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John finally finds out what his neighbor is like.
John dropped his backpack on the floor in his room after what felt like the longest school day of his life. He took of his shoes and put them away. He felt accomplished that he had finally finished the week.

“Man,” said John, “that was the longest week ever. So glad I have a three day weekend.”

John was unbelievably glad his parents were out of town. He was slightly disappointed that all of his friends were busy over the long weekend, but he was actually quite glad. After he thought about it, he was ecstatic: he knew that this weekend would be a good, no a great session; and a long sought after one too. He was looking forward to sleeping in, and having no work. But what he was looking forward to the most, was grabbing some lube, his thick 8 inch cock in hand, and going at it again and again and again. He knew that this would be a great weekend.

“Hmm,” John thought to himself, “I think tonight I’ll go easy: maybe workout a little, have a shower, warm up a little with just one or two, then tomorrow...well then it’ll be hell.”

John took off his shirt revealing his tanned six pack, and muscular physique. He had worked hard over the last two years to get, and obtain his figure. He started lifting weights freshman year, and had started doing track also. John stripped down into his boxers, revealing his large bulge and strong legs. He put on some light workout shorts and a sleeveless shirt. He put on some trainers and headed over to the family home gym.

An hour later, John was finished. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt. The perspiration was glistening on his perfect six pack. He stripped down naked and headed for the shower. John stepped into the steaming hot shower and started to soap up. He washed his light brown hair that was normally styled into a faux hawk, and cleaned his whole body, paying extra attention to his thick cock and his pubes. John washed off all of the soap, and decided it would be a great night to go outside for a little bit. John stepped out of the shower and dried off, making sure to avoid his cock so that when he got outside, he could last as long as he possibly could. When he was completely dry, he walked outside into the still warm, 75 degree weather. Instantly when his naked body hit the outside air, he got a raging hard-on. John admired his cock in all of its beauty. He loved his monster: the full 8 inches, the huge girth, the way it felt in his hands.

A few weeks ago, John stumbled on something amazing, a perfect hole in his fence, perfect for his cock that is. John could just barely fit his cock into it. He had sanded it out, as to not get any splinters, but so that it was still tight, and a little scratchy and so that it gave him a small amount of pain-this was what really got him off. John walked over to the hole in the fence with his lube. He slathered his cock with some of the gel, and slid it into the hole. Just as he got his cock into the hole, he heard footsteps coming from his neighbors yard. John immediately froze; then he remembered that he would be OK. There was a large bush, just covering the hole that his cock was sticking out of in his neighbor’s yard. He listened intently. He still heard footsteps. John realized that tonight was not the night to have his cock sticking into his neighbor’s yard. He started to slowly pull himself out of the whole, when suddenly, a hand grabbed onto his cock and he felt the cool blade of a knife upon it.

“OH SHIT!” said John, “Please, please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything.”
“Oh, but why would I do anything to this beauty?” replied the feminine voice from the other side.
“Please, just let me go. What do you want?” quivered John.
“Hmm...” pondered the voice. “I don’t think I could just let you go when your dick is posted through my fence. I think you might have to do me a favor...” the voice stated, letting go of John’s cock for the first time.
“What would it b...” John suddenly felt a harsh pain on his head, and fell to the ground.

When John woke up, he was in a pitch black room. His head still hurt, but not only that, his cock was on fire with pain. The pain was so great, he passed back out again.

The next time he woke up, the lights were on, and he was in an unfamiliar room with a figure standing over him. He started to look around, but noticed that he was strapped to a bench, his arms tied above his head, and his feet tied and straddled apart. He looked up at the figure standing over him.

“Miss Peterson???” gasped John as he looked up at the beautiful woman standing above him. This was the same woman who went to work in a blouse and slacks. The same woman who left at 6, and got back at 8. The same woman who never talked to anybody, only kept to herself. This same woman, was now standing over him in a black leather corset, and black latex gloves. She also had on a small black thong, and matching black boots that laced all the way up to the knee.
“Yes,” replied Miss Peterson “but don’t you think MISS makes me sound old? Besides, you are now to address me as Master.”
“Why the fuck would I...” John started to say. WHAM! John was slapped on the face by Miss Peterson’s hand.
“Thats your first warning. Lets try that again.” scorned Miss Peterson
“Yes...m-master.” stuttered John.
“Hmm, that needs working on. But for now, do you like the improvements I’ve made? Im very proud of them myself.”
“Wha-What do you mean?” quivered John.
“Oooo, thats strike two.” Miss Peterson replied. “Maybe you should take a look downstairs...”

John glanced down at his cock. He was in shock. All of his pubic hair was gone, waxed off. All off his balls, and his cock, all the way up his happy trail. But that wasn’t what he was so in shock about. On the big head of his cock were 4 silver balls. Miss Peterson had pierced John’s cock. That was what all the pain was before.

“W...Master, what have you done?” asked John, remembering to use the title.
“Just some improvements,” replied Miss Peterson, “soon you’ll learn to love them as much as I do.”
“What are they Master?” asked John.
“Well my favorite is the dydoe. That is the curved one going through the front of your beautiful head. The other, is an ampallang. That is the one going horizontally through the whole head. Though that isn’t my favorite, it is the most interesting piercing because when you cum, it shoots out in a split stream,” Miss Peterson said with glee in her eyes.
“Will I ever be able to get rid of them?” asked John.
“Ooo, third strike,” said Miss Peterson. She turned and walked over to her table covered in various metal objects that John could not see. As she walked off, John was terrified as to what would happen next. As scared as he was, he couldn’t help stare at her perfectly sculpted ass, and her perfect legs. He was looking at her in a way he had never looked at a woman least a woman that wasn’t in a porno. As Miss Peterson turned around to walk back, she caught John staring right at her crotch. She noticed his manhood in a raging hard-on.
“What is this...” asked Miss Peterson, “when i saw this last time it wasn’t nearly as big. Maybe 8 inches, this looks like a full 9. I should count that as a compliment...I should also count that as staring at me. This means worse torture.

