A man pays for his past in a stunning way.
April's gapping asshole stayed wide open even after I yanked my massive tool from her backside. A stream of cum shot into her newly bored anus causing it to snap shut, but without warning I forced my spurting cock back up her slurping ass and didn't stop until my body slapped against hers. I quickly extracted it again and watched the tight ring hang open again before shoving inch after inch of cock back inside what used to be a tight virgin ass. I slowly pumped the rest of my orgasm deep inside her anal tube until my balls were empty. I eased my dick out of her hole as it softened and watched her flame red ass ring slowly close.

I started apologizing right away for breaking my promise but in her mind there was no excuse for such a severe fucking the first time she allowed someone to do her in the ass. I had to admit I had gotten a little caught up in the moment, but for almost a year I had been fucking April and she did everything, except she would never let me do her in the asshole. I had to agree to something that she wanted to do tomorrow, but I didn't pay much attention to what it was, I just wanted my extra large cock to feel her goddess ass stretch around it and hear her moan with that pleasure pain sound.

April's ass is something special, it has the best heart shape, firm, very firm cheeks and a deep crack with a special round indentation that leads you to her anal lips. The funny thing is that if you had a picture of just her ass, you'd think you were looking at a twelve year olds ass, not a twenty year old. It has amazed me for a whole year that a chick with such big tits and a mature sexy face, could have such a cute little ass. But there is nothing young or cute about the ways she rode my cock that first time, like a seasoned bitch in need of cock. Tight as she was it was clear she knew her way around a cock and balls and had plenty of them.

I was in heaven being a thirty one year old man getting to have sex regularly with an extremely horny twenty year old. Actually she had just turned twenty a months ago and we had a great party for her. How we met is a long story, but lets just say she was looking to meet a sugar daddy and I had a boner the first time I saw her, it all seemed to fall right into place. Almost too well.

The next morning while the coffee was still making, April came to the kitchen in the sexiest red bra, panties and black stockings with suspenders hooked to this lace belt thing. I got excited right away and guessed she wasn't mad anymore about having the shit fucked out of her last night. Maybe she even wants more I thought as I noticed her panties had nothing covering her asshole! Crotchless panties, yummy!

She told me to sit down and pulled out a chair for me. I sat while she poured me some coffee. She gave me the cup and then kneeled in front of me, taking my cock head in her mouth she sucked the head in and out a couple of times while doing something to my ankles. What are you doing, I asked, but April just sucked harder and continued fastening my ankles to the chair legs. When she got up and pulled straps out of a bag and started to fasten my hands behind my back I said noway, but she said you promised! I really didn't like the idea but after what I got to do to her last night, I figured how bad could it be.

So here I am with my cock stiff enough to be straight out in front of me and my hands and feet strapped to the chair. I didn't feel that comfortable, but my dick was still excited from those sweet lips sucking on it and I figured there was something good coming.

April wedged something behind my lower back so that my ass was forward enough that my balls were hanging over the edge. Then she whipped out this harness thing that went over each leg and under each leg, and my cock and balls went out through a hole. She pulled it tight and fastened it behind me so that I couldn't move my ass. The harness was tight around the base of my cock and balls, but felt good as it squeezed them out, and seemed to keep me hard. I was ready for her to start fucking or sucking me.

April poured a fresh cup of hot black coffee and then kissed me hard on the lips. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and held it in her teeth so I couldn't pull it back. Then she took my dick and started stroking it up and down between her legs while she lowered her freshly shaved pussy up and down towards my pole. The blood surged to my manhood and filled it to it's full length in her grip.

I stared at her bald cunt as she wiggled it back and forth, side to side and up and down towards my cock head. Then she took my meat and rubbed it hard between her slit and spread herself apart, so her hot juices covered my dick top. I was amazed how different it looked with a clean shave, her mound and lips were so puffy, almost like baby fat. It was so sweet and innocent looking on such a nasty woman.

