nice long cock.
By the next morning, I had been fucked in the missionary style by each and afterwards, I sucked new life into them enough so that I was screwed in the ass and cunt at the same time. That morning, I again sucked them. The taller of the two had enough stamina to give me a good, but somewhat short lived fuck.

Jean came in the next morning just after I had been taken by my first customer. Hazel as usual went straight to my cunt. I opened my thighs and smiled, my lips forming an o when she pushed her middle finger up me.
“I want to thank you providing our customers with great sex, and that if I ever wanted to come back for any length of time, I was welcome for she understood from Irene that I did not get a good diet of sex at home.
I kissed her sweet lips and thanked her. She then pushed me back and then put her tongue where her finger had been. It was great!

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When my daughter was in 1st grade (she's now a gtnodmarher!), her teacher gave each student a multi-page booklet. The cover title was "All About My Mom." At the top of each page was 1 question like these. When I first read it at the open house, I laughed so hard I cried. Still treasure it!

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