John hadn’t even noticed what she brought back from the table. She was holding two candles: one large one and one thin one; and she was also holding a book of matches and a ball gag. Before John could say anything, she strapped the ball gag into John’s mouth.

“Have you ever felt hot wax before?” asked Miss Peterson as she lit the large candle, “It hurts, though i love the feeling. Im sure you have felt hot wax, but you will never have felt it like this.” Right then, Miss Peterson tilted the candle sideways and held it right over John’s tanned six pack. The burning hot wax began to drip all over him.
“MMMMM! HMMMMMMM!!!” John tried to mutter.
“That is exactly what the gag is for.” chuckled Miss Peterson. She started to lower the candle so that it was right over the sore skin where his pubic hair was waxed off. The wax dripped all over John’s raging hard cock, and over his new piercings. John screamed as loud as the ball gag let him.
“Time for candle number two,” Miss Peterson said setting the candle aside. She grabbed the thin candle which was about 7 inches long.
“Can you guess what this is for?” asked Miss Peterson as she lit the candle. She slowly brought the candle over to John’s virgin asshole. She pressed the tip up against it.
“Mmmm. You have a beautiful asshole.” said Miss Peterson. “Almost seems a shame...” as she pushed the lit candle into John’s asshole. John screamed. Screamed from the pain. He had never put anything inside himself before.
“You don’t like this one?” asked Miss Peterson playfully, stopping with the candle 5 inches into John’s ass. “OK, I’ll get something else.” Miss Peterson left the candle in John’s asshole with the flame inches from his sweating balls. Miss Peterson walked over to the table making sure to wiggle her as as much as possible. She came back with a thin wooden cane.
“Boy, is it hot in here.” said Miss Peterson, unzipping her corset down to the middle of her mouth-watering C cup tits, exposing her perfect cleavage. “Much Better.” As she slapped John on the stomach. John cringed. Miss Peterson slapped. She slapped his stomach red sore, then she moved to John’s rock hard cock. She slapped his cock red too, paying lots of attention to his head with the new piercings. Then she moved to John’s ass. “I think this has been in here long enough.” said Miss Peterson as she removed the candle from John’s asshole. The candle was covered in John’s feces. “Hmm, later you must make sure this won’t happen again.” Miss Peterson stated as she brought it over to John’s face. “You will pay for this,” she said as she quickly unstrapped the ball gag and shoved the candle into John’s mouth. “Get all of it, you won’t get anything to eat until much later.” Miss Peterson said. She then pulled the candle out which was clean. “Good job. Now I want to leave this gag out, but you have to promise not to scream.”
“I promise master.” said John, “My cock aches so bad. Can i please cum master?”
“Yes. We are right about there.” said Miss Peterson as she walked over to the table. When she came back, she was holding something behind her back.
“Seeing as you like the rough fence so much...” Miss Peterson exclaimed as she whipped out sandpaper. She cupped the sandpaper around John’s fully erect cock and started slowly jerking up and down.
“Master, c-can you stay a-away from the p-piercings?” said John in complete ecstasy, as Miss Peterson sped up her hand.
“Yes. I will, they are sore enough, and you have been doing a good job.” Miss Peterson turned her pace into a blitz, and soon enough, John was cumming. Miss Peterson put her mouth over his cock and caught all of the cum. She came over to John and kissed him deeply. She passed all of the cum from her mouth to his, as their tongues intertwined in an embrace like John had never felt before.
“That was a very productive day. Tomorrow will be even more so.” said Miss Peterson as she untied John’s legs. “Now i will direct you to the showers, and your bed where you will sleep for tonight. There will be one meal for you tonight with a drink, and one meal tomorrow without drink.” Miss Peterson’s voice turned very stern. “You had better take a long piss tonight, and a hard shit, because you don’t want to know what happens if you do that tomorrow during our...session.” Finally she untied John’s arms and started leading him to the showers.
“Yes Master, I promise.” John said.
“You have 25 minutes for a shower: the shower will turn off after that” said Miss Peterson, “And 15 minutes to eat after that with 5 minutes for the bathroom, then i will come in and tie you to your bed.”

John stepped into the steaming shower, just like last night. Only tonight, he knew he wanted to beat off as many times as possible in the 25 minutes. He skipped completely washing his body, only to get away the wax. He took the small amount of soap that there was, and he lathered up his cock. Even though he had just cum, he was still horny as ever. He started slow, and picked up a rhythm. Eventually all of the soap washed off, and he noticed that he was paying special attention to his brand new piercings. They added such satisfaction to the feeling. He quickly came with a groan, and Miss Peterson was right, when he came, the cum shot out in a divided spurt because of his piercing. John was surprised, he was beat. He couldn’t go another round. Perfect timing. The shower shut off. Miss Peterson appeared in the doorway, this time with her corset unzipped all the way, her nipples barely visible.
“Nice show.” She said as she directed him to his bed.
John ate the worst food of his life, and had the worst drink ever. It was a meal in a bar, and the drink was the bitterest juice he had ever drank. After he finished he went to the bathroom, and did as Miss Peterson suggested, drained himself of all fluids and excrement. Then Miss Peterson brought him over to a bed? It was just a large board with four bedposts.
“Heaven on earth.” joked Miss Peterson as she threw him onto it. She grabbed some rope and tied his arms and legs to the bedposts. She then put a ball gag on him, and a blindfold. “’ll need it.”

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