April turned around and bent over part way so her ass cheeks spread just enough for me to see her tender little hole, which looked tiny compared to my massive dick head. She reached around behind her and grabbed my shaft and pulled it towards her ass and rubbed it through her crack, over her tight hole and then stopped and pressed back, just enough to press her hole inward a little bit. April said, so you like destroying little girls tiny holes with your freakish porno cock? Did you enjoy splitting my virgin ass, packing my bowels and filling me with your cum? You proud of what your circus cock can do?

I didn't know what to say, her tone wasn't sweet, but devilish. Before I could think of what to say she spun around and dropped down in front of me, then licked from under my balls all the way to the top of my dick. With one hand she stroked my rod and with the other she took her coffee cup and held it under my balls! The steam immediately gave me a strange tingling warmth that started from inside, and my nut sack instinctively released to lower my balls away from heat as they are supposed to do. But as my huge ball bag hung off the end of the chair and lowered towards the scalding coffee I willed them to stop and pull tight. My will power was over ridden by my bodies natural process of responding to heat, my balls had been tricked, the heat was awaiting their attempt to flee it.

Still stroking my hard fuck pole April asked, do you enjoy cramming your John Holmes cock into my tiny little holes, and choking my pretty face? I wondered where she was coming from and what she had against my cock. I remember after the first time we fucked she held it against her forearm and smiled when she said, your dick is bigger than my arm. She told me how good it felt as it stretched her insides and how she liked seeing how much she could get in her mouth, which was not much because my cock was as fat as a coke bottle and almost thirteen inches long.

Should I panic or is this her sick joke? Oh shit was all I could say as my tender nut sack touched the hot liquid. My balls jerked themselves to safety as soon as they started to get singed, but then started their decent to their doom again as soon as she raised the cup closer. I started yelling at her now, trying to get to the bottom of this torture. She just continued playing with my cock and repeatedly allowed my balls to lower down and jerk up at the first hint of hot pain.

April didn't answer any of my questions, she just maintained my hardon with her hand and mouth even though I was willing it to deflate, so it at least didn't look like I was enjoying this insanity. She allowed my nuts to keep going down by lowering the coffee a little bit just as they were about to touch. April said, look at these huge balls, look how far they hang down, I wonder if they were hanging this far last night as they slapped into my pussy each time you plowed this fat fucker into my ass! I couldn't comprehend that this was all about one ass fucking, it didn't make sense, she agreed to it, she came three times last night, I know she did, her pussy was gushing fluid when we finished.

My balls were hanging as far as I thought they could go, just above the hot coffee cup and without warning all at once April raised the cup all the way up to the base of my balls. I couldn't even yell, I couldn't even comprehend the pain, my whole nut sack and their goods were plunged into the scalding coffee. My body jerked, but couldn't move far enough because of the restraints to get away from the coffee. To my amazement my cock was rock hard and deep inside April's face. Her tiny mouth was stretched wide and she slurped as she withdrew my throbbing rod. She then lowered the cup and took my sore balls into her mouth, deep into her mouth which felt cool compared to the coffee. My flesh was red as it left her mouth and everything from my balls to my asshole tingled with a strange pain.

Why the fuck are you doing this? I wanted to threaten her, but I really wasn't in a position to call the shoots. I figured I better play along and try and find out how to make this right.

I tried every stupid thought I could think of to try and make my throbbing erection subside, but as April stood over my lap and teased my tool with her smooth bald pussy slot, it stayed hard as a rock. I watched as her baby fat looking lips spread wide apart to accommodate a fat cock, and a soothing warmth surrounded the top half of my dick as it sank inside her. I don't know if we had never fucked in the bright light or because I had never seen her shaved before, but her pussy didn't look old enough to have my massive tool inside of it, it didn't seem right. My thought was interrupted by the realization that my tender balls felt like they wanted to send my seed, but I wasn't sure that's what I was feeling. All my nerves were confused from the burning they received.

I suddenly realized that I was bareback, something I never did. Not in her pussy anyway, I couldn't afford to get a woman knocked up. I was glad she wasn't riding me, just standing there with half my cock inside her. Then she shoved her tit in my face and said suck it, suck my big tit. Her tits were shaped like traffic cones, fat at the base and they came straight out to a fat point, with big brown cone shaped nipples. I sucked hard as she slid down the rest of my pole. Up and down she went with her tit being sucked into my mouth, and the other one slapping the side of my face each time she reached the top and then started her downward plunge on to my cock.

