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An incestuous fantasy is fulfilled in an anonymouse hotel room....
AUTHORS NOTE: This story involves two consenting adults engaging in a fantasy. If you are offended by roleplay that involves incest or underaged fantasies, please stop reading now.

She sat there nervously waiting. She knew what was coming, she had hoped for it, but now that it was almost upon her she wasn't sure if it was what she really wanted. Quickly she glanced across the hotel room at the floor-length mirror on the opposite wall. She had to admit that she looked really cute and sexy tonight. Wearing her red plaid pleated skirt, white dress shirt with black tie, white nylons and saddle shoes she looked every inch the innocent schoolgirl that she knew deep inside she wasn't. Her hair had been done up in a cute bob that framed her youthful face with its round cheeks and button nose. She pursed her lips, which created a perfect "O" out of her small mouth, glistening with the flavored lip gloss she had just applied.

At just over five feet tall and a slender frame nobody could mistake her for a grown woman, she thought, especially with her training-bra sized A cup breasts that made small dimples in her pressed white shirt. She stood up from the chair on trembling legs and turned around, craning her neck to see behind her. Although others would disagree, she felt that her ass was too big. Anyone else saw the perfect ass that stuck out and invited attention - the kind of attention that a young girl like her shouldn't be getting.

Her heart jumped at the sound of the doorknob turning. She quickly sat back down in the unremarkable chair and folded her hands across her lap, trying to still the trembling of her inexperienced body.

The door opened and her nervous nature got the better of her as her head snapped up to see the man walk through. A faint smile played across her face as she gazed upon him. As far back as she could remember the very sight of him had made her heart tremble and her nether regions tingle. He stood nearly a foot taller than her and, although he was older, he was still in good shape and looked like he may be in his late twenties or early thirties. His head was freshly shaven bald, she noticed with a shiver, one of her favorite features on him.

He opened his mouth to speak and nothing came out. She noticed with some relief that he appeared to be nervous too. Barely supporting herself on shaking legs, she stood up and looked up into his face, a question in her eyes.

For a second he hesitated, as if realizing that what he was about to do was wrong, and then lust gave in as he kissed her full on the lips. The kiss deepened and all of their pent up passion was released in it.

After what seemed like hours and her knees had gone weak, he broke the kiss with a choked whisper, "Oh Andi..."

She smiled up at him with coquettish eyes, "Oh Daddy," she whispered back.

They stared into each others' eyes for what seemed like an eternity and finally he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Daddy," she replied with a quivering voice, "I've always wanted it to be you."

With that he pulled her even tighter into his masculine embrace and kissed her anew, lowering her to the bed.

The feeling of his arms, the scent of his musky sweat, and the passion of his rough kiss caused a flood in her pussy. An ache like she had never felt before followed and she knew beyond any doubt that she would surrender herself to him tonight.

She moaned in disappointment as he broke the kiss, but a sudden gasp caught in her throat as his lips moved down to her neck. He reveled in her soft squeals of delight as he gently kissed and bit her neck while working his way down the V of her open collar.

He stopped long enough to loosen the tie and pull it over her head, being interrupted by another kiss that losted longer than he expected, and then his face was back at the exposed skin below her throat, gently kissing and nibbling.

Instinctively she pushed his head lower, rubbing her hands on his smoothly shaved scalp. He reached the first button on her shirt and deftly undid it, followed by the other three, letting the blouse fall away to reveal a flat stomach and a virginal training bra. A sudden jolt of fear went through her as she wondered for the millionth time if her breasts were too small.

His experienced hands unfastened the bra before she realized what he was doing and suddenly her twin mounds were exposed. She found herself holding her breath as he gazed at them.

"They are so perfect," he whispered, "and your nipples are so big!"

A sigh of relief rippled through her body and then a sudden vocal "Ooo.." trailed away as his mouth descended on a nipple. Already hard from his seductive ministrations, her Daddy made expert work of her nipples; biting and sucking on them in ways that soon had her writhing in pleasure underneath him.

"Daddy...Daddy..." she moaned suddenly, "I'm gonna cum..." And with that he bit firmly but gently onto one of the nipples. The sudden shock of pleasurable pain sent her over the edge and her whole body was suddenly wracked in what would be the first of many orgasms that night. A flood rushed from her pussy into her white cotton panties as her whole body shook to the rhythmic pulses of pleasure.

She wasn't sure how long she lay in a blissful daze from the first orgasm before a sudden shock of contact brought her back to the surface. Somehow her Daddy had made his way down under her skirt and she could feel the heat of his breath on her swollen pussy through the soaked panties.

He inhaled deeply of the sweet scent of his little girl and whispered, "Andi, you smell so good, I can't wait to taste you!"

"Oh Daddy please...please lick me there!" She moaned back.

Frustration welled in her as he slowly slide her panties down and pulled them off. He was taking too long! She wanted to feel his tongue!

Then he took an eternity to kiss up the insides of her thighs, each contact causing an electric shock to ripple through her body, teasing her more. Finally she felt his lips hovering just centimeters above her aching lips.

"Please Daddy....please!" She begged. A laugh came from under her skirt. "Oh god please, Daddy, please lick me there!"

"Say it," he said.

"No, don't make me..."

"Say it, Andi, and I'll do it."

She paused, aching. Finally she gave in, "Please Daddy," she whispered in embarassment, "please lick my pussy!" She winced as she said it. Somehow, despite the reality of what she was doing in this hotel room, simply saying that word embarassed her. A shiver of excitement followed the embarassment, however.

"Oh god!" She screamed, all thoughts purged from her mind in a white flash of pleasure as his lips descended upon her clit. The next several minutes of her life turned into a sensory overload of pleasure, the sounds of her moans mixed in with the sounds of her Daddy enjoying the tastiest meal he had ever been blessed to partake in.

She could feel it building deep within her, an earthquake, a tidal wave, and she grabbed his head to hold him in place. Instinct took over as she began to thrust up, fucking his mouth with her soaked pussy. He took it in stride as he was smothered in the delicious flood of her pink flesh and hot girl juices.

"Oh fuck!" She yelled, all sense of decorum lost, "I'm gonna cum Daddy!"

She roughly shoved his head further into her pussy as she arched her back, screaming in animal passion. Her whole body froze in place as quakes of pleasure radiated from her pussy and flowed through her young frame like waves in a storm.

It seemed to last forever and then, before she was ever sure it was over, she tasted her own cum as her Daddy kissed her full on the lips.

"Are you ready?" he whispered.

Her eyes went wide first with fear, and then relaxed with trust, "Yes, Daddy, I'm ready."

She felt him position himself at her entrance and involuntarily winced. "Relax, Andi, this will feel great, I promise."

A sudden thrust and her whole world changed. She felt complete, full, like she never had before. Her Daddy's cock was buried to the hilt inside her young pussy. Her eyes went wide in shock and pleasure, and then glazed over as he began to thrust.

The pace was set almost instantly. He may have intended to make gentle love to her but the contact with such a tight, wet, and young pussy made his primal instincts take over. His beautiful girl, young and fertile, had given herself to him and was now laying submissively underneath. The animal inside him came out and he began thrusting hard into that tight and virginal pussy.

Words failed her as with every beast-like thrust grunts escaped her mouth. She could feel the length of his manhood pull almost all the way out of her tight hole, leaving her feeling empty, only to slam all the way back in. She felt every inch of him, down to the ridges of his veins, as he thrust into her canal.

Over and over again he pounded relentlessy into her. A mixture of pleasure and pain at the rough invasion took over all of her senses. She wasn't sure if she was going to scream or cry as the sensations built. All she could do was surrender to him completely and let her Daddy fuck her.

Fuck her. She said it in her mind and admitted it. She wasn't making love, she wasn't having sex, she was LETTING her Daddy FUCK HER. A tear trickled down her eye, unnoticed by him. She was being fucked, she realized, like a whore.

And she loved every minute of it.

"Daddy," she gasped, "Am I...a good....daughter?"

"Andi," he grunted, his voice raspy and raw with passion, "you are the best are such a slut for your Daddy!"

The very word slut caused her to cum without warning.

"OH YES DADDY," she screamed as her girl cum covered his violently thrusting cock, "I am your slut!!"

She felt wave after flooding wave of orgasm shred her very sanity as they tore through her. Then she felt him shudder and slam home deeper into her.

"Oh baby girl," he grunted, "Take Daddy's cum!"

A seemingly endless supply of hot cum filled her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back as if to hold it inside her. Her pussy reacted out of instinct and its walls milked her Daddy's cock, sucking every last drop of cum deep inside her womb.

As their orgasms faded they stayed locked in that embrace, sticky with fluids and glowing with love.

"I love you, Andi, my baby girl," he said.

"I love you too, Daddy," she giggled back and snuggled into his arms.

She smiled wickedly. He always knew just how to get her off, and she knew just what fantasy to act out to drive him wild. Joined as one, husband and wife and reveled in their shared debauchery and unconditional love.

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girls sure love it with a long thick cock up inside their cunts.
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A very good story with a nice twist at the end. Thanks

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