My balls felt so strange and so sensitive as they sprayed my sperm deep in her twat against my will. She sat down hard and stayed there so as much of my cock was in her as possible. April said, did that feel good, was it good filling me with your huge cock and emptying your nuts in my womb?

As she stood up I watched my slick meat slide out of her body and fall forward. My heavy tool was still straight, but slowly lowering itself down towards the floor. April got a fresh hot cup of coffee and got in front of me again. A few minutes ago I would have done anything to make my cock soft, but now I was begging it to get hard again as it slowly lowered toward the cup of coffee April was holding right in it's path. As it rested on the rim, with two inches over the steam, I felt that warm inner tingling again, this time in my thick nerve dense cock head. April lowered the cup a little more as my pole hung down some more.

When it was deflated enough to hang toward the floor April held the cup under it and raise it within a cunt hairs width of the hot fluid. As she squatted back on her heals with her knees apart I could see straight into her open pussy, her tender pink flesh looked so sweet, so tasty. Between the view of her beautiful spread pussy and the hot steam, my dick pumped up one size and as it expanded the very tip touched the coffee! At that instant she raised the cup one inch and half my nerve center was a blaze. To my utter surprise the pain caused my dick to instantly swell and plunge an other inch inside the cup. Once the whole head was covered, a wave of scary pain went through my body and my cock filled with blood and pushed straight out and filled the cup forcing the coffee out around it.

April pulled it out and it sprang upward as she turned around. She took a wide stand, reached between her legs and squatted down onto my flame red cock. I watched as her beautiful round ass rode up and down my scorched dick, leaving it covered with a little more of her juice each time she raised off it. I watched inch after inch slide in and out of her wet pussy hole. My scalded penis head thought it had been fucking for hours and sent a message to my balls to empty again. Right as I felt my orgasm about to peak my balls were once again dunked into the coffee and they went crazy sending what felt like three orgasms at the same time.

April turned around on my cock to face me again with my tool still deep in her baby hole. She reached for something on the table and then held a piece of paper in front of my face while slowly rocking her hips to work my cock in her body.

It was a birth certificate, I scanned for a name and date, I did the math, shit that means she just turned fifteen not twenty. But wait, it's not April, it's Traci Griften, who is that? I thought there was no way this chick could be fifteen, but then remembered Traci Lords the porn star that pretended to be eighteen and she was really fourteen. She fucked better than any woman I had seen, but she was a kid. Who are you and why the fuck are you doing this to me I asked, screamed.

I don't know if it was all the sensitivity from being burned or the thoughts of a fifteen year old sitting on my cock, but as she rode me hard again I knew I was going to make more baby juice for her womb. I guess it doesn't matter at this point. As my balls finished pumping their juice inside this girl's body I begged her to tell me who she was, and why she was doing this to me?

My cock came out with a slurp as she stood completely up and wiped between her legs with her hand and then made me lick it clean. She grabbed my softening flesh tight and said, you should have worn a rubber when you forced this beast inside Julie sixteen yeas ago. Did you enjoy holding down her thirteen year old body and forcing yourself inside her? My brain scrambled for answers and unfortunately one came quickly, Julie, I remember. Shit, wasn't her last name Griften. I tried to think of a lie, but I clearly remember her screams as I forced her legs apart and crammed throbbing teenage dick inside her. I was a little drunk at the time, but mostly I was so horny and she was such a tease. I had no idea at the time she was only thirteen, or that she got knocked up. I moved away two months later when my dad got transferred and for years tried to pretend it never happened.

My mind was spinning, how did she find me, was she really my daughter, was she going to kill me, why did she fuck me, does she want to have my baby?

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Part 2!
Part 2!
Part 2!

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Some of the dialog was a bit long winded "My mind was spinning....does she want to have my baby?". Too much like reading a dime-store romance novel. But I enjoyed the sex parts.


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